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a walk to healthy future Just Organik: a walk to healthy future Just Organik is the “Health Options” division of Treta Agro, with the goal to hold your hand for “a walk to healthy future”. The goal of Just Organik is to provide ways and means to live naturally. With the commercialization of life, basic essential resources for life i.e. the food and water are the worst hit by ever growing pollution levels. The greed for higher profits and the necessity to feed the increasing population has pushed our farmers to the produce more and more with ever shrinking land mass and limited means. Most of the time, unknowingly, they have got used to the cycle that starts with using different chemicals fertilizers and ends with all kind of pesticides that are at times used more than 800 times of the permissible limit. Pesticides are Poisons, meant mainly to kill living organisms of different kinds (organophosphate pesticides, for instance, have been originally developed as nerve poisons during World War II). The excessive and uncontrolled use of these pesticides and fertilizers has polluted the Earth, Water and Air, all the essential sacred elements that have made us (our soul and our body). Over the time these sick crop yields/produce become hazardous to human and animal consumption. These crop yields are showing their results on human life gradually. With the combination of chemical pesticides, it could be very - very harmful for human life. We consume these chemicals along with our regular food, which if consumed directly, have the potential to kill us. The situation in India is even worse where we have at least 67 pesticides in use which have been banned elsewhere, including Endosu lphan due to which many habitants suffer from diseases like cancer, epilepsy, skin diseases and unbearable suffering due to pesticide use, some of the villagers committed suicides. Even on the regular basis, it has killed our taste. It is our responsibility to walk towards a healthier life and a more natural way of living. It is our duty and moral responsibility to take care of the health of our children. The first step in that direction is adaptation of organic food. Organic food means that most essential element, “Mother Earth”, has only consumed chemical free and only natural elements to produce the food, which is a lot more natural, healthier and tastier. Everything come for a cost and hence expect a little more to pay from your regular food, but that is a very small fee to pay for the benefits that are not only limited to you but also you can pass on to your younger generation This is only a little that we can do for keeping our future generations on a healthy path and thus leading the “ a walk to healthy future.”

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JustOrganik is an Online shopping Organic home bases products like, organic pulses and lentils, organic spices and oils, Natural Personal an...

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