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Central America’s largest wind farm in Costa

The juwi group connects its first photovoltaic

juwi scores a hat-trick – three distinguished

Rica is a milestone in juwi’s history.

system in the USA to the grid.

awards in three weeks.

New Brand, New Momentum juwi presents a new, contemporary brand presence in August. Open Day draws a crowd of 7,000 to juwi’s headquarters in Wörrstadt. Read more on pages 4 and 5.

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New Brand, New Momentum: juwi re-positions itself

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Milestone: Central America’s largest wind farm in Costa Rica is on-grid

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New partnerships with regional and international power providers

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juwi behind “green” chocolate bars: a two MW system in New Jersey – our first US project

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Model projects in Verona: solar power systems on a football stadium and giant market hall

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juwi scores a hat-trick: three awards in three weeks

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Dear friends of the juwi group You are looking at the first issue of juwi news in its new look. Regardless of the economic crisis – we are growing and flourishing and will continue to develop. We are also growing externally – with a new brand presence, a new corporate design and a new claim: “Energy is here”. This claim expresses the enormous worldwide potential of renewable energies: for the economy, the labour market and, of course, for providing people with power. Our new claim is also a statement on the tremendous dynamism of juwi. The recent months are studded with milestones once again. With the completion of the Lieberose solar plant in Eastern Germany, we have implemented the second largest photovoltaic system in the world, and made international headlines. The wind farm in Costa Rica is on-grid, we have lots of promising projects in the USA, we founded new joint ventures, the list goes on and on. To top it off, juwi just scored a hat-trick. In the space of a few weeks, we received three important awards in Germany: the Clean Tech Media Award, the Environmental Prize from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and Entrepreneur of the Year. We are winning a lot of support – from outside the company, and also from within. From our highly motivated employees who ensure that juwi continues on its upward course with drive and commitment every day. They too are increasing in number. At the beginning of the year, juwi had 450 employees, and now that number is already at 700. The new building at the Wörrstadt headquarters that officially opened at the end of August is already busy and full. This year was also the first in which we held open house. This day was a historical moment too: more than 7,000 visitors flocked to our headquarters in Wörrstadt and made this day quite a festival celebration. On the following pages you can read about the many interesting impressions won from this special day.

We hope you enjoy reading.

Matthias Willenbacher

Fred Jung


New Brand, New Momentum

The world’s interest in renewable energies is growing. The share of renewables on the energy market is growing steadily and competition is becoming tougher and more complex. The juwi group is developing new business areas and new offers – specially designed for using the regenerative energy mix – and is participating in the international arena with increasing activity. To give this dynamism its due and to position the company uniquely for communities, entrepreneurs, banks and investors worldwide, the juwi brand was given a new strategic orientation this year. We have a newly designed fresh logo and a new claim: Energy is here. The new logo designed by kleiner und bold GmbH, a marketing agency in Berlin, can now be seen everywhere: “juwi” in bold royal blue and complemented by rhombus-shaped fuchsia dots on the “j” and “i”. The new corporate design made its grand appearance to a professional industry audience in September at the "PV Sec" solar trade fair in Hamburg. “We want our new claim to express that renewable energies have already largely achieved market maturity and that implementing such systems for real is no technical difficulty,” juwi CEO Fred Jung explains the slogan. “The potential is there. The technology is there, and companies like juwi prove with numerous references that we can change to a climate-neutral, safe and independent source of energy today.”

An additional 100 jobs: unabated employee growth The juwi group has been unhindered in its growth to a staff of

In March 2009, excavators returned to the company headquarters

700 employees, worldwide. This year has seen much expansion,

in Wörrstadt, to which juwi had only moved in mid-2008. With the

especially in France and Italy – with twelve new employees in

opening of the second office building, juwi made room for more than

either country – and in the United States with 16 new staff mem-

100 additional jobs. “I can guarantee it won’t be the last construc-

bers. In total, the teams in the international offices have added

tion project we have. We will continue to grow at a significant rate,”

almost 50 newcomers in 2009.

Matthias Willenbacher comments on the new expansion. After a construction period of only five months, the building was opened

04 05

A passion for renewables With its new corporate design, juwi is making a statement on what the company stands for. “We are passionate about establishing renewables as an economic and reliable source of energy and want to do so together with local people everywhere,” CEO Matthias Willenbacher explains the new brand awareness. The benefit for customers is clear: juwi brings all participants together to carry out renewable energy projects. In the process, juwi helps to make communities, companies, and private parties future-proof and independent with a mix of renewable energies – juwi provides freedom from expensive energy imports and increases regional value. The new brand puts juwi in a position to overcome new challenges and remain distinct in an ever more complex energy market. For exactly this reason, juwi is and will continue to be – even with its new look – a reliable partner that you can depend on for working with you to develop and implement renewable energy power plants successfully.

