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OCTOBER 17, 2012




October 17, 2012



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To the beat of His drum As a kid, you’re told to follow your dreams, reach for SCOTT stars, and do FORSYTH the what you enjoy; you can be anything you want. We dreamt of becoming astronauts,

sionate about, or am I greedy if I pur-

and our parents supported us as we changed our mind on a daily basis. But when we eventually grew up, all that went out the window. As university students, in the economy we live in, we are now told to be whatever will guarantee us a job after graduation. We are haunted by the need for our goals to be realistic. Why do we throw away our dreams in the name of stability and safety? Did God intend for us to live safe lives, choosing the most secure path? Or are we called to take risks, pursue the passions laid on our hearts, and trust that He will provide day by day? Now I’m not the one to judge. Here I am, a business student by day and a dance choreographer by night;

In our freshman year, we’re forced to create a four-year plan, mapping out our education. When we graduate, we’re encouraged to visualize


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Should I chase my dream and take the practical, investing even further in my education to pursue a law degree


for a future wife and children? Am I -

There comes a point where you must make a choice between your passion and the practical—a crossroads between certainty and the possibility of everything else, good or bad. It is

I argue that there’s a huge difference between being smart with your future, and overcommitting to sustainability to a point where God has to break you if He wants a say. How can we expect God to work unreasonably miraculous things through us if we do not constantly live, to some degree, unreasonably? God manifests Himself in the transcendent, which can include trumping the mere logic of humans—logic like retirement plans, job security, or bringing a safety buddy to a craigslist deal. For me, my passion really started in a basement studio in suburban form of art is purely recreational when you’re only 10 years old. How are you supposed to understand the idea of physically expressing yourself other than yelling and punching


your pillow? But year after year, this art unfolded in my hands and I’m left with a gift that is almost incomprehensible unless you experience it yourself. It’s similar to that moment when you hear a song that gives you goosebumps. Or that photo that tugs are your heartstrings. Or that painting that melts away life’s problems. It’s something that you cannot simply ignore and move on from; it changes you; it’s a taste of that transcendent. And so we come to this choice. But perhaps it’s not the decision that matters so much as the motivation behind our decision. Are we stuck working in a cubicle because we need to feed our family or because we’re

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relying and leaning on Him. I’ll be honest; it’s a scary place to be at. It’s easy to say you trust God when you have an idea of what you want to do with your life, it’s a whole other thing to say, “I trust you,” when you have absolutely no idea of what lies ahead. So for now I’ll just do what I do: class, dance, class, study, study, study, hang out, and sleep. All the while praying that, with every day that passes, God would reveal a little bit more of His plan for us.


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ESS CALL FOR PAPERS A call for papers on The Meaning of Life has been posted for the 2nd Annual English Students’ Society Symposium! The English Students’ Society (ESS) is a club designed to improve the academic and social experiences of self and others. All students are welcome to submit a brief abstract outlining the argument of the paper they wish to present, or their creative writing in full. Please see the Call For Papers posted on a bulletin board in one of the above departments for more details. Submissions are due by January 31, 2013. Please address questions to Alethea Cook at

my playlist

Jacquelyn Davies

EMMA SPANJER Travis Heide Bryce Perry

I Haven’t Seen This Day Before Innocence Mission Spanish Harlem Incident Bob Dylan England The National From the Mouth of Gabriel Sufjan Stevens Amsterdam Coldplay Selling Advertising David Bazan Brooklyn Boy Kevin Devine Holland, 1945 Neutral Milk Hotel 1904 The Tallest Man on Earth Sunshine Honey Wars Peace Song Kye Kye Death is Forming Jay Reatard

ADVISOR @marshillonline

COVER STATEMENT. Tim Neufeld was a joy to interview look at the Christian music industry as enlightening as we did.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Puppies with soft ears. Actually, just the ears.” -Gillian Dunn

October 17, 2012


The world groans...why care?



An interview with Dave Mahan of the Au Sable Institute. “When I worked for the nature



Institute of Environmental studies offers

Island, Washington, southern India,

courses for students from Christian with the Mars’ Hill to tell us a bit about why he does what he does. cally, there’s a lot of doom and gloom as restoration ecology, watershed

with the creation—even though we see it groaning, we still have to, in

says, we look forward to a time when ‘heaven an earth will come together’. I always thought heaven would be

we do does matter.”

what makes life meaningful. or streets of gold; for me, it would be I was sitting on a mountain once, less hooks. God loves sedges and I wouldn’t say Wright’s Surprised by Hope really lays that out nicely—that the future will be heaven and earth joined. In Romans it says the creation’s wait-


you get to meet a lot of Christian kids -

wildlife ecology) are hosted at camthe children of God. We have to have would have me to do. I do it because I -

enhances what a student can get at your home college.” I was encouraged by the students at the talk last night, the way they cared.

selves. Many of my fellow workers in the conservancy were often working for a a lot of environmental degradation. I same. With God, matter really does cal state: I could look at the way I look matter. Isn’t it great that our faith But no, I get on my mountain bike and -

us to do work.

your faith and your education mean is not only the creator, but God is also live in a watershed.” Visit or talk to Trinity’s Au Sable rep, Dr. David Clements for more info.

the way the world is going. We don’t life even though I’m going down the



In relationship with nature A look at the Trinity Western Environmental Alliance. Many years ago, conserJohn ELIZABETH vationist Muir wrote in ZWAMBORN his journal the following statement: “I only went out


in the middle of an urbanized Lower sands of volunteers around the coun-

is still surrounded by nature. task of naming all of the creatures.

stay out ‘til sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” Whenever I venture into the woods or wander beside a quiet stream, I

commission is ours to carry on. By

but they also came face to face with a

and animals around us, we learn to -

but it was still really neat.

the semester begins and schoolwork

learn about how the Northern Gate-


But the story doesn’t have to end here. addition to environmental ones. By the time this article comes out in the to found a community of students brought together by love for nature and the common goal of creation care, which reaches out to the world beyond

Christian environmental organization) in celebrating their harvest festi-

brings awareness to the interconnectedness of environmental degradation and the quality of human life. this semester for adventure and feldents will get the chance to visit the

human kinetics, biology, and educashowing that the calling of creation care is for all Christians. Contact us at for more info.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Baby Animals!” -Alicia, Kira & Amanda


October 17, 2012


It’s not fair (trade) There are two themes I have JACQUELYN that seen startDAVIES ing to form within our western culture. First: “I want the most convenient, the fastest, the best. I want everything handed to me on a platter.” Second: “I want to see a change in this world. I want to help people less fortunate than me.” Unfortunately these two themes are being mixed together and it simply doesn’t work. This past year, I participated in the Guatemala & Belize travel study, where I saw and learned about these


work, but how they do sell products. and organizations like it that seem to promise to the world, “Buy my product and you’ll make a difference.” In Western culture, we want to believe this and buy into the “promises” that these logos make. We do this because it is convenient and it makes us feel good about ourselves. We think if we spend that extra two dollars on a cup of coffee it’s going to make a difference in the life of a farmer. We assume that if it says ‘fair’ on the bag it must be true, believing our idea of fair is the same as theirs. If we’re not convinced by the word ‘fair’ on the bag we hop on our Internet, where it tells us that buying these products is a fantastic solution to our need (and the impoverished’s). Sadly, this is not as true as we would like to believe. Here is the devastating truth

about Fairtrade. 1. To be a Fairtrade logo holder, one only needs to pay their employees minimum wage which, for places such as Bangladash, is around a dollar a day, or in Guatemala a much higher wage of seven dollars a day. Even at seven dollars, the farmers are working up to twenty hours a day. Additionally, when they come home they have larger families to take care of because they usually can’t afford contraception. 2. To obtain the Fairtrade logo one must pay $3,000 to the Fairtrade the local farmer this is virtually impossible. To earn that much money a local farm would have to produce around 30,000 pounds of coffee. And such desperately needed funds could go to better use on things such as “appropriate technologies” that would enhance production for the farmers. More importantly, if the farmers begs the question, “Where is that $3,000 going, if not to the farmers who are supposed to be helping and representing?” 3. Coffee is usually bought at the green stage of production, at which point it changes owners and becomes a different company’s coffee—a company that has nothing

to do with the locals who are actually producing the coffee. It is in this new ownership of the coffee that the Fairtrade logo is often placed onto the bag, so that people who care about local farmers will buy it at a higher price, therefore exploiting not only the farmers, but the consumers as well. Unfortunately, this is true not only of Fairtrade but also of many logos like it: direct trade, smart trade, organic, and ethical trade. I am not saying that every company that holds one of these logos is bad. Instead, understand that I am urging you to take your time and do your research. Find companies that will answer the hard questions and that are truly interested in helping others instead of themselves. Find companies such as, “As Green As It Gets,” who are actually committed to making a difference in the lives of the farmers and the locals. These people may have the Fairtrade logo or they may not. I encourage you to avoid mixing the desire for the fastest solution with the desire to help this world. Instead, look for a solution that may take more time and effort, but leads to a lasting change.


DISPATCHES FROM THE LLC R i d e a u Hall: situated on BRADEN eighty-eight KOSLOWSKY acres of sprawling lawns and forests, it is perhaps one the most extraordinary and symdences open for exploration. When one enters the Governor General’s residence, they enter into a place of past, present, and future, and can cut through Canadian time and space in the course of an afternoon. Designated a national historic site in 1977, Rideau Hall is owned by the Queen of England and maintained by the National Capital Commission. Uniquely, it is simultaneously an operating residence, work place, and tour location. So, while the Governor General and his


towards the back of the Hall, thousands of civilians tour the prominent areas each day. heraldry, crests, portraits of Governors General, and Canadian artwork and literature populate the Hall. This symbolism aligns with the role of the Governor General today.

