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Dr. Gupta Pain Clinic.................................................................58 Trigenics .......................................................................................60 Alternate Therapies.................................................................62 Deepak Chopra & Chakras...................................................63 Flamenco Healing .....................................................................64 Astrology.......................................................................................66 5 Ways to Live Longer.............................................................67




Where’s the Party?.................................................................68 Hooking Up In The CIty ...........................................................70 Cartoon ...........................................................................................71 Houston Review........................................................................72 Don’t Judge Me.........................................................................73 Queen Ann & Euro Glam........................................................74 Global Travel................................................................................76 Poetry .............................................................................................78 The Scene .....................................................................................80


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Photo: Janet Kimber.

AMONG THE “World’s Coolest Tourist Attractions.” - TRAVEL & LEISURE

Designed by Fumihiko Maki and surrounded by a landscaped park and formal garden, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada offers worlds of discovery — and something for all ages and interests. Explore centuries-old artifacts and contemporary art from the Iberian Peninsula to China, or attend a performance in our beautiful auditorium. Find unique gifts in our Shop, or treat yourself to lunch in our elegant restaurant, Diwan.


We look forward to your visit!




Premier of Ontario - Première ministre de l’Ontario

June 10, 2016

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE PREMIER Ross Ulysses Munroe This issue of Toronto Waterfront Magazine leads from the Environment, with incisive articles by David Suzuki, David Miller and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, plus articles on Bee Keeping, the preservation of our water resources and more. It’s capped off with an exclusive up-close-and-personal interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has much to share on this subject. But the environment includes more than simply our natural surroundings. It includes the way we integrate our cityscapes into our natural surroundings. It includes our relationships with one another, and our arts and entertainment activities – Luminato is a signature example. It includes our health and well-being, both individually and as a community. Because we all share one world. And we want to make sure it’s an environment that’s healthy for every living creature on this planet, our home.


On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am pleased to extend warm greetings to the Luminato Festival on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, and to Toronto Waterfront Magazine on the occasion of its 14th anniversary. In its first decade, Luminato has become one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America, earning a well-deserved reputation as a meeting place for the global arts community. This year offers yet another feast for the senses — with performance, visual art, music, theatre, dance, magic and more. Toronto has had the honour of hosting this outstanding showcase of the arts since its inception. Both Luminato Festival and Toronto Waterfront Magazine continue to infuse this vibrant urban centre with a unique perspective on cultural life. Art and culture breathe life into our communities, inspire innovation and serve to strengthen and promote Ontario’s creative economy. Please accept my sincere best wishes for continued success.

Kathleen Wynne Premier



Karim Mirshahi Toronto Waterfront Magazine promotes awareness of the services, products, current issues and events here. We let you know about who, what and where it’s happening with arts, dining, shopping, fitness/sports, real estate, entertainment, people and community development projects affecting our area. Plus we are committed to addressing the broader issues that affect us all. Now we’re excited to announce the new Toronto Waterfront Mobile App serving Toronto’s Waterfront tourists, community and businesses. It includes key content and features such as a digital version of the Toronto Waterfront Magazine, informative articles and key information about businesses, events, and activities at the Waterfront. This App helps you gain key insights into what’s happening in the Waterfront Community, when you’re looking for what’s going on here. It’s just one more way we’re working for you. 7

On behalf of the Government of Onta Waterfront Magazine in congratulating Anniversary in 2016.



Greetings from the Honourable Michael Coteau Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I would like to join Toronto Waterfront Magazine in congratulating the Luminato Festival on its 10th Anniversary in 2016. JUNE 2016 ISSUE

Luminato is celebrated as one of the festivals, showcasing performance, vi The Ontario government is proud to s artistic diversity and excellence.

I would also like to congratulate Toron of publication. The magazine plays an Toronto’s vibrant and engaging cultur offer. Thank you for your hard work in and sounds to Ontarians and our visit

Congratulations to both Luminato and respective anniversaries, and best wi

Luminato is celebrated as one of the world’s prominent arts and culture Sincerely, Greetings from the Honourable Michael Coteau festivals, showcasing performance, visual art, music, theatre, and much more. of Tourism, Culture and Sport The Ontario government is proud to support Luminato in thisMinister celebration of artistic diversity and excellence. On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I would like to join Toronto Waterfront Magazine in congratulating the Luminato Festival on its 10th Michael Coteau th Anniversary in 2016.

I would also like to congratulate Toronto Waterfront Magazine on its 14 year Minister of publication. The magazine plays an important role in bringing to the public Luminato is celebrated as one of the world’s prominent arts and culture festivals, showcasing performance, Toronto’s vibrant and engaging culture and the many events and activities on visual art, music, theatre, and much more. The Ontario government is proud to support Luminato in this celebration of offer. Thank you for your hard work in promoting downtown Toronto’s sights artistic diversity and excellence. and sounds to Ontarians and our visitors. I would also like to congratulate Toronto Waterfront Magazine on its 14 th year of publication. The magazine plays an important role in bringing to the public Congratulations to both Luminato and Toronto Waterfront Magazine on their Toronto’s vibrant and engaging culture and the many events and activities on respective anniversaries, and best wishes for a superb offer. 2016! Thank you for your hard work in promoting downtown Toronto’s sights and sounds to Ontarians and our visitors.


Congratulations to both Luminato and Toronto Waterfront Magazine on their JUNE 2016 ISSUE respective anniversaries, and best wishes for a superb 2016! Sincerely,

Michael Coteau Minister

Michael Coteau Minister

Greetings from the Hon Minister of Tourism

On behalf of the Government of Ontari Waterfront Magazine in congratulating Anniversary in 2016.

Luminato is celebrated as one of the w festivals, showcasing performance, vis The Ontario government is proud to su artistic diversity and excellence.

I would also like to congratulate Toront of publication. The magazine plays an Toronto’s vibrant and engaging culture offer. Thank you for your hard work in p and sounds to Ontarians and our visito 8

Congratulations to both Luminato and


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The Environment


Tapping Earth’s abundant energy. BY DAVID SUZUKI

With contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Senior Editor Ian Hanington. In the midst of controversy over B.C.’s Peace River Site C dam project, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association released a study showing the province could get the same amount of energy more affordably from geothermal sources for about half the construction costs. Unlike Site C, geothermal wouldn’t require massive transmission upgrades, would be less environmentally disruptive and would create more jobs throughout the province rather than just in one area. “Iceland heats up to 90 per cent of its homes...with geothermal.” Despite the many benefits of geothermal, Canada is the only “Pacific Ring of Fire” country that doesn’t use it for commercial-scale energy. According to Desmog Blog, “New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States and Mexico all have commercial geothermal plants.” Iceland heats up to 90 per 12


cent of its homes, and supplies 25 per cent of its electricity, with geothermal. Geothermal energy is generated by heat from Earth’s rocks, liquids and steam. It can come from shallow ground, where the temperature is a steady 10 to 16 C, hot water and rocks deeper in the ground, or possibly very hot molten rock (magma) deep below Earth’s surface. As with clean-energy sources like solar, geothermal energy systems vary, from those that use hot water from the ground directly to heat buildings, greenhouses and water, to those that pump underground hot water or steam to drive turbines. The David Suzuki Foundation’s Vancouver and Montreal offices use geothermal. According to National

Geographic, geothermal power plants use three methods to produce electricity: dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle. Dry steam uses steam from fractures in the ground. “Flash plants pull deep, high-pressure hot water into cooler, low-pressure water,” which creates steam. In binary plants, which produce no greenhouse gas emissions and will likely become dominant, “hot water is passed by a secondary fluid with a much lower boiling point,” which turns the secondary fluid into vapour. Unlike wind and solar, geothermal provides steady energy and can serve as a more cost-effective and less environmentally damaging form of baseload power than fossil fuels or nuclear. It’s not entirely without environmental impacts, but most are minor and can be overcome with good planning and siting. Geothermal fluids can contain gases and heavy metals, but most new systems recycle them back into the ground. Operations should also be located to avoid mixing geothermal liquids with groundwater and to eliminate impacts on nearby natural features like hot springs. Some geothermal plants can produce small amounts of CO2, but binary systems are emissions-free. In some cases, resources that provide heat can become depleted over time. Although geothermal potential has been constrained by the need to locate operations in areas with high volcanic activity, geysers or hot springs, new developments are making it more widely viable. One controversial method being tested is similar to fracking for oil and gas.. Water is injected into a well with enough pressure to break rock and release heat to produce hot


water and steam to generate power through a turbine or binary system. The technology would be simple to develop & could be integrated with existing power grids. Researchers have also been studying urban ‘heat islands’ as sources of geothermal energy. Urban areas are warmer than their rural surroundings, both above and below ground, because of the effects of buildings, basements and sewage and water systems. Geothermal pumps could make the underground energy available to heat buildings in winter and cool them in summer. New methods of getting energy from the ground could also give geothermal a boost. Entrepreneur Manoj Bhargava is working with researchers to bring heat to the surface using graphene cords rather than steam or hot water. Graphene is stronger than steel and conducts heat well. Bhargava says the technology would be simple to develop and could be integrated with existing power grids. Unfortunately, geothermal hasn’t received the same level of government support as other sources of energy, including fossil fuels and nuclear. That’s partly because upfront costs are high and, as with oil and gas exploration, geothermal sources aren’t always located where developers hope they’ll be. As Desmog notes, resources are often found in areas that already have access to inexpensive hydro power. Rapid advancements in renewable-energy and power-grid technologies could put the world on track to a mix of clean sources fairly quickly — which is absolutely necessary to curtail global warming. Geothermal energy should be part of that mix. 13

The Environment

Count Yourself In For Nature Fostering Deeper Connections To Nature For Canadians.

