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Study hall should be changed because it can’t adapt. Currently Proctor students are faced with a situation in which study hall is this big cumbersome thing. “Ideally we could have a study hall where it is personalized for each student” Dougo said. Proctor just doesn't have the capabilities to provide that so how can we make it possible? Our study halls are limited because of staff and faculty. Currently our study halls are being supervised by faculty or staff and because of this there is a limit on when we can have our study halls. Dougo said, “It would be too hard to have someone there to supervise all the different possible study times” so why not change it so faculty are not the ones in charge of supervising the study halls? We could have dorm leaders be responsible for some of the study times and dorm parents and surrogates responsible for others. By doing this we would greatly expand the amount of people available for the responsibility of supervising study halls. From my interview with Dougo it was clear that he would want a personalized study hall that best suits the students Who would really benefit from this? I think that most students would agree that study hall is currently at a late time and because of the amount of sleep that teenagers need we cannot get the required amount in the amount of time from ten to say six thirty to get up and get ready. These are all things that can benefit students and it can make proctor’s study hall not as restrictive as it currently is. Study hall is not beneficial for everyone currently and many students do work before or after study hall. Because of this it would be better if students could arrange to have supervised study halls at different times. The benefits of having flexible study hall are large and not many risks are involved because we could always fall back on the original ideas around study hall time and structure. Because of this there is no real reason to not do that and it would benefit every proctor student to ask for this to have a more flexible study environment. Proctor has always been a very diverse community and

everyone has always had very different needs. So why is study hall so strict why not make it flexible? This would help fit students needs and help the proctor community as a whole.

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