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Dirty Secrets


Rocco Giovanni

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Exclusive: Matthew Rush shares his dirty secret!


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March/April 2010

Volume 6 Issue 2


his issue marks our fifth anniversary of the Magazine. What better way to celebrate than to increase distribution? When we started the magazine in the Spring of 2005 we printed 60,000 copies and delivered to destinations across the country. It wasn’t long before the overwhelming popularity of the magazine required us to increase distribution again. Thanks to you, our loyal readers, we have been able to increase the distribution five times since the launch of the magazine. We are pleased to announce that we now print 125,000 copies per issue.

- Rocco Giovanni -

On The Cover

We are also happy to announce that Greg Grove, aka mega porn star, Matthew Rush, will join us each issue with a new column where he will share with us his random thoughts about anything from what’s happening in his daily life to his views on the world of porn. Have you ever wondered what your favorite Porn Star’s dirty secret is? In this issue, we talk with cover model, Rocco Giovanni as well as Christian Wilde and Jayden Grey as they let us in on their dirty secrets. You may recall in past issues we have introduced some of the hottest guys found on the website. This issue is packed with 10 of the sexiest guys found on JUB. Make sure to log on to JustUsBoys to see all of these sexy guys completely unCOVERED!

Rocco Giovanni photography by Media GIo

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photo: Media Gio

ON THE COVER Rocco Giovanni

Looks can be deceiving. This is something our cover guy knows oh so well. At first glance, you may think that Rocco Giovanna is Latino. By his name, one may come to the conclusion that he must be Italian, but both would be wrong. With his tattoo-covered body some would think that Rocco Giovanna is just another bad boy in porn but again they would be wrong. This gorgeous Asian American from the Midwest tells us that he is the ultimate romantic and his idea of the perfect first date wouldn’t be the typical dinner and a movie. He said it is important to do something with enough interaction to get to know each other. He says grabbing a cup of coffee or going on a hike are both great ways to break the ice. 8 • JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE


TOP 10

NUMBER TEN Model: Dixon From: SouthernStrokes Jubbers Say: Dang, I love this site !! I'm moving SOUTH !!!!! See More:

Dixon NUMBER NINE Model: Jimmy Coxxx From: CockSureMen Jubbers Say: I'm not one to say I would take seconds but I'm game for this hot thick cock stud.


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Model: Michael

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Michael Cresthill


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NUMBER SIX Model: CJ From: BrokeStraightBoys Jubbers Say: Slap my face with that dickpole, CJ! See More:

CJ NUMBER FIVE Model: Cory From: ActiveDuty Jubbers Say: Love the cowboy, and I want to ride, ride, ride. Here I cum.


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NUMBER FOUR Model: Jonah From: SeanCody Jubbers Say: Th is one I wanna fu ck. He's got me all hard and throbbing. See More: JustU /223

Jonah NUMBER THREE Model: Mario


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NUMBER TWO Model: Cayden Ross From: RandyBlue Jubbers Say: fucking perfection--precum all over my shorts - what a fucker See More:


Model: Hagan From: ChaosMen Jubbers Say: Hagan has a great deal to be proud of - fine body, good looks and a dick to die for! See More: 12 • JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE


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Rocco Giovanni uncovered

Who has been your favorite scene partner? Wow, that seems like a pretty loaded question! I’m going to be as diplomatic as possible and say Ricky Sinz since he was my first scene partner in a big production. It was my first scene with a major company, and at the time he was Raging Stallion Studios' Man of the Year. Who is your dream scene partner? Really, do I have to narrow it down? Seriously there are so many. The now retired Malachi Marx is on the top of the list for sure, he's so amazingly dreamy, (yes dreamy) that I can barely stand it. The more I get to know the other porn stars and actors the more I really want to work with all of them for different reasons. Some guys like Scott Tanner, I just think he would be fun to have a scene with. Others like Cameron Adams I have a natural chemistry with and I think it would be awesome to capture that on film. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened on a shoot? I have to say that I have been very lucky on all of the shoots that I've done. I've worked with amazing directors and fellow scene partners, production assistants and companies. I guess sharing that I channeled Linda Blair's performance in "The Exorcist" during my scene with Ricky Sinz to Jake Deckard, who directed us in "Ink Stain” could be considered embarrassing. Tell me something about you that your fans would be surprised to know. I am

