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Welcome  To  My  Portfolio!      

Coming in  to  English  285,  I  was  thoroughly  convinced  that  nothing  could  

make me  enjoy  writing.  While  every  one  had  said  I  was  a  talented  writer,  I  never   believed  them.  I  had  zero  confidence  in  anything  I  created,  and  did  not  think  it  was   at  all  possible  to  enhance  the  way  my  words  flowed  on  to  paper.  Boy,  was  I   mistaken.  I  learned  more  than  I  thought  was  possible!  Besides  the  normal   structuring  of  writing,  I  learned  something  of  more  value:  finding  myself  in  what  I   created.  No  longer  was  I  writing  to  get  something  done.  I  was  writing  to  express   myself  in  a  new  medium.    

Starting with  creative  non-­‐fiction,  I  had  no  idea  what  to  write.  My  life  was  not  

interesting enough  to  have  anything  to  share.  The  things  I  wanted  to  write  about  I   thought  were  too  personal.  In  the  end,  I  went  out  on  a  limb  and  wrote  about  the   death  of  my  Grandfather,  something  that  was  extremely  hard  for  me  to  write.  I   remember  sitting  at  my  kitchen  table,  crying  my  eyes  out  trying  to  finish  the  piece.   Sharing  that  part  of  me  with  an  audience  of  strangers  was  a  scary  thought.  However,   after  the  first  workshop,  I  found  out  that  sharing  parts  of  me  wasn’t  the  scariest   thing  in  the  world.      

I think  I  struggled  the  most  with  creative  fiction.  I  find  myself  creative  only  in  

the medium  of  video,  what  could  I  write  about  that  wasn’t  a  direct  tale  of  my  own   life?  How  could  I  steer  away  from  clichés?  The  day  I  started  my  piece  titled  “Freeze   Frame”,  I  was  in  an  emotional  state.  I  had  found  out  that  my  boyfriend  was  

potentially moving  to  Arizona  in  two  weeks  time,  just  out  of  the  blue.  I  was  an   emotional  wreck.  I  decided  to  try  putting  that  emotion  in  to  my  creative  writing   piece.  You  know  what?  It  worked!  I  came  up  with  a  wonderful  piece  that  I  am   extremely  proud  of,  and  I  was  able  to  exuberate  all  of  my  emotion.  It  felt  good.  My   fiction  piece  was  the  point  in  my  writing  where  I  thought,  “I  can  do  this.”    

Poetry was  perhaps  my  favorite  writing  series  to  work  on.  It  was  exciting  to  

be able  to  write  about  my  favorite  subjects  in  an  artistic  way.  However,  I  was   nervous  about  my  poetry  coming  out  too  cliché  and  hokey.  I  tried  to  steer  away  from   topics  like  nature  and  love,  or  at  least  try  and  put  my  own  creative  spin  on  them.  I   took  a  twist  on  nature  and  wrote  about  the  life  of  a  carrot.  I  then  proceeded  to  take  a   page  from  my  own  life  and  write  about  an  event  with  my  boyfriend.  It  was  fun   coming  up  with  ways  to  write  these  memorable  events  into  shortened  versions  that   would  make  my  audience  smile.      

Something I  learned  from  working  on  these  pieces  was  about  the  genres  

themselves. Whenever  I  thought  of  creative  fiction,  I  thought  sci-­‐fi/fantasy.  When  I   thought  of  non-­‐fiction,  I  thought  of  old-­‐timey  historical  information.  Poetry  always   made  me  think  of  cliché  middle  school  poems  about  love.  These  genres  are  so  much   more  than  that.  They  are  the  ways  that  you  creatively  express  every  emotion  and   thought  you  may  have.  They  enable  you  to  portray  yourself  in  a  different  medium;   one  that  you  might  not  have  otherwise  identified  with.  Using  the  knowledge  I  have   gained  from  creating  this  portfolio,  I  have  already  started  working  on  some  personal   pieces  that  I  hope  to  one  day  submit  to  publishers,  or  at  least  have  enjoyed  by  the   people  I  care  about!  

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