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Just Beauty MARCH 2010 | ISSUE 01


March 2010 | issue 01

Just a few words from our

Editor With the greatest of pleasures I welcome all our readers to the luanch edition of Just Beauty. This project, a long time in the making aims at creating a network and potentially an exciting common ground from which all the beautyholics can show and discuss new services, equipment and products. It aims at promoting collaboration between all the afficionados of the beauty industry and hopefully will act as a showcase of talent, because when it comes to skill, our little island is beaming with pride. Our readers will also be kept up to date with any available upgrades which can improve their portfolio and higher their already good standard of service. At long last we have a local publication which is ‘just’ about beauty. Last but not least one can make use of our loyalty card and benefit from a range of discounts offered by our partners! At Just Beauty we are eager to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us and contribute by sending your feedback and any requests you might have. We are aware that even in the wake of financial instability your clients continued to look at you for a little bit of tweeking and a boost in confidence every now and again. With bundles of charisma and a toss of creativity, beauty workers have the ability to spread a little happiness. This magazine is designed for all those who do just this... for those who live for the love of beauty!

March 2010 - Issue 01

Editor - Dr. Joanna Delia Sales - Daniel Scicluna Design - Bertrand Fava Info & subscriptions Printed by Progress Press Published by Just Publications 7, Ballata Street, Mosta

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. This magazine is distributed quaterly for free and cannot be sold. Opinions expressed in Just Beauty are not necessary those of the editor or publisher. While we have endeavoured to ensure that the firms and organization are reputable, the editor can give no guarantee that they will fulfill their obligations under all circumstances. 2010

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Hair care products

High quality products at low cost

Testing equipment

A scientific approach to solving skin problems

Beauty therapy equipment & Cellulite Reduction

Interior Design

At home in a retail space by Simon Grech

New distributor for Kadus Professional Represented by Joseph Brincat Ltd.

Teen trouble

Interview with Unine Van Rooyen

Hair and scalp solutions

Tackling oxidising agents and skin exfoliation

Innovative education in health and beauty The importance of continous training

Ageing & Wrinkles Vitamins fight back

Just Beauty Loyalty Card What? Why? & How?

Loyalty Schemes

March 2010 | issue 01


Extremes Trading Triq it-Taghlim, Fgura T. (+356) 2166 0795 |


March 2010 | issue 01

product review

Angel Hair Products mission statement:

‘it is very easy to produce a high quality product at a high cost; our challenge is to produce High quality products at Low cost!’’ is the belief at Angel’s Laboratory in France and this is the key to their success.

This belief is also at the heart of Extremes Trading who are supplying high quality products at very good prices to the local market namely: Angel and Lakme Hair Products, Casre and Paris Hilton Hair Extensions, Hairway Germany Salon Equipment, Super Million Hair and so on.. Angel Hair Products are renowed for the results achieved from the very first use! In

fact, Angel’s stronghold are Hair Treatment products which are produced from natural ingredients, namely seaweed. You can see and feel the results immediately and once you use Angel, you will not turn back.

Cosmetics Companies have seen a decline in sales. Achieving this success shows us that Angel Hair Products have a good looking future and with all this in mind, we promise to keep our prices as low as possible.

In order to meet the high international demand for Angel Hair Products, the manufacturing plant has had to double in size, and this in a time where most

Our Top Selling Products Angel Brazil Nut Hair Treatment

Your hair will absorb the required ingredients to achieve the healthy look you always desired. It is truly a unique treatment.

Angel Nourishing Cream

A revolutionary product in the Hairdressing Industry. One loves this product from the very first use! Apply a small amount on your hands, rub them together and apply to your hair before styling. The product protects your hair from heat styling tools, is an anti-frizz product, makes hair shiny and acts also as a leave-in treatment.

Angel Wet Gel for Curls Achieve that wet look curl without any effort. Just apply it on wet hair and bouncy you go!


