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September/October Volume 6 Issue 5


re you looking for a hot guy to spend a romantic evening with after a hard day of work? Perhaps you are searching for that third guy that can help spice up your relationship. Then again maybe you just need a quick hookup. Well, the last thing you want to do is take too much time trying to find him.

On The Cover

- Andres -

Thanks to sites like Men4RentNow and RentBoy, your dreams of finding Mr. Right Now will become a reality. For over a decade, both companies have made it their mission to provide a safe place for escorts and those looking for their company and companionship. In this issue, we sit down with the two biggest escort sites in our industry to find out what makes them different from other sites. We'll find out why it is better to use their services and what they have in store for the future. We also get up close and personal with our cover model, Andres as he tells us how he got his start in escorting as well as the secret to his amazing body. When we first laid eyes on Andres, we knew that he would be perfect for this issue. With his perfectly chiseled body and those beautiful eyes, he is the perfect reason to hire an escort. After enjoying this issue, make sure you check his ads out on Men4RentNow and RentBoy. Make sure you tell him that we sent you. We are also happy to announce the addition of Ryan Raz as a columnist for JustUsBoys. Ryan is a well known porn star and escort that is excited to be joining us in the Ryan Raz Report. Each issue, Ryan will give us the inside scoop on what is happening in the industry. See You On The Net!

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The JUB Crew Cover Design: Benjamin Bradley, Ryan Raz photographed by; Greg Grove photographed by Vincent Marco (Manifest Men); Brandon and Angel photographed by David Arias with; photographs by Dick Mitchell The Magazine is published bi-monthly and distributed for free across North America by JUB Media, 306-925 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, QC H3A 0A5, Canada. Advertising Inquiries: Š2010 JUB Media. All Rights Reserved. The name and logo are registered trademarks. The publication of any image, quotation, or article herein should not be construed to be an indication of the sexual orientation of the person portrayed. Magazine does not endorse or guarantee the goods and services advertised herein. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s), and not necessarily of the publisher. No part of this magazine may be reprinted without permission of the publisher. This magazine and the website are strictly intended for persons over the age of 18.



2011RentBoyCalendar Avi Dar Location: NYC Birthday: July 8


Originally from Israel, Avi came to the U.S. two years ago to become an international pornstar and Lucas Entertainment exclusive. In person, Avi is one of the sweetest, most easygoing pornstars you will ever meet, and he is a dynamic performer on camera and on stage at live erotic events like HustlaBall. Flicks: Lucas Entertainment’s Rush, Obsession, Men of Israel, and Auditions 31& 33. Quote: “A promiscuous person is a person who is getting more sex than you are.” uncovered:





When Hiring A Male Escort Might Not Be Worth The Risk Did you hear? The hot new trend of summer 2010 is hiring male escorts. Well, to be specific, the hot new trend of summer 2010 is getting caught hiring male escorts. Scroll through the ads on any online escort site (,, etc.) and you’ll undoubtedly see some of your favorite porn stars (hint: search New York and L.A. for the most famous faces), and while there’s nothing better than spending private time with your favorite performers, a one-on-one meeting might cost you more than just $300 an hour. Last May, anti-gay activist and homophobe George Rekers was exposed after hiring an escort and taking him on a whirlwind European vacation that, according to the escort, included anal rubdowns and fully nude massages. Whoops. He’s since been ostracized from the Family Research Council, which he cofounded. In June, revealed that Republican State Senator Paul Koering, of Minnesota, had taken twink porn star and Rentboy user Brandon Wilde on a romantic dinner (technically, this wasn’t an escort date, but Koering did pay for dinner). The story made national news, and now Koering faces an uphill battle in his reelection bid this fall. And if three makes a trend, just look at Connecticut Catholic priest Kevin Gray. Gray was arrested in July for, get this, embezzling money from his church to pay for hotels, restaurant meals, clothing, and male escorts In New York. He’s currently in jail and awaiting trial. Escorts by and large do not discuss their clients, but in each of the cases noted 12 • JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE

above, the truth had a way of coming out, thanks to journalists and the police. Of course, if you aren’t a national public figure or someone who maybe shouldn’t be hiring escorts (like a priest), you don’t have anything to worry about the next time you hire a companion by the hour. The escort-client relationship is a private, mutually beneficial arrangement that no one should be afraid of…unless the revelation of your hiring of an escort would have an adverse effect on your career or personal life. In that case, you’re better off sticking to porn or, worst-case scenario, getting a boyfriend.


