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Sea Breeze There I was sitting in the car looking at the signs for something that looked cool. That’s when I saw it, “Deep Sea Fishing Over Here”. “Dad. Dad, It said that we could go deep sea fishing!” I wanted to go. “So… You want to go?” My dad was surprised I wanted to go. “Please. I want to go!” I could not hold the excitement. “Fine.” I got to go! Yes. We were in front of the fishing boat about 24 hours later. It was a rather small boat, but I did not care if the boat was small. I just wanted to catch some fish. We went on the boat with some other people and the boat left. The boat stopped and the loud speaker went on, “First fishing point is right here”. It's time to fish. I ran to the fishing pole and put a small fish on the hook. I threw the string out into the water and waited. The sea looked as if the fish were waiting to be caught. The sound of the wave made me feel like I was a bird soaring high in the sky. I smelled the salt in the sea and it tingled my nose. I felt the gentle sea breeze come right at me. At the great sea, I waited. “I got something!” My dad had seemed like he just reeled in a sea bass. “Wow.” My dad caught the first fish; I thought I would catch the first fish. I needed to wait a little bit more and I was sure I would catch a fish. I waited for about for 3 minutes when the loud speaker went on for the second time of the day, “We will move on to a new fishing point. It is dangerous so please put the fishing pole back in the socket. Thank you for your cooperation.” Shoot. I did not catch a fish. The engine went on and we started moving. We stopped again and we started fishing. I waited quietly but I didn’t have luck. I waited more but this time my bait was taken. Then I heard a noise; my dad reeling something in. I looked in to the blue sea and saw something that looked like a sea bas. I was right; my dad had fished out another sea bas. As my dad threw the fish back in the sea, I felt a weird feeling in my stomach and realized I was feeling sea sick. I told my dad and he told me to go rest inside. As I sat in the inside seat, I thought about catching a big fish. But then everyone came in for lunch. I did not feel like eating my food but I ate my lunch. I still didn’t feel well so I had to stay in for the next fishing point, but I was feeling better. I was still thinking about fishing, about fishing a giant fish. I wanted to feel the happiness of catching a fish. I could still

smell the tingling smell of the salt. I still felt like I was a soaring bird, but this time I was not seeing the; not even the sky. I was a bird in a small cage. As I was thinking I realized that I did not feel the weird feeling in my stomach, I was ready to fish again! I ran out and took my reel and threw the string out. My dad didn’t even realized that I had come out, “Wow, you are a quick boy. Are you okay now?” “Never better!” I felt like I was a brand new toy that was just made. I waited and waited and waited but no tugging came to my reel. Instead I saw my dad move his hand; he was reeling something in. I went over and watched. Then a suckerfish came out. My dad had caught a suckerfish! I watched as my dad took the suckerfish out of the hook and stuck the fish on to the roof. I thought it was cool but my dad didn’t, “I wanted to catch a shark not a suckerfish.” Now that sounded scary. Having a carnivore fish on the boat, that’s too dangerous. Then I felt it; a tug on my reel. It was the first tug of the day! I was so excited I forgot to reel it in, and then I remembered that it might escape if I don’t reel it in quickly. I started reeling in the string furiously. I moved the fishing pole up and down, left to right but I could not see the fish. “You got something to find your bait? It’ looks like you need help, do you?” My dad was impressed that I was trying to catch a fish but I seriously needed help. “Yes please. I would like some help.” I moaned while I was moving the fishing pole around. My dad held the fishing pole with me and we started reeling in the string. We moved the fishing pole up and down; left to right but no fish appeared. We fought with the fish for about another minute and the reeling became easier, I thought the fish gave up fighting but when I reeled the whole string in I realized the string had snapped. I felt horrible. The thought of the fish running away hit me, but my dad said, “Don’t worry people fail but after they fail something good happens.” So I fixed the string and threw it in, then I caught a sea bass. Fishing ended peacefully after that. Although I only caught one fish I felt proud of my self. As the sun set a father and his son headed to their grand parent’s home through the gentle sea breeze and the sunset light…

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I go fishing.