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It is hard to believe that it’s already the time of year when we say, “ Out with the old and in with the new.” But, when it comes to the hot men in porn, we say, “Let’s keep the old and bring on the new!” What better way to start off 2010 then by introducing you to some of the hottest and newest guys in the gay porn industry? Newcomer Ryan Russell has gotten off to a great start with his new website where fans can find out everything they ever wanted to know about this sexy stud. Alex Magnum from LucasKazan opens up and spills all about what really turns him on. With newcomers from NextDoorMale, BrokeStraightBoys, DirtyBoyVideo and BlakeMason, this issue has someone for everyone! Our cover guy, Hugo Milano, is brought to you by CockyBoys. Known for bringing us some of the sexiest guys in the industry, CockyBoys has always had that special talent for finding the guys that have that extra edge. With his muscle body and those amazing tattoos, Hugo has what it takes to become a fan favorite. For the past eight years Howard Andrew from Fabscout has represented some of the best talent in the industry. In this issue, we introduce you to two of his recent discoveries. Finally… just when you think you have seen it all, BelAmi brings us the surprise of the year with their newest discovery, the Peters twins. This is one set you won’t want to miss. Enjoy the first issue of 2010. See you on the Net! The JUB Crew

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Angel: So in this issue we get to talk about all the fucking HOT new faces in gay porn. We're also going to do things a little bit differently this time. I'm going to throw out a name and we are going to discuss their hotness. Let's start with a boy that's at the top of my list: BOBBY RAIL. Brandon: Bobby Clark. Angel: No boo, I don't think you're getting what we're supposed to do here. We are supposed to discuss NEW faces in porn (Bobby Clark has been around since 2007). Brandon: Me not getting what we are supposed to do? Imagine that. I still want to talk about Bobby Clark, but that's for another day eh? Angel: BRANDON!! HOCUS POCUS LET'S GET FOCUSED!!! Brandon: You got your focus and I got mine. Bobby Rail sure is sexy, I have this unnatural love of underarms and I like it when I get to see his. New faces are one of the great things about working in the adult industry. Get that fresh meat! Angel: Normally I'm not attracted to ex-convicts but Bobby is SO hot, and SO sweet that it makes me want to share a cell with him!! Moving on, how about that Dawson Riley, huh?

Angel: I don't know how he does it, but Randy Blue's guys are just on a whole other level of hotness and Dawson is no exception. Next up is someone new to the DVD scene (but not new if you are a member of Dayton O'Connor. Brandon: I couldn't agree with you more about the Randy Blue boys, Mr. Blue sure has a track record of spotting hot, new talent. The only thing blue about me is my balls after seeing some of the boys. Angel: Brandon, Frank Marino called. He wants his joke back. Angel: Next up is someone new to the DVD scene (but not new if you are a member of Dayton O'Connor. Brandon: I adore Dayton. He was amazing at the Pool Party in Palm Springs and the latest MANHUNT event too. He was in the dunk tank and a hoot a minute. (Hoot's the most polite word I can think of.) Angel: I am with you on that one. In addition to being insanely hot, the boy has got personality for days (and a WICKED sense of humor too). On the more twinky side of things, let's talk about Jacob Wright. Brandon: He was in Pittsburgh at Splash! That boy is so sexy. He needs to stop his hotness right now. (...And by STOP I mean don't.) He's heading to my hometown, New Orleans, with us soon too. I love exposing more people to that city.

Brandon: I remember seeing him in a Labor Day post on and know that I sure would have labored over him.

Angel: I had the pleasure of working with Jacob at and and he just shot "Road Trip 14: Hollywood" for Falcon/Jocks. I couldn't be more proud of him. And yes, he's a HOTTIE! POW!! Damn, why is it hot up in this bitch all of a sudden??

Bobby Rail:

Brandon: I think it's just me.


Dayton O'Connor: uncovered

Trent Davis: uncovered


Angel: Well you know, menopause IS common at your age. Anyway, before we go let's talk about one more gorgeous boy, the one with the BEST ass in all of gay porn right now: yes folks I am talking about Trent Davis. Brandon: If Trent Davis was a piece of paper, he'd be a parking ticket because he's got FINE written all over him.


Damon Audigier uncovered

Age: 19 Turn On: Big dicks and muscles. Turn Off: Obnoxious and loud people. Favorite Pastime: Music and twitter. What has been your favorite moment in the industry so far? Being able to work with ChiChi LaRue in my first scene ever. Who is your favorite porn star? Austin Wilde and Matthew Rush. What one word best describes you? Different.


Brandon Lewis uncovered

Age: 25 Turn On: Neat, clean healthy people. White teeth. Turn Off: People that are rude and stuck on themselves. Favorite Pastime: All sports. Hockey and Basketball. What has been your favorite moment in the industry so far? Meeting all the great people. Who is your favorite porn star? Wow, I am a porn addict. I can’t just single out one. Who would you love to work with? The big leaguers. I want to be famous. What one word best describes you? Country. JUSTUSBOYS.COM MAGAZINE • 11

Ryan Russell

Age: 29 Turn On: Fucking on the beach. Turn Off: Girl parts. Favorite Pastime: Spending money. What has been your favorite moment in the industry so far? One real highlight was when Maurice Vellekoop did an illustration of me as a pin-up. Having a sexy portrait done by such an accomplished artist, someone who's done illustrations for Time and Vogue, was definitely a really fun stop on this crazy train! I read that you have a partner, is he in the industry? How did he react when he found out that you wanted to enter the porn industry? My fella's my biggest fan (and I'm his!). What's really great is that he's always up for those long rehearsals—practice makes perfect! Who is your favorite porn star? Peter Berlin. I have such strong associations between him and Tom of Finland's massive body of work, and nothing else has influenced my ideals for sex like those drawings. Who would you love to work with in the industry? Brent Everett. Maybe it's cause he's Canadian? Maybe it's his monster cock? Maybe it's his pristine ass? Whatever it is, he's got it and I'm definitely into it. Find more about Ryan at


