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01 - Aeronautical Engineering Department Scientific Day - CESARE’17 conference - a new course addressing the Palestinian conflict - 5MT @ JUST - Tafaoul (interaction) 2017 - National Technology Parade

02 - International recognition - Internationalization is being openly discussed with JUST family - Purdue’s Global Engineering Leadership Team



- Research and education networks - Dr. Ahmad Al-Majali - Dr. Zouhair Amarin - Research and excellence

04 - A Spatial Design Art Installation at JUST - Excellence extends to potential future students

04 - JUST boasts of the continued support from the Royal family - Multiple JUST strategic Pillars put in Royal Focus - The Role of Public Security in Achieving National Security - JUST Community Service in focus - Ali M. Malkawi

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- 7th QS-MAPLE - 13th Techno Career Fair 2017 - Best Universities in the Arab World



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Jordanian with pride Unparalleled search for excellence Students as the focal point Tendency to be the best among its peers

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The 29th Commencement of JUST

Dear Class of 2017 Jordan University of Science and Technology Class of 2017, Congratulations to the generation of promise. We are proud of you all. JUST Class of 2017 is a class of extraordinary accomplishment. You came from every corner of our beloved Kingdom and from all over the world. Graduation is an occasion of celebration; it is also a day of appreciation, especially for all those who believed in you; your great professors, and your families. For your families, your graduation is one of the proudest moments of their lives. Because of your hard work and the support of your university and families, you are graduating from the “gem” of Jordanian universities. Today's achievements may become extinct or even be forgotten. The applause may become a distant memory, but, you will always be remembered for helping someone, for making someone feel special and appreciated and for being the kind of person that others enjoy being with him/her. JUST, with our graduates’ achievements and yours to be is exceptional. Being JUST alumnus, we look for your support via maintaining full engagement and showing the character of a truly successful JUST graduate. My word to all of you: Be exceptional from this day forth. Your education at JUST has prepared you for a life of service to your families, your communities, our country, and the countries to which you will return. Thereby, think of the words of William S. Burroughs “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” Professor Omar Al-Jarrah President of JUST

Teaching and Learning


King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), inaugurated by his Majesty King Abdullah II on 28 November 2002, has become one of the most prominent and reputable hospitals in Jordan and the region. It was established to address the critical lack of central, advanced medical facilities serving the population of Northern Jordan. KAUH is the largest medical facility in the northern part of Jordan that serves approximately two million inhabitants from the Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, and Mafraq governorates. It is also a teaching hospital affiliated with JUST. The hospital is staffed with full-time physicians and surgeons who are faculty members in the School of Medicine at JUST. JUST medical, dentistry, and nursing students complete laboratories, practical, internship, and residency at or in close conjunction with KAUH and its extensive facilities.

KAUH provides medical care through distinguished medical and paramedical staff, equipped with a state-of-the-art technology. For this, several centers of excellence have been established; such as: (Princess Muna El-Hussein Cardiac Center, Cochlear Implant and Hearing Solutions Center, IVF Center, Urology and Nephrology Center and Training and Consultation Center). To pursue excellence in medical care, the plan is to transform KAUH into a comprehensive medical city. The establishment of Radiotherapy Center is one of top priorities in the near future, and the work is rapidly undergoing. KAUH is planning also to establish a network with other governmental hospitals in the northern region, to organize and coordinate medical care in a cost-effective and efficient manner. KAUH is committed to bringing advanced medical services to Jordan, while remaining true to its mission of caring for the people from the local community.

Facts and Figures 1. KAUH is one of the distinct landmarks in Jordan and the region as a whole, based on its design and healthcare services provided. 2. KAUH provides various clinical and referral healthcare services to other healthcare sectors in Jordan 3. KAUH is a university hospital where all JUST health science students receive their education and training. 4. The overall area of various hospital buildings is (95583 m2), in addition to a double-story car park of (9000 m2). The hospital bed capacity is (651) beds, which can be increased to (700) beds in any emergent situation. 5. Structurally, the hospital is composed of a (15) story high-rise building, in which all hospital beds are located, and a 3 story Low-rise buildings in which outpatients’ clinics, diagnostic and other services are located. The hospital is connected to various health science faculties via the ground floor of the low-rise building. 6. Technically, KAUH has been equipped with fixed and mobile equipment that are the top of their line. 7. Highly qualified and experienced Medical, technical and administrative personnel

Aeronautical Engineering Department Scientific Day

Under the patronage of JUST president Professor Omar Al-Jarrah, the aeronautical Engineering Department organized on May 1, 2017 the first aeronautical scientific day. During the event, lectures aiming at enlightening students as to the new trends in the field of aeronautics as well as the requirements of the labor market were delivered. The event also targeted to strengthen collaboration ties with the industry sector and bodies working in the field of aviation.

