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The Faculty of Engineering is the Technological Arm of Jordan University of Science and Technology The Faculty of Engineering is the oldest and the largest college at JUST. It encompasses around 6000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Faculty always thrives to qualify competent engineers for the local, regional and international job markets. By adopting a dynamic strategic plan the college aims at warranting supreme quality of its programs and upholding excellence and leadership in engineering education in Jordan and throughout the region. To that end, three undergraduate degree programs in the Faculty of Engineering have already been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET of the United States of America. These programs are Chemical, Biomedical, and Industrial Engineering. The remaining five programs are expected to be filing for ABET accreditation during the 2014/2015 cycle. The Faculty of Engineering makes an all-out effort to keep pace with scientific and technological developments by providing a scholarly and professional environment that enables faculty, students and staff to make significant contributions towards the advancement of knowledge, and maintenance of best engineering practices. Such efforts culminated in numerous national, regional and international awards for quality research and international contribution to science. A good number of faculty members in our college are also active editorial board members and referees to many recognized international journals and conferences. Considerable propor-

tion of our graduates has been very successful and had risen to distinguished positions in both industrial and academic domains. The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing state-ofthe-art services to fulfill the consulting and technical needs of the country. One of the initiatives taken by the faculty to meet these considerations was in the establishment of the Department of Nuclear Engineering in 2007. The academic program offering under this department had received the financial support of the top leadership in the country, which was directed towards the procurement of the much needed equipment and laboratories that would support teaching and research needs in this rather important discipline. At the government directive embodied in the initiative of Jordan’s Atomic Energy Commission the first one-of-a-kind training and research reactor in the region is being erected on the campus of JUST slated to become operational around the year 2017. For further information on the program offerings within the college of engineering at JUST, please visit the website:

Professor Yahia A. Qawasmi Dean of Engineering

University News JUST President Conducts a Seminar at the University of Tsukuba Professor Abdallah Malkawi, President of JUST, addressed a seminar that took place at the university of Tsukuba in Japan, on February 14th, 2014. In a seminar entitled “Exploring the Technological Seeds toward Establishing of Center of Innovation in Middle East and North Africa Region”, Professor Malkawi highlighted various opportunities and challenges related to technology transfer and innovation in Jordan, as well as in the Arab Region in his speech titled “ JUST’s Excellence in Technology Transfer and Innovation”. Furthermore, Professor Malkawi addressed JUST’s ongoing efforts on the road towards innovation, by establishing a specialized center of excellence for innovative projects that houses technological incubators and fosters the notion of start-up and spinoff companies. The seminar was attended by several university presidents from the MENA region, as well as by university of Tuskuba president and Faculty members. Biorisk Management (BRM) Training Course at Princess Haya Biotechnology Centre In cooperation with the Department of Defense of the United States, and the participation of a number of health institutions from Iraq and Jordan, Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a training workshop entitled Biorisk management at Princess Haya Biotechnology Center (PHBC). The director of PHBC, Dr. Laith Nasser Al-Eitan, stated that this two-week workshop has shed light on many essential topics related to biorisk management and security systems such as; laboratory biosafety, the management of biological hazards in the laboratories, and methods of handling and shipping of biological samples in line with international standards. Dr. Al-Eitan further commented that such workshops are part of the mission and vision of PHBC for the preservation of public health, the environment, and safety for all citizens. This vision of the center, according to Dr. Al-Eitan, can only be achieved through the provision of knowledge, expertise, preventive practices, optimal use of resources and technologies, and effective partnership with the relevant authorities.

