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Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Host Club:

Kiwanis Club of Irondequoit


David Ricca (9-11 Survivor)


Rochester Yacht Club 5555 Saint Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14617

Social Hour:

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM | Cash Bar

Dinner & Meeting:

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


$25 per person

Dinner Buffet Menu:

Soup; Chicken with Spinach and Pasta, Salad; Tossed Salad with choice of two dressings, Fruit Salad, Asparagus and Mushroom Salad, Entrees; Pasta Primavera with Alfredo, RYC Chicken (Chicken stuffed with Crab and artichoke wrapped with phyllo), Roasted Pork with cranberries, Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables, Rolls and Butter, Dessert; Cookies, Coffee & Tea

Preferred RSVP:

Wednesday, August 30, 2012

Drop Dead RSVP:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RSVP to Joanne Albert (585) 544-5650 or

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have b:~en. Tiin Grazioso:s . 43rd 1Jil'thday'dt1stead, be ani:lhi'sin:otber, John; 41, wH1 be memorialized. in services at noon in.St. John J<antr:Chvrch, vidims of the September 11 destruction ()f the tWin tow-ers ofthe World Trade.Cent~m .. Both worked: for Cantor Fitzge;rald,the globaUi- · nance company which occupied four floors near the top ()f.TowetOne afid.lost.600of it:S 1,000 employees in the attai:k' Tim was chief operating()ffker for over-the·. ~oquter trading and chief N':t\.SDA~ traderfoJ.:the com:. pa'ny: was on the 104t11 floor,when the airliner struck, and e$cape was<ef~ fectively sput off.llis broth, er W;as a ~alesnran for . eSt>eed;:(l Cantor.Fitzgerald svbsi(tiarY, an4 was at his de~~ o:p, t11e 105t1l floor. · Tbeywere.born and rais~d)ri Clift()l1, with Tim being gra~l.lated from Clifton Eig~ Schoonn 1976 ant;tJobtl il1197K. They were weUlqiown in their st1,1dent <lays Uiere, ani:l each played 011 the 1\IIustang. fooUmli (eilm: Tim wet1t l)n. to Pace . UniversitY and received a degree in accounting that matched, his flair for financial trading, while John sougl1t a career in commercial aviation, plan:p,ing for a time t9 b~come a pilot, but eventually joining his brother atpantQr Fitzgerald. ffAPPY FAMILIES Th~ir parepts~ Harry and See Brothers; .. Page


:u.t~,cve4~ltc,!lid. son, shares his Dean father's'e.asygoihgpersonality and lookS; Dean eame.l:lf:ter ·.. some deliberettion, said Dyan, · because the couple' was having so much fun traveling and ridi.ngHarley.D~vidson· motorcycles together, After the birth oftheir firSt (!bild; the couple.plannedon lut.ving two :more: ..· .•·. . .. · ,· .· .· • ~ . .· The co\lple's first moments together beganatShulton In-· dustries in Clifto11, where they workedtogether ~nd she asked him out for a date, The morning of tb,e .attack,pyan said their last moments ate even treasured because·

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Page 22 -Dateline. Journal - October 4, 2001

Remember... Continuedfrom Page 1 cell phone, brief case, wallet; it was just a quick reaction," Ricca says. Ricca and his colleagues headed for the stairwell. The initial evacuation, Ricca said, was slow and. relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that Ricca had time to joke with one of the many people in the stairwell. · "People were drinking coffee and there was a guy with a bagel. I was actually messing around. I said, 'at least you got your bagel and coffee, I .forgot my cell phone and everything,'" Ricca said. . People could .·only ~escend the stairs two abreast. To make matters worse, the stairwellwas packed .with people, with •more and Qlore entering at each land-

ing. During the evacuation questions began to rise about what may.have occurred to cause the evacuation. On about the 62nd floor, they learned that a plane had hit the north tower. · When Ricca heard this news he thOught it was a peculiar accident and assumed he was involved in a very routine evacuation. . · People in the stairwell began to speculate about \Vhether they would find airplane parts scattered on the grounds outside and how a plane could have been flying so low to have hit the tower. · Everyone involved thought it was a small private plane~ No one ..imagined the unimaginable - that someone had deliberately· pilote(t. a jumpo.jetliner into the towet Ricca was convinced .that once• . the Fire Department