BY DAVID MILLER, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF WWF-CANADA I recently had the pleasure of releasing one of 15 rescued snapping turtle hatchlings into the shallows of Lake Seneca in King City, Ont. The release of these turtles, an at-risk species, was made possible by a single act of caring by one person. After uncovering a nest of eggs on a bridge scheduled for construction, Seneca College Facilities Manager, Rick Greenlaw, set a series of actions in motion that rallied people together to ensure the survival of these turtles. Stories like this unfold daily across Canada. Some are widely recognized and celebrated; most get little recognition outside their immediate community. All of them speak to the different ways Canadians count for nature. Conservation isn’t reserved for scientists, wildlife experts or professional environmentalists. We know Canadians value their personal connections to nature. We swim, boat and fish on our oceans, lakes and rivers. We plant gardens and trees, grow crops, camp, hike, explore, exercise, birdwatch and so much more. Although we choose to express our love of nature in different ways, it’s a powerful force for conservation if we can harness it in ways that benefit nature. That’s one of the reasons WWF14

Courtesy Seneca College (taken by Roberto Vazquez)


Canada is working to foster deeper connections to nature for Canadians through our new Count for Nature campaign. Just as the baby turtle release would not have been possible without the initial efforts of just one person, and then the combined efforts of so many people who work to protect snapping turtle populations, Count for Nature is driven by the knowledge that what each and every one of us does for nature actually counts. I invite you to count yourself in and join our movement of Canadians taking the next step to ensure nature

thrives. When we’re counted together, we can do more to protect and promote nature in this country. How do you count for nature? WWF-Canada will share your stories to recognize and celebrate our individual and collective efforts to safeguard nature in Canada, demonstrating that every day acts of caring for nature can have a big impact. Our new website will also link you with ways to participate, including how to Take the Plunge to keep our freshwater in good health. Visit

House that embraces the natural features of the Site A


Designed by: Steve Poulos, Principal GWPT

Global Warming Prevention Technologies Leaders in innovation, design and energy efficiency 15

The Environment

Our Waterfront Is No Place

For An Aging Nuclear Plant BY ANGELA BISCHOFF The Pickering Nuclear Station – located on the Lake Ontario waterfront just east of Toronto – is one of the oldest and largest nuclear stations in the world. It is also surrounded by more people than any other nuclear station in North America. Today, we would never build a high-risk nuclear plant in the middle of our largest urban area. But back when Pickering started operating in 1971 -- the same year Led Zepplin released Stairway to Heaven – its builders failed to anticipate that a huge city was about to sprout up around it. The 1950s CANDU technology used at Pickering has proven to be quite trouble prone. Four reactors at the plant were shut down for emergency repairs in the late 1990s; two were later deemed not worth fixing. Despite a history of sudden cooling system ruptures, the plant still lacks a secondary fast shutdown system and, unlike most other nuclear stations, multiple reactors share a single radiation containment building, making them especially vulnerable to cascading accidents, such as when a fire in one reactor spreads to others. Fortunately, we no longer need the power Pickering produces. In 2015, 16


Ontario exported more electricity (often at a loss) than Pickering generated. We have many safer and more cost-effective options for keeping our lights on, including importing lowcost water power from Quebec, continuing to improve energy efficiency, and continuing to build increasingly competitive renewable energy. Earlier this year, Ontario signed contracts for wind power at roughly the same price it pays for power from Pickering (and that’s not factoring in the massive debt left behind by huge cost overruns on rebuilding Pickering reactors). But instead of doing the sensible thing and retiring this nuclear dinosaur, Ontario Power Generation says it will apply for a 10-year licence extension when the plant’s current licence expires in 2018. This is a ter-

rible idea for a plant that has suffered a number of serious incidents, including in 1983 when workers had to scramble to pump cooling water back into a reactor from the floor of the containment building after its vital cooling system sprang a major leak. We’d be far better off shutting down Pickering by 2018 and immediately getting to work on removing its radioactive remains from our waterfront – including the thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste temporarily stored onsite. Learn more and sign our petition to close Pickering at Angela Bischoff is Outreach Director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


Martin Julian

Why We Need Nuclear Energy BY RICK MALTESE Energy is fundamental to human survival and prosperity. It has been and always will be. Our quality of life depends on the kind of energy we use and how we regulate it. 85% of Ontario’s energy is emission free. Nuclear power provides 60% and hydro provides 25%. But wind and solar energy are not always available. We need natural gas to fill in the gaps. That releases large amounts of CO2. Climate scientists and ecologists who endorse nuclear energy are calling on us to action to reverse climate change. These environmentalists have concluded that to prevent the threat to species extinction and quality of life issues, nuclear energy is the only solution. We need zero greenhouse gas emissions. Only nuclear


energy can be scaled fast enough and robustly enough to be able to replace the abundant energy that coal currently provides. In order for wind and solar to take on the role of replacing coal it would require more raw materials than are available worldwide. What’s more, natural gas has been known to leak. Being a much stronger green house gas it only takes a 4% leakage rate to equal the CO2 emissions of coal. What should be done with nuclear waste? We now have new companies like Ontario’s Terrestrial Energy, showing us the potential for how new nuclear designs are even safer than already “very-safe” technology. These technologies will provide a way to convert spent nuclear fuel into an excellent source of energy.

Refurbishing reactors is really a complete upgrade easily doubling their lifespan. No other energy source gets so much scrutiny, and as a result nuclear reactors are the safest long-lasting energy sources available. Has anybody asked Quebec if they are willing to create another lake the size of Belgium to provide the hydro power needed by Ontario? The answer would be no. The Dalai Lama, James Hansen and countless scientists who support nuclear energy indicate that acceptance is a matter of education. Once we get over the irrational fears of radiation and false connections to nuclear weapons we can then consider how nuclear energy can power a better future for all of us. 17

The Environment

Microbeads A Macro Problem In Great Lakes.

Plastic Pollution On The Rise Along Toronto’s Waterfront. BY KRYSTYN TULLY

Vice President, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Take a walk on the waterfront after a busy weekend or heavy storm and you’re sure to see plastic bottles, lids, bags, food wrapping, or unidentifiable bits of debris floating on the water. Sometimes you see one lonely cigarette butt bobbing along with the waves. Sometimes you see a whole pile of garbage collecting in corners where the lake meets the concrete shoreline. Even when you head to the beach, you see bits of plastic debris scattered throughout the seaweed, stones and sandcastles. Those pesky patches of plastic are everywhere. If you’re like most people, you see the garbage, shrug your shoulders and silently curse the litterbugs. You may not realize that these small patches of debris are symptoms of one of the biggest threats to Lake Ontario. The debris is mostly plastic, which people are dumping into the world’s 18

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

waters at the rate of 8-million tons of plastic per year (and that figure is growing).


On the Great Lakes, plastics account for 80% of all debris. On the ocean, some estimates peg it even higher, at 90%. The famous “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is a plastic-strewn stretch of the Pacific Ocean that may be as large as 15,000,000 square kilometres. The debris you can see is just the tip of the plastic iceberg. Most plastic pollution is difficult to spot. Less than a few millimetres long, these tiny pieces of plastic float just under the surface. Plastic wreaks havoc on the natural environment. It splits into smaller

pieces, but it never really goes away. Fish and animals mistake the tiny specs for food. Their bellies fill up with plastic, and they starve. Plastic debris also helps attract contaminants and can even create large floating mats that lure fish away from their natural habitat. Where is this plastic coming from? Litter, obviously, is one source. The other sources might surprise you. Clothes have tiny strands of plastic. When you do your laundry, you are also flushing plastic down the drain. Soaps and toothpastes are also a major problem. One tube of toothpaste can have 300,000 microbeads in it. The teeny tiny “micro-scrubbers” that are supposed to make

e your teeth and skin shiny wash down the drain. Then, because each bead is too small to be captured, they end up being flushed into the water from wastewater treatment plants. Cigarette butts are some of the worst culprits. When you drop your spent butt on the ground, it doesn’t go away. It washes into the lake with hundreds of thousands of other pieces of plastic debris and hangs around for decades. Toronto’s waterfront gets a double-hit of plastic pollution. The area attracts thousands of visitors each year. Residents love to spend time outside. Unfortunately, we also bring litter with us. Those bottles, lids, cups and wrappers blow right into the lake and become plastic pollution. The waterfront is also home to about a dozen sewage overflow

pipes. Deep underwater, you can just make out the gentle flow of sewage and stormwater into the lake at the end of most of the inlets along Queen’s Quay. After a storm, these pipes carry sewage water directly from homes and businesses into Lake Ontario - carrying all those microbeads, microfibres and flushed plastics with them. Experts warn that there could be more plastic in the water than fish at some point within our lifetimes. Waterfront residents and visitors have a unique opportunity to educate people about the problem and help turn the plastic tide - before it’s too late. When you see plastic pollution on the waterfront, share it on social media - snap a photo and use hashtag #plasticpollution to report it to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

THREE SIMPLE WAYS YOU CAN HELP CURB PLASTIC POLLUTION: • Switch to refillable water bottles and food containers. • Dispose of all garbage properly (including cigarette butts). • Avoid soaps and cleansers with microbeads in them. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper


The Environment

Let It Bee

New Initiative Provides Programs To Support Ontario Bee Species & Their Habitats. BY MACKENZIE MUNROE Friends of the Earth has begun one of the organization’s most aspiring initiatives to date, entitled ‘Let it Bee’, raising awareness of the environmental importance and current vulnerability of bees in Ontario. With full support from Ontario Power Generation, ‘Let it Bee’ has organized a large scale awareness campaign, recruiting community leaders, field experts and citizens. This project provides education on native bees and their endangerment. ‘Let it Bee’ makes a series of recommendations regarding substantial changes in gardening and landscaping, through actions Canadian residents can take in their own backyards. The current state of circumstances for wild bees in Ontario, and throughout Canada, is concerning. The rusty-patched bumble bee, once a common pollinator in Ontario, has dwindled in population and is now classified as endangered. The amount of six additional bee species has drastically declined in size, with 20

experts in the field pressuring the Minister of Environment to monitor and protect bees adequately. Southern Ontario is one of three biodiversity hotspots in Canada, accommodating one of the largest diversity of bees. Unfortunately, this same area fea-

tures substantial loss of habitat and detrimental agricultural production. As two thirds of the crops we rely upon flourish from pollinators including bees, this is troublesome not only for the wellbeing of the ambitious bee, but for our own welfare as a species.


