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How She Got Her Start and More ELIZABETH HAHN-LAWRENCE


Q/A with the designer of JustLiv



fall and winter outfit picks




juxta - an insider's perspective POSE - an outside look juxtaPOSE Magazine is a hybrid. Showing you both fashion in the traditional editorial story format (pictures to satisfy your fashion hunger) and a behind the scenes look with interviews from those inside the industry.

We love fashion, shopping local, fantasy with a dose of realism, being eco-friendly, and interaction with the end-user (you!). Fashion & Shopping Local - Everything you see in this issue can be (or was) purchased in St. Louis. We love supporting local businesses and we love easy access shopping. So not only is everything from our glorious city, but there's also a handy dandy shopping checklist in every issue. It's also available in the drop-down menu on our website. It details where every item from each page came from. How convenient is that? Fantasy with a Dose of Realism - Grace Coddington is one of our biggest inspirations. We love creating a fantasy world, but we want you to be able to see yourself in that fantasy. We strive to keep a level of realism in our editorial stories to make this possible. We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts. Eco-Friendly - We're on-line to save trees. We love the Lorax and believe he knew what he was talking about. However, we're quite responsive. Not only can you view our site on your mobile, but you can also have our magazine sent to your email each month - just drop us a line at Tell us that you'd love to subscribe to content and we'll make sure it comes your way. You'll even have access to some extra images from shoots! Interacting with You - We love knowing your style, looking into your closet, and seeing you at local events. We want you to get to know us as well, so feel free to drop any of us an email if you want to be featured in any capacity.

behind the scenes: On Pointe photoshoot - downtown STL




( an insider’s perspective)


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Sarah Stallmann of dishes on how you can become a stylist and answers other questions.


Fall/Winter outfit picks



A look inside the closet of our editor. What surprises might we find?



A look into Fall accessories in St. Louis highlighting the work of our Inside the Industry's Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence


Meet Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence, the visionary behind the amazing Just Liv accessories line, AND co-owner of The Foundrie at the Chesterfield Mall



6 56


The trends we love for this holiday season Perfect for those parties that abound this time of year. Featuring accessories by Beqi Clothing



A guide to where you can buy everything featured on these pages



Find out how to become our next cover model

N E X21 T


Team meet our

BEHIND THE SCENES We want you to feel like you're part of our family here at juxtaPOSE. In order to do that, we'd like you to get to know us... in thirty words or less


Kristie Ferreira Feature Coordinator, Editor

Hula Hooper Pumpkin Enthusiast Lover of Life & a Venti Caramel Apple Spice Cairn Terrier (mix) Smitten Thank You: VBA, BC, EC, DB, CC, & hope N E X21 T

Lynn Zimmers

Marketing Head, Fashion Editor Goofy, silly, serious, sleepy, funny, glamorous, nerdy and imaginative. Former batmobile driver. 7

Team meet our

Chris Hoffman Jovian Photography

Photographer, On Poine with Holiday Fashion, The Forest Gatekeeper I am a photographer of people; Even those that stand at church steeple, When they asked him to write, He thought on it all night, Story by photo has no equal. 8

E U S S I S I TH for

Sharli Jefferson Hair & Makeup: The Forest Gatekeeper Cat lady. Future hair and makeup pro. Heartbreaker. Old Soul. Obsessed with clothes. MG4L. RIP the 80s.

Hannah D Model, On Pointe With Holiday Fashion

Student. Lover of feminine things. Has one of the sweetest grandmothers. On Pointe ballerina.

N E X21 T

Erin C. Model, The Forest Gatekeeper

Everyone's favorite barista. Wearer of flowers in her hair. Labradoodle Lover. Handy with a glue gun.