A wide range of shampoos in 500ml bottles. The product is so thick and concentrated that it lasts you double.

Trade Enquiries

Extremes Trading, Triq it-Taghlim, Fgura T. (+356) 2166 0795 |

March 2010 | issue 01


Multi Dermascope MDS800 Multifunction Skin Analysis

Elasticity probe

Hydration & Sebum probes

The elasticity measurement probe measures the viscoelastic properties of the skin and thus indicates the biological skin age of your customer expressed in % and interpreted with a chart according to the person’s age. With the melanin probe the pigmentation of the skin can be measured and the values are calculated into a recommended SPF for the sun exposure.

The Multi Dermascope MDS800 features probes for the measurement of skin hydration and oil content (sebum) and gives you in addition to the measurement values an interpretation for the facial skin on a semicircular diode chain.

Pigmentation probe


Visioscope® Color 32 skin camera with a special UV light source giving very impressive colour images of the skin surface, hair and scalp on a built in videomonitor.

Thus the Multi Dermascope MDS 800 is an impressive tool for all kinds of applications at the point of sale, in the salon, or at the dermatologist’s. It can be used by the staff easily and the diagnosis only takes a few minutes. A computer is not needed to operate the system. The tests reinforce the competence of the consultant and the customers feel more secure with the products they buy.

The special foils Sebufix® F 16 and Cornoefix® F 20 can be used with the camera to perform quantitative analysis of sebum production and desquamation. A chart interprets the images visible on the monitor.

Free demonstration of equipment

Robinson Electronic Ltd. Marsa | Malta | (+356) 2124 5915 | 6

March 2010 | issue 01


product review


a scientific approach to solving skin problems by Robinson Electronic Ltd. Skin Diagnostic速 SD 27 Moisture & Oil The results are shown on a display and diode chain. They allow the recommendation of individual products for each skin type. The sebum measurement can also be performed on hair and scalp. A temperature control button takes the room temperature into account for the moisture measurement.

An easy to handle device, which allows quick analysis of the skin by moisture and sebum measurement.

Herpifix速 Effect of Herpifix The effect of Herpifix is based on a completely new principle: lowering the pH value of the skin. The herpes virus immediately retreats. No cold sores appear. And all without any chemicals or creams Advantages Herpifix is free of chemicals and therefore gentle to the skin. You can use it anytime, anywhere - even on children or during pregancy.

Sun Protection Diagnostic速 SP 37 Pigmentation The result is impressively shown on a display and a diode chain. The device is used wherever sunscreen advice are given Technical Data Power supply: battery operated (2 x 9V), optional external power supply. Dimensions: 17 x 20 x 5.5cm; Weight: 0.5Kg Measurement Principle: absorption/ reflection

An ideal device to analyse the natural protection time of a person and the sun screen the person needs according to the intensity of the sun (location, season, reflection) and the exposure time.

Free demonstration of equipment

Robinson Electronic Ltd.

Marsa | Malta (+356) 2124 5915 | | March 2010 | issue 01


Demar Beauty Clinic, Labour Avenue, Naxxar, NXR 9023 - Malta | Tel: (+356) 21 579 810 | 8

March 2010 | issue 01

product review

beauty therapy equipment Chroma Solo

Chroma Visage

Chroma Peel

Used in combination with other treatments or separately, the Colour Therapy treatment stimulates the skin’s cells to facilitate change. The inclusion of four colours (red, green, blue and yellow) using LED lights and set at varying wavelengths offers a wide range of benefits. For example, green cools and reduces redness, blue reduces swelling and offers antibacterial affects for the treatment of acne, red rejuvenates and stimulates the lymphatic system, whilst yellow tones and smoothes the skin, as well as promoting the production of collagen.