“Wild bees are crucial for food crops and f lowers but are also beautiful to behold. Their dramatic decline can only be reversed if we take steps to radically change how we farm, landscape and garden,” said Professor Laurence Packet of York University. Beatrice Olivastri, CEO of Friends of the Earth Canada has similar recommendations, stating “We must act now to protect the diversity of wild bees – nature designed distinct roles for each wild bee species to play in pollinating plants and we need them all. “But they’re up against big stressors like habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and diseases. Habitat loss is just as critical in cities and towns as in the countryside. It’s time to dramatically change how we garden and landscape to make sure we protect - not kill off wild - native bees.”


The ‘Let it Bee’ campaign began in May of 2016, carrying out its first installment throughout July and running its second stage into August. The project not only provides education and recommendations for the wild bee, but is spearheading the first annual Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count. This component of the campaign ensures adequate monitoring of wild species of bees, a crucial task for scientists to track population changes and the effectiveness of current interventions. Support for the Friends of the Earth campaign has been strong, particularly from Ontario Power Generation. “OPG has a long history of biodiversity protection and education. We invest in habitat protection and restoration at all of our sites and in strategic locations across Ontario,” said Jeff Lyash, Ontario Power Generation President and

CEO. “Our partnership with Friends of the Earth Canada is a natural fit, particularly since they are championing one of nature’s smallest but most valuable workers – the native bee.” MPP Beaches-East York Arthur Potts has also offered his name to the ‘Let it Bee’ pledge. “I am delighted to take the ‘Let it Bee’ pledge to help bring awareness to bee-diversity in Ontario,” said Potts. “At my constituency office and at home I am now especially aware to plant pollinator friendly flowers to help our local bees thrive.” Throughout the campaign, the project stresses the important role of citizens in being the driving force behind saving our treasured bee population. Through changes to gardening and landscaping, we can support our bees in bringing food to our tables. 21

The Environment

Other Waterfronts The Shrinking Colorado River. BY PETER LAMBERT

It’s a 500 mile trip along the Colorado River, looking at the ecology of the river and comparing it to the past -- when huge swamps of jaguars and wild migrating birds ruled.

The Colorado River: wending its way through the high plateau and low desert; this blue snake creates a thin ribbon of rich, abundant life. 22

The river has traditionally fed an ultra-rich delta. Aldo Leopold, in his famous Sand County Almanac, wrote about canoeing the Colorado Delta in the 1920’s.

Drastically drawn upon by agriculture, industry and municipal users, the diminishing of this great waterway should serve as a warning for us all. These days, most of the water in the Colorado is taken for crops and drinking. 23

The Environment

Green BY DARREN DOBSON Consumers are most interested today in being green and demand choices when choosing their next automobile. Included below are three such options that are trustworthy.

CHEVROLET VOLT The new 2016 Volt electric car has extended range up to 85 km’s in EV mode with an updated sleek and sportier design. The Volt is 12% more efficient and 45 kg lighter than the first generation model. The 24

two-motor design is 19% stronger for faster acceleration. A Regen on Demand™ feature enables drivers the control of (energy) regeneration via a paddle located on the back of the steering wheel. A new 1.5L engine, designed to use regular unleaded fuel, is estimated to have a combined fuel consumption rating of 5.7 L/100 km. Updated five passage seating and a 120V portable cord round out some of the many new updates for the Volt. The Chevrolet Volt was recognized in April at the Green Living Show as the winner of the 2016 Green Car Award. For more info, visit

TOYOTA PRIUS PRIME What Toyota describes as “The world’s best selling hybrid goes to the next level in style and technology with the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime.” The new 2017 Prius is Ultraefficient plug in hybrid that has an estimated 1.96Le/100 km of fuel consumption, a 22% reduction in fuel consumption from its predecessor. Other exciting features include a Pre-Collision and Pedestrian Collision System with Automatic Braking. The 2017 Prius Prime showcases updated design with an estimated electric range approximately twice that of the previous model. Toyota


Cars adds more premium touches and technology, including an available 11.6-inch, HD central multimedia screen with standard navigation and full colour heads-up display. “Prime” describes Toyota Safety Sense™ P. This vehicle’s advanced standard safety technology includes the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Braking. Additional features include Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams. Other available options include Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic

Alert. For more info, visit www.



Model 3 is the next model from Tesla, following the successful Model S and Model X. This is Tesla’s “mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” The Model 3 is engineered to combine 320 km (200 miles) of range, outstanding performance, class leading safety and utility. The interior design maximizes interior space, to fit 5 adults comfortably.

Performance figures for the Tesla will not be overlooked and it is estimated that the Model 3 will accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in less than 6 seconds, compared to the Model S at 2.8 seconds. This brand new mid-sized sedan may be equipped with electric allwheel drive, offering additional traction and safety in all weather conditions. Model 3 will begin production in late 2017 with a retail price of $35,000 USD. Tesla predicts vehicle production to reach 500,000 vehicles per year in their new gigafactory. For more info, visit www. 25

Exclusive Feature


All photos by Justin Trudeau

Can you tell us about a defining personal experience that helped to drive your commitment to preserving the Environment? My family’s relationship with the outdoors – with Canada’s natural beauty – has been a lifelong one 26

for me. My dad taught us Trudeau boys how to paddle a canoe almost as soon as we could walk. And like many Canadians, I’ve spent many summer nights out under the stars, beside a campfire, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and black flies. My dad was never a fan of bug spray.

I’ve always believed that when it comes to our environment, we Canadians get it. We appreciate its beauty, understand its dangers, and know its value. Please tell us about personal experiences earlier in your life

f that contributed to your very proactive stance on helping refugees immigrate to Canada. I was aware very early on that the country we know and love was built by those who fled oppression, famine, and war – those who left everything behind to start anew in a strange and faraway land. My father was a champion of multiculturalism. He taught me that dialogue, conviction, and compassion constitute the only real path toward peace and understanding. Above all, he taught me that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. As Canadians, we take great pride in our history of opening our arms and our borders to those in need, no matter one’s faith, culture, or where they’re from. We define ourselves through our compassion, and know we have a responsibility to continue opening our doors to our most vulnerable neighbours around the world. It was an honour to personally greet several Syrian refugee families earlier this year when they landed in Canada. Meeting them one by one, and seeing the delight in their eyes, only reinforced my beliefs.

Syrian refugees, and our promise to make government more open and transparent resonated not only with Canadians – but with people around the world. To what degree is your political career informed by the example and insight afforded to you by your father? When I think about my father’s work-life balance, I think of it in terms of how he brought us with him on so many world trips – that having us along with him kept him balanced and made him a better leader. Before I became Prime Minister, when I used to drive back to Montréal, after three days in Ottawa, I would look back and ask myself, “Okay, did the work I do in

One might consider the results of the last election as the repudiation of individual selfish goals, in favour of a commitment to the common good of Canadian society and our support of people around the world. To what degree do you agree with this, and could you comment? I think the campaign we ran was based on putting fear aside and choosing instead to have confidence in Canada, Canadians, and the fundamental values that have come to define this country. We embraced hard work – not cynicism. We beat out negative, divisive politics with a positive, hopeful vision to bring Canadians together. Across the country, at every campaign stop, I told Canadians, “In Canada, better is always possible.” I think that this optimism, along with our pledge to accept 25,000


Ottawa contribute to a world that is better enough to compensate for the fact that I wasn’t there to put my kids to bed for three nights in a row?” Having this touchstone – linking this important job to real life and real people and a real impact on a human level – is something that my father modelled for me. I have a theory that Canada had an identity crisis because it has no national ego in the way many countries do (nationalism, etc.). And that now that we have grown up to be such a robustly multicultural society, we are reflecting the characteristics of the ideal global citizenry - tolerant, compassionate, egalitarian. What is your feeling about this? We are a nation of millions of immigrants and refugees, of hundreds of cultures, languages, and religions, who are bound by one, unshakable belief: we are stronger not in spite of our differences, but precisely because of them. Peace, freedom, respect, compassion, inclusivity, and diversity – these are our cherished Canadian values. As Canada moves toward a greater leadership role in the world, I am confident that these values will remain synonymous with the maple leaf, “Canada,” and “Canadian.” 27

At Luminato

Luminato’s 10th Anniversary:


The Festival Without Walls Finds A New Home. After ten remarkable years of informing Toronto audiences about the Arts, Luminato celebrates its 10th anniversary this year by bringing it all together in its new home, The Hearn Generating Station. Luminato is one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America, having commissioned close to 100 new works of art, with more than 3,000 performances featuring 11,000 artists from over 40 countries. “In its first nine years, Luminato was 28

a performing arts centre without walls. Each project found its own space, indoors or outdoors,” said Artistic Director Jorn Weisbrodt. “This year, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we proposed a new model that is an art project itself – one where everything is open, inclusive and porous. “Together with our incredibly talented design and artistic partners, we created our own temporary space, concentrating our festival in one location – the Hearn. We

sketched out a vision for a cultural institution of the 21st century reflecting the diversity of Toronto and Canada. “Visitors and audiences moved through the majestic Hearn – wandering from various exhibitions to a meal in the open air beer garden, participating in a workout session, seeing a play, hearing a baroque concert, and ending up at a hip-hop club event – all in one massive space without any walls.”