JUST plays an active role in the Jordanian Government strategic plan for 2015-2025 economic and social policies On May 5, 2017 JUST hosted The International Conference “Coordinating Engineering for Sustainability and Resilience” CESARE’17. The conference was organized by the Civil Engineering Department at JUST, in cooperation with the University of Aristotle in Greece, and the University of Birmingham UK. The four-day conference, with key speakers, namely, the Greek Ambassador in Jordan, Mr. Vasileios Bornovas, His Excellency Mr. Halaseh, the minister of public works and housing, and JUST President, Professor Omar AL-Jarrah. The conference covered various topics in civil engineering while researchers from various countries presented forty-two research papers. In his speech, the president of JUST highlighted the importance of the construction sector and its pivotal role in the Jordanian economy.

JUST role extends to being patriotic, national and international socio-economic-peace participant Following the footsteps and the guidance of his Majesty King Abdullah, supporting the Palestinian people's rights to freedom and to the establishment of their independent state, JUST Deans Council approved the launching of a new course addressing the Palestinian conflict. This course is as an optional course in the curriculum. The president of JUST, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah expressed that this decision was made after a series of effective meetings with the Jordanian parliamentary committee for the defense of Palestine attended by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

JUST Strategic Pillars Research, Innovation, post graduate studies being successfully adhered to and implemented Under the patronage of the President of JUST, the faculty of graduate studies on May 22, 2017 conducted the final ceremony of the 5 minutes’ thesis competition. The faculty of graduate studies at JUST organized the final ceremony of the five-minute master's thesis presentation competition (5MT @ JUST). Five students from several faculties at the university had qualified for the final round. This competition comes within the efforts of the university in honing the skills of graduates that are necessary for the labor market. Professor Omar Al-Jarrah gave a speech in which he emphasized the importance of postgraduate studies in the university's strategy for the next four years, ensuring the qualitative and quantitative expansion of graduate studies. He also stressed the role of postgraduate studies in achieving the comprehensive vision of the university by focusing on what the university recently published and called the 4 I’s: Innovation, Industry linkage, Internationalization, and Interdisciplinary programs.

Faculty of Architecture and Design Graduation Projects Exhibition: Tafaoul (interaction) 2017

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Nouh Al Qudah patronized the opening ceremony of the Graduation Projects exhibition “Interaction� organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Design and sponsored by Black Iris Company and the Arab Company for White Cement Industry. His Excellency Al Qudah expressed admiration for the university academic programs and the role JUST plays in producing qualified manpower capable to perform in all fields. As a part of his initiatives to support Jordanian Youth, he also announced the launch of the Graduation Projects Award for all Jordanian universities to be based at JUST. JUST President, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah in his improvised speech underlined that university education is formed by a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge confirmed by different JUST programs, most notably in the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Three Awards for JUST students in the National Technology Parade

On May 4, 2017 three JUST student projects were awarded in the National Technology Parade. The contest took place at the Jordan German University started with 200 teams that competed in 8 categories, 66 of them were qualified to the final stage. In this competition, JUST participated with 7 projects, four were qualified to the final stage. The judges selected JUST team as the winner of the competition in the Intelligent Systems category for the project entitled "Collaborative Mobile Robot Swarm" submitted by students: Ammar Omar, Mohammad Nasrallah, Alaa' Abu-Hantash, and Abrar Al-Taj. Another JUST team sponsored by King Abdullah II Fund for Development and King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau was selected as a winner of the competition in the Engineering Design and Simulation category for the project entitled "Use of waste Hexaflourosilicic acid as a silica precursor for silica coated magnetic nanoparticles". The team was formed by students: Bayan Alzobidy, Bayan Alkhateeb, and Samia Shqauir. Students Yousef Okour and Mohammad Al-Klaifat who formed the third JUST team won the third place in the Energy and Environmental Technology category for the project entitled "Device for the Production of Biodiesel Fuel from Waste Cooking Oil".