With this unit you have all the benefits of Microcurrent for facial contour lifting and Colour Therapy, one of the latest treatments on the market. Microcurrent re-programmes the muscle fibres, reducing fine lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. With desincrustation and iontophoresis facilities too you have the ultimate in facial care. Colour Therapy is the latest trend for facial treatments. With four colours; red, blue, green and yellow set at specific wavelengths and four pulsed modes with different frequencies, every option is available to perform the perfect treatment.

This combination unit brings you the ultimate in new innovative treatments. Diamond Dermabrasion and Colour Therapy. It also gives the functions of sponge and brush cleansing. Diamond peeling is a fantastic anti-ageing treatment and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky and looking radiant. No mess, no fuss, the discs glide effortlessly over the skin performing a wonderful peel. No vacuum as there are no crystals to remove from the skin. Four colours: Red, Blue Green and Yellow set at varying wavelengths along with four pulsed modes at different frequencies gives you this latest therapy treatment from a brand you can trust.

Four pulsed modes are also included which allow the wavelengths to penetrate the skin at different levels providing stimulation for the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and deep into the circulatory system.

Body electrodes sold separately.

cellulite reduction Body Contour Wrap

The Contour Wrap is exclusive to Demar. It is an inch loss and detox treatment using a unique blend of essential oils in an Aloe Vera based gel. Using specialist bandaging techniques combined with the Body Contour Wrap Gel also improves client’s skin tone, texture and helps reduce cellulite. The treatment can be offered as a course or a single treatment for a special occasion, depending on clients needs,

Demar Beauty Clinic,

Labour Avenue, Naxxar, NXR 9023 - Malta Tel: (+356) 21 579 810

March 2010 | issue 01


at home in a

retail space

‘‘Paths and places become

memories, time & space became the history of one’s life.’’ (Schwarz)

ike it or not, every single space has an environment attached to it that evokes some kind of emotion albeit different in each and every one of us. The real challenge behind good interior architecture is in the design of the right environment for the intended use of any space. Spaces develop a history through time and create memories in the minds of people who use them making them bond and feel like they belong to it such as the local pub or barber that never seem to change. Today one does just the same, feeling at home enjoying old memorabilia decorating the walls and sinking in the chairs their ancestors once sat in. When starting a new venture one does not have the luxury of making people feel at home at once. This unless they buy into a known franchise


March 2010 | issue 01

allowing operation under a branded environment backed with a known history and goodwill already engrained in the customer’s mind. In addition, when designing retail space the created environment is much more short term and is continually being reinvented. However the end product has to be tailor made for the customer and staff alike. Such changes can make or break a place with unsuccessful retail outlets refurbished with a new look suddenly becoming a hit, while with those not handled properly the contrary can also be true. Retail outlets serve more than just places for people to consume. They are also places for people to meet and interact with the created environment which has to be conducive to such activities occurring.


‘‘Few activities remain that unite the human race like shopping does’’ (Quinn B. in The Fashion of Architecture)

The environment is all about stimulating one’s senses, not limiting the impact to the visual one alone but to one’s sense of scent, sound, touch and taste that are just as important but all too often neglected in many design projects. We like to think of the designer as an illusionist using his or her skills in understanding people’s senses and perception to create an environment that suits the retail’s target. When designing 202 Jewellery great attention was made not only in trying to address the client’s concept, needs and product but also the impact on the end user, the customer. We wanted the shop to be specific not just to its typology but also to what brands of jewellery were being sold, responding to their unique design and concept. The modular approach to the shop reflects much of the modular jewellery being sold with the walls providing display and capturing a scripted space and environment that would make the customer feel at home at once. The display counters were designed for customers to touch and experience the jewellery before owning it. Seating was purposely integrated in the retail space to encourage people to sit, look, listen, speak and interact with other shoppers and staff alike. Today people’s expectations from retail and service outlets are becoming more and more demanding and architects keep pushing their designs further and blurring boundaries as perfectly explained by Rem Khoolas, the architect behind the Prada stores: ‘‘Museums, libraries, airports, hospitals and schools are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from shopping.’’ Simon Grech, Architect

