An evolutionary path to personal freedom

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Justus Lewis, PhD Overview

An Evolutionary Path to Personal Freedom: The EMF Balancing Technique® •

Wholeness, Clarity and Joy The EMF Balancing Technique® offers a new and contemporary approach to experiencing greater wholeness, clarity and joy in daily life by working directly and effectively on a quantum level with our human electro magnetic energy field using a combination of intent plus specific tai chi-like movements. This revolutionary approach to taking charge of our most precious resource, our personal energy, was developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and is now practiced and taught in over 70 countries worldwide.

Phase III: Living in the present, radiating core energy Phase IV: Co-creating the future.

The underlying premise is that a very important part of our energy anatomy, the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), is located in the electro magnetic field (EMF) surrounding our bodies. The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), is a sophisticated patterning of energy, the main function of which is to connect us with the Cosmic Lattice, the universal ultimate energy source.

Human Evolution Although we have been evolving for millions of years, it is only comparatively recently that we have become conscious of our own evolution as human beings. The EMF Balancing Technique® provides a process that supports people who want to evolve into an experience of greater wholeness. This experience of greater wholeness is generally accompanied by an increased sense of peace, joy and selfconfidence. In Phases I-IV, Foundations of Evolution, a person can become more proficient in taking responsibility for their own well being and managing the energetic charges around life events. The four phases are: • •

Phase I: Integrating a balance of head and heart Phase II: Experiencing the past as a source of support and forward movement

Representation of the Universal Calibration Lattice

By working in a systematic way with our UCL using the successive phases of EMF Balancing, we strengthen this electro magnetic field and hence our connection with source and with each other.

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Justus Lewis, PhD Overview

Thirteen Phases There are thirteen phases to the EMF Balancing Technique®. The first twelve each focus on a different aspect of our energy anatomy. The thirteenth is a meditation that unfolds the resonances of all twelve phases while allowing receivers to focus on a specific potential they would like to co-create. As we focus on different parts of our energy anatomy, our personal body field, different octahedron shaped energy patterns called Sacred Templates become activated progressively.

VII, focuses on the practice of specific attributes of mastery in daily life associated with the Template of Infinite Love; the Templates of Infinite Compassion; the Templates of Infinite Presence; and the Template of Infinite Wisdom. A further six Sacred Templates are activated during these phases. Freedom in the Energy of Love, Phases IX-XII, invites receivers to explore archetypal relationships and to use these archetypes as a means of co-creating their most enlightened life: the Universal Human, the Universal Parent, the Universal Beloved or Universal Partner and the Universal Evolutionary. The focus is on the unity and integration of opposites, yin and yang, father and mother, male and female, the Individual ‘I’ and the Infinite ‘I’. A further 25 templates are activated.

What next? Three options … Private sessions with an accredited practitioner. Personal growth training to accelerate your own conscious evolution as a spiritual being in a physical body.

Representation of the Sacred Templates, Phases I-IV

EEI accredited practitioner: sign up for an Internship with a supervisory teacher (after completing the Personal Growth program).

Three Cycles The first twelve phases are arranged in three cycles, each cycle having four phases. • Foundations of Evolution, Phases I-IV establishes a framework within which we are empowered to identify, clarify and balance the energies of past, present, future, receiving and giving. Five major octahedron-shaped energy patterns called Sacred Templates are activated during these phases. • Masters in Practice, Phases V-

Representation of the Lattice from above showing the repeating patterns of Infinity Loops associated with the three cycles.

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