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Princess Haya Commends Achievements of JUST Biotechnology Center HRH Princess Haya, chairperson of the Princess Haya Biotechnology Center, praised the center's achievements at the local and international levels. Chairing the first meeting of the new center's board, the princess highlighted its important role in serving the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the local community, expressing her appreciation for the efforts of its employees in achieving these goals.

Centre Director Dr. Amjad Mahasneh presented a briefing on the facility’s activities, such as academic research, diagnosis of genetic and metabolic diseases, and specialized training courses for students and medical personnel. Thereafter, the board members discussed the issues listed on the meeting agenda that included the Center’s various activities during the previous year, its strategic plan, financial activities, organizational structure, technical advisory board, and future activities. The most important future activities shall involve preparing an action plan for marketing the center’s services to be discussed in the next meeting. The board members include President of JUST, KAUH CEO, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Director of Forensic Labs (Public Security), Director of Princess Eman Medical Labs., Director of Central Labs (MoH), and Dr. Wael Hayajneh (Faculty of Medicine), Director of HRH Princess Haya Office, and the Director of Princess Haya Center.

It is to be noted that the center’s objectives are to promote research activities in various areas of biotechnology, and enhance human resources in biotechnology through student internships, lab technicians and supervisors training, bringing together professionals from Jordan and the region. The Center is equipped with top of the line equipment like the “MiSeq” Next Generation Sequencing machine, 16-Capillary 3130 XL Genetic Analyzers, Affymetrix Genechip Array, several platforms of Real-Time PCR, ASM-800 DNA synthesizer, Triple Q-Trap MS/MS detector, and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers fully equipped for flame and graphite furnace. The Center is commensurate with international standards and has the ISO 9001/2008 since 2011 and is currently preparing to get the College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation. The center is run by 40 full-time staff members with a wide range of specializations.

JUST President Exchanges Greetings for the Occasion of Eid Al-Fitr with JUST Staff

President of JUST, Professor Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, exchanged greetings on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr with JUST academic and administrative staff, and the medical and administrative staff of King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH).

Professor Al-Sheyyab asserted that such a gathering is very important as it strengthens communication within the staff, wishing for the university and the hospital more progress, development, and prosperity. He hoped a successful future for the Kingdom, and expressed his genuine aspiration that this blessed occasion will return on the Islamic and Arab nations with many blessings.

It’s noteworthy that JUST holds a greeting gathering every year to enhance communication among staff, which would reflect positively on the progress of the university and its aspirations at all levels. The gathering was attended by JUST Vice President, the CEO of KAUH, the assistant of the president, as well as the deans.

President of JUST Meets with Directors of Centers, Administrative Units and Departments

In a meeting with the directors of the Centers and administrative units, President of JUST, Professor Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, expressed his pride in both the academic and administrative staff members of JUST for their contribution to the progress towards excellence. The meeting came about to discuss means and tools of assuring the team work spirit and distinguished performance in addition to having policies and strategies to further enhance JUST success and promote the university’s philosophy of continuous improvement in a modern way and its contributions to community service. Prof. Al-Sheyyab stressed the importance of working along the rules and regulations and upgrading and expanding the roles of these centers and units to achieve the desired goals and outcomes based on sound planning. The President highlighted the fact that students represent a fundamental theme in JUST’s strategic plan urging all concerned to exert maximum efforts to best serve our students throughout their stay at JUST. Prof. Al-Sheyyab concluded the meeting by commending the efforts and achievements of former administrations that was the result of commitment and support of all JUST staff.

President of JUST meets Officials at Al-Ramtha District

During a meeting with a large delegation of officials from the Al-Ramtha District, President of JUST, Professor Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, said that the next phase affairs demands all to be highly responsible and work together for JUST prosperity and development in a way that makes JUST a distinguished support body to other national public entities in general and those in the Northern region in particular. He emphasized that JUST will remain a focal point of thought and development under the leadership of HM the king who highlights the importance of education in Jordan. The delegate commended the role of JUST in developing the region.

