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Bermuda Practice Patients Guide to Having a Vasectomy This information has been designed to guide you through your visit to us for your Vasectomy and through the immediate post operative period. A vasectomy is meant to be a permanent irreversible procedure, we strongly suggest you consider your circumstances and talk to your partner before you book an appointment for the procedure. We also recommend that you see your GP and talk about other forms of contraception prior to your GP referring you for a vasectomy. If at any time you change your mind, wish to postpone the vasectomy or if you have further questions that are not answered please contact us at Bermuda Practice on 0844 8800 498. We have fully trained members of our reception staff that can answer all of your questions. Before your operation

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You should shave the front of your Scrotum at least 1 day prior to the operation. Immediately before coming in for the operation you should wash the genital area with soap and water. Keep warm it may be a cold day. Remember to bring with you a clean pair of tight fitting underpants for after the procedure.

If you are having second thoughts or need to rearrange your appointment please tell us! We don’t mind rearranging or putting things on hold.

By cancelling at the last minute, or not turning up on the day this means you have wasted an appointment and the surgeons and nurses time and made someone else wait longer for their procedure. The Procedure (Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Your Partner is welcome to come with you for any part of the procedure, you will have the opportunity to discuss the any worries or concerns fully with your surgeon prior to the operation. The vasectomy is performed after anaesthetic has numbed the skin on the front of the scrotum. The operation is then performed through a single small 5mm opening in the front of the scrotum. We do the procedure minimally invasively very close to the surface of the skin it’s a bit like keyhole surgery and the whole operation is performed through this single small incision. As you can see in the diagram opposite the tubes called the ‘Vas’ which carry the sperm from the testes are separated this is how a Vasectomy works and how the procedure gets its name, The ‘keyhole’ incision is so small it usually only requires a single stitch to close it which will usually dissolve or fall out within about a week. The operation only takes about 15-20 minutes, after this you will be asked to wait for about 20 minutes after the procedure before you go home. You should arrange to be collected from the surgery. We strongly suggest you do not drive immediately after the operation. Who will Perform my operation? Your vasectomy will be performed by Dr Stoker who is an FRCS qualified (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons). He performs hundreds of Vasectomies per year, he is a registered Vasectomist by the Faculty of

Any Problems or Questions Please contact Dr Stoker at Bermuda Surgery on 0844 8800 498

Bermuda Practice Family Planning and Sexual Health, he is a member of BANSV ( the British Association of Non Scalpel Vasectomists) and a member of ASPC (the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care). After the Procedure. The most important post operative advice is to take it easy and put your feet up for a few days. You may only have a tiny cut but Remember you have had a surgical procedure!

1. Pain Relief, when you get home the local anaesthetic will wear off and you should take Co-codamol and Ibuprofen to prevent any discomfort these can be purchased from any local Pharmacy. 2. It is sensible to relax at home for a few days before returning to work.

3. We also advise you to refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for at least 1-2 weeks. 4. You should wear tighter fitting supportive underpants day and night for about a week to extra support, this helps minimise any swelling,

5. If needed an ice pack can be used to help prevent swelling and discomfort, this can be applied to the scrotum for 10-15 minutes every 1-2 hours. (But remember to put something like a tea towel between the ice pack and the skin) 6. Keep the area Clean and Dry for at least 24-48 hours during this time the small cut will usually seal itself and a small scab may form, this the natural healing process. After this has happened you are then able to wash the area or have a shower (about 24 hours after the procedure). 7. The stitches dissolve as the incision heals, they do not need to be removed and will dissolve in about a weeks time and will fall out by themselves. 8. There is sometimes small amount of blood stained discharge after the procedure this is normal however if after a few days the discharge increases or starts to smell and you get a redness around the cut or scrotum you may have a small wound infection, in this case see your doctor straight away and get some antibiotics. (Infections are rare, and are superficial around the cut, most infections are prevented by keeping the area clean and dry for the first few days, however if an infection occurs see your Doctor without delay.)

9. Some swelling may develop around the tubes where they have been cut, this is usually just a small internal bruise which is protecting underlying tissue and helping it to heal. A small marble sized lump is not uncommon; if this happens don’t be alarmed it will dissolve usually within a month. (Any swelling larger than the size of your testicle is rare, of course if this happens see your doctor or ring our help line without delay) Where the tubes have been cauterised some scar tissue will form, this may be felt as a slightly lumpy tender area this is quite normal. 10. You can drive after the procedure only when you are able to do an emergency stop unhindered by your recent operation we suggest you give it some time before you get back behind the wheel and use your own common sense to direct you to when you are fully ready to drive. Sexual Intercourse after your Vasectomy Sexual intercourse can be resumed when the small scar on your scrotum has fully healed and when your testicles feel comfortable enough. Your vasectomy will have no effect on masculinity, sexual arousal or performance. You may also notice a blood stained discharge the first few times you ejaculate this is a not an uncommon occurrence and is certainly nothing to worry about. You need to use additional contraception and until we have given you the all clear. (There will still be some live sperm in your ejaculate for up to 4 months after your operation).

Any Problems or Questions Please contact Dr Stoker at Bermuda Surgery on 0844 8800 498

Bermuda Practice You 16 week Post Vasectomy Sample, we will write to you to tell you how to arrange this, we will then write to you with the results, you may need more than one sample.

Any Problems or Questions Please contact Dr Stoker at Bermuda Surgery on 0844 8800 498

Vasectomy Patient Information  

Pre-operative and Post operative information to read prior to and after your procedure

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