The agency The agency kleiner und bold was founded by Tammo F. Bruns in Bremen, Germany, in 1992. In deciding for kleiner und bold, we chose our partner for the area of corporate identity, a partner whose brand concept was the most appealing to us. This agency with 25 employees has several clients in the renewable energies industry and has proven its expertise repeatedly with the numerous awards it has won.

on 22 August for a true festival celebration. In the afternoon, over

wind power, solar power, bio energy and the “100% renewable”

400 guests listened to an entertaining speech given by ZDF meteo-

campaign at various information booths. Many people used the

rologist Dr. Gunther Tiersch and were the first to see the world pre-

opportunity to learn the secrets of the world’s most energy-

miere of the “Energy Autonomy” trailer. About 7,000 guests visited

efficient office building. Thomas Lenzinger, CEO of GriffnerHaus

the company’s headquarters in Wörrstadt that afternoon – twice

AG, is pleased: “With the help of our fantastic team, we were

many as expected.

again able to reach our ambitious goals with respect to the quality, price, and construction time”. This renowned timber home

On Open Day, visitors could delve into the world of renewable

specialist located in Carinthia, Austria, was awarded the tender

energies: they went on a voyage of discovery through an energy

for the second section of the building as well.

obstacle course and were able to gather lots of information about


Milestones at the windiest place in the world Central America’s largest wind farm in Costa Rica is on-grid Central America’s largest wind farm, “Planta Eólica Guanacaste”

state-run energy provider, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

in Costa Rica, is in its final stages of completion. Just last year, juwi

(ICE), will be purchasing the generated energy. “This wind farm pro-

began construction, as a member of a consortium with Belgian-

ject was true pioneering work in Central America,” says Alejandro

French energy company GDF Suez. The wind farm consists of 55

Lobo-Guerrero Rodríguez, Project Manager for juwi Wind. “The

wind-powered systems generating a total capacity of 49.5 me-

conditions in Costa Rica are very advantageous because Costa

gawatts, wich annually generate approximately 240 million kilo-

Rica is one of the windiest places in the whole world – especial-

watt hours of electricity. By European standards, this can supp-

ly during the five months dry season when the widely developed

ly approximately 70,000 average European households annually.

hydropower infrastructure can hardly be used. Hydropower and

At the end of September 2009, the first 28 systems were connected

wind power complement each other perfectly in Costa Rica.”

to the grid; the other 27 will follow before the year is out. During

Four years ago, juwi participated in an international tender for

peak times, more than 300 people work together daily on this gi-

the wind farm – and prevailed over well-known competitors from

ant patch of land encompassing roughly 330 hectares. Costa Rican

Spain and Italy.

06 07

New partnerships with regional and international power providers As a specialist in renewable energies, juwi continues to develop strategic partnerships with local and regional energy providers. After establishing strong partnerships in Germany with Pfalzwerke AG from Ludwigshafen, Stadtwerke Mainz AG, and Stadtwerke Aachen AG, juwi was able to set up two additional joint ventures. In September 2009, juwi founded a joint venture together with Swiss energy provider BKW FMB Energie AG. By 2015 the BKWind joint venture wants to have installed several wind farms at various locations throughout Germany, reaching a total capacity of approximately 200 megawatts. Another joint venture was established in cooperation with energy provider Energieversorgung Offenbach AG (EVO). Cerventus Natur­ energie GmbH has set a goal to develop and build multiple wind plants in Hesse in the upcoming years. “These partnerships between juwi and energy providers are essential to the expansion of renewable energies,” says Manfred Jakobs, Managing Director of juwi renewable IPP GmbH & Co. KG. “The shared responsibilities of constructing and operating the system promote an independent, affordable, and safe way of supplying people with clean local energy.”

juwi bundles services for systems operators in a single company Full service from a single source: With the newly founded juwi Management GmbH, the juwi group has now bundled all commercial and technical services for system operators in a single company. It has almost 50 employees and was created by merging juwi Verwaltungs-GmbH and juwi Service & Technik GmbH. “Over 500 investors rely on our professional after sales service and our extensive experience. The new company will allow us to provide our customers with faster, more comprehensive and higher quality service than ever before,” Managing Directors Thomas Albrecht and Rolf Heggen emphasise. We are not only restructuring but also expanding our services, particularly with the new maintenance and servicing division. The new services provided by juwi Management GmbH include test and inspection reports, conductor measurement for lightning protection and the inspection of rotor blades.

juwi opens Krakow office To strengthen its activities in Poland’s wind sector, the juwi group opened an office in Krakow in September. The office in Poland is responsible for coordinating planning for several wind power projects. “Due to the latest changes in law, which facilitates rapid project development in Poland, we decided to open our own office in Krakow,” explains Michael Böhm, Managing Director of the Polish subsidiary, juwi Energia Odnawialna Sp.z.o.o..