JUST and Indiana University of Pennsylvania Discuss Mutual Cooperation

President of JUST, Professor Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, met with a delegation from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) headed by the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mark Correia. The meeting involved rich discussions of potential collaboration and coordination in the fields of academic cooperation, research, student and faculty exchange, study plans, and scientific conferences. Professor Al-Sheyyab indicated that, through such enriching meetings and cooperation, JUST seeks to benefit from other experiences and to strengthen the ties in various disciplines. He also presented JUST development and progress since its establishment, as well as its vision, mission, objectives, achievements, and its expansion over the years. After the meeting, the guests made a tour in the premises of the colleges of medicine and nursing as well as Princess Haya Biotech Center. The meeting was also attended by Graduate Coordinator at the IUP, and Deans of Medicine and Nursing at JUST.

Delegates from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio - USA Visit JUST

JUST President, Professor Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, met with delegates from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, headed by its Managing Director, Mr. Safwat Zuraiqi. During the meeting, the two parties discussed scenarios to develop collaborative relationships. The joint initiative involves the development of graduate programs and curricula, exchange of students and faculty members, and training of physicians. Professor Al-Sheyyab elaborated on the progress made by the university in terms of institutional developments, the scope of its mission and objectives, the prime achievements at various levels, especially the expansion of the various colleges and scientific and research centers. Prof. Al-Sheyyab also pointed at the increasing numbers of students from Arab and Islamic countries and the networks connecting the university with other academic and educational institutions. Mr. Zuraiqi expressed his admiration for the respectable reputation of JUST at the Arab and international levels stressing Jordan's is witnessed renaissance in various fields of science, particularly in the medical profession. The head of the visiting delegation commented that the aim of the visit was to explore joint projects between Cleveland Clinic and JUST. The meeting was attended by Professor Ismael Matalqa, Dean of Medicine and Farah Al Alami, Director, Communications & Public Relations - Middle East, Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

JUST signs a Twining Program with the Royal Veterinary College, London

A Twining Program between JUST and the Royal Veterinary College-London was signed in order to establish a knowledge exchange platform to enable the sharing of best academic practice in the broad field of veterinary public health between the RVC & JUST and to facilitate the long term engagement of RVC & JUST in the provision of state-of-the-art veterinary public health training in the Middle East and the Arab World, together with the eventual accreditation of JUST by EAEVE (European Association of Establishment of Veterinary Education). This program includes three strands of activities: undergraduate, postgraduates and professional education. The undergraduate strand involves the design, implementation and evaluation of a number of interventions in the undergraduate curriculum. The postgraduate strand will be based around paired research projects with joint supervision by RVC/JUST. For the professional strand, staff from the Jordanian Veterinary Services and private practitioners will follow a modular field epidemiology and diseases surveillance training program.

Potential Collaboration between JUST and Al-Hassan Industrial Zone

The Assistant-to-the-President of JUST, Professor Hani Abu Qdais, met with the Director of Al-Hasan Industrial Zone, Mr. Issam Mbeideen, with the presence of Professor Mohamad Al-Widyan, Director of ADQAC at JUST, to discuss possible mutual cooperation between the two parties. The meeting came about as a result of the ADQAC’s efforts to expand its services to and strengthen ties with the local community. The meeting’s main theme was the possibility of providing specialized training services by JUST in the area of total quality assurance and ISO 9001:2008 system to the Zone’s staff and the enterprises and industries operating within the zone. In addition, the two parties entertained the possibility of working together to build capacity in the domains of environmental audits and cleaner production. The meeting was also attended by the ADAQC Deputy Director, Engr. Amer Eliwi, and assistants of the Zone’s Director

JUST &Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) Discuss Mutual Cooperation

Vice Presient (then, Acting President) of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) Professor Ahmad Betieha discussed mutual cooperation in the field of scientific research and development of academic programs with the President of Negeri Jakarta University, Prof. Djaali Lafiu Badaru. During the meeting with the delegation of the Negeri Jakarta University, Betieha said that JUST is seeking to become a global university in the coming phase since it enjoys an infrastructure that is eligible, indicating that the university now has on its rolls students from around 49 nationalities of brotherly and friendly countries.