N E X21 T





Co-Owner of The Foundrie, Accessories Designer, Lover of Cats & Tattoos Story by: Kristie Ferreira

Caricature by:

What are all your official job titles? Officially I am owner/designer of Just Liv as well as owner/operations & marketing manager of The Foundrie. It keeps me busy, but there's a certain sense of freedom that comes with being your own boss that makes it not feel like work. It's fabulous!! When did you know you wanted to create things for a living? All through college, I had this obsession with working in a big fancy office and wearing well tailored suits to work every day. However, it only took a couple of years of working in the corporate world before I discovered that Even though I was working in the fashion industry, the office setting just wasn't for me. When I launched Just Liv in 2007, I knew that was what I was supposed to be doing for a living. By October 2008, I had quit my corporate job and started focusing on Just Liv full time. How did you get your start in fashion? My start in fashion was like many others. My mom was a seamstress and taught me to sew at a young age. I used to drape and hand stitch dresses onto my dolls using fabric from my mom's scrap bin. When I was 8, my mom let me start using a sewing machine. I started making clothes for myself around 12 years old. But even before that, I was putting together the craziest outfits for school. The teachers still remember me for that. Oy! Career wise, it really all started in college. I worked in retail at rue 21 for about 5 years. That led to a position in Product Development at their Pittsburgh, PA headquarters. Upon moving back to St.Louis, I worked in buying at a couple of local companies. What Lessons have you learned? In order to be successful, you need to determine what your own version of success and happiness is. Don't try to live up to someone else's expectations. - You have to be your own biggest fan. Don't look for validation from others. Once you're happy with yourself, the rest will fall into place. N E X21 T



Q/A with ELIZABETH What Lessons Have You Learned (continued)? - Be a good person. Be nice to others, even when you feel they don't deserve it. Don't be the person who makes other people feel like shit. Leave people feeling happier than you found them. Happiness is contagious. - Sometimes you're going to feel like a failure and that nobody understands your vision. That feeling will come and go no matter your age or your accomplishments. Keep on keeping on, no matter what. And on a lighter note....... - Don't mix muscle relaxers, wine, and 4th floor walk-ups Favorite moment in your career? I've had many successes and fun times throughout the years, but I'll never forget the feeling I had when Ziezo started selling Just Liv back in 2008! They were the very first store to pick up my line, and it was exactly what I needed to push me forward. I still sell at Ziezo to this day, and I couldn't be more grateful for Jena (the buyer at the time), Carol (owner), and her team of gorgeous girls! What does your typical day look like? My week is split between time at The Foundrie and time at my in home studio. When I'm at The Foundrie, I'm doing the typical retail things: chatting with customers and making sure the store looks pretty. I'm also constantly working on facebook and blog posts, and generally getting the word out about our awesomeness. On the days spent at home, I try to sleep in as late as possible. It's the perks of the job. I'm usually up by about 9 or 10 am. I cuddle with my cat, eat some eggs and turkey sausage, and catch up on a show or two via Hulu. I make it down to my studio by noon-ish. ( jealous yet! Lol!) What I'm working on varies between etsy orders, wholesale orders, or getting ready for whatever big show I have coming up! I go to the gym at 5pm, try to have dinner with my husband (when he's not working late), and then it's back to the studio! I'm a night owl, so I'll work until 4 or 5 am. When I start hearing my husband's alarm going off, I know it's time to call it a night. See, now I don't seem like such an asshole sleeping until 10, right?!??! Favorite accessory this Fall/Winter season? I'm obsessed with wearing things on my head. What that is varies from day to day, but I've been sporting one of my new Just Liv beanies quite frequently. as of late. I've also got a great new dream catcher necklace that 14



goes with everything! Oh, and fringe, fringe, fringe!!

Drink of choice? I. Love. Beer. Local, craft beers to be exact. Urban Chestnut, Schlafly, and Kaskaskia brews are my fav. And Yuengling. Omg, Yuengling. Favorite song lyric? I love music......even more than I love beer. It's hard to choose just one, so can I give you a few? Here goes: " Just because it's honest, that doesn't make it true." - Middle Brother "Everything's temporary if you give it enough time." - Jewel "All that it's taken, and all that it's cost, I'll steer my ship no matter how lost." Middle Brother "Steady now, steady now, don't fear what you can't see." - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Who's your tattoo artist? The incomparable Lauren Busiere at Tower Classic Tattoos! What do you think of juxtaPOSE so far? I'm so excited for the launch of juxtaPOSE! Kristie is an amazing talent who can do anything she puts her mind to! There is a bustling fashion scene in St.Louis, and it deserves to be brought to light in the most accessible way possible. I look forward to celebrating the one year anniversary of juxtaPOSE, and many more to come! Anything in life you would change? The only thing that stays the same is everything changes, everything changes. Thank you Elizabeth for being our very first Inside the Industry interview! Make sure you check out her accessories featured in The Forest Gatekeeper spread in this issue (Available at The Foundrie, Ziezo, and on N E X21 T