PHBC looks forward to playing a regional role in both public and professional awareness in the fields of biosafety and biosecurity management and to promote the adoption of organizational programs designed to maintain public health and safety in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Palermo University (ARCA) & JUST Discuss Mutual Cooperation The president of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Abdallah Malkawi, met a delegation from the University of Palermo (Italy). The visiting delegation included Director of Business Incubator (ARCA) of the University of Palermo. The two sides discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between JUST and the University of Palermo particularly in the fields of engineering and technology. The visit comes about as part of the joint project of “Net Kate " that links JUST to ARCA Italian, and a number of academic institutions and universities from Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, and France. The project is being Funded by the European Union as part of projects within cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean region. The project was established in order to encourage young researchers on creativity and innovation, which entails providing opportunities towards the establishment of start-up companies and industrial firms that spinoff therefrom. Palestinian Berzeit University Signs MoU with JUST Jordan University of Science and Technology signed a cooperation agreement with the renowned University of Bir Zeit (Palestinian). The agreement was signed by the Dean of Nursing, Prof. Arwa Owais, representing JUST beneficiary party and Prof. Khalil Hindi, the President of Birzeit University. The agreement entails development of relations between the two universities in the fields of training and community service and the sharing of scientific research, particularly in the field of nursing. It also entails joint development of academic programs related to quality assurance and exchange of faculty members, researchers and curricular offerings. This agreement comes about to complement an earlier agreement signed originally by Birzeit University and Jordan University of Science and Technology in July 2013. Professor Owais had led an earlier visit to Birzeit University for the purpose of couching up an agreement that would cover a period of five years, where she first met with Birzeit’s president, Prof. Khalil Hindi.

University News JUST Signs an Agreement with Jordan Paramedic Society Jordan University of Science and Technology signed a cooperation agreement between the Consultative Center for Science and Technology at JUST and the Jordanian Paramedic Society. The agreement was signed by Director of the Consultative Center for Science and Technology, Prof. Mustafa Bani Domi, and Dr. Yanal Ajlouni, representing the Jordanian Paramedic Society, in the presence of Vice- President of the University, Prof. Ahmed Batiha. The agreement entails exchange programs for training and participation in joint studies, courses and various training offerings. It also spans consultancy and certified sandwich courses offered by the university. Prof. Bani Domi said that this agreement comes about as a keen gesture by JUST for the sake of activating cooperation and coordination with all sectors involved in the fields of education and training around the community. This, Bani Domi added, comes about to reflect the key role the university plays in keeping up with scientific and technological developments across the world. He also pointed out that the Jordanian Paramedic Society is among the leading institutions in the field of training which aims to feed the community and Arab countries with qualified trainees. This agreement is part of a framework of cooperation that the university leads with the various institutions involved around the country. Under the agreement, training and counseling services as offered to the beneficiaries. Mutual Cooperation between JUST and RMS, Bahrain Professor Abdallah Malkawi, President of the University, met a delegation from the Bahraini’s Medical Services and Irish Royal Medical Surgeons Society (RMS, Bahrain branch). The delegation entailed the Director of the Bahraini Royal Medical Services, Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, and Dr. Sameer Otoum, Director of the Irish Royal Medical Surgeons / Bahrain, and Dr. Naif Laurie, Director of Graduate Training. During the meeting, the two parties discussed ways to develop relations between the two sides, especially in the de-

velopment of graduate programs, curricula, exchange of students and faculty members, and the training of physicians. Dr. Malkawi reviewed before the delegates the progress of the university and the various developments that took place since its establishment, along with its vision, mission, and objectives. He also explained university’s achievements at various levels, especially the expansion of its colleges and scientific and research centers. Dr. Malkawi also pointed to the increasing numbers of students from Arab and Islamic countries at JUST and the network of relationships between the university and academic institutions and organizations from different countries. Sheikh Al-Khalifa expressed his admiration for the advanced level enjoyed by JUST, especially in the medical fields and scientific research, stressing that the visit was to promote all prospects of cooperation between JUST and medical academic institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The General Manager of King Abdallah University Hospital, Dr. Hussein Al-Hais, gave a briefing on the hospital and its role in serving the undergraduate and graduate students of medical colleges, reviewing the most important community programs provided by the hospital, especially in the field of training and qualification of physicians. Seminar on: "Relevant University to Community: "Research, Development, and Innovation This seminar was conducted at the campus and aiming to offer an interactive platform with JUST students and faculty members in staging an initiative of change towards linking the outcomes of scientific research at academic institutions towards fulfilling national development needs of the country and the imminent needs of the community. The role of scientific research and innovative works has been proven critical to sustainable economic development, inclusive growth, and job creation. Hence, facing challenges in the Arab world requires effective deployment of all available resources to harness better return to society at large.