Professor Betieha briefed the delegation about the establishment and development of JUST, mainly in the scientific and medical research fields. Prof. Dr. Djaali Lafiu Badaru said that Negeri Jakarta University seeks to send students to pursue their study at JUST which enjoys good reputation mainly in the medical and engineering faculties.

JUST Announces a Bid to Dispose of Medical Wastes

In an attempt to safely dispose of medical wastes, JUST has announced a bid to handle this hazardous waste stream. The bid, which is funded through the Gulf Grant Fund, involves providing, installing, operating, and maintaining an incinerator to treat and get rid of these wastes, in addition to the pre-installation electromechanical requirements. The incinerator is to be fitted within the currently operating incineration structure and to include all civil and architectural works necessary for the full operation of the new incineration unit as per the latest international specs in this field. It is to be noted that the Central Bidding Committee selected a company for the project the cost of which stands at about US$100,000.00. The project is to serve the needs of the middle and northern governorates of Jordan.

JUST Launches its Student Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers

In its pursuit of promoting energy engineering, raising the awareness of the public and students in this vital sector, and encouraging college students to pursue degrees in the field, JUST has established its own student chapter of the US-based association of energy engineers in a special ceremony that was held for the purpose in the ADQAC’s training hall. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Yahya Qawasmi, the Chapter’s faculty supervisor, Prof. Mohamad Al-Widyan, Engineer Samer Zawaydeh, Assistant Director for International Membership Development for Special Projects and President of the Jordan Energy Chapter (EDAMA), and about 15 student members mostly of graduate students in the Energy Engineering program at JUST ME department. The JUST Chapter is the second in Jordan and is already planning to launch a number of relevant activities in the near future.

Free Pharmaceutical Day at Madaba City

The Faculty of Pharmacy at JUST organized a free medical day in cooperation with Center for Female Youth, Al-Nadeem Hospital, and private sector in the area of Madaba City under the theme of “Optimum Pharmaceutical Care.” The daylong activity included medical brochures and publications, awareness tips especially on the common chronic diseases and preventive measures in addition to alternative medicine and herbal medications as well as on cigarette smoking, among others. The day also included handing out free medications based on diagnoses by specialized MDs working in the Nadeem hospital.

The Cultural Attaché of Bahrain Visits JUST The Acting president of JUST, Prof. Ahmad Betieha, met with the Bahraini's cultural attaché in Jordan, Dr. Nada Al-Harban. The two sides discussed a number of issues related to Bahraini students studying at the university. Professor Betieha elaborated on the depth of existing relationships between the administration of JUST and the Cultural Attaché of Bahrain, praising the Bahraini students at JUST for reflecting an image of exemplary characters and high aspirations towards academic excellence. He also indicated that Bahraini which are (277) students studying at JUST provide the best ambassadors of their country in Jordan. Prof. Betieha also expressed the university's willingness, if asked, to consider extending the admission quotas for Bahraini students in the various disciplines. Dr. Al-Harban expressed her gratitude for such meeting, which comes about to reflect the strength of relations that have long tied the two countries and their peoples together for so long. She expressed her admiration towards the high academic standards characteristic of JUST and the scientific reputation making it the destination of choice for many of the Bahraini students wishing to study abroad. Vice President (then, Acting President) of JUST, Prof. Ahmad Betieha, received representatives of Jordan Competitiveness Program that is funded by the USAID and Luminous Educational Group. The program implements a project that aims at providing Jordanian students with the needed skills in market place through the development of a course in entrepreneurship. The two parties discussed the most suitable mechanism of offering the course, credit hours, and content and finally agreed to offer the course as a 3-credit elective course starting the fall, 2015. Prof. Betieha highlighted the significance of the course in terms of helping student develop innovative ideas into real-world profitable projects. The delegate thanked JUST for the quick response and for nominating a number of faculty members to be trained for teaching the course. The meeting was attended by the Dean and Vice Dean of Student Affairs. Jordan Competitiveness Program Visits JUST