If you work in fashion and would like to be featured as part of "Inside the Industry," email us at


bloggers fall/winter outfits


We asked some local fashion bloggers and a local boutique to send us pictures of their fall/winter outfit picks. We thought it might be interesting to see the differences and similarilities between the two. Let us just say, we loved all of the outfits we were sent from both the bloggers and the boutique.



oh, Julia Ann

Story by: Lynn Zimmers & Kristie Ferreira Photos Couretesy of each blogger and boutique


Economy of Style

h t t p : / / w w w. e c o n o m y o f s t y l e . n e t

"This fall, I'm most excited about the reemergence of the voluminous, full skirt. I had this African print style custom made," Psyche


"Leather and Lace, like fire and ice, create a spark for fall. Leather gives an edginess while lace balances the look with feminine charm," Tamaki N E X21 T


We really love Ziezo's ability to layer different textures in a cohesive way. The mix of the lighter knit sweater with the soft feminine skirt (featuring lace and pleats) is inspiring.



Top- Brand: Darling $82, Skirt- Brand: Darling $112, Tights- Brand: Hue $13.50, Shoes- Brand: C. Label $42 18 All Available at Ziezo on Delmar in the Loop.


playful layers Ziezo shows us some playful layering with a bright oversized sweater juxtaPOSEd with a sheer and solid skirt.

Sweater- Brand: Mink Pink $74, Necklace- Brand: Monserat De Lucca $94, Skirt- Brand: UNIF $112, Shoes- Brand: T. U. K $88 N E X21 T All Available at Ziezo on Delmar in the Loop.



HERE: Dress, McQ by Alexander McQueen. Ankle Boots by Sam Edelman (Available at Saks Fifth Avenue). Braided Fringe Scarf Necklaces (Two Shown - $34 each) and Spike Bracelet ($18 Both by JustLiv - Available at 20 THERE (& COVER): Fringe Galaxy Scarf ($38 by JustLiv. Available at

In a forest outside the city of St. Louis lives a girl who spends her days and nights protecting the trees she surrounds herself with. Outside of a cave, she keeps a lookout to ensure that those entering the grounds have good intentions and love nature with as pure of a heart as her own. She's known merely as The Forest Gatekeeper. The photos on the following pages are just a sampling of what her days entail.


21 E X21 T STORY BY: Kristie Ferreira NPHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jovian Photography HAIR/MAKEUP BY: Sharli Jefferson ACCESSORIES BY: Just Liv MODEL: Erin

As The Sun Sets... Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Quilted Sleeves and Buckles ($85 Available at TopShop in Nordstroms at the St. Louis Galleria). Lace Dress ($20 Available at TJ Maxx in Kirkwood). Dream Catcher Necklace ($24) and Spike Necklace ($22 22 Both by JustLiv and Available at


She's But Boho

The Forest Gatekeeper maintains her kind hearted look and love of the earth with a Cream Lace high-low maxi dress (available at TJ Maxx in Kirkwood) and layered bohemian accents by local St. Louis designed brand Just Liv. As the weather gets cooler, in order to show those that come through her forests that she means business, she often uses bold accents in juxtaposition with the soft underlayers. Included are Sam Edelman Harness Boots from Saks and a Faux Leather Biker Jacket from TopShop at Nordstroms in the St. Louis Galleria. N E X21 T



She Keeps an Eye Out & Her Ears Open As the sun begins to set, our friend is still relentless in her pursuit to be an activist for the greenery that surrounds the place she calls home. She dons a cheetah print headband ($12 from locallly designed JustLiv) to ensure N E X21 T

her vision is unobscured. as the night darkens the skies. She wears her lucky dream catcher necklace ($24) layered with a spike necklace ($22 - both from Just Liv) and feels content with her decision to guard this particular patch of beauty. 25