At Luminato

Jorn Weisbrodt In His Own Words.

BY VIRGINIA MUNROE It is with some sadness and a great deal of gratitude that the City of Toronto says goodbye to Luminato Artistic Director, Jorn Weisbrodt. Weisbrodt enjoys an enviable international reputation in the Arts and Culture community. He has been with the Festival for five seasons, having facilitated such remarkable cultural offerings as Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’s acclaimed opera, Einstein on the Beach, R. Murray Schafer’s musical drama, Apocalypsis, the North American premiere of Robert LePage’s Playing Cards: SPADES and Joni Mitchell’s 70th birthday tribute concert A Portrait in Song, among many, many others. This year, Weisbrodt’s last with Luminato, he has been able to realize the vision of bringing the festival into one extraordinary, magical building – the Hearn Generating Station. “I think one of the culminating factors of my last year as Artistic Director of Luminato was when I had the idea of bringing the entire festival into the Hearn Generating Station. This venue offers the potential to become one of the most potent Arts & Culture centres in North America. “Given its waterfront location, the magnificence of its architecture and the huge variety of spaces within the structure, it has the potential to be home to a broad diversity of arts, entertainment and culture activities. “The festival now reflects 21st century values, and by that I mean that 30

Tony Hauser



we are now multi-cultural rather than monolithic. Rather than simply having presentations that are inherently Anglo Saxon in nature, we wanted to have a space big enough to accommodate a broad diversity of world class offerings that included musical events like Rufus Does Judy and Unsound Toronto, the TSO performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and An American In Paris, The James Plays Trilogy, in addition to avant-garde dance like

monumental, as well as hip hop, club events, beer gardens, restaurants, installations and interactive events. There’s something for everyone, and it helps to present a more representative picture of our society as it exists today. “We simply can’t separate things anymore. Many of the arts organizations have their own buildings, but really these things will all flourish as many more people participate according to their preferences and their means. Instead of each institution having its own audience which separates people, at Luminato we are bringing all kinds of people together to enjoy all kinds of experiences together. That better reflects the Canadian experience - especially in Toronto. “So you have the whole spectrum of creative expression, not separated from one another, but all together in one space. The result is that each presentation brings their own audience, but then they move on to experience many other presentations; they all mix it up, learning from each other and furthering a common understanding. “It’s like a cultural tasting menu with ten or more courses, and you just have one after another until you get the whole idea. This year, my fifth and last, is the sum total of everything I have been working towards - which is the idea of exhibiting adventurous art in adventurous spaces, helping to stretch the envelope for both artists and audiences. “We have been on a journey around the city for years, and now the journey has led us home to the Hearn.”


At Luminato

Anthony Sargent A Warm Welcome To The New CEO Of Luminato. BY VIRGINIA MUNROE Anthony Sargent has enjoyed a long and illustrious career – one that prompted the Queen of England to make him a Commander of the British Empire in her birthday honours list in 2013 in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the Arts. Following an extensive search, Anthony Sargent was chosen, and is now serving, his first of a five year term as CEO of Luminato. We at Toronto Waterfront Magazine, wish him a warm and heartfelt welcome. “I’ve known the former CEO, Janice Price, for decades and when she first came here I was fascinated by this amazing festival with the intriguing name, Luminato. “I’ve watched it quite closely from across the water in Europe. It’s produced an extraordinary body of work. It has commissioned an exceptional range of projects. Luminato has attracted remarkably talented artists from across the continent, some of whom had never before been seen in North America at all. “I think that one of the most exciting elements in Luminato this year is the bringing together of everything in one grand location - the magnificent Hearn Generating Station. In previous years, Luminato was dispersed across the city, presenting its presentations to the public in a wide range of venues. For the first time this year, the public can come and experience all the events in one splendid location. “Luminato is grateful for the financial support we have received from 32

Mark Savage


our inception. We are grateful to the public. We’ve had the biggest ticket sales ever in the history of Luminato, and that’s where you get a sense of how successful the festival really is, and can be long into the future. “We’ve received the largest amount of individual donations (not counting the donations that originally launched the festival), including the largest donation ever given, at two hundred thousand dollars. We’ve also had the largest amount from trusts and foundations that the festival has ever received. “With regard to the Province, we have a three year funding agreement, with the province currently developing a cultural strategy that it’s never had before. All this augurs well for the future. “The city of Toronto has increased their budget - because in addition to

adding to the cultural richness of the area, Luminato attracts a significant amount of tourism, which is good for everybody. “What I think is very exciting at this time is the commitment of the city to the Arts. You only have to listen to Mayor Tory to realize the degree of dedication and excitement of leaders in this city to that enterprise. “The Federal government has provided $900,000 to help underwrite the cost of the festival. They are positioning the Arts as an important asset, not just in Canada, but across the world - something which the previous government was less prone to do. “We are at an unusual time where all three levels of government are highly motivated to support the Arts. “I would say that if there is a sector we look forward to receiving more support from, it would be business. I think that is an area that we at Luminato can improve upon by raising our game in explaining the public relations and social benefits to corporations. “This kind of approach is much more prevalent in Europe. And that’s something that as CEO of Luminato I plan to work very hard at in the coming years. “I do want to make a special point of communicating my absolute respect for and appreciation of the Artistic Direction of Jorn Weisbrodt. It has been a privilege to work with Jorn; his intelligence and artistic sensibilities continue to amaze me, day in and day out. “He will be sorely missed.”


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If Music Be The Food Of Love... BY RAYMOND BISHA When Rufus Wainwright brought his Rufus Does Judy show to Carnegie Hall in 2006, the performance sold out, as did subsequent performances in London, Paris and Los Angeles. The beginnings of Rufus Does Judy lie in the aftermath of 9/11. Wainwright was living in New York at that terrible time, looking for something that would bring solace from the traumatic events that were unfolding around him. He began listening to the album of Judy Garland’s 1961 show, looking for at 34



Gus Powell

least a distraction. As he listened and re-listened to the album, he found something deeper with which he connected as a performer at an almost visceral level. “Somehow that album, no matter how dark things seemed, made everything brighten. She had this capacity to lighten the world through the innocence of her sound. Her anchor to the material was obviously through her devotion to music. You never feel that she didn’t believe every word of every song she ever sang.” From those chaotic beginnings to Carnegie Hall was a five-year journey that began with almost everyone, including the show’s eventual producers, thinking that Wainwright was completely mad to even attempt something so audacious. It was of course a spectacular success. It takes someone of exceptional daring to recreate what is often

called “The greatest night in show business.” – Judy Garland’s legendary 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall. The live-concert album of Judy’s concert spent 73 weeks on the Billboard charts. On the other hand the live-concert recording of Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall did just fine and earned Wainwright a 2009 GRAMMY® nomination. Toronto audiences now get their chance to hear what all the fuss is about as Rufus Does Judy comes to the Luminato Festival for two nights only, June 23 and 24. Expect to hear Rufus and his orchestra perform such beloved hits as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Stormy Weather” and “Chicago” plus many other great songs. These performances are sure to be highlights of this year’s Festival, so expect tickets to go quickly. (When Rufus Wainwright last appeared in the Luminato Festival in 2014, the performances sold out

l almost instantly.) Rufus will also be dropping by the June 11th Choir! Choir! Choir! performance to sing Hallelujah with the choir. Choir! Choir! Choir! is an all inclusive Toronto singing group, though in some ways they could just as easily be considered a community-based social movement. Since their founding in 2011, the choir has developed a dedicated local audience, and a thriving international fan base on YouTube. Toronto is home to several internationally renowned orchestras, two of which are being featured in this year’s Luminato Festival. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Peter Oundjian takes to the Music Stage on June 21st with performances of two very different orchestral masterpieces. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony may be one of the best-known pieces of classical music in history. Those opening four notes have been quoted or referred to across many different media: in novels such as E.E. Forster’s Howards End, in films from Mr. Holland’s Opus to Fight Club, in cartoons as diverse as The Simpsons and Animaniacs, and of course in advertising where music from Beethoven’s Fifth was recently used to accompany swarms of drones. The Toronto Symphony Luminato performance brings you back to the source, and shows why this piece has such a grip on people’s imaginations almost since the day it was composed. Shorn of words, films, cartoons or advertisements, this is quite simply one of the greatest musical works of all time. And in case the epic journey of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony isn’t enough for you, the Toronto Symphony will also perform George Gershwin’s An American in Paris, a quintessentially New York composer’s rollicking tribute to the sights and sounds of the French capital. The Toronto Symphony musicians are also featured in a June 18th performance as their chamber ensemble, the TSO Chamber Players perform Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du

