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Thesis Concept Statement I’d like to visualize 10 of Bruce Mau’s manifesto as motion graphic pieces. 10 motion pieces will be displayed in website I created for this project

Goal / Intent My goal is showing audience that how words can be visualized as an imaginative, intriguing video form.

Storyline protoypes Before I go further, I’d like to brainstorm storylines of my motion pieces. I will make 20 ideas roughly and then choose best 10 from them.

4. Love your experiments (as you would as ugly child) Stop motion animation Using Lego and change hairstyle to express experiments. I will animate face expression to express character’s emotion such as joy and frustration.(something like emoticon) Lego pieces will be used to draw something like teardrops, sighs and question marks. Typeface will be also made of Lego pieces at the end.

11. Harvest ideas

First version. Vector animation. I approached a process as a fresh idea, which is depicted as a light bulb. Stylistic Reference: 1.Light bulb reveals 2. Light bulb twinkle animation 3. Twinkle shape becomes a bird and fly up 4. a bird spreads spread into many line shapes and each line shapes become another shape which indicates innovative products form the past (can be innovative objects in the past such as first telephone first PC from APPLE) 5. Each shapes becomes (morphs ) to a letter Process is more than outcome.

Second version. It is about design school students who always suffer from Coming up with fresh ideas. It will be a combination of real-time footage and vector animation Stylistic Reference: 1. Students have light bulbs above their head 2. The light bulb blinks when they get ideas 3. Blinking light bulb produce a shape that indicates ideas. 4. Most time students throw ideas out and think about new idea. Useless ideas will be expressed as a wrinkled paper and throw out to trash can 5. Some ideas become an actual piece 6. Students sleep on the desk and title reveals process is more than outcome

18. Stay up late Stylistic Reference: Symmetry animation. use night city scape and moon wolves howling 2d images

21. Repeat Yourself Stylistic Reference: Show repetition by using looping 3frame animation

22. Make your own tools. Hybridize your tools in order to build unique things. Even simple tools that are your own can yield entirely new avenues of exploration. Remember, tools amplify our capacities, so even a small tool can make a big difference. 1. Open hands and cube reveals 2. Hands squish and rub a cube 3. A cube deforms shapes and change colors 4. A cube leaks the liquid and hands get wet. Hands keep rubbing a square 5. A cube becomes a text which is ‘make your own Tool’

25. Don’t clean your desk Stylistic Reference : Slow motion. Reverse animation. Making room dirty dynamically. Throw books, Kicking trashcans. Trashs and pencil &pen wrinkled paper floating on the air

29. Think with your mind Stylistic Reference: stop motion Make typeface Think with your mind with origami method

35. Imitate Stylistic Reference: It will be a dance performance shot with green screen 1. A guy wearing white starts dance 2. A guy split into two people (one wears white one wears black) 3. Both look at each other and freaks out 4. W (wears white) starts dance and B (wears black) stands still 5. B dances the same thing and slightly changes the finish move 6. Dance together and two merges to one person again (who wears black) 7. A guy covers his camera with his hand while dancing and text “imitate” appears

37. Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it. Make fonts that I can literally break it stretch it bend it in cinema4d.

First prototype This is my first prototype of my motion piece for No.22 manifesto which is “Make your own tools “ I’d like to express the phrase “Hybridize your tools in order to build unique things” by using hand animation that hands deforms geometric shape to other shapes. Since I am making 10 motion pieces, I’d like to explore various style of motion graphic style. This one is a combination of real-time footage and 3d elements. After presenting this idea to the class, I got Feedback from the class that I should not use single typeface for entire series. I need to play more with typefaces. (Think about constructing it along the mood). But I need to be serious about the typefaces I choose. My class also mentioned that I need to make some straightforward manifesto such as “clean your desk“ and “break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it” Because I make 10 motion pieces and some of them need to be easy to understand and fast paced.


my thesis prototype

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