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Faculty of Pharmacy It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). The faculty has highly qualified academic staff, mostly graduates of top ranking universities in the USA, UK, Australia and other developed countries. The faculty also fosters high quality research and has always defined its priorities based on excellence in teaching and research. The Faculty hosts two programs for undergraduate studies in pharmacy (BSC in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy; Pharm. D), and three Master’s degree programs including Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. As things stand, the future plan for the college is centered about launching a higher specialty degree in Clinical Pharmacy by the academic year 2015/2016. The teaching process is designed to offer incumbent students a valuable opportunity for direct involvement in the academic process. The faculty provides its constituents an excellent opportunity to be part in a truly international setting. This kind of international atmosphere presents itself not only through casual social interactions amongst students but goes beyond that into classroom’s academic exchanges.  e faculty of pharmacy is a staunch collaborator with the private sector in offering consultations to the pharmaceuticals industry in Jordan on issues related to drug manufacturing and clinical and bioavailability studies. We are proud to point out that a good number of our academic staff members are fairly successful in securing support funds for innovative research projects from national and international organizations. Additionally, some of our academic staff members received national and international awards in recognition of their excellence in teaching and research. The Faculty of Pharmacy enjoys a long tradition in serving the local community. For the past three years, the faculty organized or participated in more than 20 free pharmaceutical/medical days or activities spanning various districts all across the governorate of Irbid. The faculty has set up strong connections with the local and national hospitals and community pharmacies; something that has significantly contributed towards securing good internship opportunities for students at industrial establishments having state-of-the-art facilities. If you are interested in more information about our operation, please visit our webpage at: Adnan M. Massadeh Professor & Dean

HRH Crown Prince Hussein Visits King Abdullah University Hospital During his visit to King Abdullah University Hospital, Crown Prince Hussein visited the Special Surgery Department, where he was briefed about the scope of its operations and activities. Dr. Firas Zu’bi, Director of the Department, said that the department has received patients with hearing impairments, indicating that the number of cochlear implants conducted by the department to treat various hearing difficulties has already exceeded 735 since 2006. The Crown Prince is noted to have pressed on for an initiative through the Royal Court in 2011 to treat children with hearing difficulties in need of cochlear implants. This commitment by HRH was made during the Allgau Orient Rally, when he announced that the rally proceeds would go to treat children with hearing disabilities.  Dr. Zu’bi said that the Crown Prince’s initiative contributed towards exempting patients from accruing treatment costs, opening the opportunity for more children to benefit from it, noting that there are 500 children on the waiting list and 300 who already have received cochlear implants. Dr. Zu’bi added that the center has qualified specialists to conduct such implant operations, where high success rates were recorded with patients properly rehabilitated following the operation.  During his trip, Prince Hussein also paid a visit to Buwaidah village in the Governorate of Irbid, 80km north of Amman, to check on the condition of two underprivileged families. The Crown Prince, accompanied by Royal Court Secretary General Yousef Issawi, ordered immediate aid for the families receiving the visit. The families expressed their gratitude for this Royal attention by the Crown Prince.

Faculty of Nursing at JUST Earns Second Award at the Third Creative Forum for Nursing A team of students from the Faculty of Nursing at JUST won a prize in second place at the level of nursing colleges in the Kingdom as part of the Ninth Scientific Day titled, “Benefits from Nursing Researches in Jordan”. The award was received during the creative gathering activity held at Alzaitouneh University, where the majority of nursing colleges from around the country took part. The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at JUST, Dr. Leila’s Akhozhyeh, who was in charge of supervising the students’ during the activity, pointed out that such participation emanates directly from students’ own interests to participate at the local and international levels. She also elaborated that JUST nursing students submitted four projects which included the design of electronic program to help students with their practical training (internships), another project on community service, a third project was on educating school teachers in the city of Irbid on “first aid”, and a theatrical presentation entitled “Cigarette Trial” was orchestrated as one of the competing projects. These projects were conducted under the supervision of faculty members from the Faculty of Nursing at JUST.