David Leyes


soldat, together with narrator Derek Boyes. L’histoire was written during World War I, and tells the story of a discharged soldier who makes a pact with the devil, but comes to the horrified realization that in such deals, the devil always wins. One of Toronto’s other musical treasures is Tafelmusik, Canada’s award-winning period instrument orchestra. The prestigious British publication Gramophone Magazine named Tafelmusik “one of the world’s top baroque orchestras”. On June 19th they bring the music of Bach, Handel and Telemann, three of the best-known baroque composers, to the Music Stage. The stage may be new, but with their performances Tafelmusik will transport you back to glorious sounds of the high baroque. One of the highlights of last year’s Luminato Festival was unquestionably Apocalypsis, a gigantic piece by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. This colossal music theatre performance included more than 800 performers, from singers and dancers, to 12 mixed choirs, 12 string quartets and 13 conductors. It may be one of the biggest events ever presented by the Luminato Festival. For the many people who missed hearing it then, come by the Music Stage on June 16th for an Apocalypsis listening party. Thanks to the superb recording made at last year’s live performance, this listening party will give you the best seats in the house. As with past Luminato festivals,

some of the most exciting events are those multi-disciplinary performances that defy both genre and easy description. To kick off the festival, Unsound Toronto takes over the Hearn from June 10-11 for a two-day, genre-spanning, exploration of experimental sound, including ambient soundscapes, noise, drone metal, techno and contemporary club music, all designed to interact with the architecture of the space itself. Composer Rose Bolton, filmmaker Marc de Guerre, and poet Don McKay collaborate on the June 22nd world premiere of Song of Extinction, a fully immersive visual and sonic experience featuring large-scale projections, chamber orchestra, chamber choir, live electronics and youth chorus. The band Battle of Santiago and DJ Medicineman bring Fábrica de Ritmo to the Hearn Music Stage on June 25th, in a multimedia deconstruction and reconstruction of classic Latin rhythms from Cuba to Brazil that are sure to have the dance floor hopping. And finally: what has 26 bikes, 14 turntables, 12 songs and six snacks? That could only be 66 Wheels, Kid Koala’s new bicycle tour across the city. The fun starts at Trinity Bellwoods Park, with stops at some of the Kid’s favourite spots for music and food, and finally ends at the Hearn where participants are invited to join Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To. The Luminato Festival offers a dizzying array of musical choices, from symphonic music to Rufus Does Judy, and from Latin rhythms to giant sound installations. For seventeen magical days in June this creative universe is yours to explore. Raymond Bisha has been a professional musician, broadcaster, tour manager and concert promoter. He is now Director of Marketing & PR at the classical music label Naxos, for whom he hosts a regular series of podcasts. 35

At Luminato


At PBN “We Build Relationships.”

Theatre On Scottish Kings, The Arms Trade & More... BY MARIO BOTTO

PBN is a community of business professionals committed to helping each other succeed in their professional and business lives through networking and building relationships. Social networking is a powerful tool to help you achieve professional and business success. For the last 15 years, PBN has faithfully been inviting you to networking events and you’ve been there with us. PBN is one of the most prestigious networking organization for sophisticated professionals in Toronto. PBN “meet and greet” events” – At these events you will meet other like-minded individuals and increase the size of your business as well as your personal network. You will build referrals while you exchange ideas with other members who want to help you in creating a more successful life. PBN - TV interview – PBN produces TV interviews featuring PBN members. These interviews will be done by a professional crew including a host and a co-host. Our mission is to find out and let everyone know about your business, project or organization. Your interview will be featured on PBN and your website, YouTube, and other social media networks and continue to generate interest and awareness in you and your project or business. PHOTOGRAPY: SINGER 36

This year at Luminato, Torontonians enjoyed a traditional, multi-part stage drama, The James Plays Trilogy; a visual and auditory immersion into the points of view of several protagonists in the infamous arms trade - Situation Rooms - and a room-toroom following of the players experience in The Off Limits Zone. The James Plays Trilogy, made its North American debut here, in twoand-a-half hour segments exploring the lives of three Scottish kings who reigned between 1424 and 1488. James I (The Key Will Keep the Lock), who reigned from 1424 to 1437, is by far the most picturesque and turbulent character of the three kings, whose life was marked by his own kidnapping by pirates as a child, years spent hostage at the English court, his eventual ransom and coronation; whose reign was leavened by ruthless governance, Renaissance-style intrigue, war, crushed rebellions and beheadings of political enemies, and which culminated in his own assassination at the hand of conspirators abetted by his own uncle’s grandson. James II (Day of the Innocents) was king from 1437 to 1460. Although marred by the political assassination of the Earl of Douglas, his rule proved popular, successful and relatively peaceful. Like his father’s before him, James II’s reign ended in violent death, albeit not by assassination, but by the explosion of his own cannon, at the siege of Roxburgh Castle.



Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

James III (The True Mirror) reigned 28 years from 1460 to 1488. He was an unpopular monarch owing to his unwillingness to administer justice fairly, a policy of pursuing alliance with England, and controversial relationships with nearly all of his extended family. However, it was through his marriage to Margaret of Denmark that he acquired the islands of Orkney and Shetland for Scotland. In all, a real life Game of Thrones epic drama that debuted in 2014’s Edinburgh Festival, just a few months before the Scottish separation referendum. At the time, the plays received enthusiastic praise as, for example, from Dominic Cavendish of The Telegraph when he wrote (26 Sep 2014): “Better than the Bard? Heresy! But when I think of the ela-

tion I felt at the end of Rona Munro’s thrilling trilogy, which spans the turbulent reigns of James I, II and III of Scotland, hurtling us through some 80 years of obscure 15th-century history and even whetting the appetite for more, then I feel compelled to say it: The James Plays leave the competition, namely Shakespeare’s Henry VI cycle, standing...” Situation Rooms, another North American premiere is an immersive experience where 20 patrons at a time relive through iPads and earphones the experience of 10 (of 20 possible) real people on both ends of the arms traffic, be they a Swiss weapons manufacturer, a Pakistani lawyer or a Mexican drug cartel administrator. To quote Vicky Frost of The Guardian (Feb 18, 2014), Situation Rooms is a play where “it’s theatre with the audience as actors; journalism with the consumer interacting

directly with the story; a video game where the screen bleeds into real and constructed worlds. But above all it is utterly absorbing – for more than an hour you are so busy living this piece of extraordinary art that that you do really become it… The work is intricately and cleverly plotted; the impact of your actions, or a different reading of them, often obscured until several steps on. You can feel strongly about a story as you are living it, only to have your viewpoint challenged by others along the way.” The Off Limits Zone, is a walkabout play, so-called because the cast splits into two groups, one of which the audience is required to follow, thus creating their own unique experience. Some Torontonians were offered a similar experience with the 1981 play Tamara, where one had to decide in a split second who to follow, guessing where the most interesting action would be.




At Luminato

monumental Dance Show Of The Year.

Yannick Grandmont

TORONTO PREMIERE AT LUMINATO. monumental is an explosion of contemporary dance and postrock music from Vancouver’s The Holy Body Tattoo and Montreal’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor


that shatters the façade of capitalist urban culture. Nine dancers balance on top of illuminated pedestals that resemble a miniature city. A projected backdrop evokes a gritty urban vision. Live music from an eight piece band echoes through the Hearn. After about a 10-year hiatus, Vancouver’s explosive contemporary dance company The Holy Body Tattoo returned to the world-tour circuit, reuniting with Montreal’s post-rock legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor to bring their epic collaboration, monumental, to Toronto.

Together, they held up a mirror to modern life, exposing mass isolation, oppression, repetition and despair. Movement turns into metaphor and sound into substance as the human need for intimacy and individuality breaks through the noise. Following a sold-out run in Vancouver, this was a rare opportunity to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor, one of this country’s most legendary and influential musical acts, live in performance with The Holy Body Tattoo. Rocking the Hearn music stage, and monumental in name and resonance, this show is as violent, beautiful and cathartic as art can get. 39

Arts & Entertainment

Melissa DiMarco Is Out There.

BY RICKY CHURCH In the television industry landscape it’s rare to see a show with such longevity as Out There with Melissa DiMarco. On the air for 12 years now, the award-winning series has no signs of slowing down and the same can be said for Melissa DiMarco, the star, Executive Producer and Showrunner. As a freelance researcher and writer on this show, I’ve seen firsthand how it all comes together. Its success? As the show’s creator, Melissa explains, from the beginning she thought outside the box, “there has always been an appetite for entertainment buzz, but as a journalist and actor, I always gravitated to what was behind the curtain. People were intrigued when I shared my funny stories as I unveiled the smoke-and-mirrors of the biz.” This led to the concept of Out There with Melissa DiMarco, a comedy series that parodies the familiar world of entertainment journalism. Audiences tune in to watch Melissa fix her life ‘one celebrity at a time’. And hundreds of A-list stars make appearances, compelled to participate in Melissa’s comic stories, from Julia Roberts and George Clooney to Madonna and Robert DeNiro. Melissa’s on-camera performance is best described as Will and Grace meets 30 Rock; she’s a blend of neurotically funny like Debra Messing and diversely sharp like Tina Fey. She’s infectious and fun. Viewers are most familiar with this side of Melissa – the actress. But she is humbly involved in every single aspect of making the show, clearly comfortable wearing many 40

different hats. When I first began working on Out There, I was surprised (and exhausted) watching just how much Melissa does in a single day. As the Headwriter, she meets with the other writers to create new episode concepts, then as the Showrunner,

she bustles off to the editing room to build the scenes she shot the night before and then as the Executive Producer, she is back to her office to handle budgets and contracts. One of the show’s story producers, Rebecca Taylor, says this helps build a vibrant workplace, “You have a

l non-diva star because she does all the other jobs and knows how hard it is.” Her work ethic and passion create an environment where ideas flow freely. Adam Pal, Director and a Story Producer, who has been with the show since its inception, explains, “we craft the stories by watching Melissa and writing things down.” He continues, “We use her experiences as the inspiration, shaping the comedy that satires Melissa and the entertainment industry.” And the celebrity interactions with Melissa are priceless: Matthew McConaughey helps blow her nose, Michael Sheen feeds her chocolate, Director Ivan Reitman throws a pie in her face, and Mark Ruffalo chews sticky gum she stored down her top. As the Executive Producer, Melissa is considered to have an unprecedented level of influence over her show that most other producers/showrunners don’t have. She says, “I feel spoiled that I have always been given this freedom and networks seem to trust my judgment on the stories, and what audiences want to see.” Melissa’s authentic quality not only attracts healthy audiences on television and online, but also attracts advertisers. “Melissa is an influencer, so a lot of companies and brands want to be associated with her,” explains Elizabeth Kurasz, Sales Account Executive. “It’s my job to make sure the right partnerships are fostered because Melissa only associates herself with brands she really stands behind.” One of her main strengths, Kurasz maintains, “is that she’s an incredibly talented businesswoman with vision.” Because of this, top executives and CEOs in North America hire her for media training and motivational speaking engagements.