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There's no way we can pick just one favorite porn star of the year, so we'll take Raging Stallion's lead and pick two. That studio's "Man of the Year" ended in a tie between David Taylor and Austin Wilde, and we couldn't agree more that these two fuck studs represent the best in a year of great porn. The tight-bodied newcomers have kept themselves busy with club appearances, side gigs for Real Touch and slobber-worthy hardcore performances, and we’re excited to see what the New Year has in store for David Taylor and Austin Wilde. An occupational hazard of working in porn is that it becomes difficult to masturbate to performers after you've met them. But even after hanging out with David and Austin many times, we continue to find ourselves hunched over our computers with a cramp on our wrist and their smiley, square-jawed faces flickering across our screens. These two top jocks are promotional powerhouses with an appreciation for their fans, fun- loving chemistry with their co-stars and ripped bodies that we want to store in our fridge and gnaw on at will.


Parker London

Parker London will be the sexiest new thing you've seen in a while! His muscular physique and fat cock are only part of the reason. This rock n' roll dude loves to jerk off with a lot of intensity. Check out his tight ass as he throws a couple fingers into his hole while stroking his rigid penis. Parker is an avid outdoorsman and a self-confessed sex addict. He likes to fuck at least twice a day and sets aside a good chunk of time for some auto-erotic pleasure. uncovered


Hugo Milano

Age: 20 years old Turn On: My boyfriend. I definitely enjoy getting head. What man doesn't right? But when they know what they are doing, it definitely takes it to a whole different level! I'm also definitely an ass man, not the hairy kind either, a clean smooth ass with no tan lines... EVEN BETTER! I've also had a thing about having sex in cars back seats or while driving. Bumpy roads plus sex equals a good time. Turn Offs: Bad hygiene and too much hair (see above about hairy butts) Favorite Pastime: Definitely the gym. I love working out, hitting weights and working up a good sweat. When not working out relaxing at home watching some movies. What has been your favorite moment in the industry so far? All the fan support, they have been great! I definitely want to put on a good show for them and entertain them as much as possible, and well if I get a few awards/nominations here and there even better right? It’s been a great motivation and it’s only made me strive for more!! I read that you have a partner, is he in the industry? No my Boyfriend Nick is in the Hospitality Industry but he loves my career and stands very supportive of what I do. How did the two of you meet? I met him at a club where I was doing a show. It was so cool how he helped me finish the night and was there for me ever since. Who is your favorite porn star? Wolf Hudson Who would you love to work with in the industry? My brother Jimmy and I would like to tag team Wolf Hudson. That would definitely make for one hot scene. You have amazing tattoos. Can you tell us what some of them mean to you? I love my tattoos and I know my fans love them as well. However, I can say this… I was drunk once when I got the one major one done on my sleeve. I was surprised I had done that, but I like how it turned out. What one word best describes you? Fun! uncovered


Alex Magnum

"I love all aspects of sex," says Alex, "3ways, 4ways, orgies... I love fucking with lots of guys and getting covered in jism." Alex first auditioned for LucasKazan in Milan, Italy during one of their Open Casting Calls. Kazan says, “Alex caught my attention right away: ease, cock, body, smile, attitude... he's got it all�!





Cole Hornik DirtyBoyVideo

Age: 22 Turn On: Armpit smells (my own and hers) Turn Off: Hairspray or perfume smells Favorite Pastime: Making money - basketball What has been your favorite moment in the industry so far? I'm pretty new so mostly dancing and doing a solo. Who doesn't like to jerk off?! 45 minutes of very easy work. Who is your favorite porn star? Jenna Jameson! She's a total MILF, also Danielle Richardson. As far as guys, Wolf Hudson's pretty cool. Who would you love to work with in the industry? I saw Wolf Hudson when he got his start doing sex dares on DirtyBoyVideo. Since I'm straight and so is he, we could work together and have it not get weird. Bro-jobs are better than no-jobs. What one word best describes you? Dick! What do you think is your best characteristic? Uh... my cock? Tell me something about you that most people would be surprised to know. I act like a dick to hide the sadness inside... Kidding! I'm totally happy all the time. uncovered



Events Join us in New Orleans for Mardi Gras FEB 12-16 !! Shane - Broke Straight Boys uncovered


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Aarron Age: 19  Location: London, UK Occupation: Student Turn On: Guys with big dicks! I love nothing more than a cute guy with a big dick. Turn Off: I hate being told what to do in the bedroom. I love to take control. How did you come to model for BlakeMason? I love having sex and had an ex-boyfriend film me once, and found it made me horny! I was looking at BlakeMason one day, and decided to apply. I never thought I’d be doing a shoot! Then I was called to do my first fucking scene with Leroy. vorite Pastimes: I love sports, especially surfing and Kayaking. I don't get to do that much living in one of the biggest cities in the world. uncovered





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The Peters Twins For the past seventeen years, BelAmi has given us some of the best men in the adult industry and they haven’t let us down with their new discovery, the Peters twins. This isn’t the first time that BelAmi has had twins in their stable. Some may remember in 2006 when award winning director George Duroy introduced Daniel and Jean Lautrec in Flings 2. Surprisingly, in this industry it isn’t as uncommon as one would think to find brothers or even twins working side by side but, in most cases, they are tag teaming some lucky guy. Milo and Elijah Peters recently showed us that they don’t need anyone but each other to satisfy all their sexual needs when they take it all the way in this unforgettable scene that certainly brings a new definition to the old bible verse “Let brotherly love continue”. See the Peters Twin in action…





JustUsBoys Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1