March 2010 | issue 01



Trade Enquiries 2122 4104 March 2010 | issue 01

local news

Joseph Brincat Ltd

established over 75 years ago with a sole dedication towards the beauty industry. Joseph Brincat Ltd’s main market activity is orientated towards the professional sector of the hairdressing and beauty industry. The company supports the setting up of new hair and beauty salons supplying every piece of equipment and product which is required for their day-to-day operation. It has a commitment to the education sector of the industry and because of this the company has invested to support the hairdresser objectively with seminars at its own studio in Sliema. Over the years Joseph Brincat Ltd has always been limitlessly dedicated to build an esteemed reputation and establish its brand names on the Maltese Islands. It was through this constant dedication that the local hairdressing trade was able to flourish and establish itself as a profession with which many today earn their livelihood. That is why the company has been entrusted with world renowned brands such as Wella, Rolland Hair & Beauty Products, Mineral Care Dead Sea Beauty Products and Kadus the last of the brands to be included in their portfolio. The Kadus brand became a Wella acquisition in 1980. Besides the production of innovative technical appliances, Kadus evolved and now also produces top-quality colour, styling and hair care products for the professional hairdressing market.

JOSEPH BRINCAT LIMITED Registered address: 59 High Street, Sliema SLM 1541 Warehouse & distribution Centre: 42/43 New Str; of Valletta Road, Luqa Have been appointed sole and official distributors in Malta and Gozo for all Kadus Professional Products For trade enquiries and further information please call Sliema - T. 21 33 11 21 Luqa - T. 21 80 36 24 Office hours - Monday to Friday - 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

March 2010 | issue 01



March 2010 | issue 01


Unine Van Rooyen

Teen Trouble So what goes on under teenage skin?

One of teenagers’ common concerns is oily skin. The stormy moods of puberty with hormone level surging take up its toll on the skin. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands and they switch on sebum production (oil). Consequently we see that shiny appearance on the forehead, cheeks and chin. The oil, alongside dead skin cells collects within the hair follicles forming a plug or impaction. This build up results in unpleasant skin concerns such as blackheads. If comodones are not addressed properly it can lead to the formation of breakouts (spots). The other common skin problem that we as skin therapists witness on teens is sensitivity. Unfortunately this is largely due to the wrong products. ‘‘The trouble is that most of the products targeted to this group, contain artificial fragrances, as well as artificial colours, stripping alcohols and other aggressive ingredients. All of which are irritating to the skin’’ says Jane Wurwand, Dermalogica Founder.

How important is it for teens to look after their skin at such an early age?

It is crucial! According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, 80 percent of UV- related skin damage occurs before one reaches 18 years old! Nonetheless the traditional sun screen tends to be thick and rich in texture and who wants to apply such greasiness on an oily skin? Avoiding protecting our skin at this early stage though is a mistake. Ten years down the line, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and

Teens are obsessed with their appearance, especially their skin. Oiliness, a flurry of acne lesions, or even a single prominent blemish can contribute to slamming doors and days of sullen withdrawal, headphones stuck, blocking the world out... We asked Unine Van Rooyen, a Skin Therapist and Senior Educator at the International Dermal Institute, all about teenage skin, its problems and possible solutions. dehydration will all surface if care is not taken in the teenage years. We need to educate our teens with proper research based information. The key to healthy skin is to invest in the future of your skin at an early age. To keep our teeth healthy we floss and brush daily, and don’t think twice about doing so. It should be the same for our skin. We should take care of it daily to keep it healthy.

Tell us all about Clean Start?

Clean Start is a whole new product line researched and developed by the skin health experts at Dermalogica. This is a skin care system formulated specifically for teens. The motivational message behind Clean Start product line is health not beauty. Clean Start features 8 products designed to give teens a simple skin care system based on 3 basic criteria : to clean, treat and protect the skin.