Much of the Right Honourable David Johnston’s action is undertaken at the behest of the Prime Minister— his role in appointments (signing of bills, dissolving of Parliament, issuing of Royal Proclamations, etc) is, very clearly, a formality. Yet those who claim that the Governor General is defunct and unnecessary, who are not patriotically moved by the symbols joining the ranks of the Vice Regal Lion, are simply ill-informed. Perhaps that is why there is a certain grandeur to the Hall; it calls the foreign and the Canadian mind back to the real power of the Head of State when ideas of ‘symbolism alone’ begin to creep into their thinking. The stateliness, the grandeur, of ernor General does have potency in his or her power. It is wisdom, meekness and yes, convention as well, that keeps the full potency of the Governor General’s power from being truly exercised. The vaulted ceilings, the larger-than-life Diamond Jubilee portrait of Her Majesty, as well as the artefacts of innumerable value that shape and populate the ball the Governor General. The Hall is not a museum; the position of Gov-

ernor General is not yet an historical artefact either. Rather, the Governor General is a levy against political gap, the only real check and balance, against total power being seized by a Prime Minister aspiring for the infamy of Macbeth. Indeed, rideau can be translated to English as ‘veil’ or ‘curtain’: if the light of Canadian governmental ambition were ever to become too intense, the Governor General would be the only one able to draw the curtain closed, to keep the populace behind the curtain from being burnt completely. Both the Governor General and his residence can be seen as a pars pro toto, as synecdoche, as part referring to whole. And, as a living, growing, expanding entity, Rideau Hall will of Canada for years to come (it may soon need to add a shaded Indian courtyard and a Chinese rock garden if it is to remain completely relevant). At the very least Canadians can be stands, trees will be planted— at least a few times per year— no matter the government’s stance on the environment.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Happiness!” -Tara Gorman

October 17, 2012



Arm of the church Dr. Zimmerman speaks on liberal arts education, the church, and the relation between. To continue our coverage of this year’s CAMERON lecture series REED on “Re-Envisioning Christian Humanism: The Humanities and Higher Education,” Mars’ Hill sat down with Dr. Jens Zimmerman, TWU’s very own Canada Research Chair in Interpretation, Religion, and Culture.


The Very Reverend Dr. John Behr revealed that the goal of liberal arts education, as described by the early church fathers, is to become more Christ-like. Dr. Zimmerman addresses some of the implications of this idea. “With Trinity Western University, we’ve got this phrase in our mission statement that we’re an ‘arm of the church.’ What does it mean to be an arm of the church? This is exactly the

kind of problem liberal arts helps with. Literature and art teaches you the power of language—the power of metaphor for expressing truth. It’s the only way that you can actually express non-mathematical truth, which is not always useful. That two and two is four doesn’t help you a great deal with things like distributive justice or your marriage. That phrase also immediately links it, in the Christian mind, to the church. Then you have this problem: what does that make the university president, the provost? Are they the elders, the apostles, etc? It’s an expression of how our faith relates to culture but may not be the best metaphor to use. There are two basic ways of thinking about it. You can simply take whatever the Bible says about the community of faith, and the

transformation that happens in the inner man, and apply that completely to the world and its structures. This means that in some way, whatever you have in the scriptures and in church tradition, is the ultimate pinnacle of knowledge and of reality that needs to be applied to culture to transform it in just that way. And I just don’t think that works. The Bible doesn’t tell you anything about geography, or about science, really. I think the best option is to take the second kind of stance that even somebody like Luther had or is especially true of Catholicism or Thomism, that this is all God’s world. We don’t just have Christ and the call of grace. We also still have Christ linked to God the Creator who has made this world in a certain way. It’s made in such a way that wisdom on general things—science and

geography—things like justice and so on, work for everybody who is a human being and lives in this world God has made. That then means there is sort of a common area of investigation, and even the structure of society, civil government, and governance, that cannot be directly taken over by what’s going on in the church. [The liberal arts university] comes from Christian roots. It came about and developed the way it did because Christians held exactly that view: that God made the world and therefore we can all investigate it. You don’t need to be a Christian to be a good scientist. When you cease to be a good scientist is when you refuse to conform your research agenda and your hypotheses to what nature actually yields. The same is true for governance. If we agree that we shouldn’t struc-

ture Canadian society according to a Biblical model of the church, why would we think any such thing of the university? What general humanity cooks up in terms of governance structures is not necessarily of the devil or demonic when it’s taken into TWU. Why? Because there’s a common reason. There’s a common world. One of my favorite lines is this student prayer, I think from Aquinas: ‘Lord remove from me the double fault of sin and ignorance.’ Just because you’re freed from sin, doesn’t mean you’re freed from ignorance. But I think that’s a mistake Christians often make.” Be sure to check out the next lecture by David Lyle Jefferey: “Scripture in the Monastic Studium and the Humanistic Foundation” on October 29th.


on SHELF with Justin Poulsen 1. Regardless of your major, you need to read this book. 2. It’s only 50 pages—a faster read than most Chinese take-out menus. 3. You REALLY need to read this book. Letters to a Young Poet holds a collection of letters written by Rainer Maria Rilke, a 27 year-old writer, to Franz Xaver Kappus, a 19 year-old aspiring poet. While some of his ing, most of it pertains to his philosophy on the life of a student: the of young love, and the virtue of difHis comments on the stress of choosing a career path are wholehearted, encouraging us to allow

our passions and skills to dictate our future. We are intentionally created by God; therefore, we cannot fully trust God unless we trust ourselves, and the work that occurs through us. As Rilke commands, “Take whatever comes, with great trust, and as long as it comes out of your will, out of some need of your innermost self, then take it upon yourself, and don’t hate anything.” While he epitomizes the tortured artist, Rilke manages to make one feel as if sadness were a cozy sweater, a warm breeze, even a close friend. “Bear your sadness with greater trust than your joys. For they are the moments when something new has entered you, something unknown…. everything alive trusts in it.” Why are

you so quick to shut out your pain when you have no idea what beauty it may be creating within you? To be honest, his belief that one should “be able to walk alone inside oneself and see no one for hours” fundamentally challenges my love of this campus’ 24/7 community of hangouts. But the more I read of Rilke the more I found myself taking that walk and, even more strange, enjoying it. Of course this review would not be complete (or not nearly as interesting) without including Rilke’s thoughts on love. He does not criticize the ignorance of young lovers so much as impress upon the reader its true nature—love is not the merging of two worlds, but one person’s decision to become the other’s world. “Young people, who are beginners in everything, are not yet capable of love,” not because they’re immature, but because “it is something they must learn. But learningtime is always a long, secluded time, and therefore loving, for a long time ahead and far into life, is—: solitude, a heightened and deepened kind of aloneness for the person

who loves.” Indeed, much of his writing reminds one of a closing exhortation in one of the Apostle Paul’s letters: “Be patient and without bitterness, and realize that the least we can do is to make [our] coming into

out of such deep understanding, with such authority.” Rilke lived an entire century ago, but at the time of these letters he was the same age as us. And you can feel it; “I felt, as many readers have felt, that the letters were written for me.” It is my

than the earth does for spring when it wants to come.”

the library and feel it too, because maybe they were.

readers with a sense of anticipation, transforming the simplest walk to possibilities. He preaches the mystery of the Gospel and thus a gospel of mystery when he writes, “This is in the end the only kind of courage that is required of us: the courage to face the strangest, most unusual, most inexplicable experiences that can meet us.” If we believe that Christ was raised from the dead, why should we not expect to be presented with something as equally breathtaking on our way to class? I fervently proclaim Letters to a Young Poet as the Trinity Western University Student Handbook. The having “never heard a voice speak

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Chocolate fountains.” -Leanne Nelson

October 3, 2012


October 17, 2012



Network or notwork? A behind the scenes look with IT at why TWU’s internet is so slow. Recently




been a hotbed for debate, or Mars’ Hill brought in the entirety of your friendly neighbourhood IT Department tell us, and

TV shows and music through peer-topeer programs 24 hours a day. Literally. 24 hours a day. MH: IT: Technology foibles are inevitable. I can say only one thing about our

In another regard, the world is witnessing an evolution in the way people interact with the internet. It is not simply informational, but extremely entertainment-based. And, of course, this emergence brings with it the streaming and downloading of TV shows and movies, which consist

wireless card, your computer may may need to consider an upgrade. MH: IT:


with the wireless activity on campus at MARS HILL:




of the wireless activity is in the eve-

current situation.

which should be more than enough these limits because our bandwidth usage can be as high as 95-99% at


options to increase the wireless capabilities over the entire campus, but it unacceptable.

access her online arti-

Y” is streaming Two

those foibles with grace and poise and patience. And I say “we” because time with routers and peer-to-peer software, but we are usually able to in order to approach residents who are using a disproportionate amount,

understands that we need to adapt with the culture.

best possible solution for the campus. MH: lenges that come with improving the


into account—time, money and location being among them. MH: Do you have any tips for students currently dealing with internet problems? IT: Try to avoid using the internet nings. 5pm: unless you have to get there, plan so nicely. Campus internet access is

share the same road at the same time, IT: The location of our campus

matter of that bandwidth allotment

novel, where I get to hunt down bad

available to us. For instance, a university located in downtown Vancouver can choose from many different communications providers and, in turn, negotiate several different pricing options. In Langley, however, those

