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Horse riding is one of the most exhilarating pastimes available. Nature is all around you and you feel at one with the horse, with an amazing impression of freedom and enjoyment. Due to the fact that you feel so uninhibited, there is a danger that you could forget some basic safety concerns. You shouldn't forget that horse riding is inherently dangerous, however and you could always be thrown, ejected or the horse itself could fall. As such, safety should be your principal concern before you even think about getting into the saddle and you should always choose from a list of approved horse riding hats. Whether you are a beginner, an established rider or someone who participates in competition, you must know the risks involved. The riding hat is probably your first line of defence in case of incident and you should not spare any expense or any effort in finding one which is suitable. Remember that you should wear your riding hat when you're not even actually riding, as whenever you are around your horse, there is the risk of a kick.

Today, there are a variety of good riding hats and you should always look for the appropriate certification to help you choose. In the United Kingdom the first thing you should seek out is a British Standards Institute kite mark, or the BSEN 1384 safety tag. Look for a good guarantee from the manufacture, which will indicate how far they stand behind the product, as you will hopefully use the helmet for several years before it needs replacement. MLB Baseball Hats Size and fitting are everything when it comes to the selection of your riding hats. The hat should fit well, without any movement when you move your head quickly from side to side. The item should cover your forehead and the back of the head and have ventilation capacity to keep you comfortable when in the saddle. Riding hats are not designed to last forever and you should budget to replace them after three years at the most. Also, if you are unlucky enough to sustain a blow to the helmet, you are advised to replace it even though you may not see any visible damage as such. Internally there could be some unseen damage, which would certainly compromise its effectiveness during another incident.

Do not be tempted to cut corners and buy a used helmet, or to use somebody else's as you never know what history is attached to that particular item. Horse riding hats have been specifically designed for the purpose and you should not try out any other solution, such as an ice hockey helmet, or a bicycle helmet. Remember that it is your safety, if not your life at stake here, so choose wisely. Riding hats should never be uncomfortable or a nuisance and should neither detract from your enjoyment, or your ability to compete appropriately when on horseback.

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