So what is so special about Clean Start and how does it reach out to teens?

copy, and product testing of Clean Start, to tell Dermalogica what worked and what didn’t. This gives the line a unique created by us, for us” feel. Dermalogica now gives young consumers an alternative which is inspirational, desirable, hip and cool, yet safe and effective. Clean Start reflects the clean, healthy, fun and unique lifestyle that Southern California is world famous for.

Educating our teens

A good way of getting information and learning about the skin and what products to use, is organizing teen events at your salon where the teens together with their friends can come for a skin lesson. You don’t have to book them a facial as there are 20 minute Dermalogica treatments that focus on certain problem skin areas and concerns. This is a quick and effective way to solve problem skin. Inform your teen clients that this is an investment that they are getting into and you should recommend to them to use Clean Start for a 4 week period. After this period you will see a big change in the skin. It takes time for our skin to adjust to active ingredients and while ingredients are purifying the skin you may experience breakouts.

This group is exposed to skin care brands which purport to solve problem skin. Such marketing creates the misconception that teens should only use skin care if they have acne. Clean Start addresses multiple skin conditions, oily, acne, normal and combination. It is a starter skin care product system for teens that addresses their needs in a simple way.

This is a way of clearing the skin of all the dirt and blockages so that they have a Clean Start! Since the launch of Clean Start all across the US and other countries we have had great reviews saying how amazed they were with the effectiveness and change they saw on their skin. So tell your teens to invest in their skin for a Clean Start.

During the development stages Dermalogica worked with teens and young adults to assist with the naming, labeling and packaging

Clean Start is now launched in Malta. For enquiries contact Biocare Company Ltd. on 21 42 44 01/2/3 or email us on

March 2010 | issue 01


Paraben free No PEG No Mineral Oils Dermatologically & Nickel tested Not tested on animals

Edelweiss: a rare flower, white as snow with velvety petals, grows on the highest mountain peaks. Due to its mechanism, this flower is capable of surviving the extreme cold, strong UV rays and lack of water.

Nature’s have created an anti ageing line that is produced from the stem of this unique flower. Neostem Age Control is an innovative range which encloses the vital energy of stem cells for unlimited beauty. Trade Enquiries 2122 4104


March 2010 | issue 01

Products available in this range include: Face cream, Eyes & Lip cream, Superconcentrated Drops, and Biostimulating Filler.

product review

Taking care of your hair after swimming You swim in water for fun, health and fitness. However, minerals and oxidizers in the very water you swim in are probably the biggest contributors to hair and scalp problems.

need to use a shampoo and conditioner that effectively reduce the charge of these harsh, oxidizing elements, weakening their hold and gently lifting them away.

Minerals that can harm hair are charged positive while oxidized proteins within hair are charged negative. While swimming, minerals attach to hair proteins like little magnets creating a wall of oxidized elements causing dryness, damage, and discoloration. We

When water elements are naturally removed in this way, they no longer contribute to oxidation. Your hair is truly clean (normalised) with colour vibrancy, shine and texture beautifully restored.

Exfoliation is the shedding of dead cells that form daily on the scalp. It is important to understand that the skin on our scalp is similar to the skin on the rest of our body. Normally, we lose the surface layer of dead skin cells about every one and a half days. However, if your scalp is exfoliating too rapidly, that is, dead cells are coming to the surface at an abnormally accelerated rate, flaking will resemble dandruff or the appearance of dry skin. If your scalp is exfoliating too slowly, the scalp will appear and feel oily from the excess sebum build up. The oily build up coupled with minerals, such as,

calcium from your water begins to flake off the scalp and give the appearance of dandruff.

Scalp conditions and solutions

Dandruff is most often associated with genetics, climate, food allergies, use of high pH alkaline cleansers, hard water, yeast infections, and stress. Products that use aggressive cleansers can also irritate the scalp and disrupt the normal sebum production in the hair follicles. Usually dandruff poses no health risk, but is irritating and uncomfortable.

