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A Family Company founded in 1971- - One of the Oldest and Most Experienced in the Industry

Quality Craftsmanship Assurance & Energy Efficient Construction-GREEN

Free Dream Kitchen: Corian, Maple Cabinets, Nafco Tile Floor, Much More

Interest Rates are @ HISTORIC LOWS- I can help with construction loan financing options

Superior Construction- Simplex goes beyond Building Code.

• Construction time is saved, (fewer interest payments when you are not even living in the home!) sturdier construction, construction waste reduced, less exposure to the elements, Recycling program for: wire, vinyl, wood scrap, sawdust, cardboard, and other materials-GREEN • Building in a controlled environment, with an optimized construction process and machinery, allows for much less material loss, theft, and waste-GREEN • Each custom home is built in a climate-controlled facility, eliminating the chances of air quality issues caused by high levels of trapped moisture during the construction process-GREEN • Simplex Homes are constructed in an environment that minimizes the typical carbon footprint associated with building a new home- GREEN • Simplex was Green before Green was “in”. We are the old Green and the new Green and we hope to save you some Green! - GREEN •

Your Home passes more than 100 inspections before the home even leaves the factory.

Name Brand Custom Builder Grade Materials

Highly Ranked with Dun and Bradstreet’s Financial Reports

Custom Building-Bring us your plan-We can build it!

Dedicated Network of Personnel serving YOU! Regional Account Manager, Staff Designers, CCH General Contractor,

GC’s Subcontractors, The Factory Executives and Staff, Engineers, Draftsmen, Purchasing Managers, Quality Control Managers, Transportations Manager, 3rd Party Inspectors, Service Manager and the Customer Service Department

• Bob Vila built a Simplex Mountain Modular Retreat, wrote a book about it called “Prefab Home” with Michael Buchannan, and documented the whole process on his TV show. •

Simplex now has a “Solar” division named Simplex Solar. -GREEN

Finally, we have a factory model home in the Charlotte, NC area @ 2870 Charlotte Hwy, Mooresville, NC. Three models in Maryland, and three more @ our factory in Scranton, PA.

Justin Skwara Simplex Homes

Account Manager


Reasons to Invest in Modular Homes  


Reasons to Invest in Modular Homes