She has also created a team that is front-and-centre at film festivals around the world. Movie publicists and stars look forward to the unique way Melissa gets their message out. As an accredited journalist for over a decade at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Melissa continues to branch out. She elaborates, “TIFF is a world class film festival and besides our extensive coverage, we have built a very successful networking environment in our suite. Writers, directors, actors and producers are invited to network, pitch projects and build partnerships.” She has her finger on the pulse of what is the new wave. Out There Productions not only produces the flagship television series, but has turned into a full service social media, radio, television and film production company. Melissa says, “I thrive on creating innovative and custom content.”

As a fairly recent addition to the company, I see how Melissa certainly cultivates talent. Adam Pal makes it clear that Melissa values input from everyone. “You don’t work for Melissa, you work with her. The reason why you’re here is because you offer a unique voice and she fosters it. That’s the DiMarco thing.” As I head out of the office for the day, I peek into the editing suite and hear Melissa instruct her editor, “Let’s punch up the ending scene, trim that shot by four frames.” Melissa DiMarco has the formula for success, she is ‘out there’, and she’s got it all. Check out: Ricky Church is a freelancer research/ writer for Out There Productions Inc. and is also a contributing writer and movie reviewer for Flickering Myth.

“I don’t know how she does all these things. She’s like a super woman!” says music composer, Ron Camilleri, who has scored the music for the show since the first episode. He continues, “Melissa lets you do what you want and gives you a lot of room to create.”



Arts & Entertainment

The Art Of The Distillery District Thompson Landry Gallery, 6 “Generally, in the art business,” Trinity Street and 32 Distillery said Joanne Thompson, “change is Lane, opened in 2006. They rep- good.” The gallery even includes We are fortunate to have the Historic resent Quebec artists, both contem- a street artist in their roster. It also Distillery District in our city; it is a porary and the great masters. The takes a great deal of hard work and cultural hub. Formerly a distillery, it Stone Distillery creates a distinctive dedication to make for a successful now houses shops, bars and restaubackdrop for their impressive col- gallery. rants plus the Young Centre for the lection. And they are known for Part of their commitment to the PerformingheArts, Tapestry Opera, their large scale paintings, sculpcommunity includes hosting music of Luminato 2008 is calling to you. It sounds familiar and it sounds bizarre. Music that will send charyour and many internationally renowned ture and photographs. itable fundraisers. The Thompson imagination soaring, meets the biting reality of musical production that will keep you talking long after the house art galleries. Established in 2003 by Clients are ensured complete sat- Landry Gallery sets a new standard lights come Cityscape Holdings Inc.,up. it is one of isfaction, as they have numerous in creating a warm and inviting Canada’s foremost tourist destinations. meetings in their homes to ensure atmosphere. Oh Province Canada! ofCome enjoy anthe intimate evening of music of our nation’s finest songwriters, as The Ontario and thatand thesong workscelebrating they select some are approAnother major gallery such housed Leonard Cohen,had Jonian Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and more. Kim Stockwood Canadian Songbook: City of Toronto eye on the priate.Damhnait Becoming Doyle friendsand in the proat the host Distillery, is The Corkin A Musical to Canada’s Enjoy salute to thewith voices that Gallery. helped pave for Canadian future whenTribute they promoted ware-Greatest Songwriters.cess, theythis become excited every It is the in away converted 10,000 house conversion. around the world. June 9th at Massey new work of art the gallery acquires. sq. ft. tank house, which allows singers/songwriters Hall.





for several exhibitions to interact with each other at the same time. Derek, the Director of the gallery, explained that when the gallery was founded in 1978, they presented vintage photography. Now they host a wider range of mediums that include painting, digital media, sculpture and photography. It really is an impressive gallery. Located at 7 Tank House Lane, it is recognized worldwide for its contribution to art discourse. They encourage discussion among artists, writers, curators, museums and private collectors on an international level. Showcasing their artists in art fairs like The Armory show in New York City, Art Basel and Art Toronto adds to this reputation. Arta Gallery is also housed in the Distillery District, located at 14


Distillery Lane. Their vision is to promote talented artists, both Canadian and international. Because they wish to reach a diverse audience with the artists they represent, they cultivate a wide audience by hosting events throughout the year. “This gallery was established in 2003 to promote art in our daily lives and make many talented artists accessible to the Toronto community,� says Director Fay Athari. She led a major expansion in June 2008. This change allowed for their really beautiful and historic space to host corporate events and fundraisers, and most importantly to present and promote art in a more expansive space. She offers her clients a very unique ambience in which to consider art work. Other galleries in the Historic

Distillery District include: The Eskimo Art Gallery at 220 - 8 Case Goods Lane; they present Eskimo legends preserved in stone, a traditional culture brought to life. Deaf Culture Centre, 34 Distillery Lane, is a gathering place for the Deaf Community. They offer education and culture with visual and performing artists presented to a hearing and deaf audience. The Historic Distillery District is well worth a visit for its beautiful cobblestone sidewalks, its lively music scene, its many bars and restaurants and the cultural scene that includes these wonderfully exciting art galleries. Jane Burns is a Toronto based visual artist. Her website is: 43

‘Sunset Sailing’ by Anne Burgoyne

18” x 14”, impasto wet-on-wet oil.



Tina Tran Helping To Transform People’s Lives. BY JENNIFER MYERS

Tina Tran, proud mother of five boys, filmmaker, actor, athlete and life coach, lives to teach and help transform people’s lives. Tina was born in Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam to a very poor, large family. After years of starvation and war, she escaped Vietnam and lived in a Hong Kong refugee camp, eventually immigrating to Canada. Tina is a survivor, with 9 brothers and sisters. She escaped North Vietnam by boat, with her brother, first husband, their 6 month old baby and 30 other people. Getting caught in a typhoon, the boat was forced into a cave for 7 days with torrential rain. Her baby became very ill, and sadly, passed away. Being robbed and hit by another typhoon, they were forced to return to shore. They planned an escape and arrived at a Hong Kong refugee camp. A year later, they were sponsored by the Canadian Government in December of 1984. In order to save one sister from the death sentence, and the other from life in prison, Tina started living a life of crime. Eventually she found herself unable to sustain such a lifestyle, and her organization began to crumble. Tina was devastated to lose two younger brothers to drug overdose;

however her sister helped her to become spiritual, so that now she remains strong. Tina has transformed herself and her sisters, so that now they all live as Buddhists, teaching others to say no to drugs. Tina has built a temple with her sister Minh Tran in their parents’ home town of Hai Duong, giving food to two orphanages and to those who are homeless. Tina has been featured in numerous productions, among them as actress, producer and star of the feature film Tough Love (SuperChannel) and is currently in preproduction for the Vietnam/Canada documentary and feature film 3TKarma. Tina divides her time between Toronto and Vietnam. “I am a committed life coach,” says Tina, “and am very connected to the people I help because of what I have experienced. I have come through to the other side of so many dark and difficult challenges. “I appreciate what I went through in life because it taught me to respect my mother land. The pain allowed me to discover my mission on earth. I was reborn to live a double life - both in my film work and as a life coach and it is my duty to live and to teach others.” 45

‘Swimmer’ by Jane Burns

20" x 25", mixed media on Japanese paper



A Day Trip To The Alton Mill & Artisan Jewellery. BY JENNIFER MYERS A great day trip and a unique destination in just over an hour’s drive from Toronto will have you discovering the Alton Mill Art Centre in the village of Alton (Caledon). Inside you will discover the art galleries and artists’ studios, a cafe and history museum in a magnificent country setting - waterfall included. Their website is This is also the home base of Gallery Gemma Jewellery, where award-winning jewellery designer and bench jeweller, Anne-Marie Warburton, creates one-of-a-kind jewellery for her clients. A graduate of the world renowned Gemological Institute of America, Anne-Marie has been creating jewellery for 10 years in this beautiful location. One of her specialties as a custom jeweller is taking family jewellery and redesigning all the components into

Anne-Marie Warburton Is The Owner/ Designer Of Gallery Gemma Jewellery In The Alton Mill

something new and wearable; so much more satisfying than leaving it in a jewellery or safety deposit box. Anne-Marie believes that good design comes from listening to the client, learning about their lifestyle, and then allowing the magic to flow into the initial sketches of discovery to final creation in precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. “Jewellery is an expression of who we are and that often changes for men and women as they mature,” said Anne-Marie. “This is where having a custom piece can be deeply satisfying, because we can now truly express ourselves through our jewellery.” The gallery is full of wonderful oneof-a-kind pieces that Anne-Marie has created in-house, combined with other interesting designers who complement her work. “It is always a pleasure to meet visitors in our relaxed country setting.”

The artisan jewellery work here is just as exhilarating as the beautiful pastoral environment in which it is created. Her work can be seen at

Award Winning Patio!

Toronto’s Favourite Place for Sunday Brunch!