JUST unequalled Internationalism and international recognition

The notable progress made by JUST is a concrete evidence that the university is moving steadily on the right path towards internationalization, mapping out a road to success. The unique and distinguished academic and scientific progress JUST is going through, resulted in an impressive accomplishment in the QS World University Rankings 2018 represented by being listed in the (601-650) instead of (650-700) in 2017. The QS World University Rankings is an annual event that examines worldwide the very best universities. The ranking evaluates universities based on six metrics i.e Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Faculty/Student Ratio, Citations per faculty, International Faculty Ratio, and International Student Ratio

Internationalization is being openly discussed with JUST family

On May 1, 2017 JUST President, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah met with JUST faculty members to discuss the university's global outreach and internationalization policy. During the meeting, the president thanked the faculty for their feedback regarding the president's message for internationalization and for the initiatives they proposed to enhance the global outreach of the university and its faculties. The president also emphasized that the university's current mission and future strategy is focused on the development of the four I's motto i.e. Innovation, Industry, Interdisciplinary research and Internationalization. Professor Al-Jarrah also clarified that the university is going through significant changes the aim of which is to gear the institution towards producing graduates enjoying high innovative and entrepreneurial skills that contribute to boost Jordanian economy. During the discussions, the faculty members recommended several activities for internationalization such as faculty exchange, the establishment of Joint-degree programs, and student exchange.

JUST thrives for the accomplishment of its strategic Pillars: M eeting and agreement with Purdue’s Global Engineering Leadership Team

Purdue’s Global Engineering Leadership team represented by Professor Arvind Ramin and Professor Alexander Mosseson met with the President of JUST, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah. The meeting discussed possible projects that go in line with the already well-established strategic partnership between the two institutions. Three projects namely; the regional institute for infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance, distance learning technologies for refugees, and innovation capacity building in Jordan were of great concern. The Purdue’s team concluded the visit with introducing the Global Engineering Program at Purdue university to JUST students.

Research Activities


Research and education networks

On May 3, 2017 JUST, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Adel Al-Tweisy conducted a workshop entitled “The role of infrastructure and research networks in developing research, education, and innovation�. The workshop was steered in co-operation with the Arab organization for research and education networks. His Excellency confirmed the importance of e-learning and the expansion of the open learning approach, which synchronize with the national strategy for the development of human resources. JUST President, professor Omar Al-Jarrah, further emphasized the need to create a state-of-the-art infrastructure to serve and ease the development of research and education in addition to link universities and research institutions at the national level.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Majali Dr. Ahmad Al-Majali is a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at JUST and an Adjunct Professor at Purdue University, USA. Dr. Al-Majali, earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from JUST and his PhD from the Department of Comparative Pathobiology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA in 1999. During his PhD training, Dr. Al-Majali received Friedrick Andrew’s Award for an outstanding achievement of a graduate student in the Veterinary School. During the period between 2007 and 2009, Dr. Al-Majali was appointed as the Director of the Office for Transboundary Diseases and Epidemiology, the Arab Center for Studies in the Dry Areas, Damascus, Syria. Dr. Al-Majali, served as a Dean for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, JUST from 2009 to 2013. In Mid 2013, Dr. Al-Majali joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as the Lead Manager of all the livestock projects of FAO in Lebanon. In Year 2015, Dr. Al-Majali became a Chief Technical Advisor with FAO in Saudi Arabia. In March 2017, Dr. Al-Majali was appointed a Middle East regional consultant by the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE). Dr. Al-Majali Areas of research focus on investigating all epidemiological aspects related to livestock infectious diseases, especially zoonotic ones. He is well published in his field. As a recognition for his contributions, Dr. Al-Majali served as editor in the Preventive Veterinary Medicine, one of the top journals in his field. Dr. Al-Majali received grants from USAID, the IFS, EU, AOAD, and from the Private sector.