March 2010 | issue 01


Extremes Trading Triq it-Taghlim, Fgura T. (+356) 2166 0795 | 18

March 2010 | issue 01

innovative education

local news

in health and beauty After Years of experience in training Beauty therapists, Make-up artists and Nail technicians, Biocare Company Ltd. launched its latest training facility Biocare Academy, the training body that employs innovative education in the various fields of health and beauty. Our Academy’s education incorporates lengthy courses in Holistic therapy, Make up Artistry, Nail Care, Beauty Therapy courses, Lifestyle Sessions and Business development training.

Biocare Academy, Make –Up Are you a Hair stylist? A Skin therapist or a Professional make-up artist? Utilise an extra service in your salon and gain adequate turnover by offering your clients a unique, exclusive experience. ‘‘Knowing what your client’s wants and needs are, is a big step to a successful business.’’ Michel Limongi, renowned French Make -up Artist and designer of cosmetic packages.

Choose your specialised field of work and get professional first hand experience. Whether it’s make-up for fashion photography and media, periodic make-up, or simply the art of offering various makeup services to your clients, we have it all! Biocare Academy Make-up, gathered a team of professional Make -up artists and designed a detailed exclusive syllabus all together with particular teaching methods. We fully equip our students with the right skills and techniques.

Biocare Academy, Nails The Nail industry is booming significantly. Nail lovers are continuously searching for the right Nail tech offering durable nail extensions, while Nail techs are still probing for the right techniques and products! Biocare Academy Nails, offers various nail courses ranging from the very basic to the more advanced levels using the certified professional brand, Nail Creation. Nail Creation has been advancing the technology of nail products in order to achieve maximum performance and perfect results for nail technicians and in return for their costumers. The brand Nail Creation is committed to create time-saving, effective products enabling

technicians to work more efficiently, profitably and perfectly.. nail after nail. Nail Creation is not just a collection of nail products. It is a total system of cuttingedge nail extension systems combined with the best education and support. Our nail courses specialise in both systems, Gel and Acrylic providing advanced tuition and techniques in each field. Our nail courses also include nail art classes (basic and advanced) using both systems. In addition, the Nail academy offers additional courses in nail care for the general public and the therapists alike such as manicure and pedicure courses.

Biocare Academy, Holistics Another vast educational subdivision that Biocare Academy offers is Holistic Therapy courses. Whether you want to start off a career concentrating on holistic therapy or extend an extra service in your salon, we will provide you with the right training! Our Holistic Therapy Courses cater for various Health and Beauty Professionals such as Hair dressers, Masseurs, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Skin therapists and Doctors. Such courses range from Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Chakra Workshops, Chinese Cupping and Chinese Medicine to Foot reflex, Seated Neck and

Shoulder Massage, Hopi Ear Candle and much more! All courses are taught by highly qualified tutors who strongly believe that through healthy learning we can successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle, as well as an overall sense of well being, which is the ultimate prerequisite for a healthy and long-lasting career. Our local and foreign tutors are extremely knowledgeable in their subject matters and thanks to their effort and support, we guarantee that they will provide you with the best certified material!

Contact Biocare Academy on 800 74 100 or email us on for the detailed Biocare Academy catalogue. March 2010 | issue 01


job. g in t in r p & Y design N A o t n io t azines, rts for mag e Your solu v d a , s e ti brochures, ds & identi n & s ra b rd a c N s g s ine We desi rtising, bus or adve es & outdo d a รง fa p o h s email shots websites &

rds a c C V P T N i We ALsO ePssRwith smart plastic PVC cards, ideal as; busin Boost your

