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liberate Prologue: “Love is pain.”

I smile. [Liberation] for myself. [Liberation] for everyone. Was it time? 45 past 7. It was time. Familiar faces, where are you? Locker 310. Prepare for [liberation]. Number 4. May your pain be gone. Goodbye. Familiar faces, where are you? Locker 34. Prepare for [liberation]. Number 3. Hope the hurt vanishes. Goodbye. Number 2 and 1, it’s our time now. Boiler Room.

Our [liberation] is here. Hush now, No more tears, please. No more, no more. It’s you and me now. This is our relief, This is our [liberation]. I shake. Is it fear? No. It is true happiness. No more pain. No more love. I cry. Goodbye.


Perhaps the point of view of a killer?