University News Training program on Hybrid Cars Maintenance

JUST Graduate (2008) in Japan

The training program "Maintenance of Hybrid Cars" was launched at the campus of JUST. This activity was organized by the Consultative Center at the university in collaboration with the Operating, Training, and Vocational and Technical Education Fund (OTVTEF). The program lasts for four months with the participation of twenty trainees of the unemployed. The director of the Consultative Center, Prof. Mustafa Bani Domi, said that this program is the first one within an ongoing cooperation between the university and OTVTEF aiming to train personnel in the field of maintenance for hybrid cars. This, in turn, would qualify trainees to work in the local market keeping in mind the imminent needs of the Jordanian job market in such fields of expertise.

Amani Abu Qdais is one of JUST graduates in Computer Engineering (Class 2008) shared her inputs on how JUST prepared her to study further at the graduate level and how to qualify her for the job market. This was what Amani had to say: “as a JUST Computer Engineering graduate (Class of 2008), the study curriculum provided me with a solid background on both Hardware and Software design skills, in addition to Computer Networking knowledge. There was a good focus as well on practical skills where theoretical knowledge was used in practice in many experiments during the different lab sessions for many courses. The university's well-equipped laboratories helped a lot in grasping the main concepts of Computer Engineering which has built an essential foundation that supported my later Master’s degree program research work in the field of Wireless Networks at the University of Tokyo.” Abu Qdais added “many professional training certification programs in different fields were offered at JUST helping us students to receive training that makes us ready to get involved in the work environment once employed. This is in addition to the internship program which is one of the graduation requirements, where students have to go through practical training based on their study field in a company that might later offer them employment when they graduate. All these have helped me to become a competent graduate supporting my advancement to the Master degree research and later to work in the IT field in Japan.”

JUST Celebrates the Arbor Day On behalf of the President of the university, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Munir Al-Turk, commemorated University’s Arbor Day celebrations. The celebration was marked by cultivating an area of 35,000 square meter of the university land. Such area has been reclaimed in terms of soil creation, planning, automatic drilling of injustice and preparation of the water lines and irrigation systems. These are preparatory steps towards the cultivation of a total of (530) instilled variety of Nebali improved olive trees.

Students News Al-Hasan "Award for Youth" Commencement at JUST On the occasion of the celebrations of the Kingdom to commemorate the birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth, Dr. Atef Al-Rweidan, sponsored the graduation ceremony camp, named Al-Hassan Youth Award. The ceremony was held in collaboration with Jordan University of Science and Technology. It was held in conjunction with participants from various youth centers affiliated to the Supreme Council for the Youth from the central and northern parts of the country. The program lasted for five days with more than 100 volunteers taking part in the activity encompassing youths of both sexes. As part of their festivities, the participants offered voluntary services to the community of people at JUST. Students and Parliamentary Blocs Engage in the Representation of National Lists at the Parliament Members of Parliament representing four parliamentary blocs visited JUST recently. They conducted a dialog with students on the current representation of National Lists in parliament. In their dialog, they also deliberated whether the number of parliamentary seats was enough to ensure adequate representation. The event resulted in a list of recommendations presented by the students to members of Parliament. In one-of-a-kind initiative to engage Jordanian youth in the decision-making process in Jordan, the session under the title "Are 27 seats enough?", was the fourth of a series of sessions under the “Usharek” program conducted at university campuses aimed at connecting students with their elected representatives to discuss issues of national concern. Members of Parliament, namely Deefallah Al-Khaldi (representing the Homeland Bloc), Mutaz Abu Rumman (representing the National Consensus bloc), Mustafa Amawi and Fatima Abu Abta (representatives of the Islamic Centrist bloc), and Najah Al Azzeh (from the National Union bloc), presented their blocs' plans to include youth in the decision making processes, as well as their stances on the importance of youth inclusion. Usharek students presented the recommendations they put together earlier in “Ana Usharek” youth forums on youth political participation held earlier this year.