tamedthe fire in the north tower exii~d the building into the he and his colleagues would be plaza.· Once a place to gather allowed back to tlwir office just with . friends and colleagues in time for the opening belt duri)lg lunch to enjoy the bea11ty It was now 9:!)3aQl, and Ricca oftlte fountain or listen to a ltve was on t}Ie 2otu floor. when he ba~d; the plaza now resembled heard and felt a tremendous ex- a war zone, with tiny fires flaring . plosion, an experience he said up .~verywhere. he will never forget. United Air•. "'tfou couldn't see the ground lines Flight. 175, another hi- of tilE; plaza and the plaza (W:lS) jacked Boeing · 767 out of .huge, Everything was covered Airport, wit1l parts of the building and Boston's . Logan slammed mto 2 World Trade part$ of the airplane, everything Center. The building lurched yot.t: could possibly imagine,'' forward, then· back. Ricca was Rle¢a said. Ricca wasted little time lookknocked off his· feet, and he heard the sotmd. of steel beams ing around for fear of seeing squeaking as though they wete gruesome images he would have . . .· to ci;trry with him the rest of his being twisted.. ·.·. Chaos spread throughout the life, stairwell: . • . .·. . . .. . .· . • . . Mthough he w1:1s outside, ·"I started crying: We all start- RiC(!a'siife was still in immedied crying. I said 'Qh my God, I'm. · ~t~ g~ger. To get to safety, •he going to die in here, this is just ba(tsto ..€lescend an inoperable ridiculous.:.'. :It waster.rifying, l e&lflifator. packed with people was thinking about. a lot of a:l1~)uake it through the mall; things; I was thinking about my · Ric€lil descended the ·escalator family," Ricca said. ahd."$Printed to t}Ie mall's exit Everyone . began picking up where Police officers and EMS the pace. Butyet,JUccirsays, the I>e:rsl:>nnel were directing evacevacuation was stfll orderly. No· uees. one, not the elderly or the slow · .Ri.cca got to Broadway, just a moving, was trampled. few blocks from 2 .World Trade Ricca made itto the fi:rst floor · Cent~r. There he was reunited of 2World Trade Center and he wfth.some of the Morgan Stanley colleagues· he'd been separated ftonr the evacuation. Ricca ;st:lrted borrowing cell phone~ f:i:olll: individu.als in the crowd to ca:Il .. his parents and let them kriqw he escaped the blazing building. But none worked. He by MRS. WALKER



tried the pay' phones. 'rhey too didn't work. Ricca .set off with one of his colleagues to find one that worked. "We walked about two and a half blocks and vve could still see the burningbuilding and we were thinking 'Wow can you beIieve what just happened.' We were shocked. Then we heard people shouting 'oh my God, oh my God, .oh my. God and that's when we looked up and my building caQle down. We started running tow.ard the river. " It was 9:59am, 56 minutes after·terrorists deliberately piloted a jetliner into the tower, and 2 World Trade Center lied in 1:1n immense pile of rubble. Ricca never thought the 1,362foot building coul(t have col· lapsed nor did he know tnat it had been· knocked down de lib.: erately. But when he learned . that the building had been hit by a hijacked jetliner, he. realized he. had been involved in the unthinkable. . "When 1 heard that a second plane hit 1 titought, 'Wow this is a terrorist attack.' But I still thought it's just. a few fires and they'll put them out and just fix those floors,'' Ricca said. As the building came down, Ricca and countless others ran toward the ·Brooklyn Bridge. From there he saw the north to\ver collapse. "We were so afraid because

we thought they were going to bomb the bridge and that the bridge would fall on top of us," Ricca said. · Ricca and a coworker, who has an apartment in mid"town Manhattan, walked S:hom the lower east side to 40 street. They arrived at the apartment about 1 p.m. There Ricca made numerous attempts to contact his family, but it was impossible to get a call out to New Jersey. Finally, at 2 p.m. his co-worker phoned his father who lives on Long Isla11d and asked.him to phone Ricca's family. That's how Ricca's family got the news that he had escaped the catastrophe. Ricca arrived· at his mother's home in Clifton, reunited with bis family and grateful to be ·alive, at 8 p.m., roughly 12:hours after United Airlines Flight 175 departed from Boston bound for Los Angeles. Morgan Stanley had 3,500 employees on 40 floors at 2World Tr~de Center, the Trade Center's biggest tenant. Ricca says he is doing "good'', but "once in, ·a w.hile I'll have a flashback, but the counselor (that 1\'[organ.Stan··ley provided) said. 'ithat's normal," he said. About living ·. through ;th.e single worst day in American history Ricca can only .say: .;'What a horrific day, it was non-stop. Sick. Sick, Sick.''

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Its an honor to be the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Group dinner.... Its all about the children!!