MH: How exactly does the campus IT: for our internet pipe. That pipe is

more access points in the library, for example) and we will continue to monitor areas on campus and address them as needed. passionate and courteous. If you are intentionally running any programs or ing wireless access for others, please

we can implement a more permanent solution. You can always reach us directly by submitting a Helpdesk ticket at:

demand more lanes and bridges, but those come at the cost of higher taxes and tolls. Now, here in IT, we can offer striving to improve technology service You can always use campus com-

tion the distance of simply laying the physical pipe, is a lot greater.

and collegiums. at your computer. If you run a myriad

as agreed upon in our contract to our internet provider. Once we reach though we can spill over the cap and simply pay the difference each month. peting for wireless usage. Is that fair

aware of the windy weather condipower returned, two of the access -

the buildings on campus, which often streaming Two and Half Men

all the interferences induced by the

be streaming Community instead—in the auditorium—with all his friends.

culprits are: microwaves, cordless phones, software access-points, and

MH: improve on that. IT: be pretty catastrophic if we left the probably see a giant surge of wireless devices, including rogue routers, and the wireless connection speed would be a lot slower than it is right now. Not to mention that hundreds of residents would be downloading movies,

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “My future wife!” -Jesse Zonneveld

October 17, 2012


WorkCore is Hardcore On Saturday, September 29th, a team of four students went out into the local commuouting for the 2012-2013 school year and the students were excited. Upon arriving at their destination they were greeted warmly, and put straight to work. The project for the day was to remove sticks, logs, branches, and ivy from the side yard of Trinity Western University’s own

staff members. The team got to work and after a while, the truck was full and needed to be taken away and dumped. While the truck was gone the students continued to make a pile of wood. As the pile grew and grew, the students thought they could see the light at the end but to their surprise, the stick and branches just kept coming. It was like a never-ending supply of wood was springing out of the ground.

Eventually the truck came back and was just continued to pile it all up behind the truck. In all, the four students managed to clean up a ton of branches, sticks, logs, twigs, etc. The branches were weighed at the dump and it was later reported back to me that as a team we had actually gathered up one ton! So, when I say a ton, I literally mean one ton. WorkCore is hardcore.




Face time, not FaceTime

A summary of Darcy Rezac’s lecture on face-to-face networking in a digital age.

To many people, ‘networking’ is a dirty SCOTT word that FORSYTH makes them uncomfortable. But why don’t we like networking? “Because you’re normal,” Darcy Rezac replies—world


of in the TWU School of Business speaker series. People are afraid of being rejected, it can be uncomfortable, and it feels like you are selling yourself. But Rezac presents three new paradigms to a classic business concept: the importance of face-to-face interaction in business, positive networking, and powerful weak links. First, we all know that technology has dramatically shifted our methods of communication. A recent study found that face-to-face contact has taken a huge hit, from 6 hours a day in 1987 to 2 hours a day in 2007.

Rezac stresses that technology the workplace. The top companies are catching on to this and taking the appropriate measures. Most notably, cial “break-time” where for a few minutes Google employees are mandated to pair up with cooworkers and go for a walk together, increasing their faceto-face contact and ultimately their creativity. Second, positive networking is not about you, your sale, or marketing yourself; it’s about discovering what you can do for someone. While there’s a time and place for transactional networking, the majority of networking opportunities are not about closing a sale but opening a relationship. It’s not just about getting to know more

Join us January 24, 2013 to see Ken Hugessen speak on Executive Compensation at Terminal City Club.

Diamond Planet Discovered

55 Crancri e, a planet in the Cancer constellation, has been discovered to be largely made out of diamonds. New ex-

Stratospheric Skydive

Felix Baumgartner, a 43-year-old daredevil, attempted to break the record for the longest freefall on Sunday. He jumped from the edge of space and broke the sound barrier by going 1,137 km/hr but was unable to set a new record for the longest freefall. Baumgartner survived and views his jump as progress for the aerospace industry.

Taliban Targets Teen

Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in retaliation for her championing of education rights for girls and highlighting Taliban atrocities. At just 14 years of age she was writing a blog for the BBC and was recognized by her country’s Prime Minister for her efforts. Despite her grave wounds, she appears to be in stable condition.

to the next one, you never know if that

can improve our world. Third, Rezac suggests that while we may trust our strongest and clos-

US Presidential Debates

eryone, as analysts declared Romney to be the winner. Critics were surprised at Obama’s sluggish behaviour, and praised Romney’s quick factual comebacks.

est relationships the most, it’s our weaker and more distant relationships that hold potential for our career development. Part of this is because we tend to associate with people who are similar to us; therefore, we often also share the same talents and skills. Someone that you may not know very well is more likely to have a very different skillset, with which you would be more likely to compliment than compete. After Darcy Rezac’s lecture, I am certainly looking forward to the rest of the series. Remember to bring your

Cuban Missile Crisis Anniversary

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis: the United States stood on the brink of a nuclear war

graphite, with diamonds pushing through from the layers below. Scientists estimate the planet to be 40 light years from earth, and a third of it is pure diamonds due to the

Teen succumbs to bullying

One month shy of her 16th birthday, BC student Amanda Todd took her own life after posting a Youtube video telling her story of abuse and bullying. Despite Amanda’s earlier suicide attempts, her mother said in recent days and weeks she was getting much better. But Carol refuses to let her story be so easily extinguished: “Amanda was a very caring individual. One of her goals was to get her message out there and have it used as a learning tool for others.”

resolved when the USSR removed their missile systems. The world had never been so close to a nuclear holocaust.

A cornucopia of cultures International students offer their perspectives on a local tradition. While most local students returned to their TRAVIS families this HEIDE autumn, the Multicultural Thanksgiving Dinner— held the Friday preceding Canadian Thanksgiving weekend—was just one of the ways the International Student Program (ISP) is helping foreign students feel at home. Although the Dinner catered to a smaller audience than in previous years (well under 100), it demonstrated how ISP continues to unite diverse cultures in equally diverse ways. This year, low promotion resulted in lower numbers for the Thanksgiving Dinner, but this did not detract from the spirit of the event. Everyone enjoyed in abundance the fruits of last-minute efforts made by our cooks and volunteers. “It was cozy with half the people; it


was still fun,” remarked Debbie Kim, a new member to ISP, “And watching the Thai, Swiss, and Latino volunteers cooking their dishes from some nine different countries was heartwarming.” Once again participants came with friends from all corners of the globe including China, Japan, and Saskatchewan. As they introduced foreign cuisine to familiar faces, one Cambodian programmer, Sopari Sor, made an observation from a different angle. The Dinner invites overseas students to engage in North American culture through something “not part of their tradition”—a Canadian/ American festival. “I love that ISP makes it a tradition,” she concluded. “It was the only Thanksgiving dinner I had this weekend,” said Kim, a Korean ‘missionary kid’ based in China. “I would encourage all

international students to bring their friends [to any ISP event]. For an international student whose family is not here, spending days with friends is one of the most meaningful ways to interact on campus.” The strengthened bonds between this attitude. “It’s just basically hanging out,” said Kim, describing an ISP event. “Being on a team with friends is my favourite thing; and there are so many opportunities to make new international friends.” This year Ben Birkenstock, another ‘missionary kid’ hailing from Germany, China, and now Canada is living in The Globe—the ‘Mecca’ of on-campus international activities. “I feel right at home,” he said. “People I’ve been involved with from overseas, to me, don’t feel like ‘foreigners’. A lot of [students] may be

North American by their passport, but we’re actually from all over the place. Our friends are diverse and we have a great group of people who have an international perspective.” He continued to describe how student activities, both promoted and spontaneous, resemble experiences from his adolescence in China—like bubble tea runs. Birkenstock also the “authentic” dishes served at the Dinner than selections he’s found at many foreign restaurants along the West Coast. Many of the cooks who swapped talents at the Dinner are new faces around the Globe this year. They enjoy having ordinary students planning events in these and other ways, speaking fondly of new Latinos who lead dances and make worship songs new again by singing them in another language.

Growing initiatives taken by team both the national and international community on campus as a family across borders. For these reasons, Kim hopes sincerely that the Thanksgiving Dinner will continue to be a Trinity Western University tradition— a local celebration with a global invitation.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Tacos!” -Ben Magnuson


October 17, 2012


Holy Land, broken body “I need you to unbutton your jeans.” EMILY “ U h . . . ZMAK excuse me?” I said with one of those empty-lung laughs, eyes wide, heart racing. The uniformed woman arched an eyebrow at me and waved her long, cotton-swabbed stick in my face. “I have to swab for bombs.” Needless to say, a partial strip search was not the farewell I expected from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Nor did I expect to have my shoes whisked away, my belt treated like a nuke, my luggage torn apart, and my bags ultimately detained for three days. In fact, I don’t think any of my spectacular teammates—Rhys Volkenant, Dan Briscoe, Lindsay Dijkman, Emily Gemmell, and Chelsea Ayers— thought that leaving a country could


because of overzealous airport secuhad embraced a foreign people who,



despite language barriers, spoke to us with challenges and questions. We spent three weeks in the Arab-Israeli town of Nazareth, and three weeks in the Arab-Palestinian town of Bethlehem. Christians are a minority in both Jewish Israel and Muslim Palestine, but have an unexpected love-hate relationship with both cultures. And yet, despite their social and political inferiority, despite their delicate community standing, the Messianic Believers of Israel and the Palestinian Christians have no unity. In fact, they often fear each other. In Nazareth, I was fortunate enough to meet several Messianic youths. They were about my age, maybe a bit older, and most were nearing or exiting their mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force. One young man told the most heartwrenching account of his time in the IDF; he was part of the Gaza Strip pull-out and had defended Israeli settlers retreating from Palestine. He viewed his duty as a requirement for the protection of the Israel, regardless

of how terrible the task was. He saw no distinction among Palestinians, despite the fact that some cities are nearly thirty percent Christian. In Bethlehem, I was fortunate enough to meet several Palestinians, also around my age, who had all been imprisoned at least once by the IDF. One young man had been jailed

are crying out for divine love.

