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Nehemiah Part II Chapter 10 – Week 3 In Nehemiah 9 Israel poured out their hearts to God confessing their sins and the sins of their fathers. Whenever we are confessing our sins because we are truly sorry for them, this causes us to want to make a change. That change is a refocusing of our lives on God. Chapter 10 gives us the details as to how Israel is going to turn back to God. Nehemiah 9 v38 -This verse starts off with, “In view of all this” or “because of this” (depending the version); what is this verse referring to? -What do you think the seals represented? Nehemiah 10 Verses 1-28 -Why is it important to list all the names? -Do you recognize any of the names? Verse 29 -What do you think the curse is? And what is the oath? -Give an example of how do you do something “carefully”? -What is the difference between "obeying" and "carefully obeying" God’s commands? -How can this apply to our lives? Verse 31 -What is the significance of the Sabbath? (See Genesis 2:3) -What key principles can we learn about the Sabbath to apply to our lives today? Verse 32 - Israel is going to “assume” or “take” responsibility for carefully obeying all the commands. What does it mean to assume or take

Set Apart SmallGroup Bible Study responsibility? -How do we assume/take responsibility for our relationship with Jesus Christ today? Verse 36 -Why would they take their first born to the priest? -Whose responsibility is it to care for God’s house, to supply the things needed to have the services, and to provide for the people dedicated to serving God and the people? -What responsibility do we have today to God’s house? Verses 30-39 -In these verses there are about 9 commands the Israelites are to follow. Name them. -Are any of these relevant to us today? Analyze: How did these Israelites learn about these commands? How do we learn about God’s commands? Deeper Reflection Someone once said, “You are as close to God as you choose to be.” If this is true, how close are you? Are you ready to take responsibility of your relationship with God? What can you do this week to learn more about God?

Nehemiah 10  

Nehemiah 10 Verses 1-28 -Why is it important to list all the names? -Do you recognize any of the names? Analyze: How did these Israelites le...

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