35 Church @ Front 416-366-7800




Waterfront Vision 2020: Update BY LINDA MONTGOMERY Back in 2006, the Waterfront Magazine summer edition included Waterfront Vision 2020, a series of articles on plans for revitalizing the Toronto Waterfront and the players behind it. At the time the Waterfront area, from the Port Lands to Bathurst Street, was mostly underutilized industrial lands and condo buildings, with a spattering of tourism, recreation and retail. Many Torontonians were skeptical a “world-class” Toronto Waterfront would ever become reality. Looking back at that edition of ten years ago, we interviewed Toronto’s then mayor David Miller, we explored a bid to host the longway-off Expo 2015, we showcased the Harbourfront Center− then anticipating future upgrades to surrounding boardwalk and pier areas and the extensive Queens Quay street redevelopment, and we wrote about the formation of the


Waterfront’s first neighbourhood associations. We also profiled the government and city development agencies still in the early stages of collaborating on a Waterfront vision and master plan − the first time they had come together in unity on this since 1912. No update on the Waterfront’s vision would be complete without acknowledging the role of Waterfront Toronto. Established for only four years back in 2006, their 25-year mandate is to transform the waterfront into a beautiful, accessible, sustainable, mixed-use community with dynamic public spaces. As well as overseeing all planning and development, they bring government and the private sector together to execute on building the vibrant waterfront we have emerging today. Ten years ago the rebuilding and revitalization of Queens Quay, East Bayfront, West Donlands, and Port Lands areas were all in conception and planning stages, today they constitute the largest urban redevel-

opment project currently underway in North America. In this edition of Waterfront Magazine, we gathered some updates reflecting the Waterfront development and community today. We look at the Harbourfront Center, already a long time internationally renowned cultural institution, that continues to innovate pushing the boundaries on contemporary art, music, artist development, and programming. Our island airport has always attracted a high degree of neighbourhood interest; we go through a timeline leading to last year’s decision on commercial jets. A PortsToronto update looks at new sustainability initiatives benefiting Waterfront residents. We present the remarkable revitalization of areas under the Gardiner Expressway, providing unique public spaces and connectivity to the Waterfront. And finally, a story of compassionate and philanthropic activism, Friends of Syria get some help from the Waterfront neighbourhood. 49



First Sustainability Report Marks A Year Of Milestones For PortsToronto BY LINDA MONTGOMERY The Toronto Port Authority became PortsToronto a few months ago, the new branding comes during a past year CEO Geoffrey Wilson calls “our most significant in the history of our organization”. Commitment to the community and to sustainability initiatives protecting the environment has never been stronger according to Wilson; this should be music to the ears of Toronto Waterfront residents. One milestone was the launch of their first Sustainability Report meant to track annual progress, using GRI international standards, towards key priorities including traf50

fic and noise management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and investing in the waterfront community. While it is a work-inprogress requiring additional goal clarity and metrics, it does signify an important step in the right direction. As most Toronto Waterfront residents know, PortsToronto owns and operates Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport where 2.5M travelers passed through last year, the two main Port of Toronto terminals providing operations for importing and exporting 1.6M tonnes of cargo last year, and the Outer Harbour Marina. As a government business enterprise, they are federally accountable through Transport Canada guided by a board representing all

three levels of government. The new name was chosen to better connect with their consumer businesses and reflect what they actually do; “making connections” for people and products between Toronto and the world by developing infrastructure to serve Torontonians and the GTA economy. 2015 was profitable, with contributions back to the public purse but no commercial jets. PortsToronto has been a profitable business since 2009 contributing back to the public purse. In 2015 they made $55.9M in overall revenue of which over 80% came from the airport, and net income of $5.9M went back into operations

c including community and sustainability initiatives. PortsToronto paid a total of $14.1M back to taxpayers in 2015 through payments in lieu of taxes and realty tax to the City, and in gross revenue charges contributed to the federal government. If you call the Toronto Waterfront home, you see it a residential community first, rather than a mixeduse neighbourhood co-existing with business, tourists and connected to GTA economic growth. Many Waterfront residents rejoiced near the end of last year when Marc Garneau announced the new Liberal government would not support airport expansion plans ending the possibility of commercial jets flying into the island airport. “Ultimately our relationship with the community is about balance and managed growth to ensure our operations continue to contribute to, and not overwhelm our waterfront,” says Wilson. Neighbourhood traffic congestion and noise improvements. The airport pedestrian tunnel completed last July marked a milestone that also eased neighbourhood traffic congestion. More than 90% of airport passengers now choose the tunnel according to a Dillion Consulting study, significantly reducing traffic surges from ferry runs and improving passenger flow. The tunnel has resulted in a 75% drop in vehicles queuing northbound, leaving the airport along Eireann Quay. The study also looked at how much surrounding area traffic is due to the airport, and found this to be on average 10% to 16%, including up to 60% airport traffic on Bathurst Street north of Queens Quay, and 15% to 35% along Queens Quay east of the airport. PortsToronto works diligently in a number of ways to mitigate and minimize the noise from airport operations according to Wilson. The 2015 Noise Management Report showed residents may be slightly less disturbed by airport noise; complaints decreased 6% to 386 complaints from 410 the year before, on the heels of a 20% complaint decrease in 2014. For residents living close to the

airport, the study recorded a 60% complaint decrease from both ferry and mainland operation noise. Last year Vortex, a new system for logging and tracking complaints, resulted in 99% of responses within the committed 5-day window. Also, there were zero violations of the nighttime landing and departure curfew between 11:00pm and 6:45am. Future plans include upgrading and adding to noise monitor terminals on the island and Webtrak, a free app for information on aircraft you hear flying overhead, will continue to be available on their web site at Waterfront residents can look forward to some relief from the loud blasting noise of airplane engine runup testing; plans are in the works for construction of an acoustically and aerodynamically designed Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) that will dampen this annoying necessity of aircraft engine safety. This will be part of a major 3-year airport restoration project starting this summer which will also modernize the aging runway paved surfaces and install new LED lighting. Construction will take place at nighttime with construction equipment delivered on barges to limit traffic congestion, backup alarms on construction vehicles will be turned off to limit noise, and water trucks will assist with any dust suppression.


Commitment to environmental initiatives and the community. PortsToronto has invested over $8M in environmental and community initiatives since 2009. During the past year 40,000 tonnes of silt and driftwood were removed from the waterfront, including dredging up riverbed sediment buildup to prevent the Don River from flooding. The muddy debris and sediment is transported, then deposited and sealed in designated cell areas on the Leslie Street Spit. Cell #2 is currently being sealed, and will be converted into natural coastal wetlands by early 2018. Native vegetation will be planted in partnership with the Toronto

Region and Conservation Authority to create biodiversity aimed at increasing fish and wildlife populations, and to provide natural recreational space. PortsToronto signed a 3-year agreement with Bullfrog Power to continue using 100 per cent green electricity across all operations, part of multiple initiatives to reduce emissions and energy use across all operations including those of the airport’s airlines and tenants. Over $500K annually is spent on community investments such as a project to “green” downtown school grounds, and with organizations like Redpath Waterfront Festival, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Disabled Sailing and Ireland Park Foundation. PortsToronto collaborates with the community through regular community liaison meetings with representatives from Waterfront BIA, Bathurst Quay, York Quay and others. Waterfront residents can look forward to PortsToronto’s sixth annual Sail-in Cinema at Sugar Beach this summer. Last year 11,000 people and 100 boats viewed family movies under open skies from a giant, two-sided cinema-quality screen with custom audio set atop a barge in the Harbour. Books on film is this year’s theme for the three-day event starting on August 18th; final movie selections will be chosen by public vote from a curated shortlist at www. Moving forward, Waterfront residents should look to next year’s Sustainability Report to gauge PortsToronto’s progress on the noise, traffic congestion, and other environmental and community issues they care about. An actual GRI compliant report with clear sustainability objectives and measures for each category, and sustainability built into operational goals and seen as a driver of business performance, are standards to aspire to that might well lead to another significant year of milestones. Linda Montgomery is Associate Editor of Toronto Waterfront Magazine, a technology industry marketing professional and a Toronto Waterfront resident. 51


Harbourfront Centre Nurturing, Developing & Showcasing Contemporary Artists.

BY MELISSA BESSEY With a vision to be Canada’s leading contemporary arts and cultural organization, Harbourfront Centre is a go-to destination along Toronto’s waterfront that is popular among families and arts & culture lovers alike. In addition to being situated in a unique location at the foot of Toronto’s downtown core, Harbourfront attracts the attention of both locals and tourists due to its diverse cultural programming, innovative inter-disciplinary artistic exchanges and program inclusiveness that make their facilities accessible to all. Harbourfront’s mission includes ‘nurturing, developing and showcasing contemporary artists – both emerging and established, fostering learning and innovation through inter-disciplinary, multi-cultural artistic exchange; and enriching visitors’ lives by providing a range

Marah Braye, CEO of Harbourfront Centre.


All photos by Harbourfront


of accessible, inspiring and relevant cultural experiences.’ There is an ever-growing community along the waterfront, with tens of thousands of people living within walking distance, who make Harbourfront Centre their second home. This summer at Harbourfront Center, weekend fun starts midweek on Wednesdays, with festival celebrations starting with Free Flicks Wednesdays, Thursday’s Dancing on the Pier, followed by live music concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. Waterfront Magazine spoke with CEO, Marah Braye, about the center’s programming and goals for the upcoming year that will help further foster relevant cultural experiences for locals and visitors to the area.