three times, and my own home-stay family had seen the IDF seize and camp in their courtyard during the last intifada. Most were disheartened and directly impacted by the military occupation, and had very little hope of ever seeing a free Palestine. They were surprisingly disdainful of peace, stating Israel is the eternal enemy. These accounts are not rarities in the region. I met an Israeli man who

Two Pennsylvania women were awarded more than $200,000 in a lawsuit over the destroyed sperm samples of five champion poodles. The dog’s owner, Miriam Thomas Huntington entrusted 122 frozen semen samples to the Mt. Nittany Animal Hospital. Attorney Louis Glantz summed up the general tone of the unfortunate court case saying, “I think everyone was disappointed it had to come to this.”

had gone so far as to feign schizophrenia for three years to avoid military duty, and thousands of Palestinian youth go abroad for education to break the cycle of arrest and release. Hearing the stories of these young men and women was shocking, and understanding: peace can only come through a united Christian Church. Philippians 2:2 urges this unity, telling the church to have the “same love” and to be “one in soul and mind.” hundred people can shape their community. I remember walking between Douglas and RNT last semester. One person stopped and stared at the sky, and then another, and soon everyone who passed by was peering into storm clouds, looking for something special. There was nothing, of course, but it shows what a few people can intentionally do to impact the daily grind of a hundred others. Right now in Israel, there is an enormous need for young Christians


Most of us hate our cell phone contracts, but few of us have as much reason to complain as Frenchwoman Solenne San Jose, who was hit with a 15 quadrillion dollar bill last month. She called the representative of Bouygues Telecom, her service provider, but they were adamant that the amount was correct, despite it being 6,000 times larger than France’s GDP. It was only after a lengthy argument that they finally admitted to it being a typo. But watch out! You might be the next one they ‘cell’ a ‘phoney’ bill to.


to step up against the institutionalized discrimination and violence. More importantly, there is an opportunity for Christ’s message of forgiveHoly Land. God has a heart for the downtrodden and poor in spirit, and I would argue—from my observaare crying out for divine love. But for this heavenly love to take root, the Church needs to come together; we the Body, must set aside theological debates that separate our unity of a mutual salvation. If you are interested in Church reconciliation, peace ministry in the Holy Land, or the Israeli-Palestinian TWU’s Israel 2013 Global Projects trip. I can’t guarantee airport security will leave you alone, but I can promise that you will return with new eyes for injustice, a new heart for the Church, new words for the voiceless, and maybe a penchant for homemade shwarma.

You’d think that working for a funeral home would eventually take a toll on the mind, but this hearse driver turned out to be an absolute ‘casket’ case when she died while transporting another body. Thus far, the autopsy has yielded little information as to the cause of her death. Hard to shift gears from that one. Just evidence that hearse driving is a real dead end job. OK we’ll take a brake with the puns.

Cake your claim |


At some point this year, for you, it’ll be that time of year. That one day where you recieve

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If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Nutella!” -Allie Oliverio

October 17, 2012


‘Do Stuf’

Jef (with one f) Gibbons talks about his summer project.





JG: -


to -

MH: -






Jef provides his “muphovidsoundography” service from his own studio, where MH: -




If you could walk into If you a room couldfull walk of anything into a room what fullwould of anything it be filled whatwith? would “Rooms it be filled filledwith? with anything!” -Fraser Parlano



October 17, 2012



If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Christian Louboutin shoes.” -Jillian Lavallee


October 17, 2012

As I pose my first question to Tim Neufeld his knee bounces up and down, his hands fidget, his eyes stare across the room. No, he’s not impatient to continue JUSTIN POULSEN prepping for tonight’s sold out show. These movements, I real-

which, in just a few hours, will be surrounded by over 1400 students. Yet, he still takes time to change our interview location to more convenient seating and ensures we are recording before he starts talking. It’s clear the

his mind searching, deep in thought, searching for the answers. This sense of responsibility reveals itself from the outset. This is the third dom” tour—generously hosted by don Church. He’s setting up the stage

things himself whenever possible, and doing them right.


Records the band decided to release their latest album, The Kingdom, inde2012. It was a risky move. industry has obviously changed so much in the past ten years, starting with Napster and the digital revoluless and less of a necessity if you’ve the start of this most recent album we had enough of a footing to just say, ‘You know, we don’t need to pay somebody to do work that we can do on our own.’” Much of that work was shared between Tim and his younger brother music for the band. ‘binge writers’; If we have to make an

album we’ll write for it. Some artists, like the ‘Taylor Swifts’ of the world, call it ‘post-dependence’.” write songs as therapy and every song Despite this recent move, Tim admits that the band isn’t completely we’re a lot more tactical and inten- free from external pressures, but that hasn’t stopped them from stepping to lock ourselves away in a room to focus.” band mold” and pursuing their own Such a sterile environment doesn’t convictions. seem conducive to the creative prorules that are in place,” Tim says, have our families—I have a pseudo tian music industry as just the church studio in my basement and I can culture that we’re playing in. I don’t always hear the kids—so it’s nice to not have the distractions and just while we’re doing that, but there are certainly things about church culture that we try to push up against a little also doing on this tour, when we can bit and challenge—like the notion take moments in between the necessi- that we all have it together when we congregate for things like church services or concerts. Or that we don’t Christian music is prihave this 90% of our lives that we live marily written about the outside of churches and community.”

most spiritual 5% of our lives.

wall and his knee is at it again.

ten about the most spiritual 5% of our ties. I’m not sure if there’s a better or worse way to do it, but that’s always been our bent.” we do the things we sing about in Tim begins to relax and sits back Christian songs on the radio, but the as we settle into the rhythm of the rest of the time our lives are full of the conversation. He speaks more about the bands transition and it becomes things included in its pages, the Old obvious that they know what they’re and the New Testament, so we write doing. more about those normal things—or - we’re trying to.” out a record label as we did with,” I’m intrigued to hear the lead Tim says—half with humility, half singer state that it’s harder to be a with excitement that this once-tiny Christian artist than just a Christian in all record sales declining every year, I guess it means we’re being somewhat successful. It also feels really great to do it on our own and to have control over ways that, maybe in the past, we didn’t want to be marketed or spun into all the different avenues of Chris-

industry is really driven by the theology and not so much the art, so it’s hard to be in Christian music and feel like you’re able to very clearly express yourself. I don’t know that the industry has done a great job of the arts,” want to come across like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth,” he

exactly what an independent career is named after—independence,” he relevance in a lot of the songs that are coming out of the Christian music industry, some of which I’ve written.” Isn’t Christian music just preach-

really love the choir,” Tim maintains, -

culture and the collegiate culture— they’re just looking for something they can sink their teeth into,” he authentic, but not trying too hard to be authentic. It’s this really interesting time for the church and we’re trying to be the soundtrack for that movement, whatever that is, because it’s happening in our hearts too.” tive pause that interrupts us. I look down and notice my own hand now out across the room. exactly what the name of that moveit has a lot to do with questioning things that we’ve taken for granted growing up with. The rules that we’ve been told to live by, and some of the theological things that for hundreds of years have been the way that we’ve done things, are now open for interpretation. I don’t say that with any strong believer in good theology and think it’s something that is happening the other side of the spectrum, Ravi Zacharias, that we’re talking about; but, it’s not appropriate at this point in time to talk about publicly and not

soundtrack for that movement, whatever it is, because its happening in our hearts too.

get backlash for it either way.” This ability to hold something at arms’ length, Tim says, to approach it from all sides and to have a discussion about it theologically is more impor-

this generation coming up right now has a much easier time with it than the generations before. None of our questions or disagreements or uncertainties, none of it is intimidating to God. I think He’s okay with the discussion, and we’re sort of just realizing that now.” course, Tim makes sure we have all

go, how we’re supposed to challenge and stretch, and cause people to questhe rules are and which ones I’m supposed to follow and which one’s I’m supposed to break and which one’s God is okay with me breaking.”

he strides away I catch him absently plucking at his cardigan but I know he’s not nervous for tonight’s show. He’s searching, deep in thought, searching for the answers—and the words to voice them.

from personal experience. Tim recognizes that without it, people will


being in the works. He joked about the ‘originality’ of the title but defended, make a Christmas album that people didn’t want to listen to. I always appreciate the ones that keep it simple and change very few things, so that’s release of Songs for Christmas: Volume I sometime this November.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Midgets.” -Kylie Myers