A Collaboration Agreement between FAO and JUST The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Amman, Jordan. The signing ceremony was attended by the Jordanian Minister of Agriculture Mr. Akif Zoubi and the Assistant Secretary General of the Ministry. This letter of Agreement was signed by Professor Ehab Abu-Basha, the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at JUST and Dr. Naseeldeen Haj Alamin, the FAO representative in Amman. The main objective of this agreement is to benefit from the Faculty academic staff in supporting and capacity development of the Departments of Animal Health and Laboratory Services at the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture. The support and development that the Faculty will present to the Ministry of Agriculture include, review of all available epidemiological data on major Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (TADs), design the surveillance that will be performed by the Ministry of Agriculture, and monitor the execution of the FAO funded project on assessment and mapping of TADs in Jordan. In addition, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will prepare a national control strategy for controlling foot and mouth disease in Jordan. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at JUST collaborates with FAO. The faculty arranged in year 2014, the Global Force-TAD (GF-TAD) meeting that included all the countries in the region to discuss plans to control major TADs.

JUST Researchers Design and Build a Palm Tree Climbing Robots Two Palm Tree Climbing Robots were designed and built at Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST) by Professor Khaled Asfar as Principal Investigator. The project was funded by the Scientific Research Fund in Jordan. The two different palm tree robots were intended for the date palm trees and the Washingtonia palm tree. The climbing mechanisms are quite different; in the first robot, a pneumatic actuator comprises the main lifting mechanism with an upper arm and a lower leg as grippers of the tree trunk. The climbing motion is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller with solenoid valves. The robot is equipped with a battery operated cutting saw for pruning and/or harvesting date bunches. A spraying/Pollenating system can also be installed on the robot. The second Palm Tree Climbing Robot is designed to be used for climbing and pruning the Washingtonia Palm Tree. It has an expandable spring-loaded tubular frame carrying four motor-worm-gear sets driving friction wheels which are inclined at angle in order to climb up or down the tree trunk in a helical path. The frame is equipped with sharp edge cutters or motorized cutting disks in order to perform the pruning operation while climbing up the tree. Remote control is used to operate the robot up or down with variable speed.

JUST Profile • • • • • • • • • • • •

Established in 1986 with a spacious campus spanning eleven square kilometers. Up to now50, 000 Students have graduated. The home of about 24,605 undergraduate students. Hosts about 1400 graduate students. Have 316 enrolled in higher specialty programs. Student population includes about 4800 non- Jordanians from 49 different nationalities. An average of 15000 new student applicants every year (30% the acceptance ratio). More than 1545 teaching staff among them 959 Ph.D. holders, graduates of reputable international universities. More than 2248 Administrative and technical staff. 12 Faculties (Medicine, Engineering, Science & Arts, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Nursing and Graduate Studies). Faculties include 55departments offering 42 undergraduate programs and 95 graduate programs There are 14 academic and excellence centers.


To promote the internationalization of university education, JUST diligently works to build cooperative relations with associations, universities, and other academic and scientific institutions around the world Internationalization in our merits reflects a diverse student body from various cultures and societies, working together to enrich a unique intellectual environment.


• Since establishment,JUST invested nearly 45 million JD (about 64 million dollars) in sponsoring scholars to pursue postgraduate studies at top universities in the world. • 800 scholarshipscompleted their studies. • Currently, there are (103) scholarships sponsored by JUST

Academic Promotions To Full Professor

Professor Ghassan M. Tashtoush Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering

To Associate Professor

Dr. Ammar M. Al-Maaytah

Dr. Khaled A. Jadallah

Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Faculty of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Wejdan A. Khater Faculty of Nursing Department of Adult Health Nursing

JUST Newsletter July 2015 Issue  

JUST Newsletter July 2015 Issue

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