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Body Image Awareness Week September 1 – 8, 2013

The Butterfly Foundation, an Australian advocacy group is dedicated to bringing about change to the culture, policy and practice in the prevention, treatment and support of those affected by eating disorders and negative body image, has made the first week of September (09/01 – 09/08/13) Body Image Awareness Week. “Body Image  Awareness Week  in September aims to raise awareness of these health threatening conditions and take the opportunity to celebrate our bodies - unique, diverse, strong and beautiful! So join with us and celebrate this important week in your own way.”

”So how does a glamour photographer get away with creating glamour photography? It must be the opposite of having a positive body image, right?  First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  It’s easy to say that we all must love our bodies because we are beautiful and unique creatures… but the truth is that every single one of the women that come to my studio deal with the same body image issues – every one of them.   And body image issues don’t discriminate based on age, race, income, or religion.   Although, the age part isn’t necessarily true.   I know many 13 year old girls who have no problem with their bodies.   It’s the newly 20′s who start getting selfconscious.

But here’s the truth, and you can deny it if you want – but this is what I believe. WE ALL WANT TO LOOK GOOD.   When we look good, we feel good.   When we think we look skinny, we act like it.   When we are grouped together with our friends or family about to take a picture, we hide as much as we can and dread it happening.   But my job is more than just taking a pretty picture.  My job is to see yourself as I see you.   Deep I know.   But, I’m a trained artist and photographer.   I’ve learned how to see the lines and the light.

But, in the end I’m also a woman who loves to be doted on occasionally and for someone to take care in crafting a beautiful portrait of me. Those moments in my studio are true and real moments where dark fears rise to the surface and they aren’t just faced, they are shared.   But it’s a safe and beautiful place. What does having positive body image mean to you?

Body Image Awareness Week - Modern Glamour Photography  

Body Image Awareness Week - Modern Glamour Photography,

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