October 17, 2012


ARTS & CULTURE. Wayfarer is a Seattle band that repurposes EMMA hymns, essenSPANJER tially re-writing and re-recording the outdated music of lyrically powerful spiritual songs. The product isn’t just a beautiful sound—it is the careful pairing of music and lyric to make an impactful whole. Their rendition of “How Long” is reminiscent of Fleet Foxes’ harmonic, folksy, jamming-in-thewoods vibe. Yet they maintain an experimental edge with Sufjan Stevens-esque autotuned vocals in the song “What Wondrous Love Is This?” In the ever-fertile Seattle music scene, The River release, distinguishes the group as a band with an original idea and the talent to do it justice. I was fortunate enough to ask guitarist and vocalist Dan Koch a few questions about the band. MARS HILL: I watched the Wayfarer promo video and you guys used the term ‘repurposing’ to explain what you do. What does ‘repurposing’ entail? DAN KOCH: For us, it means that all of our lyrics come from old hymns or Southern Spirituals. We take lyrics from those old songs and write completely new music around them: melodies, chords, arrangements, harmonies, etc. This brings new life and new context to the old hymn. MH: behind the name “Wayfarer”? DK: There isn’t much, really. It means “wanderer” in old English, so you could say that we are kind of


thing no other bands really are doing. But that wasn’t the intention originally. MH: How did you choose the Hymns for the EP? DK: I have a pretty simple process that I usually stick to. I’ll just start looking up hymns, either at random or on a particular topic (like, “Christmas” if we’re looking for Christmas songs), and then I mostly choose which songs to re-write based on the poetic value of the lyrics. I make sure that there is nothing theologically objectionable, but I don’t really choose them based on their theology. Of course, the deeper the truth expressed, the more a song will move me, if it’s said well. For instance, even if there was a really beautiful song about transubstantiation, we probably wouldn’t re-write that one, because that just isn’t an important topic for me, not being Catholic and all, and doesn’t resonate as deeply as forgiveness, Heaven, etc. MH: What’s the ultimate direction of the band? Can we expect to hear more hymns? DK: For the perceivable future, we will be sticking to hymns, and probably a few cover songs. I don’t feel like writing any lyrics these days. [laughs] MH: “Shall We Gather at the River?” is a hymn about grace and the peace at the end of our journeys. Listening to that song, I felt that Wayfarer’s music really encompasses the joy in the lyrics—what was the creative process like? DK: I think about things more analytically than a lot musicians

who might use emotional words to describe their creative process. But for me, it’s a lot of math. It’s a lot of, “What note would work here, based thing that is pleasing to the ear. There when we were arranging the song, and when it was coming together, but it’s also just a lot of math. I don’t think the end result really shows that (thankfully?). A lot of times, it’s just was, for instance, super slow and in a minor key, it would feel weird. So

it just feels right to hear those lyrics sung with that melody, and to hear line. MH: Is Wayfarer motivated by making hymns relevant to young Christians, or what is the overall purpose of the repurposing? DK: There’s a line in a song by the punk band Against Me! that says, “We can be the bands we want to hear.” That’s essentially what motivates us. This is the band that we wished existed, so we started it. We don’t know entirely who will like our music, who it will resonate with, but

EMMA SPANJER it seems likely that it be mostly Christians since the lyrics have such deep and profound Christian meaning in them. That being said, we aren’t pointing our music at young folks in particular, nor even at Christians in particular. We hope that those without religious faith might also appreciate the act of the repurposing, or just the beauty of the music and poetry. Download their new album ‘The River’ for free at or

Dan Koch, Brian Hibbard, David Stuart, Torry Anderson

CHECK OUT THeir AMAZING KANYE COVER! or youtube search ‘wayfarer kanye west medley’

A ‘hellthy’ discussion Review of the new documentary Hellbound? “Will not the Judge of all the earth do EMMA right?” – GenSPANJER esis 18:25 The documentary opened with these words—the perfect introduction for what was to become a deep, holistic discussion of Hell. Kevin Miller, both writer and direc-


authors, pastors, theologians, and various other prominent thinkers to give their thoughts on the subject. Names like Mark Driscoll, William Paul Young, Sharon Baker, and Robin Parry are represented in the

But be warned, if you’re looking for answers, this is not a documentary for you. Similarly, if you want to hear a debate about the existence of Hell, you may be disappointed. But should see. It forces us to turn those wheels inside our heads and seriously contemplate, maybe for the fundamental in terms of calling ourselves followers of Christ. Don’t be scared of the challenges this will bring; you can only grow. The documentary begins with thinkers sympathetic to the ‘hell exists’ theology. Robert Mckee, a renowned writer who happens to be an atheist, says that Christians who think there is no Hell ultimately

cheapen their faith by turning God into the image they want Him to be. A small excerpt from Rob Bell acts as a segue into the “God is Love” opinion. Chad Holtz, an ex-pastor relieved from his position after coming to the conclusion that Hell cannot exist, questions where the idea of Hell began, leading into a historical discussion. Yet this is just a ripple

held within this debate. The documentary looks at three different Christian views of hell: eternal torment, annihilation, and universalism. It asks question to these three perspectives. What is justice? It is redemption, it is punishment. What is love? It is forgiving, it is jealous. Applying the answer you come up with to the Gospel entirely changes the way it is believed. And viewing God in light of your answer

makes assumptions about His nature. Faith is complex, such a small sentence for something that needs to represent something bigger. This isn’t an easy documentary to review. So many viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, and theologies were to guide viewers into a deep discussion. While the sympathies of the director are fairly apparent, he keeps it from swaying viewers toward one view or another. Every time I thought I agreed with a point, a perfectly logical rebuttal was stationed to keep me thinking. I thought I would leave the theatre frustrated by the things I’d heard and the confusion I would feel. Yet I left the theatre with a more clear understanding of what I think, still frustrated and confused, but desiring dialogue with my community. Hellbound? will be playing locally at the Colossus Theatre WednesdayFriday of this week. Be sure to check it out, it is well worth the fee.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Jelly beans.” -Lindsey Hansen

October 17, 2012



Fall into fashion side of art The academic An art major describes her practicum at The Reach Gallery Museum. Art is an acanevertheless I received several funny looks when I told people that I was going to a university to become a painter. The truth is, art requires as much theoretical and philosophical inquiry as it does an outpouring of skill and creativity. Any growth as an artist can only be achieved by situating oneself in the contemporary context of history, culture, and society. Without this continual expansion of one’s thoughts and ideas, any major is at risk of remaining stagnant; the arts are no different. One of the best things you can do to combat that stagnancy is to get hands on experience in your



have learned to the ‘real world’. The most obvious form of this would be a practicum, and yes art practicums do exist. To clarify, an art practicum involves a whole lot more than just painting. Like any other, it exposes a student to their professional industry, which in this case included artists, art historians, art institutions, designers, and their perfected practices. One can work with a studio artist, community art organization, a public art museum, a commercial art gallery, or a commercial design studio. This fall, Diana Hiebert, Lindsay Schroeder, and I accepted positions at The Reach Gallery Museum to learn the curatorial processes, administration, and essentially, how to run an art gallery. Now, you may smirk as you imagine us manning a front desk with nothing more to do than hand out brochures. But I assure you, this opportunity holds

conservatory internship holds for a biology student or a Parliamentary internship holds for a political studies major. The Reach is situated in Abbottsford but hosts many international role of both museum and gallery enables it to showcase the cultural heritage of the Fraser Valley and at the same time display instances of creative innovation at a profesentry fee. While working under the curator Scott Marsden my two peers in the installation process of two major shows of world-renowned artists. These exhibitions currently on display at The Reach provide a rich knowledge of universal contemporary concepts that apply to movements occurring on a global scale: historically, theoretically, and culturally. The heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart a collection put together by Afghan-Hazara artist Khadim Ali and Vancouver artist Jayce Salloum. Through photogpainting, and other resource material these artists seek to uncover an Afghanistan that is much more complex than the perspective the media usually offers. This collection touches on the physical and cultural landscape of war, discrimination of the Hazara people, and the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas. These hundreds of photographs meticulously pinned to foam board especially mantled for this process have traveled all over the world. Unfortunately this exhibit was too complicated for us to take part in, due to the extremely detailed map-

on DECK with Bryce Perry

TAME IMPALA /// Lonerism


to set up. But considering The Reach will probably be its last showing, it Illuminating Peace with the subject of peace for the new millennium. The complexity of hope, peace, human respect, and understanding is portrayed using symbols, languages, and various materials. Through meditative and contemplative practices eight words portraying peace and hope are woven together connecting different languages, ages, techniques and materials in one cohesive existence. Thought is evoked through this aesthetic experience, which invites change. The artist, Amy Loewan, had us participating in this contemplative place by having us on our hands and knees smoothing out a mound of wheat with a slow and

Do you always ask yourself why you were born in this generation? Is your idea of the perfect date watching Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock from ered era of the 60’s where your only worry is the cold war? Well Tame Impala has returned with their second installment Lonerism to once again transport you back to a time of peace, love, and the Soviet Union. If you’re wondering what a Tame Impala is, it’s a group of musicians who are stuck in the wrong generaclass passengers on the magical mystery tour who got lost in strawup in modern day Australia (where the band originates).

steady motion. This circle of wheat that’s beneath her Lantern installation catches its light and draws you closer. Just Food an exhibition put together by the Mennonite Central Committee featuring eighteen artists (six Canadian and twelve international) who were commissioned to respond to set Biblical passages and Human Rights statements. Their aim was to gather a collection of faith perspectives from a variety of religions and cultures on the issues of hunger, vulnerability, and social justice. The exhibition hopes to raise questions on the causes of than just food, and what can be done about it. You can imagine hanging, labeling, and organizing paintings two or more. It took three solid

The instrumentals resemble a fusion of the Flaming Lips and the Beatles’ psychedelic period. Some might even mistake front man Kevin Parker’s voice for John Lennon’s. Like Lennon, Parker seems to love distorting his voice along with the cornucopia of sounds used for the album. As is the case for many songs from the 60’s these cosmic jams resonate beautifully, making it easy for you to get lost in. Coupled with reverb, the album echoes deep, walking around within your mind. Of course there are those songs like “Be Above it”, a psychedelic Neanderthal, and the album’s second single “Elephant” that will make you want to start a drum circle or do the twist. With Tame Impala’s Lonerism you can’t help but feel a sense of

hours alone just to coil the wire and tape them behind out of sight. Of course there are those tedious “coffee runs” of the art intern. But we’ve also assisted the artists in installing their exhibitions; given tours; participated in workshops with the artists; written scripts; and brainstormed ways to promote this amazing facility to the wider community of Fraser Valley. The rich information and experience that The Reach offers is a privilege to both student and audience, yet sadly unknown to many. Hopefully I have revealed to you a bit more about the professional side of life as an art major. Now the next time you talk to an aspiring artist you can be better equipped to carry on a conversation without awkwardly trying to act impressed.

classic cool. It’s an album that does its own and if you like it or don’t, hey man that’s cool. This is an album that you can easily sit back, turn on, tune in, and drop out to…without requiring any additional mind-altering substances.



