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Justus Cheng Industrial Design

hi, I’m justus




California College of the Arts

Creative Program Leader


BFA Industrial Design

CAM Education (Youth)

English Chinese Mandarin Cantonese Japanese

Exp. 2020

San Francisco, California

June 2015-June 2018 Millbrae, California

Naval Service Training Command

QA Work center Supervisor


Shipboard Engineering 2010

United States Navy (Submarine Repair)

Photoshop Illustrator Lightroom Indesign XD

Great Lakes, Illinois

June 2010-June 2014 Asian Pacific Region

Rhinoceros Solidworks Fusion Keyshot

Design Projects








Uplifter Weightlifting



The athletic shoe fused with Lego DNA to fasten power, properly and playfully


In Danish, Lego = play well.


Discover opportunity

Billand, Denmark

Within the parameters of the given sport activity and brand: Improve the functions of the shoe Implement brand language

How might we improve the functionality of the shoe so the athlete can lift well, while portraying the playful nature of the brand?

Play well

Phases of a typical snatch

Start Position

Bar at Knee lvl.

Power Position

Fully Extended





Fully Recovered


1. At start position,

2. To generate force

3. Ankle angle widens


Ankle Flexibility

Heal Position

Arch Fastening

Weight Distribution

Lower tongue to not restrict motion

Raised to improve ankle angle range

Extremely snug fit for stable force

Non absorbant material

ankle is already at an acute angle

for pull, heel is slightly raised; angle of ankle is relaxed

as heel can significantly counter-balance the center of weight

Landing requires a quick return for stabilization

Ideation Sketches

Final Concept Pull Tab


Bi-directional Pull



Rotatable Straps

Hook and loop

Wide coverage fastening

Micro-suede tongue Perforated and breathable


Bi-directional pull + Rotational anchor = Perfect arch fit

Durable, breathable and abrasion resistant material

Multi-density EVA

Blance between comfort and rigidity

Hard wood sole

non-compressible to increase stability; historical Lego heritage

Anti-slip rubber

Highly abrasion resistant

2 Bello

Kitchen Appliance +

The sous vide that is delightfully simple to use for delicacy cuisine

Objective User Centric Design Pinpoint and address user needs to improve the usability of a kitchen appliance Identify target users & market space

How can I make Smeg’s new sous vide appeal to its users?

Understanding Brand Brand Slogan -“Technology with style� Smeg is an Italian brand that focuses on quality kitchenware, popularly known for their retro line of colorful appliances of innovation and timeless style

High Gloss Finish

Large Radius

Dual Tone

Vibrant colors

Understanding Market Quadrant Analysis

Quadrant Analysis


Potential opportunity for a premium entry level product; room for innovation and user friendliness

Competitor Analysis

Target User

User Insights Urban Limited space styled with passion

Active Tech enhances life

Working professionals Age 28-45

Connect Host gatherings often Based on market research & user observation, most products in the same category are found: Share Joy with the loved ones

Storage cumbersome to store

Waterproofness limited to bottom only

Adaptability Not for large servings

Aesthetics Dull utilitarian

Securing system limited to conventional container

Development Process

Ease of use

Final Concept


drop it in Secure with flexi-cord


set time and temp. Press & hold to adjust

smart connect Remote control/notice

Possibilities of cookware

Conventional curved rim

Heated water outlet x 3 for even circulation

Irregular lip

To reach even temp.

360° wide water intake

Miscellaneous container

CMF Exploration

Food Grade silicone outter Stainless steel inner shell

Water channel

Brushless DC Motor

1100 Watts Heater Removable cap with o-ring

3 Ohmm

Sound of Resonance

An electric musical instrument; Be conscious of tension & let go

Objective Form and Expression Design a new type of handheld electronic music instrument. The form would embody the kind of sound it produces. To include: a built-in speaker, headphone jack, on/off switch and 3 interaction touch points

When I combine meditation and music, what does this instrument look like? Sound like? Feel like?

Design Principles

Design Principles Natural

Natural I want this instrument to be blending into a natural motion of the participant while during meditaion


ne object without huould like this to be har-

Expressive When it’s a stand alone object without human interaction, I would like this to be harmoniously elegant.

Playing the instrument should be Symbolic a natural motion of the participant, I want this instrument’s both physical form during meditation and the associated interation to symbolize the pursuit of personal inner voice.

Symbolic I want this instrument’s both physical form and the associated interation to symbolize the pursuit of personal inner voice.

Expressive When it’s a stand-alone object absent of human interaction, it speaks of harmony and elegance

Symbolic The physical form as well as the human gesture involved symbolize the purpose of the instrument

Ideation Sketches

Outter elastomer shell Battery Speaker Flexible sensor

Securing screws

Speaker Perforation

Inner shell

Note set button

Form Exploration

How to Play Ohmmmmmmmm

Compress from both endsto turn on

Press a note key to generate sound

Sound fades when tension is released

Press set key anytime to change hi/low note set

What is the sound of Ohmm? In Buddhism mantra, “ohm” means vibration of the universe. It’s the first of the 6 sacred syllables to reach wisdom. Ohmm purifies.

Press key(s) as sound is activated by pushing in from both ends

Notes Buttons Press single keys or double keys to generate various tones Default: C, D, E

Switch to other tones simply by pressing the other keys

Speaker Perforation

Volume Control

Notes Set

Subtly patterned x 2 Surround sound effect

Press up or down to adjust

Press to switch between lower set and higher set of notes


Every moment of tension comes with a let go

Us 1998 A conceptual furniture

This project is the materialization of a childhood memory with my own older brother, an once inseparable playmate; hence it takes the form of two merged paper airplanes. Each half is comprised of 4 pieces of planed and carved ash. Finished with light coats of milk paint.

5 Skill Pages 2D & 3D Renderings

Developing a digital skill set

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” -N.M.

Justus Cheng jcheng4@cca.edu (415) 535-7882

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Industrial Design Portfolio