How did you get started? Back in 2000, we launched, our gay hookup site. We figured some of our users would also be interested in hiring escorts and masseurs. We were right - shortly thereafter, was born.

Basically, our free Wanted List feature puts the control in the hands of the client. Instead of paging through thousands of ads, clients just tell us what they want, name their price, and we find it for them - it's that easy!

Why should prospective clients choose Aside from the fact that we have over 2,500 of the hottest guys in the world, I think trust and discretion are two key reasons to choose Unlike some other sites, escorts and masseurs pay to list their ad with us. This gives clients piece of mind knowing that these guys are legitimate, trustworthy, and true professionals.

Clients can post 'Right Now' ads or indicate a specific time and date for the services they are interested in. After the client posts on the Wanted List, we notify escorts and masseurs in their city via text and email of the new posting. Escorts who are willing and able to provide the desired service contact the client directly. It's a pretty simple idea that has really taken off.

Your site is also known for innovation. Tell us about 'The Wanted List'. Our main goal is to make it faster and easier for clients to find local escorts and masseurs that meet their specific needs - the Wanted List was born out of this desire.


What does the future hold for We will continue to focus on meeting the needs of both our clients, and the escorts and masseurs that list on our site. As part of that, we will add features that enrich the client experience and also focus on getting as much exposure as possible for the escorts and masseurs who place their ads with us.


Age: 27 Weight: 18 Height: 5'10" uncovered:


Andres photographed by

Where are you from? Colombia How did you get your start with escorting? A friend of mine suggested that I give it a try and I said, "Ok, why not?"

What is the most interesting experience you have had being an escort? One client hired me for the night and by the end of the night there were five other escorts at his place. All of them handsome and hot. What a party we had!

How long have you been escorting? 3 years. Have you ever thought about crossing over and doing porn? No. We couldn't help but notice your amazing body. What is your secret for staying in such great shape? Good workouts at the gym, no drugs and no liquor. I take very good care of myself. You have some great tattoos. Tell us about their significance to you. I like my dragon tattoo because it symbolizes strength, and the eagle because I love America. What is your idea of a perfect date? A nice restaurant, a movie - going out in New York City is always a perfect date for me.


What do you like about being an escort? Many things. I like sex, obviously. I like being in many different situations and meeting a wide variety of men. Men are fascinating to me and sex even more so. I'm also a bit of a show-off and being asked to pose for pictures in the 2011 calendar was really fun for me. What advice would you give to a first time client? Relax, tell me what is your fantasy - you can trust me. I may not look like it, but I'm a very good boy. What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an escort? Be safe, keep your eyes and mind open and clear and enjoy yourself. Tell me something about you that most people may be surprised to know. I am addicted to the TV show 24. Jack Bauer is my hero.

Relax, tell me what is your fantasy you can trust me. I may not look like it, but I'm a very good boy.




Model Scott Campbell

Model: Rusty Stevens


2011 RentBoy Calendar Rick Bauer Location: London & Budapest Birthday: October 3


About: Rick was born in Budapest, Hungary and in one of Europe’s biggest pornstars, featured in over 57 movies. In person, Rick is completely down to earth and genuinely friendly and interested in meeting new people. He was a wrestler in college and has a powerfully built body and one of the most amazing bubble butts you’ll ever see. He’s also a certified-masseur, the perfect husband material! Flicks: Body Heat, Hungarian Action, Trained to Obey, Lock Down, Swallow, Extra Long Shift, Executive Pleasures, and more… Quote: “To hear many religious people talk, you would think God created the torso head, legs and arms, but the devil slapped on the genitals. I think every part of the body is equally beautiful and noble.”




cide to begin escorting they normally contact me and always ask the basic questions on what they should do and how they should proceed with their first experience. To my fellow and potential escorts there are three things that I would like to share with you. •

Never ask for money/payment in advance. Asking for money in advance is something people do on a street corner, its horribly tacky and makes you look unprofessional.

