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Learning Portfolio – Smooth Jazz Justin Yap DESIGN 101 Bob & Nestor 12:00 – 3:00 pm MW

First Assignment: Collage Culture: Smooth Jazz

Second Iteration

Third Iteration

Skip the fourth iteration since it pretty much looked like the previous iterations of the collage.

Fifth Iteration

On the ninth iteration, we were able to use text in our collage to help identify our collage a little bit better without actually saying it. The phrases that I used was, “A night to remember, Soothing Energy, Total Relaxation, Beauty, Relaxing & Simplicity.� However, I was not able to use all of them, so I decided to just use three out of five phrases. On the eleventh iteration, we were able to use color in our collage. Using color in our collages help expand our ideas and was able to open new doors for various possibilities. At this stage, I started to feel more confident in my work and felt like I was getting close to the final piece- final iteration.

Fourteenth and Final Iteration

The day we were critiqued helped me and my fellow classmates really understand what message the collage was actually conveying towards other people. Since the class was big, Bob & Nestor was not able to cover all of the students, so they had to divide the class on various days. This became extremely difficult since I felt like I needed more critiques as I progressed towards the final iteration. However, Andrew Chandler, the head chairman of the Architecture Department, really helped me out. He told me that my collage could use just a little bit more expanding. He also commented that I was using metaphors instead when I was trying to be more abstract.

Second assignment was the group research project. We partnered with other classmates and decided to work on a specific time period. My group consisted two other people, Tim & Tonya. We picked Modernism and ended up focusing on a small part of modernism: London Underground Transportation. On the day of the presentation, we felt like we really accomplished our project and that we ended with a big bang.

Third assignment: Make a 3-d model using the same/new culture from our collage.

Second 3-d model iteration

Third 3-d model iteration

Fourth 3-d model iteration

Fifth 3-d model iteration

Sixth 3-d model iteration

Seventh 3-d model iteration I switched materials on this one as I thought it would better explain my culture

Eighth 3-d model iteration

I expanded on the last iteration and thought I would go in a architectural sense by using LED’s and creating a shell like model using aluminum sheet metal.

Ninth 3-d model iteration Combined with a partner (Chaka Miller) with similar cultures: Smooth Jazz and Mississippi Delta

Side View

Tenth 3-d model iteration

Eleventh 3-d model iteration

Twelfth & final 3-d model iteration

Overall in this learning process, I learned how to interact with my materials. I was able to learn how there are certain limits to using materials. Knowing there are limits is one thing, but actually handling and figuring out what you can do is another. In addition, I learned how to be express my ideas more abstract rather than in a metaphorical sense. I definitely learned a lot in this class and loved the critiques. Thank you Bob & Nestor!

DSGN 101 Learning Portfolio Final  

Final Learning Portfolio for DSGN 101 at City College of San Francisco

DSGN 101 Learning Portfolio Final  

Final Learning Portfolio for DSGN 101 at City College of San Francisco