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Race to the Center

It was 1931, On a brisk summer day, When a boy called Cook Hankerkoff Decided to join the fray.

He joined the heated battle, A battle against foe and friend. It was a race to the center, The jewel was at the very end.

And so, he ventured off, Without looking behind his back. He prepared hard for this moment, For no moment was a time for slack.

Cook realized he was ahead, His determination grew to the summit. But then he noticed a boy catching up, He couldn’t let his dream plummet.

And so he picked up the pace, Until he was nearly out of breath. Tensions began to grow high,

The two boys were practically near death.

Exhausted and tired, The boys were all worn-out. But, the center was within eye-range now, Thus they continued on their route.

The treasure was only seconds away! The kids could almost taste it. Cook knew he had to step it up, Even if it was only a little bit.

And that was it! The winner was clear. As the crowd cheered and roared, Cook let out a small tear.

Even though he lost the race, Cook knew it was a battle hard-fought. And the race to the center of the Tootsie Pop Was certainly tastier than any other candy he ever bought.