ABOVE: Toadstool Blouse ($148 Available at Anthropologie in the St. Louis Galleria) Faux Leather Skater Skirt ($76 Available at TopShop in Nordstrom). Cheetah Turban ($25), Polka Dot Turban ($25), 27 and Spike Bracelet ($18) Nby E X21 TJustLiv (Available at

White Faux Leather Studded Boots. Available at Urban Outfitters in the St. Lo St. Louis Galleria.. Faux Leather Skater Skirt ($76) Available at TopShop in No 28 ($18) by Just Liv and Available at The Foundrie in Chesterfield and online a

ouis Galleria. Toadstool Blouse ($148). Available at Anthropologie in the ordstrom at the St. Louis Galleria. Polka Dot Turban ($25) and Spike Bracelet 29 N E X21 T at

After the SUN Has Faded our darling Forest Gatekeeper begins to unwind and have fun. Entertaining herself amongst her forest critter friends and letting her guard down slightly. Embracing the world around her. She realizes there's still so much beauty in the moonlight.


ABOVE: Toadstool Blouse (Available at Anthropologie in the St. Louis Galleria) Faux Leather Skater Skirt (Available at TopShop in Nordstrom). Rose Headpiece ($28) and bracelets by JustLiv (Available at 31

N E X21 T





Photo by Dave Garvin of Faces in the Crowd

K ristie F

Shaw since Neigh- 2012 borhood

self described quirky femme style

48 3 21 Dresses

pairs of pants N E X21 T




I have these really old Raiders sweatshirts that I started stealing from my father back in high school... They are also, probably, the items that would surprise people the most to find in my closet. WHAT DESIGNERS ARE HIDING OUT IN YOUR CLOSET?

I'm not so much into designers as much as I am aesthetics. I love quirk. I love feminine. I love pairing menswear (remniscent) items with ultra feminine items. I do find that there are certain designers whose tastes mesh with mine quite readily... such as Alice + Olivia. I also love Nha Khahn. She makes the most romantic cocktail dresses you'd ever see, that have an edge. Unfortunately, she only sells in boutiques that are more than a couple states away.. Oh and I am also an Anthropologie addict. WHAT IS THE MOST PRIZED ITEM IN YOUR WARDROBE?

Sentimentally, it's probably the Badgley Mischka purse I purchased when I first got out of the Air Force. Not of a sentimental nature? Probably the McQ dress we featured in this issue in the Just Liv accessories shoot. SOMETHING YOU REFUSE TO PART WAYS WITH?

I have a quite battered pair of Jeffrey Campbell Skates wedges 34

" I don't believe in holding onto clothing in hopes the items will fit one day. Why hold on to something that makes you feel less than?"

that I absolutely refuse to get rid of because they're no longer being made. ANYTHING SURPRISING IN YOUR CLOSET?

Besides those sweatshirts? Probably the small selection. I go through my clothing often and pare it down. About a year ago I had to gain a considerable amount of weight for medical reasons as being underweight was taking a toll on my body. I got rid of a lot. I don't believe in holding onto clothing in hopes the items will fit one day. Why hold on to something that makes you feel less than? N E X21 T


Story by: Kristie Ferreira. Photos courtesy of Eat Me In St. Louis

EAT ME IN ST LOUIS A St. Louis ran food review blog found at:

Many people that know me would tell you that I go out to eat more often than not. In fact, I'd be more than a bit ashamed to tell you how much I budget each month for food, eating out, and cocktail sipping. 36

It's ridiculous. Yet, I have a bad habit of frequenting the same establishments repeatedly.

Out of fear of winding up with food that was unpalatable, I began searching for St. Louis food blogs.

My dietitian gave me a challenge of branching out.

The one that managed to captivate me was, "Eat Me in St. Louis."

It proved to be very laid back in style and is ran by coworkers, Ashley and Michelle. Their reviews don't leave me needing a culinary dictionary to decipher things. Their ratings systems (each has their own) are hilarious (Ambrosial and Forgetful are two highlights). Definitely worth a look if you're debating where to eat next in STL.