Qualifying Program in Aeronautical Engineering Professor Mustafa Bani Domi, Director of the Consultative Center for Science and Technology at JUST, sponsored the graduation ceremony of engineer officers, from the upper ranks of the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) and the Directorate of Public Security (DPS). This ceremony comes to mark the completion of the qualifying program workshop in aerospace engineering held at JUST over the span of an academic year. The course was organized by the Consultative Center, and administered by the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at JUST across the fall and spring semesters of the academic year 2013/2014. The program was conducted with the intent of rehabilitating the participants by taking up theoretical and practical courses in the fields of aviation dynamics, structures and aircraft engines, aircraft control, design and performance of aircrafts, in addition to aircraft Maintenance Systems. Professor Bani Domi added that this activity comes about as a result of university’s keenness on bolstering cooperation and coordination with the sectors concerned operating in the kingdom. He also reiterated the key role the university played in keeping up with scientific and technological developments around the world, pointing out the importance of the RJAF and DPS as two of the leading institutions in the Kingdom. The graduation ceremony was attended by Colonel Engineer Wasfi Al Ruwais, representative of RJAF, , Colonel Jamal Eagles, representative of the DPS , Professor Yahya Al-Qawasmi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the university, and Dr. Feras Darweish, Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at JUST.The graduation ceremony was attended by the representative of RJAF, Colonel Engineer Wasfi Al Ruwais, and representative of the DPS, Colonel Jamal Eagles, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the university, Professor Yahya Al-Qawasmi, and the Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University.

JUST Signs MoU’s with University of Toledo and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) signed cooperation agreements with the University of Toledo and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The agreements were signed by the University’s President, Professor Abdallah Malkawi, and the Dean of Sciences and Arts, Professor Mohamad El-khateeb, in the presence of the Assistant to the President, Professor Hani Abu Qdais, the Dean of Engineering, Professor Yahia Qawasmi, and the Director of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology, Dr. Muna Abu Dalo. Dr. Isabel C. Escobar, Professor in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Interim Assistant Dean for Research Development and Outreach at the University of Toledo, said that the University of Toledo is engaged in a variety of international activities across the globe. This memorandum creates the foundation for particular agreements in the development of joint activities, in opportunities for collaboration, and in education. She added: “We are highly excited about opportunities that this MOU will bring to The University of Toledo.” Dr. Tequila Harris, Associate Professor in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, said that an important aspect of Georgia Tech’s strategic plan is expanding our “global footprint and influence”, in research and education. He added: “The signing of this MOU by Georgia Tech’s Vice Provost for International Initiatives, Professor Yves H. Berthelot, and the President of JUST is very exciting and allows for establishing opportunities in research and education of mutual benefit between universities.” This MOU facilitates student exchange between universities to broaden the global impact in a very important research area, water desalination, which particularly affects areas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where resources for fresh water are scarce.

The New JUST Library: An Exquisite Environment for Studying and Research Academic libraries are primary repositories for scientific research offering information resources and related services both to academic staff and students. The new JUST Library avails access to a tremendous collection of printed and electronic materials in about every branch of knowledge. The strategic plan of the JUST library entails a vision of becoming distinguished in terms of resources and services offered and of being a primary source of cultural and scientific resources at the national and international levels. Library collections include 190,000 books and 50,000 volumes of back issues of scientific journals that cover all fields of knowledge. Moreover, the library has active subscriptions to 260,000 eBooks, and has access to 44 databases including about 48,000 electronic journals in full text. Access to all databases and library materials are available to university students and staff for free. Library users can access these resources by making use of the EBSCO Discovery Service EDS; a unified and comprehensive index that avails an effective search in all library resources. Users can access these resources from within campus or from outside through the Library official website Besides the free access to resources, the comprehensive coverage of wireless internet service at the library building allows users to access these resources either through the available computer labs in the library equipped with 200 state-of-the-art desktops or by using their own laptops, iPads/Tablets and smartphones. The library provides Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology offering circulation/return self-service enabling users to borrow and return library materials electronically. Using the Document Delivery System (DDS) service, the electronic department staff in the library responds within 24 hours by email to researchers’ requests for softcopies of published research articles. Furthermore, library users can borrow any library material via the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service from Jordanian public university libraries. The library also has the Digital Library Assistant (DLA) service, employed to arrange and reshelve books. This service is also used for weeding purposes and searching for missing books. The library complex is about 12,500 square meters, an area capable of seating around 2500 library users simultaneously. The JUST Library follows the Library of Congress (LC) classification catalog and the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) enabling users to access all bibliographic records to printed and electronic resources.

