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SUNY Community Colleges ​hey friends it's Sara from all manner of inspiration and today I have a video for all of you who are crazy about stationery and notebooks and office supplies and all of those wonderful and delightfully nerdy geeky things I love them I am sharing with you guys today all of my favorites notebooks hope you guys are doing wonderful on the other side of that screen I have had requests from you guys to do a video that goes more into depth about some of the stationery content that I absolutely love I always want to be curating a list of products for you guys that will help you as you do work that inspires you I shared a little bit ago some of the blue sky planners from Target that I absolutely love this video is in that vein and please stay tuned for future videos because I am planning on sharing a planner video and sharing the planners that I use because I do use multiple planners in my everyday life I am a huge notebook fan not only do I love finding the perfect pen but since I was a very little girl I have always enjoyed writing in notebooks I love to journal that videos coming as well I'm going to share with you the different journals I use and I have found in the last year or two really that I have tended to write in multiple notebooks for different things everyone seems to find their own method buying the method that works for you for the longest time I just kept one big huge notebook but I have found that I like to keep different notebooks for different things different projects I'm working on different areas of my life that I want to keep track of but I'm sharing today are the different notebooks that I have where I've got them how you can find them and get your hands on them and then what I use the different notebooks for I really truly believe and there are many studies out there to prove this that in general if I want to take notes on something if I'm free writing about a project I feel that writing by hand really is my favorite method and there are many studies out there that say that if you hand write notes as opposed to typing them you will get better retention there's something about that brain connection to your hand the practice of writing it out so for all those reasons I'm a huge fan of a nut book and I also love me a beautiful stationary product let's be real I will of course put the links to all the notebooks that I can down below and if for some reason I share a notebook that I don't have a direct link to I will find the closest thing to that and put that link down for you below here is my stack of beautiful notebooks the first couple of notebooks I have to share with you are these gorgeous notebooks from inkwell press equal press is a fantastic website tanya is the owner and creator of equal press and she is known primarily for her planners but she has branched out and shared some other products other stationery products including notebooks in her line and I just think they're first-rate quality she works very hard at having really durable covers on her products and she loves to have a really thick paper quality so if those are things that matter to you you want to come and check out equal press because she's really in the details Ellenor Tanya over at equal press is really passionate about giving you a very high level quality product so I have two inkwell press items to share and the first notebook I'm sharing is one that I know is still for sale on her website the one thing you have to watch about equal press is that if it's a popular product or a popular planner she has a release date and she tends to sell out but what I have noticed this summer is that she still has this product in stock on her website and it's fabulous and I think you should check it out this is her fitness journal now I have probably should do a whole walkthrough because it's a very in-depth and detailed Fitness Journal I know that she just released an updated one but the cover is the same and I know that the updates are just different color patterns and maybe some different fonts what I love about this is it is a very detailed journal where you can track your fitness so I know I'm not going into in-depth details in the comments if you want me to do a walk-through of this it's a great way to track your fitness goals your food diary your exercise diary all of that I'm really on a major health and wellness journey for myself and I have used this in the past in fact I think I used this all last summer and it's formatted to be used over the course of I think three months and what I love about this one is she'll have monthly check-ins weekly check-ins you write all your goals out at the beginning and then there's a really detailed page breakdown for every day on your workouts and a huge area for food usually I find with a lot of food journals that are out there there's not enough space to write stuff down and I know that sounds like you eat a lot I don't mean it that way but you know they'll say here track what you eat and they'll give you like one box that's this big she has a little spot for breakfast your a.m. snack your lunch your afternoon snack your dinner if you have a late snack there are detailed spaces for everything and so I like having a notebook that has those details in it and then I can fill them out at my discretion so I have a code down below for this fitness journal the paper quality is really good on this and the cover is very durable and I think it's beautiful so that is the first product a bonus product that I'm sharing because I'm sure she'll launch another journal product in her the future is one of her most popular covers for her planners so if you want

to check out her planners and you like this cover I wanted to show it to you because you can get a planner with this cover on it this is one of her journal releases from last year I love this thing they sold out immediately and she hasn't restocked them I'm kind of bummed that she hasn't restocked this exact journal because I love the paper quality and I got it because it is grid paper so this is what every page looks like and the paper quality is so thick I can put almost any pen in here and it writes beautifully so this notebook is fantastic for any sort of tracking you want to do I'm almost done with this one and it's very thin but I liked that cuz I could carry it around a lot of places so I would put links to the journals that she does have for sale on her side down in the description box below but keep an eye out if she ever offers these hardcover journals again I would pick one up because it's one of the most durable high quality notebook I've ever had so equal press is a fantastic resource and I'll put a bunch of links for them down below this is a new notebook that I just started using and I have been happily surprised I really really love this notebook so this is by a company called bando and I know look at that crazy cover caught my eye because I actually bought this at paper source it was on sale I thought it was really a nice quality notebook for the price I think it was on clearance bando is a line of really cute girly stationery products I would say your target audience might be slightly younger than me but I still love me a good fun a notebook product or stationery product so I've enjoyed looking at stationery products on bando but I find that paper source stores if you're near a paper source carries this brand of notebook and so again like I said I got this one on clearance I got this because I thought I would use this for a project because I like that said stay focused on it and then this is one of the bando slogans that I think is hilarious always be yourself when you could be a unicorn than always be a