1. Cut out moustache 2. Take a creative photo with moustache 3. Tweet #beardoMH or Post on our Wall

4. WIN!


If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Justin Biebers in bikinis!” -Eric Dupuis


October 17, 2012


The top 90s How the 90s made us who we are today.

If you’ve ever seen the show “Portlandia”, EMMA you’ll know SPANJER about the ‘Dream of Nineties’. As the show proclaims, this dream is alive today: part-time jobs late into your thirties, bathing a mere suggestion, love for music translating into garage cover bands, power to the youth, apathy for anything unrelated to music or having fun. This was the good life and you can live it too.


Music Many

21st century alternative

by this era. We saw the best of bands that began in the late eighties progress and reached new creative heights. Some of the most renowned and respected music of today was born in the 90’s: Nirvana unplugged, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Dookie from Green Day, Pearl Jam’s Ten. Music was a movement, a revolution. Grunge, Punk Rock, and Pop were the norm of the day, and have in many cases come to characterize the 90’s as a whole. Female-fronted alternative and punk-rock bands, like Hole, The Cranberries, and Fiona Apple, epitomized girl power. Break out that old walkman and start listening

Style In 2010, America has seen a recurrence of the 90’s style. James Franco’s jacket, and unkempt, greaser-like hair in the 90’s TV show Freaks and Geeks is anything but dated. Flannels, cropped shirts, middle parts, faded jeans (jean anything!), oversized t-shirts, greasy hair—once things of the past, they have become staples in the wardrobe of today’s twentysomethings. If someone notes that your ensemble looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed, take it in stride. Girls, if you’ve been asked, “Did you get that in the boy’s section?” it’s a compliment. If you’re looking to go all out with the nineties style, I’d suggest a trip to your local thrift store, and a pair of Doc Martins wouldn’t hurt. It’s alternative, it’s whatever, it’s cool. T.V

evolved than eighties TV shows, the next decade set the foundation for what’s available for us to watch today. Many of these shows have become cult classics—you are always guaranteed a mid-day Friends episode for your leisure. Sitcoms were widely popular; we watched hilarity unfold in a Manhattan apartment with Jerry Seinfeld and co., and shows like Saved by the Bell, My So-Called Life, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air of teenage life. Additionally today’s massive sum of Medical Drama’s saw their early evolution with E.R. What a bout of thanks we owe to the ‘90s! Remember, the dream of the nineties is alive, and to honour that, you must channel this wonderful decade! So dust off that jean jacket, sit down with friends to watch Monica and Chandler work through it, and never forget, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

to some good television. Much more

Oh, all the comrades e’er we had An evening with Glen Hansard. Standing in the unseasonably warm fall BRYCE air under the PERRY beckoning glow of red neon letters, I am pointlessly reminded by the bold black print why ber second and I am walking into the seasoned Granville Street theatre to spend an evening with the Irish academy award-winning folk singer Glen Hansard. A mere twenty minutes late, I expect to see a hall full of chattering fans awaiting the opening act, but when I draw the closed velvet curtain to enter the auditorium all is dark except for the stage, which is taken by four men. These four shaggy Seattle musicians, The Moondoggies, line the stage sitting beside each other.

ity in a sound that is easy to enjoy. As the quartette approaches the end of their set, they have effectively warmed me up melodically and emotionally for what is to come. After their last song only a quick tear down is what separates an auditorium of anticipation from hearing the deep embodied cry of Ireland. It isn’t long before I see a touque

toms, and a snare, these men of folk are a testament to the emotionally potent music scene that they hail from. Warm, well-executed harmonies—low soulful feeling in both voice and instrument—emit simplic-

time. It is as if the ghost of love-past


on SCREEN with Andrew Stewart

It’s an outlandish plot, but it’s also all the more intense, knowing that went through this ordeal.

assistance from the Government of Canada) to help six Americans escape from the Iranian capital of Tehran in the shadow of the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. The plan, devised by CIA

feature. If you haven’t watched the of the “Canadian Caper,” a covert rescue operation staged by the CIA (with

involved setting up false identities for the Americans as members of a Cana-

by a full band, including both a saxophone and trumpet player, Hansard takes the stage. Throughout the evening he plays from his repertoire of songs born from his varying projects and with each he pours into them what appears to be his all, plus a little more. “A few songs tonight will be about a girl,” he jokes with the crowd, but when he plays these songs it is

him play, still haunting his heart; the only way to rid him of her is to push her away with the power of his voice and guitar.

Argo. Honestly, I don’t really have in nearly every regard. It’s well made, well written, and well acted (How can you go wrong with Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman?). You should absolutely go see it. The only real criticism that I can level at cally accurate, but aren’t we all used to that by now? Real life isn’t usually exciting enough for Hollywood, so it’s no surprise to hear that some events were embellished (or made up completely) to increase tension. Complain if you must, but it is what it is, those changes, anyway. The one disappointing thing is

That’s how much emotion Hansard put’s into his music. With each lyrical syllable it’s like he’s pushing the words out from the core of his soul with all the emotional and physical strength he can muster. If you were to somehow completely miss this, then the amount of guitar strings broken during the night as a result of his thrashing would be a dead giveaway. Hansard’s passion is put to the test during the second part of the set when he’s beckoned back out on stage by the relentless cry for an encore; he returns only accompanied ravaged acoustic guitar he leaves behind all electrical equipment, walking to the very edge of the stage to play completely unplugged. The entire auditorium is hushed as he begins to play “Gold.” Fans standing at his feet are in disbelief as he transitions into the awe-inspiring song “Leave,” ,along with the hearts of every attendant—with love and sorrow. But it wasn’t just his playing that drew

the audience in. Talking in between songs, Hansard appears an extremely genuine person, as he makes the audience laugh and actually engages in conversation with the entirety of the room all while getting quite deep. As the evening’s end draws near Hansard departs the room with a song of Irish history and sentiment: “The Parting Glass.” Calling for the audience to take part in this goodbye, we all join in the chorus putting more emotional emphasis on the line “Goodnight and joy be to you all”. Soon it is just a room of collected voices brought together in this one line. Hansard, just standing there with one arm across his waist supporting the other as he holds his hand to his chin, takes in this display before, appearing to be moved, he tells us, “I don’t want it to end.” Tragically the song and night did end and Glen Hansard has moved on. Yet despite its conclusion, it was clearly transformation. For all of us who came to see a man scream his soul into a mic and lead us in community, we didn’t want it to end either.

that, for an event that is commonly referred to as the “Canadian Caper,” Canada’s role in the plot has been ister Joe Clark, who provided Mendez with the six Canadian passports he required, was never mentioned), with most of the glory on Mendez—which is fair I suppose, considering he did based. Still, it would have been nice to see more love for Canada. That being said, it’s not enough to ruin such a the ship and an all-star crew consisting of Cranston, Arkin, and Goodman, there was simply no way that Argo could sink.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Carly Rae Jepsens.” -Cameron Thiessen


October 17, 2012

Big Things come in Small Cottages


cross the bridge and up the path is the college affectionately known as the Redeemer Pacific “Cottage”. What’s big at RPC? A new faculty team and the Wisdom of the Ages: Theology, Scripture, Philosophy, History, Education, Sacred Art, English Literature, and Communications. Check out our cool new “reactive design” website complete with faculty profiles and the Spring 2013 lineup of courses. Questions? Stop by and talk to any prof about a course. How do you get in? Look for the “RP” classes during registration. The cottage door is open.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Family.” -Alise McCoy


October 17, 2012



CIS champs back at it Spartans’ banner celebration ends with victory over the Heat.

The Trinity Western Spartans men’s volANDREW PATTERSON leyball team has raised their third banner in six years. The defending CIS gold medal champs came back to the Langley Events Centre to face the University of British Columbia Okanagan Heat in a preseason BC cup match. Along with another sweet 3-0 victory over the Heat, the Spartans had their moment to look back and see what they’ve accomplished in the past season as champions once again. The top-seeded 2011-2012 Spartans did what they were expected to do—win. It was one of the most dominating seasons in Trinity Western Spartans history as they remained in the number one seed for


ished the season with 35 wins, 0 ties, and just 4 losses as they completely steamrolled through Canada West. But this wasn’t their only great season. The 2010-2011 Spartans men’s volleyball team was also victorious with a gold medal, along with an impressive 31-0-10 record season. And after seeing that banner once again, the Spartans knew that they were back to square one as they prepared for a preseason match against the UBC Okanagan Heat. It was simple domination for the Spartans as they started winning the tans went up 4-0 right away, showing that they were in command and forcing the Heat to take an early timeout. However, the timeout for the Heat did not prove to be helpful because the Spartans continued to dominate

throughout the set, making continuous kills along with their strong defensive play, totalling 6 blocks in the set. Nick Del Bianco led the Spartans with a strong performance, as he registered 3 kills and 3 blocks.