10% Discount

On all our services when using the

Just BLoyal eauty ty Card 20

March 2010 | issue 01

cards + Business rds + Loyalty ca ards + discount c ls arketing too + Creative m ip cards + Membersh

quote e e r f a r o f s email u .com ublications design@ju


product review

Ageing & Wrinkles

Similar to a tree that has a ring for each year of growth, we have other signs that indicate how long we have been here on this earth. However, only a small percentage of age-related changes to our skin are actually caused by chronological aging. Most aging of skin, including wrinkles, is caused by oxidation. Oxidation is the unleashing of free radicals. The primary cause of free radical damage to the skin is exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Your exposure to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun throughout your life will cause damage to the outer layer of your skin, resulting in: * Extra lines and wrinkles * Age spots (also known as oxidation spots) These are the conditions that can make your skin look years older than your age, and both are primarily caused by one sourceoxidation by the sun. Obviously, the best defence against wrinkling is prevention. However, if your skin has already been oxidized or aged by too much exposure to the sun, it is good to know that using nature’s

own defense system can actually repair some of the damage. Nature’s own antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent further wrinkling by keeping the skin in an antioxidant mode. These two vitamins enable the skin to: * Scavenge free radicals which cause wrinkling (photoaging) * Stimulate natural collagen development to promote new healthy skin growth * Normalize the natural exfoliation rate of the skin. * Gently acidify the natural pH balance of the skin * Replenish moisture to skin due to known penetration of vitamin E into the layers of skin * Improve skin’s smoothness and softness. Fresh, active Vitamin C can perform as a ‘‘Free Radical Fixer" and help stabilize your skin’s condition to prevent further problems as well as stimulate and promote the growth of new collagen to help your skin look younger as it plumps out areas that show signs of sagging.

March 2010 | issue 01


Just Beauty

What? Why? & How?

Loyalty Card

Introducing the Just Beauty Loyalty Card 2010.


Unique scheme with special offers and discounts throughout the beauty sector when presenting your card for purchases on products, services, new equipment etc. saving you €€€

Cost of subscription

€20 only (incl. VAT).

A personalized plastic card which is valid for 12 months will be sent to your establishment by mail on subscription. Mail the subscription form below to Just Publications 7, Ballata Street, Mosta or contact us on or on 7923 6564 / 7909 3764

New additions, discounts & updates

With every issue we shall introduce new offers and discounts in the Just Beauty Loyalty Scheme pages of the magazine and online on

subscription form Name of Outlet Address

Type of business



Nail Technician


Website Email address Person to contact Telephone / Mobile Method of payment Payable to:


March 2010 | issue 01

Cash JUST publications


email address

Just BLoy eauty alty Card

Just BLoy eauty alty Card

Biocare Academy provides a unique holistic and professional experience where you as a student or a professional can excel and flourish in your business, self confidence and most importantly health.

10% Discount



Diploma in Aromatherapy Part 1 and 2 Chinese Cupping Traditional Chinese Medicine Chakras workshop Seated Neck and Shoulder Massage Jane Scrivner Detox Yourself

54 hours (each course)

Jane Scrivner Stone Therapy Foot Reflex

16 hours

8 hours 26 hours 8 hours 8 hours 32 hours (30 day programme + treatments) 32 hours

30 hours 72 hours 7 hours

Make-up Courses

(New Schedule Starting in May 2010) Michel Limongi Automaquillage level 1 and 2 Induction make-up course Advanced make-up course Periodic make-up course Make-up for Fashion Photography and Media

NAIL TECHNICIAN COMPETITION! Are you a competitive Nail tech and boast attention to detail techniques?

Nail Courses

(New schedule starting in April 2010) Basic Nail Extension courses (Gel or Acrylic) Complete Nail extension courses (Gel or Acrylic) Nail art classes using Gel or Acrylic

Book your classes today and benefit a 10% discount on all the below mentioned courses!