Always come prepared with proper supplies. Showing up without the supplies you may need for your meeting can be extremely embarrassing and also disappointing for your client. Clients may not always have the supplies that are required and it is best to be prepared.

When a client calls, texts or emails you, be quick and thorough in your response. Answering all of your client’s questions fast and in detail allows them to take you seriously and also lets them understand that you are dependable.


Ryan Raz report The sex industry covers many different areas that include toys, pornography and also escorting. Sex toys are part of mainstream society and in general not considered something taboo. Pornography has become less taboo over the past few years, but still some consider it an area of controversy. Escorting however is still an area of the sex industry that mainstream America is not able to deal with. Escorting is the oldest profession in the world yet it is something that society chooses to ignore. Many people do not talk about escorting, yet it does play a big role in our puritan society. We all have our own sexual preferences and desires. For many people, it is more convenient to go through websites such as and to have those desires fulfilled. It’s always an interesting situation for both the escort and client when they meet for the first time. There are two different points of view when a meeting happens and there is no set of guidelines to follow. I have been escorting for over three years now, and I think I have experienced almost any situation possible. Fortunately I have never felt threatened or been in a situation where I felt like I was in danger or forced to do anything I didn’t want to. I have had clients skip out on paying me while I was in the bathroom, and I have even had one film our meeting without me knowing it. Because of my experiences, I have plenty of advice to give to both clients and escorts. When my friends de-

I have also gathered some advice to share with clients and those who are thinking about hiring an escort for the first time. •

Please don’t be nervous. We are there because you want us to be with you and there is nothing to be nervous about. Our job is to make sure you have a good time, and we wouldn’t be escorting if we weren’t good at what we do.

When you contact somebody for the first time, please let them know what your preferences are. Allowing me to know your desires allows me to properly prepare. When I come knowing how to make you happy it allows for things to move smoothly.

Most important, please confirm the meeting. When you arrange a meeting you should follow up a few days before and the day of the meeting. This confirms that I am not wasting my time by keeping my schedule open and it makes me feel confident that you will be able to keep our meeting.

My views on escorting may not be perfect for every person or situation, but hopefully my advice is helpful to some. I think’s slogan says it all: “Money can’t buy you love, but the rest is negotiable.”


Quickies With

Brandon & Angel escorting

ANGEL: When we last talked about escorting, it was basically me interviewing you. Because, well.. let's face it. You were one of the world's top male escorts so you're the expert. BRANDON: It's a profession that has a high amount of risk but also a high amount of return... managing them both is the trick. Escorting allows you to meet amazing people, make lots of money, experience fun things, and liberate yourself sexually. It also brings you to new challenges dealing with people, forces you to be sexually aware and often times, exposes you to ugly situations. ANGEL: Right, and if our readers want to read more of your in-depth thoughts on escorting, they can log on to and find that column in the archives and read it. But this time, I thought what we would do is a sort of "helpful hints" or "do’s and don'ts" for both escorts and clients. BRANDON: Escorting is a 'tricky' business... literally. ANGEL: Mutters to self, I might need to start drinking if he keeps up with the one-liners. BRANDON: So some advice, don't talk about sex for money, that's not what you do. You spend time with gentlemen. Do talk about your time and what you like to do during your time. Don't accept an offer for more money to do something you don't feel comfortable with. Don't talk about the people you spend time with. The way I looked at it, they all were people of the parish or politicians. I have some escort advice on including a list of do's and don'ts for every letter of the alphabet. ANGEL: Do always tell someone you trust exactly where you are going to be in case anything happens to you. BRANDON: sho. ANGEL:DON'T feel like you HAVE to post naked pictures of yourself on your profile at or What works for some escorts might not work for others. If you are in a city where gorgeous bodies and big dicks are a dime a dozen, you might stand out more with a beautiful face shot. Someone out there might be looking for the boy next door, not a sex machine.