It was one of the most dominating seasons in Trinity Western University history

The Heat committed 11 errors, which tans went on to win the set 25-18. In the second set, the Spartans did not change their game as they once again came off to a large early lead going 5-0 to start the set. The Spartan defense was strong in the second for the Heat to register points. Jar-

rod Offereins had an incredible set playing in his new setting position, with an attacking percentage of .478. The Spartans only had one attacking error in this set, going on to win it with a commanding score of 25-11. Yet again, it was no different for the Spartans as they entered the third set in the lead. Though the Spartans remained consistent, the Heat started to put on more pressure and managed to catch up to the Spartans making it an interesting score of 5-5 during the set. But the Spartans did not let up, as the men in blue and white trim stepped on the gas pedal and ran away with the match, winning the set 25-16 and the game 3-0. The Spartans simply had more skill than the Heat as they hit .531 compared to the Heat’s .200. The Sparpared to the Heat’s seven.

Just seeing what the Spartans have been capable of doing these past couple years, leading to another banner, has been incredible. Furthermore, we should not forget the honour the Spartans received when they represented Canada at the Pan Am U-23 games. To represent your school is quite something, but to wear the red and white and represent the country is an endowment on a different scale. This team has skill from the bottom to the top, and they could easily dominate this season as they did in the previous two seasons. It will be an excited time for men’s volleyball this year, so support your Spartans, TWU! The season home opener will be on October 27 against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds at the Langley Events Centre.

HAPPY TIMES Happy Birthday Wanous!


No sports figures of a reasonable consequence were born on October 17, so I’m giving this space to my friend Hannah; shout out girl!

Happy Anniversary Texas Longhorns!

Hockey team sputtering


Spartans’ shutout in home opener, continue to slide.

It has been a trying season on the ice for CAMERON the Spartan STUERLE hockey team, feeling far too much like last year. The Spartans wheezed to a 5-17-6 record a year ago, but improved down the stretch which gave hope for improvement this season. Unfortunately that has yet to materialize thus far and it was evident during the Spartans home opener against Eastern Washington. The Spartans actually had one of their better performances in the last while, as a competitive back-and-forth game broke out and was sustained for the entire game. The Spartans applied great pressure early on the forecheck, but gave up a rush in transition that led to


EWU’s Kjell Sherman scoring on a crisp wrist shot from the slot that put the Spartans into an early bind. The Eagles added to the lead just seven minutes into the second frame with a that beat Trinity Western University that EWU scored at least one of its goals on the Power Play as the night alties. Perhaps a little bit over-juiced by the opening night’s energy, both teams went after each other leading to a lot of roughing penalties, post whistle scrums, and plenty of fourletter words. The Spartans tried to of quality chances, and even outshot the eagles in the period, but were ultimately unable to get one past EWU goalie Jason Greenwell, who

was outstanding throughout the night. The third period started rather inauspiciously for the Spartans, as EWU’s AJ Sanders handcuffed Hredeman with a wrister in the slot to make the game 3-0 and put the game pretty much out of reach. As is often the case with games that are settled ity in the game really started to get out of hand following Sanders’ goal. The teams pushed and shoved after just about every whistle leading to an astonishing 72 penalty minutes in the 3rd period alone. The highlight of the rough stuff had to be Spartan forward Doug Gordon who had to be restrained following a battle in the crease. Gordon, with a player and an

gave a few choice words, followed by a pair of choice hand gestures, and was eventually tossed from the game. The Spartans did have one glorious chance to end Greenwell’s shutout bid late in the 3rd on penalty shot after an EWU defender covered the puck with his hand in the crease. However, Trevor Beaupre was unable to get a wrister past Greenwell’s glove from in close. The effort was they outshot the Eagles 30-21 but simply ran into a good goalie having a tremendous night. The Spartans will return to the Langley Events Centre on October 26 after three games on the road, two of which happened this past weekend (which we’ll all politely agree to forget).

On this day in 2009 you defeated your rivals the Oklahoma Sooners 16-13 on a Field Goal by Justin Tucker. You, the Longhorns have not won in the Red River Shootout since this game; I bring this up because I sat through the OU-Texas game this past Saturday and watch y’all get pasted 63-21. When I’m getting out of bed before 9 am to watch football on a Saturday I expect to be rewarded with something at least mildly entertaining. The Longhorns unfortunately suck this year so y’all put me through a horrendously boring morn- oh wait I can’t finish this because my computer short circuited from watching Texas miss another tackle.

Happy Trails to Jerry Kill!

Jerry Kill, the head football coach for the University of Minnesota suffered a seizure in the locker room after his team’s 2113 loss to Northwestern. Sadly this comes just over a year after Kill suffered a seizure on the sideline following a game last season. This is the third seizure he’s suffered since taking over at Minnesota last season. Thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry Kill, his family, and the whole of the Golden Gophers’ football team.

the EWU player who crossed his line,

If you walk into a room anything what like would be filled Challenge” with? “Nudists.” Funk What arecould you most excited forfull thisofyear? “Events theit Banana - Jen-Anna Newman

October 17, 2012


It may not actually be the last home for CAMERON game the Spartans STUERLE women’s soccer team this season, but the Spartans took the opportunity to honour their nine seniors last Friday night. It was the last home game of the regular season for the Spartans, hence the senior celebration; however, Trinity Western University has


may also host the Canada West Final four at home after that. It was a cool night under the lights at Rogers Field with an easy drizzle that kept some fans away but did not dampen the mood of those who showed up or especially, the Spartans themselves. TWU came out blazing and dropped the hammer on the visiting Timberwolves, putting this one away early. It took just under

but when Tessa Meyer won a battle for the ball in the box and drove it past the University of Northern British Columbia goalkeeper for an early lead. The Spartans would not relinquish. Krista Gommeringer scored thereafter and now has 20 points of the season—just three shy of the Spartan single-season record. Jenna Di Nunzio’s goal preceded a pair from Jessica King to close the half as TWU took a 5-0 lead to the break. UNBC tried to switch things up with a new goalkeeper to start the second half, but things did not go much better. Kat Hartwig-Clay replaced Jordan Hall and allowed two more goals, but did make eight quality stops to prevent the game from devolving into a record-breaking blowout. ing at the CIS level and simply does not have the experience or the talent to hang with anyone in Canada West league play. UNBC was not sup-


posed to give TWU a run, which they didn’t, as the Spartans blitzed UNBC with constant offense and backed up with a suffocating defense. Kristen Funk, one of the graduating seniors, was only forced to face one shot for the night and stopped it easily for yet another shutout (her eighth of the season and 38th of her illustrious career). Rachel Antoniuk, Nikki Byrne, Jilian Dietrich, Tessa Meyer, Chantell Whitehead, and Nikki Wright, along with Funk played their went out in style with a dominant win over an overmatched foe. The Timberwolves were not an opponent to be taken seriously, but the next two foes are the exact opposite. TWU travels to Chilliwack to play 6-3-1 University of the Fraser Valley. More importantly, the Spartans will face second place Victoria on the Island on Saturday in a game advantage in the Canada West Final Four should both teams qualify.




indoor soccer basketball MONDAY


TUESDAY 7:00-10:00

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The Trinity Western UniCAMERON versity men’s soccer team STUERLE has been a pleasant surprise so far this season. Little was known or expected of the


of the middle of the pack one year ago and returning so few players to this year’s squad. However, the Spartans have been great all year and looked to continue their roll into the past weekend against Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Spartans opened up with a

vball 226 games games bball 1 game

Friday afternoon game against a very spirited Saskatchewan Huskies team and had to battle for everything they had. The action went back and forth for the entire day and both teams had tremendous opportunities to seize a critical three points. Spartans goalie Evan Lowther stole the show on Friday by making eight key saves including one on a clear breakaway late in the second half. Seemingly lifted emotionally by Lowther’s huge save, the Spartans broke through a few minutes later as Kenyan native Jarvis Ambaka got open in the box and converted off a beautiful pass from Jordan Whitehead. The goal

$30 $15 $4

volleyball WEDNESDAY 7:00-10:00

group fitness TUESDAY 4:15-5:15 THURSDAY 6:00-7:00

Does not apply during fort week! Open gym evenings!

soc cer

came in the 88th minute, just a short Spartans grabbed three huge points in a situation where it looked like they were destined to take one point in a tie. Unfortunately, the Spartans were not able to emerge with the same clutch magic the next day. The Spartans travelled to Edmonton to play Alberta—the number four ranked team in the country in another big game. The Spartans had good energy and controlled the ball fairly decisively at times as TWU outshot Alberta for the game and had a sig-

13 games $10 1 game $2

hoc key

attempted shots, but they simply weren’t able to get the breakthrough they had the day before. Alberta drew

the season for the Bears. Alberta was able to score again in the second half and basically put the game away. Although Ambaka continued his torrid scoring with a goal in added time, this ultimately did not mean anytime this season. The Women’s team has looked aplenty and big offensive outbursts. The Men’s team take their unde-

12 games $15 6 games $10 1 game $2

feated record longer into the season, however (I will take “things I failed to predict in August” for $200, Alex), with the key win against Saskatchewan, the Spartans locked up a playoff and have assured themselves of playing into November. The Spartans -

chance to take down the undefeated Thunderbirds in a home-and-home with UBC on the 26th and 27th. The Spartans need to be careful not to look ahead though, as TWU must contend with Fraser Valley and Victoria at home this upcoming weekend.