trained in about 6 martial arts, ground fighting, classical weapons fighting styles, knife and bull whip fighting, and I'm an above average marks man. What did you do before the world of porn? Well for many years I was actually a classical dancer, trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary, until I suffered a knee injury at 18. Following that I was a waiter. When I moved to Columbus I actually worked in local government as an assistant, and now I am a group fitness, yoga, and Pilates instructor. How many tattoos do you have? As of the date of this interview I have 49 tattoos. However once this goes to print I will probably have 50 or 51 tattoos! Tell me about your most meaningful tattoo? A big chunk of my left forearm is devoted to my best friends children. Of her four kids, two of them are living with the fatal condition cystic fibrosis. There's a long story about it, but I have six purple roses and five pink ones, an allusion to the "65 Roses" story. Also in her youngest son's handwriting I have the words "Never Regret" tattooed above the roses. I got that right after I shot my first movie. He's 7 now and he's always called me his best friend, which means a lot to me. His twin sister and his older brother are living with the disease. What is your Dirty Secret? I’m a sucker for athletic gear. Football pants, Speedos, jockstraps, and especially wrestling singlets... cant get enough of 'em.

photo: Media Gio



Jayden Grey My name started out as J Grey when I was running for Mr. Gay Iowa 2008. When I started porn, I thought my first name needed to have more characters. My real name starts with "J" so I wanted to pick something similar to that. I came across Jayden because it sounded like a name that fit me. You recently filmed for an upcoming movie that we were on set for with Austin Wilde and we couldn't help but notice the intense chemistry in the scene.  Tell us more about that experience. Austin and I ran into each other last year in Chicago at the 2009 Grabby Awards. We didn't introduce ourselves to each other at that time because I was new to the industry and was kind of intimidated by his good looks and his amazing body, not to mention his gorgeous eyes. We exchanged eye contact with each other and ever since then we have gotten to know each other very well. Doing the scene with Austin wasn’t just another day at work. It showed the deep intimate connection that we share. We brought our off screen relationship on screen for our fans and

fellow bloggers that have been dreaming of the day we worked on film with each other. They have been saying for the past few months that we are the new power couple so when you watch this scene you will feel as if you are in the room with us. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened on a shoot? I can't say that I have personally had an embarrassing thing happen to me. There was a time  when I was on the set of my new DVD, Jayden Grey's House Of Sex, where there was just the most horrific smell that would make anybody's hard-on go down. I don't know if it was coming from one of the models or if it was the plant that was in the room. I would assume it came from one of my models. What did you do before the world of porn? I was trying to go to college but I had no clue what I wanted to go to school for. I figured I would make some money doing what I like to do. What is your Dirty Secret? I wish I could suck my own dick, or even fuck my own ass. uncovered

photo: Media Gio

How did you pick your porn name?



Christian Wilde How did you pick your porn name? I liked the name Christian and someone else picked Wilde. Your tattoo on your chest says “Stand in the Sunlight”. What does that mean to you? It's a spiritual thing. You have a mom and dad tattoo on your shoulders, have they been supportive of your career path? No but family means a lot to me. Who has been your favorite scene partner? Probably Patrick Rouge. Who is your dream scene partner? I don’t know… anyone sexy and fun. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened on a shoot? I tripped and fell really hard bare ass naked. Tell me something about you that your fans would be surprised to know. I'm very strange and goofy a lot. What did you do before the world of porn? I did a lot of things. I washed dogs, painted houses, and even worked for a junk company. What is your Dirty Secret? Doing gay porn for a living. photo: Media Gio






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Brandon: Okay, I'll take "Dirty Secrets" for $300 per hour, Angel. It's hard for me to write about "Dirty Secrets" because I think of my life as an open book. I don't have many "Dirty Secrets," but I know plenty of people who do. If I did have a "Dirty Secret", I'd make sure it involved a small-- no, make that a large, island, a fleet of expensive cars, a small staff and lots of chocolate. Angel: I call bullshit. At one point you were one of the top escorts in the world, and as much as you give the appearance that you live your life like an open book, I GUARANTEE that for every salacious detail that you transcribe, there are five more that you keep to yourself. Brandon: I concur. In that sense, it's very true. You win. It's the way it has to be, and forever will be. Wow. Hello Yin, I'd like for you to meet Yang. Angel: Um, OK, whatever that means. Angel: MOVING ON. Time to talk about the current news in gay porn. So Corbin Fisher just launched a mobile version of their website. I think they are the first big gay company to do so. Brandon: Fierce...they seem to have many firsts. Angel: I love the CF site. I wish I had a "dirty secret" of my own that involved Lucas and Connor from Corbin Fisher!! Ha ha. Brandon: Oh dear. Angel: Also there seems to be some sort of drama surrounding the GAYVN awards this year, as in if they are going to actually happen or not! Brandon: I just searched for that iTouch application but didn't find it for CF. Angel: It's not an app; it's a mobile site. Brandon: Oh, I want it to be an app. #FML Angel: Did you really just say “pound FML?” Whoa.