Graduation Projects Receive Awards The Architecture Business Council, a local organization, organized a competition titled “I Sustain Competition”. Two BSc. graduation projects received awards from this competition. The first award was given to the project titled “Green School Model in Jordan” accomplished by the student Rifqa Hashlamoon under the supervision of Dr. Hussain Alzoubi. The project focused on developing a new model for green schools that embodies the principles of green architecture according to Jordanian climatic conditions. The importance of this project stems from the great attention paid by the College of Architecture and Design and the University administration towards green architecture and other energysaving prospects in building designs. The second prize was awarded to a project titled “Mixed Use Development at Jabal Al Qala’a” accomplished by student Thaer Dwood Alzoubi under the supervision of Dr. Hussain Alzoubi. This is about a cultural heritage project aiming to create a central node in downtown Amman, to bring together local community with international visitors (tourists) toenhance capabilities with of indigenous population from a production standpoint. The project was designed with a perspective of harnessing renewable energy and the use of passive systems which are well known at minimizing the use of active energy-consuming systems. The two projects were part of the graduation project offering within the Faculty of Architecture and Design at JUST.

Faculty Achievements Non-communicable diseases in the Arab world: A Lancet publication from JUST A research article entitled “Noncommunicable diseases in the Arab world“recently showed up in the Lancet by Prof. Yusuf Al-Gaud, a faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine. The Lancet has an impact factor of 40.0. The journal is currently ranked second in the domain of medical sciences. According to the results of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010, the burden of non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung diseases, and diabetes) in the Arab world has increased, with variations between countries of different income levels. Behavioral risk factors, including tobacco use, unhealthy diets, and physical inactivity are prevalent, and obesity in adults and children has reached an alarming level. Despite epidemiological evidence, the policy response to non-communicable diseases has been weak. So far, Arab governments have not placed a sufficiently high priority on addressing the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases, with variations in policies between countries and overall weak implementation. Recognition of a Scientific Paper authored by Prof. Laila Nimri Professor Laila Nimri, A faculty member in the Department of Allied Medical Sciences, published a paper in 2013 entitled “Escherichia albertii, a newly emerging enteric pathogen with poorly defined properties”. The paper gained recognition and has been recommended on Pubadvanced which is like Pubmed but with advanced useful features by an associate research scientist from AMGEN. AMGEN is an international company similar to Roche providing novel therapies for patients with serious illnesses.

Academic Promotions: To Full Professor: Prof. Zeyad El-Akawi Jraisat

Faculty of Medicine Department of Physiology and Biochemistry

To Associate Professor: Dr. Ferdous H. Omari

Faculty of Nursing Department of Adult Health Nursing

Dr. Aladdin A. AL-Qudah

Faculty of Dentistry Department of Conservative Dentistry

Dr. Feras H. Darwish

Faculty of Engineering Department Aeronautical Engineering

Dr. Daher K. Rabadi

Faculty of Medicine Department of Anesthesia

Dr. Sofyan S. Maghaydah

Faculty of Agriculture Department of Nutrition and Food Technology

Selection of a Jordanian Research Group as an International Reference to Test for Aspirin Resistance Acta Cardiologica, is Belgian magazine, recently published research work on the factors affecting the resistance of aspirin among patients for a group of researcher from JUST, namely Dr. Sayer Azzam, Dr. Karem Al-Zoubi and Dr Omar Khabur and Denise Tawalbeh and from University of Jordan Dr. Abdallah al-Abadi. Roche global research adopted outcomes of this research work as a reference to check the global resistance to aspirin among patients.

Dr. Wafa Batayneh

Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering

February Activities

French Universities Delegates Visits JUST

Kano State Government of Nigeria Visits JUST

Prof. Dato' Dr. MAZLIHAM MOHD SU'UD President of University Kuala Lumpur visits JUST

Snowing at JUST

Starting of 2nd Semester

Libyan Universities Delegates Visits JUST

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