Sarah Stallmann

logger/stylist/ writer/freelancer/ Renaissance woman Sarah Stallmann has won over St. Louis with her unique sense of style, positive attitude and her darn good looks. She is a motivated self starter with big aspirations and well on her way to achieving global stylist domination. Fresh off of her latest gig with STL Fashion Week, she is always 38

on the go. Whether it be updating her blog, thewickedwallflower. com, writing for Alive Magazine or styling a commercial for Budweiser, she always has forward motion. That is why juxtaPOSE is proud to introduce Ms. Stallmann as our first ASK THE EXPERT. We asked Sarah what questions she gets asked the most and here were her top 3:

Story By: Lynn Zimmers Photos Courtesy of Sarah Stallmann (

How do you get started as a stylist?


My love of fashion began at an early age. My grandparents were always very fashionable and my grandmother taught me to sew when I was about 7 or 8. At the time, I was really into pop culture and what the celebrities were wearing. Since being "into fashion" wasn't commonplace in the small town where I grew up, high school was very much a "label-heavy" time for me. For college, I headed off to Lindenwood University in St. Charles to pursue a degree in fashion design. After a few years as a local designer, I decided my interest laid more in the areas of writing and styling. I began to blog in 2011, and have since re-branded into to express more of my personal style. That gave me a little notoriety; however it takes a lot of persistence and self motivation. You must be willing to put in the work in order to succeed! Do whatever it takes to put yourself into the community and grow your connections. You can talk to local magazines, volunteer at shoots or just ask a local stylist if they need help with anything. They do! If you prove yourself a hard worker and knowledgeable about the world of fashion, it is possible to follow your fashion dreams no matter what your environment.

N E X21 T



Sarah Stallmann

2 3

How do you pull that off?

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. You know what you feel comfortable in. It took me a while to fall into my own personal style but now that I'm here I will never leave. Something that I have learned along the way is just because someone is staring at you it doesn't mean they think you look silly. They could be admiring you! Just work through your style periods until it becomes just right. Don't be forced into trends. Find your voice.

What is an easy street style look?

One of my favorite looks is my ATHLETIX post on my blog. Here I found this Layfayette Lancers jersey and paired it with relaxed slacks and chunky heels. Top it off with some graphic earrings and voila! It's casual yet still street inspired.

Photos Courtesy of and Sarah Stallmann 40

N E X21 T



STORY BY: KristieFerreira PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jovian Photography ACCESSORIES BY: Beqi Clothing MODEL: Hannah

to make them more olidays are wearable. approaching and with them hen you shed come one of our those winter favorite things here at coats and juxtaPOSE: cocktail scarves, we'll make parties. sure what you were hiding underneath is hether these just as wonderful. parties


are work functions, gatherings with families, or celebrations with friends, we've got you covered.


o matter your personal style, we've got you covered. With subtle sparkle, leather accents, winter whites, e've translated bold sequins, and some of even some pastels; the trends you'll surely find highlighted during inspiration on the New York's runways following pages.



Subtle sequins add excitement to this Max and Cleo dress from Nordstrom Rack. It's paired with feather earrings from locally designed Beqi Clothing (Available at beqi.etsy. com)

N E X21 T



N E X21 T



N E X21 T



Beaded Composition Top Available at Anthropologie in the St. Louis Galleria. Faux Leather "Andi" Skater Skirt from TopShop at Nordstrom in the Galleria

Leather Accents and a peekaboo back are a perfect fit for an edgy style. The distinctly feminine top adds juxtaposition and visual interest.

Earrings and Druzy Ring locally designed by Beqi Clothing. Available at beqi. N E X21 T


Winter white gets updated this holiday season by pairing it with pastels. Here, the white fur Guimauve top by Leifsdottir ($128) from Anthropologie in the St. Louis Galleria is paired with a faux leather and netting ballet pink skater skirt from Urban Outfitters. Crystal earrings with metal cascading trails from locally designed Beqi Clothing ( add a touch of nature and sparkle to the look.