juwi behind “green” chocolate bars A 2 MW system in New Jersey – our first US project The first juwi PV system in the United States is already on-grid. The commissioning of the 2 MW free-field installation in Hackettstown, New Jersey, is another advancement in the internationalisation of the juwi group’s solar sector. Since mid-September, environmentally-friendly solar power has been fed into the private power grid at the headquarters of the American food company Mars Incorporated. In particular, the tried and trusted system concept using Schletter mounting systems and First Solar thin film modules won over juwi’s cooperation partner. Impressed particularly by the system's performance capacity, the New Jersey power provider, Public Service Energy Group (PSEG), has now decided to use the same technology for two subsequent projects in Ohio and Florida. juwi is about to start implementing its first large solar plants in the United States in both states: construction of the 12 MW system in Salem Township near Upper Sandusky in northern Ohio will commence this

Model projects in Verona: solar power systems on a football stadium and giant market hall

The stadium roof in Verona

The juwi group is currently expanding their portfolio in Italy with two

the company is building its own 1.7 MW system on the roofs of the

spectacular photovoltaic projects. The roof of the Stadio Bentegodi

large market halls. This system will generate almost 1.8 million kilo-

stadium in Verona will soon have a 1 MW PV system installed by juwi.

watt hours of clean solar power each year, making it one of the largest

Annually, it will produce one million kilowatt hours of CO2 -free po-

solar plants in Italy. juwi installed close to 22,000 of the newest thin-

wer, which comfortably meets the annual demand of 300 households.

film modules made by First Solar on an area of 16,000 square meters.

Following the Bruchweg stadium in Mainz, the second juwi system on

On the Italian market, the juwi group with offices in Verona and

the roof of a football stadium will connect to the grid later this year.

Bolzano is among the leading project developers in the field of renew-

A second major project of the Italian juwi office, juwi Energie Rinnova-

able energies and, with these two projects, is strengthening its inter-

bili Srl in Verona, is also attracting a lot of attention: at the same time,

national activities in the solar branch.

08 09

November. The plant, which will be connected to the grid in 2010, will provide about 6,000 homes with solar power. In Jacksonville, Florida, juwi is additionally planning and building a 15-megawatt system that will also be up and running next year. “PSEG is extremely satisfied; it knows that our systems work well,” reports Christoph Fischer, Division Manager of the realisation team. juwi has lined up a series of other large solar projects in North America, each with a capacity of over 10 MW. By the end of 2010, juwi will have installed a total capacity of 45 MW with the US projects. Bernd Schappert, Managing Director of juwi Solar says, “We will continue to enjoy strong growth in the USA.” By next year, the number of employees is expected almost to double from the current 20. “At the juwi office in Boulder, Colorado, we will soon be looking for new office space to rent,” adds Schappert.

Specialists in rededicating conversion areas

Modern solar modules on renaturalised ground

A detailed view of the structure of the module panels

The implementation of the largest German photovoltaic power plant in

Matthias Platzeck, Minister President of the state of Brandenburg, prai-

Lieberose in the state of Brandenburg set new standards for juwi. This

sing the proposal finalised in mid-October.

does not only apply to the physical size of the juwi plant, which has a capacity of roughly 53 MW over an area the size of more than 210 foot-

With the earlier projects in Tutow (6.8 MW) in Mecklenburg-Western

ball fields. The solar power plant north of Cottbus is also exemplary as a

Pomerania, Rote Jahne (13.5 MW) in the Saxonian district of Delitzsch,

model project for the renaturalisation of military land. The Lieberose so-

Köthen (15 MW) in Saxony-Anhalt and Waldpolenz (40 MW) near Leipzig,

lar power plant is located on what was once the largest military training

juwi had also been successful in putting the converted land to good use

area for the Soviet army. “Heavily soiled military areas were cleared of

for the construction of solar plants. Each of these areas are former air-

warfare agents and munitions without burdening public finances,” says

ports – now they produce environmentally-friendly solar power.


Frankfurt: Fred Jung (second from left) and Matthias Willenbacher are honored as Entrepreneurs of the Year 2009.

Mainz: Environmental Minister Margit Conrad presents the Environmental Prize from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to Christian Hinsch, Director of juwi Corporate Communications, and juwi CEO Matthias Willenbacher.