unicorn just funny silly fun stuff this is just a regular lined notebook there's a place on the page for a date and then there's lined pages and then at the front of the notebook there is a little pocket folder I want to say that because it was on clearance I paid like five or six dollars for this notebook it was so cheap but I think that the retail price before it's on sale is ten dollars this notebook even if you can't find this exact cover comes in a variety of covers and it's usually on sale and I felt like it was just the perfect size it goes in my bag really easily and I am using this right now for an online eCourse and I have already written like half of it it's just been a great notebook to grab and take notes there's not a lot of bleed through on the page with my pens I love this notebook so I thought it was really cute I love when you have a product that has a fusion of both really cute aesthetics to it but also very practical and easy to use so I love the bando products and I'll put a link to their website down below and then my final grouping of notebooks that I am using you guys will not be surprised I'm sure if you use stationery products and notebooks you already know about them but I'm gonna share it anyway I love erin condren notebooks I came to this party very late I thought why in the world do I want to buy a notebook online when I could go to the store and buy a notebook cheaper I didn't understand for me I just couldn't budget it in then as I've shared before my channel Erin Condren started carrying some notebooks at Staples and I discovered them when I was out buying office supplies I picked one up on a whim and now I understand what el fuss is about these coils are very strong these covers pretty much are almost just like laminated covers I really like them because they're very durable it keeps your notebook in great shape I mean I love this band though notebook but it's not a laminated cover so of course it's gonna Bend a lot easier than say this cover would but I picked this one up this is just one of the plain notebooks I purchased at Staples that was Erin Condren and I love it and I use this notebook it's kind of a catch-all for just different notes I'm taking I do a lot of my youtube planning in this salon and I write down information for videos and I also write a lot of information about my Young Living videos in this notebook and then at the back of it I have made a section where I track my personal expenses and I track our grocery budget you know how much we spend at the dry cleaners just different stuff like that I like to see it down written down on paper but again the reason I love this one is its blind pages so I'll show you some blank pages there and it is just the perfect size and so I'm going through it I'm actually almost done with this one I've got a little about 3/4 of the way through but I just found that this wasn't was perfect to travel with perfect to take with me every day and the quality really is great the paper quality is really really good so I have become a convert to loving Erin Condren notebooks in fact I enjoyed this one so much that I ordered this beauty which I have already shared in an unboxing video and I'll put the card up there for you to check it out this is from one of the new notebook lines that Erin Condren has just recently released this year you don't know if I did this or not in my comparison video I want you to see the difference in size this is the first eight-and-a-half by 11 notebook that I purchased from Erin Condren so here there you can see a size comparison it's definitely bigger and I'm actually just getting ready to start this notebook as soon as I finish this one I'm going to move into this one of course I love the little extras you get when you order from Erin Connor and online and I have a lovely little ruler here this is the rose gold cover really pretty dots in the back and their new format with their lines so that's the only thing if you don't want this grid on every page then this new format of the lines might not be your favorite and I glad I got to try it out it's lying on each side they also have a dot grid and looking back I probably wish I would have gotten that one but I'm gonna use

this one up and then probably the next notebook I order I will get a dark red but again really great quality I like that this one's bigger so it's probably gonna last me a little bit longer since I could get more on a page but it's still thin and they've made the coil nice and thin so it still travels really well I love the Erin Condren notebooks I will put both the link two staples down below and then also my affiliate link to erin condren so that if you have never tried them out you can get $10 off of your erin condren purchase and i'll get credit towards more erin condren product so it's a win-win so I'll put both of those links down below so you can check out all the awesome designs and again this is the notebook that I kind of used for my everyday notes as a recap this is a notebook I am using for eat courses or any sort of note-taking where I'm learning something so anything I want to come back and really refer to as like education is going in this one and then this is my fitness planner my food journal my exercise journal and they're just another plain journal notebook that I love and then as a bonus I wanted to share this one because I think it's so cute and I cannot find a link for it but I'm going to put a link to the brand of this stationery product down below and just an extra tip a great way to find really affordable cheap notebooks that are so cute is check out the stationary sections of TJ Maxx Marshalls home goods those are the three that I have found I have found the most beautiful notebooks you don't get a lot of selection if you find it you need to grab it I think they just kind of get whatever they get but this one I picked up at t.j.maxx probably a year ago now and it's a gorgeous notebook inside and I love this quote she turned her cans into cans and her dreams into plans this is my notebook that I used specifically for young living because I wanted it for all of my young living education and information about my own living business whole notebook was $4.99 when you get the cheaper notebooks you have to be careful because you have to check it out and make sure it's the quality you'd like but I love that this one's lined and even has a green rim around the pages I've just found this one to be really durable and for $4.99 you just can't beat that price so my bonus tip for notebooks is to check out stores near you like TJ Maxx home goods or Marshalls and go to where their stationery products are and just dig through what they have because I have probably a different stock every time you go it's a great way to find really cute notebooks if you're on a really strict budget so guys those are all of the notebooks that I am currently using I know it's a lot for me the system works I keep them stored here in my office I find that if I have a different place to go for each different thing that it really helps me keep my thoughts organized and keeps me focused and on task for whatever it is that I'm using that notebook for so if you're a stationery nerd I hope you enjoyed this video I'll have the links to all the products down below let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up I would really appreciate that it lets me know that you're enjoying this content and please consider subscribing to my channel if you haven't already subscribed grab a notebook and a pen and write something wonderful and meaningful down have a great day we'll talk to you soon and I'll be back at you soon with another video take care on the other side of that screen guys bye Monroe Community College.