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At some point or another, just about every homeowner finds themselves dealing with a Emergency plumbing. The best way to do it is to prepare early by reviewing what needs to be done before it becomes necessary to actually do it. Ideally, you’ll be one of the lucky homeowners in Newport News that never has to deal with a plumbing emergency. But just in case you’re not, read on to find out how to handle these frustrating situations. The first step you will always take with a plumbing emergency is to immediately find the fixture’s shut off valve to stop it from leaking or overflowing. Generally, these valves are found under the fixture, however, they can also be found in the back. For the sake of being prepared, it’s not a bad idea to go around to all your home’s fixtures and familiarize yourself with where their shut off valves are. It’ll be much easier to do it now, then to try finding it when it’s overflowing or letting water out through a leak. If you cannot seem to locate the appliance’s shutoff valve, then you will need to turn off your home’s main valve. This will stop the water supply to all your home’s fixtures. It can be a good way of buying time while you find the broken fixture’s valve. Just like with the last instruction, find your home’s shutoff valve now while you have a moment and make sure you’re familiar with how to turn it off. In the case of a Emergency plumbing, it can become necessary to turn off the circuit breaker (at least stop the electricity goes to the room with the water exposed) as well as the gas supply to your home’s hot water heater. Turning off the gas can prevent the hot water heater from overheating which could cause serious problems and possibly even injury. It’s not a bad idea to have electrical tap somewhere handy as well, as this can be used when a pipe cracks to stop the water from continuously leaking more. That being said, this is only a temporary fix and a professional plumber will still need to be called. Speaking of which, it‘s a great idea to have a professional plumber’s number handy. If you have the number for one you’ve worked with before, great, otherwise one a friend or family member recommended works too. The important thing is to have it somewhere easy to find so you can call it quickly. For more information visit us at

Dealing with a plumbing emergency  

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