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Pinkberry!” -Rachel Bell


October 17, 2012



you’re allowed to laugh at this page.



! WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH A NEW HUMOUR FEATURE! Man, its really coming down out there.

mars’ tweets


@vikingrabbi: Miss Vickies is like the crunchy dandruff of angels!


@ma!yruby: My biggest deal breaker/turn-off is if the person is a guy.

@kylie_myers: Is it not socially acceptable to intensely blow your nose and yell “success!” a#erwards? #oops #byebyeboogy

@benye_wust Dog owners always look around like they don’t know what their dog is doing squa"ing in a weird position.

@emilyknauff: Babysi"ing means a"ack their kitchen like you’ve never seen food before, right?

? We all know profs are a fountain of knowledge...and comedy. Email marshill@gmail. com with funny things your profs say in class.

Fartphones! Amirite? |


Cafeteria at one o’clock in the afternoon: The place is bustling with people, yet

my friends, is a story like one you have never heard. I have been isolated by a being that has become so common in our cafeteria, our campus, our city, our world: the smart phone. Being the hipster that Trinity Western University has made me, I refuse to fall under the status quo when it comes to cellular devices. Instead I accompany my Value Village attire with something more appropriate. It’s old school, a little worn, and very cheap—no one else has it. You may see it as the crappy free phone that someone gets when they use the term “vintage.” That’s right. I have a free phone and I’m proud of it. I am the odd one sitting out, going against the grain,

sticking it to the man. It is ideal though, when you think about it. I mean, when you really think about it. It has all the basic attributes. It can call, send texts, and tell time. So I can’t play “Fruit Ninja” or check “Twitter” at any time that I want, but you know what my phone can do? It can slide open. It can fall from my pocket onto the gravel and not crush the screen. It’s like a transformer. It conveniently has only one menu screen so I don’t get confused. It takes fuzzy pictures, which ultimately forces me to use the camera I got for Christmas. It has actual buttons that I have to deliberately press—way more satisfying than a touch screen. No one else has it, which makes keeping track of it all the easier. And most importantly, I have an excessive amount of free time by not having “Words with Friends” or “Temple Run.” You may be thinking to yourself that these all may be true, but your

heart is still wrapped around that slick little rectangle in your pocket. Well hold onto your electronics because I’m about to shift those rose colored glasses right off your face. Considering the bulkiness of my phone, there are a few dirty jobs that a smart phone is too expensive to perform—things you didn’t know a phone could even do. Got crumbs on the table? Just slide open your phone and the slanted edge of the keyboard will help you guide them right into a perfect pile! Feeling frustrated or agitated? Use the sliding keyboard as a distraction

diverse and elaborate phone out there. Well think again. I hope that isfaction with your devices. And if not, I’d always be willing to switch

if only to give those less fortunate than myself the taste of the good life. Meanwhile, I will be living the high

just use the heavy-duty width to hit something—it’s almost guaranteed not to break (depending on the material of the target)! The sturdiness of the phone supplies a plethora of uses that are otherwise not considered to be phone-friendly! All this time, you fancy phone owners believed you had the most CHRIS MONTGOMERY

If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “The 44 Presidents of the USA. All of them.” -Ryan Penner

October 17, 2012



inspired by



Jessica Hurd

Meredith Overmeyer

Marianne Soehardi oceanside, san diego

Cameron Reed

The goldlined beaches forever in sun enshrined and houses beneath the swaying palms swallow seafoam, fog and furrow of deepsea breast waves crash and crest to unknown ends but I will sit and sit and I will sing and I will know my time against these shores. the consuming wrath of life on my sunburned back. I will wager my time against these shores, and mark the arcs of continents, heavenly spheres and earthly bodies entwined in the ceaseless churn of time gnawing the edge of life, the push in pull out throes of seadays kissed on sunbit lips.


We all know profs are a fountain of knowledge...and comedy. Email with funny and short things your profs say in class. If you could walk into a room full of anything what would it be filled with? “Art supplies or tea or both!� -Becca Houweling


October 3, 2012


Mars’ Hill editors reserve the right to edit or reject submissions based on content and/or length. A printed submission does not necessarily reflect an endorsement of any kind, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions of Mars’ Hill staff , the student association, or that of the University. In fact probably not. Not sure if all the pre"y girls are smiling at me because they like me or because campus is just filled with friendly christians... #TWUproblems

Sco" please don’t have your picture in every mars hill

I can’t decide which Colin on TWUSA is cuter! Thoughts?

If that tall Track and Field girl wears shorts that are any shorter, there are going to be some problems.

STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH WORK! Jesse Hilleary has the sickest wheels on campus. #doinwork Nikki Benevidez, what a babe. You should totes ask her out. Love, the roommate (and the other roommate) Get with it or stay dipped in sauce- Rob Mikins Dear Sheme Sham Shmoo Resident, I miss my photogenic heterosexual life partner. Sincerely, O.M. (The Original Muffin) If I don’t leave TWU with a degree AND a girlfriend I am going to ask for a refund. Steve Semlitch RMFL! “Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me.” 99% of the time I’m not laughing out loud when I text lol. Which student at the LLC do you miss most? I vote Mary Esplen.


Men of TWU! Over the trench or through the tunnel?

So now that the initial onslaught of parking tickets have been all handed out, how many people didn’t buy parking passes? #lifeontheedge Boy in Rels 300, Want to practice speaking in tongues with me? -Cute girl in middle row How about we have a day where all the guys on campus wear the tightest pants they have? Oh wait, that’s everyday. Name something faster than TWU’s internet. Go! Hmmm . . . . . the construction of the new chapel Coolest name on campus this year: Sco" Plocktis (the nickname potential is huge) WANTED: On call male hugger for 3 girls who sometimes just want a good hug. Must be between 5’9 and 6’0. Slight build, not overly muscular or lanky. Must understand and exhibit proper hugging techniques. Pleasant scent preferred. Please inquire at Dear TWU, You’re all a bunch of prudes. I’ll go running shirtless if I friggin want to. Sincerely, Cam Sorenson Hey Northwest girls, we see you checking yourselves out in the Frodo window on your morning commute. Don’t think you’re subtle.





Where is that master switch they use at the library to turn off all the lights at 10:30pm?

Bryce Perry, you make a mean French Toast. Want to make me dinner?

For the record, I still haven’t forgo"en about your Guatemalan dance skills. Ha.

Bri"any S is engaged, and that’s quite a rock. We are talking at least five figures. What does her bf do again? Xoxo -gossip grad

You know that person at Starbucks who has to talk to everyone and ask what they’re doing? Don’t be that person, unless you want a la"e in the face. ISJC is trying to get Sodexo to sell fair trade coffee on campus. Don’t know what fair trade is? Talk to someone from the Social Justice Club.

Whatever happened to that TWU Memes page? I miss offensive, sacreligious, yet hilarious memes! I ate 14 bowls of cereal for fun and now everything just hurts. Please help. Only stupid people claimed to have been abducted, because the aliens keep the smart ones.

Jason Lavergne, do you know if the new Kutless album has dropped yet?

Yo Sco", you’re so hot! Lets go out and beep bo bop! Love you Brewbie

11th Commandment: Corey Stroder shalt not cut thine hair.

Dear Boys, If you are going to be in the “girl’s” study room, please wear ear plugs. There are certain times of the month, when the flow of our conversation does not need to be heard... it is GOOOOOOOOOD.

Guy that thinks the RELS 350 girl is cute. Which middle row...? Doug and Brad, get a room. Girl you make my speakers go boom boom People who need to work harder: Aimee (‘nuff said) Jacob McComber, you are one sexy beast,can i be your beauty;) Love: M&N! Dear gorgeous, over 6 foot tall men. We are now open for business


Dear IT department, I wish the best of Luck to you... Sorry the internet is so horrible it would not let me edit “Luck” Ben Magnuson, When you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed Love, M&N Dear Twu Internet fairy, I hope when i wake, i will find good internet Boy in Rels 300, If we were around with Noah, you, me ... pair. -Cute girl in middle row. Hey TWUSA I really loved Adrenaline Rush this year. Oh wait...... Newman. A rainbow of quality. So solid. Is Sco" the shortest MH editor ever? Power to the small people! Joe Goody, i hear your becoming a doctor, can i come in for a check up;) Love:M&N If she doesn’t know likeali"le, she’s too young for you, bro.

Chris Voth Year: 4 Height: 5’9


Hometown: Abbotsford Denomination: Mennonite Fave preacher: Timothy Keller Top quality in a future mate: It’d be Fave Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52 neat if they weren’t scared of outdoor activities. How do you know if it’s love: You Fave hymn: O Come, O Come Emmanuel can’t trust your emotions but you can rely on the Idea of perfect date: Zorbing—no bet- wisdom of friends and mentors. ter way to build a relationship than rolling down a hill together in a giant rubber ball!

Views on courtship?: I’m not interested in dating if I know I wouldn’t want to marry them.

Skill that makes you “the one”: I like to listen—I have a very high attention span!

Domestic talent: Cleaning is my way of de-

stressing. Good age to get married: 24 Best place for a first kiss: Back forty, How many kids do you want?: 2. We

can’t overpopulate the planet, but society also does not need any more of that ‘only child’ type Best pick up line: “According to the second of person. law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share View on birth control?: Pro. your hotness with me.” on one of the little bridges.

Love Language?: Swedish - Jag älskar dig.

Other than clowns and spiders, what is your greatest fear? “Popcorn. The kernels get stuck at the back of my mouth!” -Sarah Grochowski

Mars' Hill 17.03  

Volume 17, Issue 03 October 17, 2012

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