Dr. Zouhair Amarin Dr. Zouhair Amarin is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at JUST. He earned his stipendiary M.D from the Medical Academy of Sofia, and his Membership and Fellowship from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of London UK. He has MSc in Medical Science from the University of Glasgow, and MSc in Health Professions Education from Maastricht University of the Netherlands. In addition, he has a Medical Degree from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGEMS), USA. Furthermore, through distinction, he was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians (FFPH), London. Professor Amarin’s previous academic positions include having been a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Senior Lecturer at the University of Nottingham, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Mutah University. The professional achievements of Professor Amarin include being a pioneer in In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF, 1983), first to introduce Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer to Britain (1985), first to develop Microsurgical Epididymis Sperm Aspiration for clinical use (1992), and first to develop a surgical procedure for critical Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (2003). Professor Amarin has over 100 publications, in addition to book chapters and medical books editor-in-chief accomplishments. He is an editorial board member of local, regional, and international medical journals, and has reviewed over one thousand manuscripts for publication. An area that intrigues Professor Amarin is repeated in-vitro-fertilization and embryo transfer failure. Despite numerous advances in stimulation protocols, culture media, incubators and laboratory conditions, the likelihood of a viable pregnancy remains around 30%. Research needs to probe the “Omics” of the oocyte or embryo. Genomics to probe the biological material produced to determine the genetic profile of good quality oocytes and embryos. Proteomics of proteins that are secreted by the embryo into the media, and metabolomics of the embryo metabolites, as their patterns may be representative of embryo quality. Another area that needs attention is the technique of embryo transfer. Approximately 80% of couples who undergo IVF reach the embryo transfer stage, yet few pregnancies occur. This might be due to misconception that the type of transfer does not affect the outcome. There is a need to revisit embryo transfer technique based on possible critical factors which make up the `embryo transfer matrix'.

JUST proudly accomplished another milestone in JUST strategic Pillars of research and excellence JUST Professor Yousef Najjar won the Philadelphia Prize for the Best Renewable Energy Research in-Khalil Assalem competition. In his research entitled “Thermoelectric Stove for Electricity–Deprived Regions”, Professor Najjar presented a stove uniquely designed to provide poor remote areas with electricity needed for people basic needs. Professor Najjar is a Faculty Member in the Mechanical Engineering Department with 168 research publications in high–impact journals.

Students activities


A Spatial Design Art Installation at JUST

The College of Architecture and Design, efficiently using recycled materials resulted in building an innovative spatial design 'Ingress' a new sitting and gathering square at the University. The initiative was part of a course entitled “special topics in architecture� jointly implemented with the students and some faculty members. The project aimed at training the students to find solutions to the design problems they face. One of the most important goals of this project is to enable students and the instructors to work together to build creative and functional items. Ingress stands in the square as a temporary structure ready to be disassembled and reassembled for another creative design. It also became an interesting spot for the students to meet and gather in its shade.

JUST Excellence extends to potential future students

JUST Strategic vision of attracting top students and helping students choose the correct degree of study is put in action. The Ambassadors of Excellence, JUST student volunteers at the center of excellence for innovative projects, launched a new student initiative entitled "Excellence at the University Starts by Choosing the Appropriate Major of Study." The aim of the initiative is to introduce high school students to the majors of at the university along with dialoguing to answer questions and learn their interests. The reasons for launching initiative stem from the fact that there are quite a few students who change their major soon after starting because they found out that their choice was unsuitable for their abilities, skills, and way of thinking. All of which negatively impacted their ability to innovate and excel. The first activity of this initiative was held at Hakama High School.

Social Responsibility


JUST boasts of the continued support from the Royal family Following the vision of his Majesty King Abdullah II, clearly expressed in the Seventh discussion paper, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, welcomed by the JUST President Professor Omar Al-Jarrah, graciously attended on May 3, 2017 the interactive discussion show took place at JUST. Queen Rania joined around 170 students and members of staff at the university’s auditorium to watch the latest performance of the “Offline Show”, conceived by Jordanian social media activists and influencers Omar Zorba, Ahmad Srour, Mouath Omari and Odai Hijazi. Offline Show is an ongoing interactive show that discusses complex and controversial issues and provides a safe space for the discussion of ethical problems and the rehearsal of real-life ethical choices. Her Majesty stressed how impressed she was with the performance, especially since it tackles social issues of great importance to all Jordanians. “Satirical art, the core of which are society’s woes and most pressing issues, greatly influences public opinion and helps change preconceived notions,” she said. Her Majesty also encouraged the students to continue participating in important discussions like the one centered on educational reform and development, referencing the clarity of His Majesty’s mission regarding the need for reform in his Seventh Discussion Paper.

Multiple JUST strategic Pillars put in Royal Focus His Royal Highness Prince Al-Hassan, as the head of the Arabic Thought Forum, during his visit to JUST, on May 14, 2017 delivered a lecture addressing capacity building in terms of good citizenship and education of the society. The concept of capacity building of the society , which in turn embraces religious and cultural diversity based on the concepts of empowerment. HRH commented that education aims at spreading value, knowledge and life skills, which are based on respecting human rights and social justice, diversity, equality, environmental sustainability, and peace. “Any human has rights to dignity in its fullest sense, regardless of any political, social or economic considerations. The consolidation of the concept of capacity building in mind and in daily practice is part and parcel of the preservation of the human dignity� Prince Al-Hassan said. HRH further added that there is a pressing need to resume the construction of capacity building based on intellectual grounds and to provide our cultural platforms with moral thoughts, enriched by diversity and authenticity.