A workshop on Silver Nanoparticles Production The Queen Rania Al Abdullah Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology (QRCEST) organized a workshop on Silver Nanoparticles Production using green techniques. The workshop was part of an ongoing collaboration between JUST and the University of Rhode Island (URI), USA. A number of JUST faculty and students from JUST attended this workshop. Dr. Vinka Oyanedel-Craver, from URI, along with her graduate student, Mr. Colleen Grinham, conducted a seminar in which they elaborated on this increasingly growing field of nanotechnology. Following the lecture, there was a lab demonstration outlining the synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a “green” method, the Tollen’s Method. These silver nanoparticles, antibacterial in nature, will serve many purposes; one of which is preventing promotion of antibiofouling in reverse osmosis membranes as the ones used in desalination. This workshop highlighted a new step that JUST is taking towards incorporating “green” nanoparticles into its current research repertoire. In addition to expanding nanotechnology at JUST, the workshop gave like-minded researchers a chance to interact and collaborate to promote future interdisciplinary projects.

Deanship of Students Affairs’ organized Ramadan Day for JUST Students On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Deanship of Students Affairs organized a Ramadan Day with a fast-breaking ceremony (IFTAR) for participating students. The activity was attended by the university President, Professor Abdallah Malkawi, and the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Professor Ahmed Alawneh, and a number of Directors and academic staff members at the university. In his speech addressing the crowd, Professor Malkawi stressed the university’s mission in fostering the notion of the one-family that bind students to their institution and in strengthening bonds of intimacy between the university and its students within a framework of friendship and parental-like caring. The participants expressed their appreciation for this type of gathering in the holy month of Ramadan, whereby the university is seeking to identify new venues in pursuit of better opportunities in creating a suitable niche of proximity and understanding towards students.

Faculty Achievements JUST Takes Part in the Second Meeting of Netkite Project Professor Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, local manager of the Netkite project and Professor of Chemical Engineering at JUST, and Professor Nezar Samarah, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture, participated in the second meeting of the Netkite project which was held in Egypt during May 22-24, 2014. NETKITE - Cross - border NETwork to foster knowledge - intensive business incubation and technology transfer is an ENPI project with ARCA- Italy as a coordinator, and JUST-Jordan, CEEI-France, DIOGENES-Cyprus, ARST-Egypt, PAUCPalestine, and SUST-Tunisia as partners. The overall objective of the project is to set up cross-border networking, directed at established or new public and private partnerships. This was inspired by Open Innovation philosophy and using Living Labs approach. In this way, it is meant to support innovation transfer to make it more effective to the growth and modernization of local economies and to the generation of new, qualified and sustainable job opportunities. The specific objective was to enhance and improve innovation strategies and establish effective innovation transfer processes within and across the territories concerned. The intended end result would be in shoring up possibilities for spin-off companies in a manner that would stand in support of industrializing local economies. On the other hand, the project would foster better management of innovation within mature productive sectors, thus creating new professional positions.

Academic Promotions To Full Professor Prof. Mohammad M. Fares Faculty of Science & Arts Department of Chemistry

Prof. Jamil I. Malkawi Faculty of Science and Arts Department of Chemistry

To Associate Professor Dr. Mousa H. Daradka Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Clinical Veterinary Medical Sciences

Dr. Ameina S. Nuseir Faculty of Science and Arts Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Moad Y. Mowafi Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Department of Network Engineering and Security

Dr. Mahmoud S. Alrawashdeh Faculty of Science and Arts Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Just Newsletter July 2014 Issue  

Just Newsletter July 2014 Issue

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