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CHEMISTRY I – preAP (2014-2015) Welcome to Chemistry! Chemistry is the study of matter and its components. It is a challenging course, but one that I think you will find interesting. In addition to learning chemistry concepts, I hope you will also take away with you valuable study skills that you will use the rest of your high school years and through college. Units of study include: Lab Safety; Scientific Processes; Dimensional Analysis; Matter and Change; Atomic Structure; Periodic Table; Bonding; Chemical Formulas and compounds; Chemical Equations; Chemical Quantities; States of Matter; Gas Laws; Solutions; Acids and Bases; Nuclear Chemistry; Re-dox Reactions; Reactions Energy Teacher: Mrs. Echter, Website: At this time, I use the FBISD teacher website; lesson plans are found under the “Resources” tab Phone: 281-634-7121 Tutorial Times: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 6:50-7:20 Textbook: Pearson Chemistry We will have a class set of textbooks. In addition, each student will be provided with online access. We have new textbooks this year, so please be patient with gaining access as I am not sure of the process at this time. I will not require any assignments that utilize the textbook until I am sure that all students have access! Also, for most of the chemistry units I have unit note outlines on my website that may be of assistance. Supplies needed for this class (must be brought to class every day) You will need to organize your handouts and notes in some manner that will allow you to find them quickly throughout the year. This can be in a binder or a separate folder. It works best to keep your chemistry materials separate from other classes! Because you will be responsible for retaining what you learn throughout the course, it is extremely important that you keep all of your materials in an organized manner and have all supplies DAILY!  Binder or folder  scientific calculator  spiral notebook – just for chemistry  pencil/pen  notecards (you will need these for flashcards) *In addition to the above supplies, you need to bring the following items by Tuesday, September 2 for sharing in class: __________________ ____________________ Classroom Standards/Expectations 1) Practice safety at all times. 2) Show respect for yourself, others, and property. 3) Help create a comfortable, safe learning environment for everyone. 4) When I am giving instructions, give your full attention. There will be no passes given during instruction. 5) Try your best at all times. 6) Remain in your seat until the bell rings. Consequences for non-compliance  verbal warning  conference with student  phone call home  referral to principal

Grading You will be given the grade you earn. Diligent students who keep up with all assignments and seek help when needed are usually rewarded by earning the desired grade. Do not ask me about extra credit – periodically (one per nine weeks), I will have extra credit opportunities I will offer to the whole class. There is no other extra credit. Your nine-week average is determined by averaging your daily and major grades and can be combined from any of the following: Daily Grades Quizzes labs minor projects homework – including Quest

Major Grades tests major lab reports

Homework Homework (practice) will be assigned almost every day and will be checked frequently. Often, there is class time in which to work and ask questions if you need help. It is not always for a grade, BUT, students that do well in this course do the homework on a regular basis. Homework can include the study packets, reading and taking notes from your book, working on assigned problems, or finishing a lab. It is extremely difficult to succeed in this class without doing your homework or trying to copy someone else’s homework. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Absences You are responsible for obtaining any notes or completing work you missed while you were absent. I would suggest partnering up with another student in the class that can be your go-to when you are absent. Handouts can be found on the front table and many are also online. You have 1 day for each day absent to turn in any missing work. If you missed a test or quiz, you will be expected to take it the day you return. If you miss a lab, you may be given data and asked to finish the lab report using that data. Labs are not usually made up unless it is an online-type simulation that can be completed at home. If you miss a lab, you are responsible for the material that the lab covered. It is helpful to read over any lab handouts to get an idea of what you missed. ****Please note that it is impossible for me to reteach every lesson that is given in its entirety during tutorial time. If you are absent, I will direct you to where you need to go to learn about what was missed (either in the textbook or notes). In addition, I do re-teach/review material during class time so it is especially important to pay close attention the day after you miss class. However, when you miss class, you are responsible for reviewing the information on your own time. After you have done this, you are welcome to come to tutorials. Tutorials are an opportunity to seek clarification and ask questions. It is not a re-teach of missed lessons. Late Work It is expected that you will turn in assignments the day they are due. Any assignment, lab or project that is for an individual daily grade will be accepted late per campus policy. Tutorials I will be available for tutoring at least 2 times per week. This will usually be Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Because of required meetings and trainings, it is nearly impossible for me to keep consistent tutorial times. I am more than happy to work with you – please get help if you need it. To maximize the effectiveness of tutorials, please have questions ready or sample problems you would like help on. Tutorials are for questions and review. Re-testing Students earning a grade lower than 75 on any major assessment have the opportunity to retest over the material. In order to retest, you will be required to complete additional practice of the material. Retests are typically offered after school within a week of the original test. The retest will not be the same as the original. Students

can earn no higher than a 75 on the retest. It is the student’s responsibility to note the time and day of the retest as they are only given once. Conflicts with the designated retest day need to be discussed with the teacher in advance or students will not be able to retest.

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