BRANDON: Are you sure you haven't done this before? ANGEL: HA HA! Actually I have never been an escort, but Lord knows I have been a friend with enough of them! Also escorts, if you are making this your full-time career, DO network like crazy! In this economy, it's not enough to just have profiles on those escort sites. Participate in online forums like Start a blog. Make the most out of social media like Facebook and Twitter. The top escorts will tell you that it's a FULL-TIME job. BRANDON: Full-time and then some. ANGEL: But, DON'T feel like escorting has to be your career. Some people do it for fun every now and then for a little extra cash, and there is nothing wrong with that. Clients: If you are thinking of hiring an escort, DO shop around. In addition to the sites I mentioned, there are also others like and It's your money, so search until you find one you are satisfied with. DON'T limit your search to just the city you are in. If you have the means, you would be surprised at how many gorgeous boys are willing to travel. You could be missing out on the escort of your dreams because you didn't think big enough.


Sean Van Sant

Director of How did get its start? was started in 1997. It was the first, original male escort-listing site. At that time, the Internet was a nascent technology and it was difficult to persuade escorts to advertise online. Back then the site didn’t require advanced features like city-specific searches, multiple languages, and e-commerce with multiple currencies. Thirteen years later in 2010, the site has served more than 80,000 escorts in 178 cities around the world. What makes different than other sites like it? does more than any other website to promote a sunny, sex-positive attitude toward escorting. We host the International Escort Awards, and we throw the erotic cabaret known as HustlaBall each year in New York, London, and Berlin. We are working constantly to promote a brighter view of the escorting industry, drawing attention to the day-to-day, human face of escorts through interviews and events. Escorts are not just sex objects; they are real people performing a valuable service. All this work pays off by making us the most visited, highest profile male escort site in the world. recently made national headlines when anti-gay activist George Alan Rekers took one of your advertisers on a trip to Europe. This wasn't the first time that made national news. What kind of effect does publicity like this have on your company? Publicity is great for brand awareness, but we have to be careful that the attention does not turn negative. We would never “out” a client. It’s not in our interest to do so. In the Rekers case, we were lucky that the press praised our site, while they scorned the bigot who was caught in public 26 • JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE

with his pants down, so to speak. From the Tonight Show to Rachel Maddow, was viewed as a fun, naughty site that inadvertently helped bring down a hypocrite; so a lot of curious people and new business came to our site. Each year you host the Hookies. Tell us more about this event and the process that one goes through to win an award like this. The Hookies, or International Escort Awards are the Oscars of male escorting. One winner in each category is recognized as the best in the world, from Best Pornstar Escort to Best Boyfriend Fantasy. The public nominates escorts online and the winners are chosen online from among the finalists. The winners are recognized in a highly publicized live award ceremony where they receive trophies onstage and draw huge crowds. It’s fantastic to see the thrill escorts get from recognition in the flashbulb light of fame. Everyone loves the Hookies! In this issue we are featuring the 2011 calendar. How do you go about your selections to find the perfect guys for each month? We try to mix up the models by featuring famous pornstars, international gigolos, and regular boys-next-door. These are the real men of boyfriend fantasies for hire by the hour or for the night. We are aware that not everyone is looking for a pornstar; everyone has a different fantasy image in mind. The main things we look for are fresh smiling faces and escorts who are eager and proud of the work they do on Each year RentBoy presents HustlaBall. What should a first timer expect when they attend an event like this? HustlaBall is a mega dance party and erotic cabaret that travels around the world, with over 22 events so far in New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. It’s more intimate than your average circuit party, with many

