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Set Apart SmallGroup Bible Study

Part II Chapter 8 - Week 1 The story of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem is the subject of Neh 1-7. About 10 yrs after the events in Ezra 10, Neh. Received news of the conditions of Jerusalem’s walls and set out to rebuild them. Through divine providence, the persian King granted permission to Neh. To accomplish his goal. When he arrived in Jerusalem, he laid out a plan for the project but immediately encountered opposition. Neighboring peoples evidently feared that the Jews might gain to much strength and influence in the region. Showing exceptional tenacity and leadership skills, Neh eventually overcame the opposition and completed the restoration of the walls in 444 B.C. As with the temple this success came about not because of Neh’s skills, but because of God (6:16). The message of Nehemiah 1-7 echoes Ezra 1-7. We can trust in God’s control over His world. We are now finished with the wall of Jerusalem, the people & the temple servants have been registered, and a huge accomplishment has just taken place. Where do we go from here? Where did the people go from here? They went to the word of God. The starting point for any project or endeavor done in the name of Christ is the Word. Verses 1 - Why did everyone assemble in the square? What do you think was the overall feeling or mindset of the people? Verses 2 - This assembly included who? Does this hold any importance?

Verse 9-11 - What was the reaction of the people? Why do you think they reacted this way? (The work of God’s Spirit causes changes in lives. As they were convicted of their sins and began to weep over them, it was a good indication that God was working and there were going to be changes.) - What did Nehemiah tell them to do? Can we sometimes take the same advice? THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH!!! - What do think this meant for them? How about for You? John 16:24 ; 1 Peter 1:8 Verse 12 - When was the last time you were joyful cause of the Word of God? - Why do you think so many people don’t find joy in the Word of God? Happiness : I’m happy when the happenings around me are to my liking. Joy : I am joyful through Life no matter the circumstances. I love God and He Loves me. He works everything out according to His purpose for me. Verse 13 - Who met together? Why was this so important? Why is it so important for leaders to study the Word together? Verse 14-17

Verse 3 The Book of the Law they read consisted of Genesis to Deuteronomy Ezra stood and read it for about 5 - 6 hours. Verse 5-6 - What were the two responses that show the reverence they had towards God? Verses 8 - Who was instructing the people? - Why was it important for the people to understand? Expositional Preaching: read the word, give the sense, and then cause the people to understand the meaning.

The Festival of Shelters was a time of celebration and remembrance. To the average reader, this custom, practice, or tradition may seem meaningless. However when God gives an instruction no matter how meaningless it may seem, it always has a purpose and reason for being. Read: Leviticus 23:39-43 &

Deuteronomy 31:9-13

-Why was the Feast of Shelters so important and significant? Analyze: Refer back to the story and join Leviticus & Deuteronomy. How does this all play out in our lives as believers and People of God. How can we apply these same principles and concepts to our daily lives?

Nehemiah Group Study Ch.8 - Week 1  

Verses 1 - Why did everyone assemble in the square? What do you think was the overall feeling or mindset of the people? Verses 2 - This asse...

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