The Role of Public Security in Achieving National Security

JUST strategic pillars of social responsibility called for the Director of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih to deliver on May 17, 2017 an expert Lecture on "the Role of Public Security in Achieving National Security”. Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih explained that the PSD main mission is to offer a range of security services to protect all people living in Jordan and to ensure a homeland that is safe and secure through a comprehensive national security strategy that is developed in accordance with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah. Faqih emphasized the importance of Drug enforcement administration and stressed on the efforts of combating violent extremism and deviant ideologies, as it all plays an essential part of the Public Security Strategy. He also stated that “The Community Peace Center” was established to make a peaceful society free from violence through educational programs that aims at raising awareness to contribute to the achievement of national security. Professor Omar Al-Jarrah seconded that the lecture helps provide JUST staff and students with more knowledge and awareness to be active participants in achieving national security.

JUST Community Service in focus

On Jul 21, 2017 JUST organized an Iftar (break the fasting) event for King Hussein Charitable orphanage situated in Irbid. The president of JUST, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah in his welcome speech indicated that one of the major university goals in terms of social responsibility is to assist charitable entities to improve their performance concerning orphans’ assimilation to society. The orphanage director expressed gratitude and appreciation to JUST for the continuous efforts it puts to reach out children at risk to provide them with the adequate help.


Ali M. Malkawi


Ali M. Malkawi received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design from JUST in 1989, his Master of Architecture from University of Colorado at Denver in 1990 and his Ph.D. in Architecture Technology/Artificial Intelligence from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994. From 1994–1995, he had the Oberdick Fellowship at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Malkawi is the Director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities and a Professor of Architectural Technology at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design in the 1980s, and since then he has taught at several universities and worked as a consultant on a variety of projects worldwide. He has provided presentations and strategic guidance on building energy related topics to several countries including senior members of the Obama Administration and the Vice President of the United States of America. Malkawi has been leading projects and various efforts in sustainability framework developments and has been involved with energy policies worldwide including in the Middle East region. Specifically, he was a strategic advisor on several large-scale projects including Barwa Financial District Mega Project in Doha, Qatar, and the master plan for King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Malkawi has consulted globally on many large projects that include airport designs, super towers, industrial factories, and commercial and residential projects. Specific projects include thermal simulations for the Monterrey International Airport-Terminal B in Mexico, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, thermal and evacuation studies relating to the World Trade Center in NYC, and the low energy solutions and environmental concept for the Sky Condos competition in Lima, Peru. Additionally, he has collaborated with China on a variety of sustainability projects.


News in Brief


JUST Participates in the 7th QS-MAPLE, "The Future of Higher Education in the Middle East and Africa"

As part of the university continuing efforts concerning not only the quality of higher education, but also internationalization, JUST participated in the 7th QS-MAPLE, "The Future of Higher Education in the Middle East and Africa". The event, held in Dubai, was organized in collaboration with Amity University Dubai and the Higher Colleges of Technology. The resounding event assembled 352 academics, deans, university presidents and chancellors from as many as 127 institutions in 38 countries. A total of 63 papers were presented at the event.

13th Techno Career Fair 2017

In an attempt to help students from all majors gather information and learn about all types of career fields and organizations, JUST organized on May 13, 2017 a career fair in which more than 90 organizations and companies attended the event.

JUST recognized among the best Universities in the Arab World

Times Higher Education announced on May 16, 2017 the Arab world university ranking based on data from the 2017 THE World University Rankings. The Ranking table includes universities located in nations that are members of the Arab League. THE has ranked the best universities based on their overall ranking score. Many of the universities featured in the ranking are specialist science and technology universities. JUST has been ranked 8th among all those universities.


Creating Digital Accesses to the Islamic Arts and Cultures

Training Workshop titled “Feasibility Study of Projects�

JUST participation in the Arab International Conference and Exhibition-White Cement and Building Materials

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Free medical day for hearing and speech screening

JUST President Honors Jordanian Winners of the FIRST LEGO League /FIRST Robotics Championship

The Faculty of Pharmacy Students' Best Poster Competition


Newsletter Jordan University of Science and Technology


JUST Newsletter May & June 2017 Issue  

JUST Newsletter May & June 2017 Issue

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