Brandon: As an escort, I think there is an unspoken "pledge" that you take, and let me tell you, it's a fine line to walk…very fine. Angel: Yes, and most of the time that pledge never gets broken…unless your name is Ted Haggard. Brandon: No joke…that's a sore subject for me. I don't agree with it. Many of my fellow escorts were upset, but that's the way it goes. I like and also for dirty secrets of others. I think it's healthy to keep some secrets. Angel: I agree. A little mystery never hurt anyone. Brandon: One of my own mantras is, "It's not a secret if someone else knows about it." I can't say that enough... if even one person then by definition, it's not a secret. We have even had a few parties to celebrate the "Dirty Secrets" in Las Vegas. Speaking of secrets and mystery, just how old are you again Angel?

JUSTUSBOYS.COM/MAGAZINE Angel: Anyway, onto the pop culture portion of our column, I have to admit, I was totally hooked on “Jersey Shore” when it was on television! Brandon: What’s Jersey Shore? Angel: Lucky for you I know you’re kidding or you would get a “fist pump” right to the kisser. Brandon: I know what it is and think it's hilarious and wonderful white trash, but it's more like me to be like, "What's that?" Did I say white trash? I mean Italian trash or tanned, off-white trash. Angel: HA! VERY off-white, those kids are bronzed into being a different race! All I know is, Vinny (who is my favorite) said in an interview that the real magic happens when he takes off his pants! I would pay money to see THAT magic, OK?? Hey Unzipped Magazine, make VINNY an offer like you did to Levi Johnston!


HIV's Dirty Little Secret: PrEP Treatment By Paul Bookstaber,


he Daily Beast recently reported on pre-exposure prohphylaxis, which is when doctors prescribe powerful HIV meds to barebackers who don't have HIV to prevent the spread of AIDS. Whether or not this is a good idea, it's becoming increasingly common for doctors to prescribe these meds to patients under the table as a "dirty little secret" -- one that's illegal and possibly saving lives. I've already reported on the rather questionable underground phenomenon of "Disco Dosing" among circuit partiers who take a cocktail of things like meth, Viagra and anti-retrovirals before going out for a druggy, barebacky night on the town. The goal is to ditch condoms without getting HIV, and doctors are increasingly catering to those patients who want to fuck raw without suffering the well-publicized consequences. There are a few problems, though. Nobody knows whether PrEP actually works, it's only available to those who can afford the $9,000-per-year cost and it goes against the longtime "use a fucking condom" strategy that AIDS activists tend to promote. The Daily Beast reports: " a game changer. The closest we may soon have to an effective vaccine, it posits the notion of science-rather than self-control-as the key agent of HIV prevention. ... PrEP has the potential to return society to the era of latex-free sex-a concept that elates some and alarms others." To read more about this, check out



Recently we met up with mega porn star, Matthew Rush and talked with him about joining our team as a columnist. In the years we have gotten to know him we have learned that like many porn stars, Matthew and Greg (his real name) are two completely different people. This leads to an interesting question. Can a porn star ever escape the persona that he has become? It is our hope that as you read his column in each issue you will learn more about the man behind the character of Matthew Rush and get to know our friend, Greg Grove. So without further ado, let’s see what he has to say about his Dirty Secret…



Random Thoughts by Greg Grove


s a gay man, I have my dirty secrets but I have one dirty secret I've never told anyone till now. What's my secret? Ever since I was a kid, I've had a thing for Race Bannon. You know, the hot, white haired daddy from the Johnny Quest cartoons. He's the Brawny paper towel guy of my generation, syndicated of course. That deep masculine voice and those tight denim jeans were enough to make me forget about the Thundercats, Jem and the Holograms. I wanted Race to be my bodyguard, my protector, MY DADDY! Till this day, I still get moist when I think about this animated god! I recently heard a rumor that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been cast as Race Bannon in the upcoming Johnny Quest film. How hot will that be? Just the thought of it makes my Johnny crest! So there you have it folks, my dirty animated secret.

You can read more about me and my crazy rants at



JustUsBoys Magazine Volume 6 Issue 2