N E X21 T



While the model is wearing professional pointe shoes, a similar look can be found in St. Louis. Saks Fifth Avenue at the Plaza Frontenac, carries leather Ballet Flats from Chloe that mimic the look f$495). Also available in a metallic finish. Anthropologie in the St. Louis Galleria's Partita Flats ($98) provide another option (ring shown by Beqi Clothing)

N E X21 T



Asymmetrical Sequin Dress by Michael by Michael Kors. From Saks at the Plaza 55 Frontenac. Dangle earrings by BeqiNClothing, Available at EXT 21


PHOTO BY: Jovian Photoraphy


COVER MODEL? Email us at to secure entry and come to our launch party at Melt at 2712 Cherokee on November 22, 2013 at 7pm. Official Rules and Regulations can be found on the next page.

N E X21 T




To receive a copy of these rules, email us at How to Enter: Through November 22, 2013 at 8pm (CST) or until all spots are filled, email and RSVP to the juxtaPOSE Magazine Launch Party Facebook Event Page. By asking to become a contestant, you MUST be able to attend the launch party (7pm November 22, 2013 at Melt on Cherokee in St. Louis) and are signifying you are not a minor OR have a parent available to sign a consent form on your behalf. Your parent or guardian MUST be able to attend the event with you if you are under the age of 18. At the launch party, all contestants MUST sign a consent form (or have their parent sign one on their behalf). After a consent form is signed, a hired professional photographer will take photographs of each contestant to be used for online voting. Online voting will commence once photos have been edited by the photographer and uploaded to the juxtaPOSE magazine Facebook page. There are TWO ways of voting. The first voting method will take place at the launch party. The staff at Melt will have tokens to give to those that buy drinks (alcoholic or not), each token will count towards ONE vote. The second way of voting is by "liking" a contestant's photo on the juxtaPOSE magazine facebook page. At the end of the ONE week voting period, the two methods of voting will be added together and a winner will be determined. The winner will be notifed via the email address they provided. They will have exactly 48 (forty eight) hours to reply back, acknowledging they have won the contest. If no response is received, juxtaPOSE magazine reserves the right to declare a different winner (or none at all). juxtaPOSE magazine will try to work with the winner to schedule a photoshoot that works with their schedule, however, if this is not possible within the timeframes of the magazine, then juxtaPOSE magazine reserves the right to seek an alternative model. The winning model will be compensated with a license to use the photos created during the photoshoot under certain provisions that will be outlined by the magazine and photographer (with the photographer retaining the copyrights) and $50 (fifty dollars) for their time. 58


SHOPPING ANTHROPOLOGIE Toadstool Blouse (pages 27-31), $148; Beaded Composition Top (pages 47-49), $198; Guimauve Fur Top by Leifsdottir (pages 5153), $128. Partita flats (page 53), $98

URBAN OUTFITTERS Studded Faux Leather Motorcycle Boots (pages 27-31, 56-57); Faux Leather Ballet Pink Skater Skirt (pages 50-53).

BEQI.ETSY.COM & VARIOUS BOUTIQUES ALL Accessories featured on pages 42-55 THE FOUNDRIE & JUSTLIV.ETSY. COM ALL accessories featured on the cover, pages 20-31, and pages 56-57. NORDSTROM RACK Max & Cleo Sequin Stripe Dress (pages 42-46); $40 TJ MAXX in KIRKWOOD Cream Lace High Low Dress (pages 22-26), $20 SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Sam Edelman Harness Boots (pages 20-26); Chloe Leather Ballet Flats (page 53), $495; Michael by Michael Kors sequin asymmetrical dress (page 54) TOPSHOP at NORDSTROM Andi Faux Leather Skater Skirt (pages 27-31, 47-49, 56-57), $76; Wylde Faux Leather Biker Jacket (pages 22-26), $85

N E X21 T

ZIEZO Everything featured on pages 1819 Select Just Liv Accessories featured on the cover, pages 20-31, and pages 56-57.

Are you a boutique or designer from St. Louis and want your items to be used in future issues? Email Lynn at

We love supporting local businesses and are more than happy to work with you 59

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