Photographed by Dick Mitchell for

different themed rooms and DJs, and you will see some very wild interactive acts onstage. At HustlaBall, you can get up close and personal with your favorite pornstars and escorts in a friendly, sexually free environment where the best erotic male performers in the world are given free reign to show off their talent. I know that raising money for charities is something that is very important to Rentboy. Tell us more about the charities that you are involved in. At, we believe escorts are part of the legitimate work force and as professionals they deserve human, labor and civil rights. We donate money to charities that promote health and safety for escorts or work toward decriminalization

of sex work. We have given money to GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis), Spread Magazine, SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) and similar organizations that work toward these goals. Are there any new things coming along on your website we should look forward to? As a software company and social networking site, is making changes to its features all the time to meet the needs of clients and escorts. With smart phones and new technology, the art of the hook-up is always in flux. is the most copied site of its type; so we can’t give away our current research projects… let’s just say you’ll be surprised and stimulated by what comes next. JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE • 27

Random Thoughts by Greg Grove Master of My Domain I'm not sure if it's ADHD or me just being gay, but lately my dirty thoughts haven't helped me during my "alone" time. You see, I can't watch porn to get my rocks off because more than likely I know at least one person that's in the scene. I could watch really cheap porn but then I go into director mode and I start analyzing the scene. Really my only option is to use my imagination. One of my sexual fantasies is having sex with Shamar Moore but I don't get very far into the fantasy because my ADHD kicks in. I'm all about the build-up when it comes to masturbating. My fantasy starts out in an elevator and the car stops before it reaches the lobby. The door opens and in walks Shamar. We make eye contact. He smiles at me and starts rubbing his crotch. We start to kiss passionately, and I start to take off his clothes. This is usually where it ends because my ADHD starts. I think "Wow, these clothes are nice. I wonder where he got them?" Since he was a former International Male model, I wonder if that's where they came from. Then I wonder if International Male still exists because I haven't seen that magazine since I use to beat off to it in junior high. From there, I wonder if they still make that God awful pirate shirt. Do you remember that? How ugly was that thing, huh? That thought takes me to the Seinfeld episode where Jerry wears the puffy pirate shirt on The Today Show. It's in that same episode where George runs into a woman on the street who tells him he should be a hand model. George meets with some hand model photographers and they tell George that his hands remind them of Ray McKigney. Ray was a formal model who had it all till he blew it by messing up his hands while being master of his domain. "Holly fuck, I'm mastering my domain! I'm gonna hurt myself. Besides mom said if I beat off I would go blind and God would kill a kitten...Ahhhhh!" 28 • JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK… IN 3D? That’s the question 3D porn innovator DominicFord is asking as he launches his new contest SOYOUTHINKYOUCANFUCK. The internet was abuzz a couple weeks back when announced an open call for submissions to participate in an upcoming 3D game show contest themed DVD, “So you think you can FUCK”. After a two-week open call submission process the game show is being filmed in Florida as this issue hits the streets. Here is how the contest works: Popular Porn star Matthew Rush will be the host. Joining Matthew as celebrity judges will be Marceles from Big Brother, Jeremy Lucido of, Emmy nominated producer Woody Woodbeck and porn stars Conner Habib and Colby Keller. Contestants will be broken up into

5 tops and 5 bottoms. Each week, one bottom will pick the name of a scene partner from the "top hat." The two will then spin a "wheel of fortune" that will determine what location they are shooting in (examples include: bar, casino, jail cell, bedroom). The contestants will have only a few minutes to create the scene that will be filmed. The scene partners have full creative control over the scene they create and each week on a scene will be released in episode format showing the entire process culminating with the actual scene. Each week, viewers can vote for their favorite porn stars at DominicFord. com or At the end of 5 weeks, a winner will be announced. The winner will get a host of prizes including a contract for multiple scenes with, the cover of JustUsBoys magazine which means national media exposure in the largest free consumer gay magazine in the country, a professional photo shoot by DominicFord, a centerfold spread in PLAYGIRL magazine and a year’s supply of adult items from our partners. All of the contestants will get consolation prizes and compensation for their appearance as well. Check out the first and only 2D and 3D porn site on the web at and now to see this contest unfold. You can also view trailers of these episodes at and sponsors:




JustUsBoys Magazine Volume 6 Issue 5