Ready to set larger goals and break new records? Then you are the right candidate to compete in

Nail Olympics competition 2010! (Nail technicians using Nail Creation products can come and practice at Biocare Academy)

For more information contact 24 hours each level

Biocare Academy Nails

30 hours

on 21424401 /2 /3

84 hours 39 hours 39 hours

Offer valid till end of April! Terms and conditions apply

Follow Biocare Academy Courses on Facebook! For a detailed consultation on the Academy’s courses feel free to set up an appointment by contacting us on 8007 4100 email: or visit

March 2010 | issue 01


Offers are applicable on presentation

Just BLoyeauty alty Card


System Professional’s enduring passion is to advance hair care. It

59 High Street, Sliema SLM 1541 For trade enquiries and further information please call Sliema - T. 21 33 11 21 Luqa - T. 21 80 36 24

brings together state of the art hair and scalp science and technologies with profound beauty expertise to achieve truly individual solutions for every client.

Body Sculpt Anti-Cellulite



Pre-summer Offer Valid till June 2010

Demar Beauty Clinic,

Labour Avenue, Naxxar, NXR 9023 - Malta Tel: (+356) 21 579 810

Robinson Electronic Ltd.

Marsa | Malta (+356) 2124 5915


March 2010 | issue 01




SD 27

10% Discount

of the card

Subscribe today!

Just BLoy eauty alty Card

Italian design for a wide range of professional equipment, furniture and accessories for hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons



15% Discount

Chroma Solo


Body Contour Wrap


SP 37

10% Discount

10% Discount

MDS 800

10% Discount

March 2010 | issue 01


Offers are applicable on presentation

Just BLoyeauty alty Card

Unbeatable prices on salon equipment with 2 years full guarantee! Shampoo stations with fibreglass body - no rust

10% Discount

Extremes Trading Triq it-Taghlim, Fgura T. (+356) 2166 0795

With summer just round the corner, most women’s concern is to drop those extra inches before exposing their bodies, and also achieving a healthy tan. Together with its vast assortment of slimming, firming and exfoliating products, Cell Plus now also offers Slimming Sun Emulsions which are also ideal for sunlamps.

Slimming Sun Emulsions

This innovative formula which is fast absorbing, combines the slimming and reshaping action of your figure whilst offering sun protection at the same time. Its ‘double active’formula takes advantage of the heating action of the rays of the sun which predisposes the skin to respond better to the activity of its ingredients. In fact it acts of the localised fat deposits and significant results can be seen after just 15 days of treatment. These treatments are available in spf6 and spf 15.

Trade Enquiries: 2122 4104

Your complete Wrinkle-Less solution 2 Steps.. 2 Minutes..


2 Times a Day

M. 99458208

10% Discount 26

March 2010 | issue 01

of the card

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Just BLoy eauty alty Card Slimming machines

Vast range of couches, starting from



Micro current machines €824

High frequency / galvanic

and many more..

10% Discount



Discount We have great packages on all the Cell Plus range including special bonuses, samples, gifts for your clients and when you use the Just Beauty Loyalty Card you will also benefit from an extra 5% discount. Trade Enquiries: 2122 4104

Solutions & Care Dandruff Eczema Thinning Hair Irritation Dryness Normalise Hair Removes Chlorine Removes Salts Vitamin E & C

10% Discount

March 2010 | issue 01


Just Beauty rd Loyalty Ca

A scheme of discounts offered by your business to your clients

ty Just BLeau oyalty Card a Just Beauty Loyalty Scheme you can consolidate sales with your clients * Through taking part in a Just Beauty Loyalty Scheme shall benefit from discounts * Businesses pre-established by participating parties Beauty shall not dictate discount rates or offers in this scheme * Just Loyalty Card valid for one year shall cost â‚Ź20 (incl. of VAT) collected by Just Beauty * Each * Businesses shall be updated with new additions & discounts through web & newsletter

Just Beauty Magazine | issue 01 | March 2010  
Just Beauty Magazine | issue 01 | March 2010  

Just Beauty Magazine is free business to business magazine published quaterly by Just Publications.