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Justin Yap

– Curriculum Vitae

Coffee Table Book

– Tr a d i t i o n a l Medical Hall A coffee table book about the traditional Chinese medical halls in Malaysia. The objective is to introduce the traditional Chinese medical halls in Malaysia, so that these traditional cultures will be preserved by future generations. The content of the coffee table book has included traditional medicines that cures common sickness and the traditional tools used in these traditional Chinese medical halls.

Initiative Group, 2011

Sustainability Report

– Starbucks Sustainability Report Starbucks are committed to buying and serving high-quality coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded. They honor this commitment through their responsible coffee purchasing practices, farmer support centers, loan programs and forest conservation efforts. When they buy coffee this way, Starbucks believe that it helps foster a better future for farmers and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change for the planet.

Dasein Academy of Art Individual, 2010

Branding & Promotional

– BackHome Guesthouse BackHome Guesthouse (located in Kuala Lumpur) focused on having a homecoming experience while having your stay at the guesthouse in the city.

Dasein Academy of Art Individual, 2011

Branding & Promotional

– BackHome Guesthouse The keyword for the whole identity is the bird’s nest to represents home; and the cool concrete color is to represents the guesthouse is located in the city.

Dasein Academy of Art Individual, 2011

Key Visual for Tourism Malaysia

– Adventurous Sabah! Key visual for Tourism Malaysia with the theme “Adventurous Malaysia”, using a journal to bring out the characteristics of a tourist while having their stay in Malaysia.

Initiative Individual, 2013

Self Awareness Campaign

– E m b r a c e Yo u r Individuality A campaign which requires to look into ourselves. To create awareness for anyone that have imperfections in them and would like to change about their imperfections but instead to embrace it as part of their life that make them unique from the rest. I chat with a bunch of amazing people around the globe, compile it and came up with a coffee table book to tell our inspiring stories.

Initiative Individual, 2011

– Commercial Wo r k s

Annual Report Pitch

– K&N Kenanga

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

Annual Report Pitch

– Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

Leaflets & Booklet

– BOSCH Asia Pacific

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

Healthy Liver Awareness Campaign

– Know It, Confront It

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

Empire Shopping Gallery F&B Booklet

– I Love Makan

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

Marketing Brochure

– Mammoth Empire Remix 2 Empire Remix 2 offers a peaceful and conducive living environment, enriched with well-designed facilities to tantalise your senses. Focused on providing buyers with a blend of luxury and affordability. Empire Remix 2 fulfills both requirements of spaciousness and comfort for those living in it.

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013


– Empire Property Gallery Billboard

Novafusion Sdn Bhd Individual, 2013

– Thank Yo u

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