Berlin: Matthias Willenbacher accepts the Clean Tech Media Award presented by actress Marion Kracht.

juwi scores a hat-trick This year juwi received the Clean Tech Media Award and Environmental Prize from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the CEOs were also named Entrepreneur of the Year: company founders Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher cannot complain of a lack of recognition. The series of victories began on 10 September at ewerk in Berlin. Our

And there was still more: on 2 October, Fred Jung and Matthias

company received the Clean Tech Media Award in the sustainability

Willenbacher were named Entrepreneurs of the Year at a large gala

category. The jury had particular praise for the highly energy-efficient

in Frankfurt. They and seven other winners were chosen among 300

office building in Wörrstadt. “The juwi group’s headquarters sets new

competitors. The award presented by consulting firm Ernst & Young is

standards. The design and construction of the building not only rea-

one of the most well-known business awards in Germany. Wolfgang

lises an integral and sustainable environmental concept, but also sets

Glauner from Ernst & Young, organiser of the competition, made spe-

an example for how the vision of 100% power supply using renewable

cial note of the ecological and social commitment of the award recipi-

energies can be implemented today,” the jury concluded.

ents. Fred Jung added, “Visionary ideas and entrepreneurial success are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement one another. Truly

A few days later, the juwi building received another honor, this time

successful companies have their eye on both. We firmly believe that

from the hands of the Environmental Minister of Rhineland Palatinate,

today we are already capable of switching power production to 100%

Margit Conrad. The state’s environmental prize, following the 2008 Envi-

renewable energies – our company is living proof. That makes juwi au-

ronmental Protection award and the Clean Tech Media Award, was the

thentic and credible, and motivates us and our employees – every sin-

third distinction awarded to the most energy-efficient office building

gle day. Without the commitment of our employees it would not have

in the world. Matthias Willenbacher, juwi CEO, expressed his joy at

been possible for us to receive these awards in the last few weeks. So

the awards ceremony in Mainz: “This honor shows that we are on the

these awards are also acknowledgement and distinction for each and

right course. Using renewable energies for a 100% renewable energy

every individual employee at juwi.”

supply is just as possible as achieving the highest efficiency in energy usage. Our company headquarters prove that both are possible.”

10 11

The perfect setting for the i MIEV Not Berlin, not Munich, not Hamburg and not Cologne – no, in July, Mitsubishi chose to launch the German roadshow for its electric car i MIEV (MIEV stands for “Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle”) at juwi’s headquarters in the small town of Wörrstadt in Rhinehessen. It was no coincidence that juwi’s headquarters was selected as the site for the presentation of the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle. Mitsubishi wants to make a statement: electric mobility and renewable energies belong together. With its surrounding solar and wind plants, the juwi headquarters were an ideal choice. What's more, the i MIEV will play an important role in the juwi fleet of cars in the future. Matthias Willenbacher, CEO of the juwi group, and Martin van Vugt, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland, signed a declaration of in-

Matthias Willenbacher adds, “Electric mobility alone isn't enough. If

tent to incorporate the i MIEV into juwi’s company fleet.

the emissions from vehicle exhaust are simply shifted to coal-fired power plants, we won’t have accomplished anything as regards climate

“With this agreement, two companies have committed to working to-

change. Electric mobility only makes sense if the energy produced

gether with the goal of a positive effect on the environment. Combining

comes from power plants is generated using green technologies and

electric vehicles with renewable energies is a commitment to protecting

clean energy carriers – take for example the solar carport juwi installed

the climate. It also plays an important part in implementing Mitsubishi

at its headquarters in Wörrstadt. We want to set a good example and

Motor’s environmental strategy,” explains Martin van Vugt.

convert our fleet to electric vehicles as soon as possible."

Now online: the trailer for film production “Energy Autonomy" On 22 August, Open Day in Wörrstadt, it had its first screening and is now

environmental friendliness, social responsibility and economic efficiency that

available online on YouTube: the new eight-minute community trailer for

meets the demands of the present without destroying the chances for future

the film “Energy Autonomy – The 4th Revolution”. With fascinating images

generations. To raise awareness of these issues, the juwi group was the

this film documents the defining revolution of our era – the aim of quickly

primary sponsor for the film production. The film opens on 18 March, 2010.

changing global energy production to 100% renewable energy sources at its core. Each individual can help pave the way and "Energy Autonomy" will show you how. juwi has also committed to establishing a balanced system of

Calendar The juwi group regularly attends international trade fairs and exhibitions. Come see us at one of the following events and receive first-hand information on what our experts can offer. You can also find our upcoming events online at




Energaia – Salon International des Énergies Renouvelables

09. – 12.12.2009

Montpellier (France)

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo

23. – 25.02.2010

Austin (Texas | USA)

LogiMAT – International Trade Fair for Logistics

02. – 04.03.2010

Stuttgart (Germany)

AMPER – International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics

13. – 16.04.2010

Prague (Czech Republic)

Hanover Trade Fair

19. – 23.04.2010

Hanover (Germany)

EWEC – European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition

20. – 23.04.2010

Warsaw (Poland)

SOLAREXPO – International Exhibition &

06. – 08.05.2010

Verona (Italy)

23. – 26.05.2010

Dallas (Texas | USA)

and Electronics

Conference on Renewable Energy WINDPOWER – Conference & Exhibition

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