Marah says of the centre; “We bring together many different disciplines, which provides the opportunity to be innovative, and to create great programming for the public to enjoy. We are working towards making Harbourfront Centre a must-experience destination for music in Toronto, with concerts every Friday and Saturday during the summer on our picturesque waterfront Concert Stage. “Looking to the overall cultural landscape of the city, we see Harbourfront Centre as the place for the contemporary music conversation. With our focus on Friday- and Saturday-night live music throughout the summer, and musicians from across Canada and across the globe, there is going to be something for everyone.”

c Braye also informs us that in the coming years, Harbourfront will continue to showcase a wide range of artistic expressions including theatre, dance, music, literature, craft, design and the visual arts. This will be done to encourage the cross pollination of art forms throughout Harbourfront Centre’s programming and in order to capitalize on the artistic programming expertise that exists within their team. Marah’s talented staff members are currently preparing a new Strategic Plan in order to articulate and refine their programming principles, which focus on contemporary artists, artistic and programming excellence, and collaborations and partnerships. Currently, Harbourfront collaborates with more than 450 community and cultural groups every year. The aim with the new strategic plan is to reach a breadth, depth and diversity of programming that embraces all artistic disciplines, people and world cultures. Marah understands that “this curatorial scope is an ambitious one, but one particularly suited to a city like Toronto.” Braye’s vision for the future of the centre remains crystal clear; “We are looking to engage and inspire audiences, to encourage critical thinking and dialogue, and to present the works of both emerging and established artists – to continue what has been at the heart of Harbourfront Centre for so long: contemporary artist development and agency.” One way that fostering the work of both emerging and established artists is achieved is through Harbourfront’s unique artist-in-residence program and craft and design studios. These professional studio spaces allow Braye’s team to continue to offer what no other institution in Canada does – the ONLY recognized post-graduate, national training facility for craftspeople. “The artists’ creations are featured in Harbourfront Centre’s Shop, and there are regular introductory-level classes for enthusiasts, along with occasional master classes for the more experienced craft and design professionals.”


64 percent of Harbourfront Centre’s annual revenue is generated from their commercial operations, which include parking, Harbourfront Centre Camps, and their Sailing and Power boating business. The centre also relies on the ongoing support of dedicated sponsors and a stalwart group of individual donors, whose generous support enables them to achieve their organizational goals from year to year. The remainder of the budget comes from federal and provincial grants and operating grants from the City. Beyond commercial operations, donor support and provincial and municipal funding, each year Harbourfront Centre is assisted by approximately 2,000 volunteers who generously contribute their efforts and time. Without the vital support of volunteers, Harbourfront acknowledges that they would be unable to deliver the breadth of programming that they currently offer to the public. Harbourfront Centre also works with many arts and culture organizations all year round. “We currently collaborate with more than 450 community and cultural groups annually –working with many of these community organizations through programming partnerships, as well as marketing and promotional exchanges.” This model of cross collaboration and promotion actively builds the public’s awareness of all community parties who are associated with the centre, and enhances the quality of arts & culture within the City of Toronto.

Not only does the centre host multi-disciplinary and often boundary-pushing programs and events, but they create opportunities for the public to meet and greet their visiting artists and performers which create memorable and one-of-a-kind experiences that smaller contemporary art centres cannot always provide. Most recently, Harbourfront Centre has partnered with PRIDE and TIFF to present the first Free Flick of the summer, Mean Girls, on their beautiful outdoor concert stage. This has become a must-attend summer happening and listings for upcoming ‘free flicks’ can be found on the Harbourfront website. Boxcar Social has also recently been invited to take over the onsite café and patio, and with Boxcar’s mission to create the most unique tasting experiences for their customers, the centre’s staff is extremely excited that they’re joining the family. Looking into 2017, Harbourfront Centre will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by showcasing the ‘Contemporary Sounds of Canada’ through the summer-long theme: Sounds of Home and through additional programming to be announced in the coming months. If you are a supporter of arts and culture in Toronto, Harbourfront Centre is one of the most invigorating places to visit, experience and even volunteer your time to help foster the arts in Canada. A quick visit to the centre or their website will help you to find out about upcoming opportunities in which to participate. 53


Under The Gardiner A Remarkable Revitalization Reborn Of Toronto’s Historic Past.

BY GILLIAN MOODY Torontonians will soon be able to reclaim The Bentway, an area under the downtown Gardiner Expressway – a 1.75 kilometre multiuse trail and a 500 metre connection to Exhibition GO Station. Wonderfully, we will reclaim it as a series of public and green spaces, as direct beneficiaries. According to Geoff Cape, Founder and CEO, Evergreen, “A small group of people turned the problem upside down and organized a stunning plan to transform this ugly, unused, hard space.” Toronto Mayor John Tory tells us, “[This] will help bridge the divide between our city 54

and our waterfront.” “This project helps to define Toronto as a global leader in the development of great public space,” said Anthony Sargent, CEO, Luminato. “Luminato is very excited to support these visionary plans as they develop.” Try to reimagine the area beneath the expressway as a place for people that will create a series of fifty-five innovative rooms – rooms formed by the spaces between all the columns, rooms that include the continuous multi-use trail, the ‘liquid landscape’ of the Fort York Visitor Centre’s forecourt, and an iconic bridge over Fort York Boulevard for pedestrians and cyclists.

Imagine a Strachan grand staircase that will double as seating for an urban theatre, a series of flexible, year-round performance and programming spaces for use by the entire community. From farmers’ markets to chamber concerts, dance competitions to experimental theatre, street art festivals to kids’ camps, the possibilities for this new space are endless. Based on a transformative framework design by urban designers Ken Greenberg, Marc Ryan and Adam Nicklin of the landscape architecture firm PUBLIC WORK, the project focuses on the forgotten lands that reach just west of Strachan Avenue to Spadina Avenue.


Photo and illustration by Public Work

Over 70,000 residents in seven downtown neighbourhoods will then be knitted together: Exhibition Place, Liberty Village, Niagara, Fort York Neighbourhood, Bathurst Quay, Wellington Place and CityPlace, through the trail and network of public spaces. Its redesign will enhance a corridor of important attractions and destinations, from the Canadian National Exhibition to the Rogers Centre to the Air Canada Centre, and provide connectivity to the city’s waterfront. “It has the potential to be an iconic public attraction, drawing visitors from across the city and the broader tourist community, a new jewel in Toronto’s crown,” said Carol Jolly, Executive Director, Waterfront Business Improvement Area (BIA). Supported entirely by a $25 million donation from Judy and Wil Matthews to the City of Toronto, Project Under Gardiner was announced on November 17th, 2015. Then, under the terms of the City of Toronto’s Executive Committee, on December 1st, 2015, the City transferred the donation to Waterfront Toronto to

execute the project. The first phase of the project’s construction is scheduled to be completed in late 2017. Public input plays a key role in shaping what happens in the space, so Waterfront Toronto spent months engaging the public about ideas for Project Under Gardiner. For example, one of the steps was the recent ‘Reclaim The Name’ contest. The public has spoken, and the name is chosen - ‘The Bentway’ - a term derived from the Gardiner’s col-

umns and beams. Project Under Gardiner’s final design has yet to be determined, however, the brand identity is expected to be unveiled before summer is over. The Bentway’s benefactor, Ms. Judy Matthews, added, “What excites us is thinking about not just building a space, but creating a place with a variety of activities for all kinds of people where they can gather and feel a sense of community and belonging.”



Friends Of Syria Bring It All Back Home BY ANNIE RIZWAN PortsToronto and Friends of Syria worked together to launch the event of May 22nd 2016 that brought hundreds of Syrian Refugees under one roof to celebrate their welcome to Canada. The tireless efforts of Michael Homsi (Managing Director, Friends of Syria) and the outstanding cooperation of Michael Riehl (Deputy Harbour Master, PortsToronto) made the event a huge success and a memorable reception for the Syrian Refugees. ‘Old men start the wars and young men fight them,’ Mr. Alvin Curling, The Chairperson, Advisory Board, Friends of Syria said about the topic of the occasion. Mr. Curling called it an event that reflects the compassion of the Canadian people. He believes in the fact that a remarkable struggle has been won by Michael Homsi and PortsToronto to make this event a resounding success. He affirmed that this day of May 22nd speaks for Friends of Syria as an organization. Mr. Curling, who is a former Liberal MPP and served in that office for twenty years emphasized the point that the children are the ones who suffer the most in these senseless wars, wars that have nothing to do with any religion, sect or ethnic background. Mr. Curling played a critical role in shaping government policy that addressed youth violence. He believes it was a proud moment for all Canadians to see the newly arrived Syrian children sing ‘O Canada’, cheering with Canadian f lags in their hands. 56

Children are the future of this world, and educating them means they will be an asset to the nation. This is the very goal that Friends of Syria aim for - educating 400,000 children living in camps at the Beeka Valley of Lebanon. The event itself was meant to raise awareness among Canadians and the entire world that the Syrian refugees need more of our help and efforts. This would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Mr. Alvin Curling. He believes in the cause and offered his precious time to make this event a

realization. PortsToronto had served as a warehouse for Friends of Syria from October 2015 until the event, storing material to be sent to the wartorn country, donated by concerned Canadians. During this entire time Michael Riehl (Deputy Harbour Master, PortsToronto) volunteered every Sunday, offering his time. Friends of Syria is grateful for the enormous help of people like Mr. Curling and Mr. Riehl, and thanks the generous donations by Canadians of every walk of life.


How Porter’s Island Runway Extension Failed To Take Off BY SAKURA SAUNDERS It’s been three years since Porter Airlines announced its plan to extend the island airport to accommodate jet planes. The airline, which had conditionally purchased 12-30 CS100 jets from Bombardier before asking Toronto City Council for permission to run these planes, presumably thought that the deal was a slam dunk. Waterfront residents and their allies across the city thought differently. Porter was sideswiped by widespread grassroots opposition to their plan led by the group “No Jets TO”, which after three years of creative protests, lobbying and community organizing claimed a decisive victory, permanently quashing Porter Airlines dream of expanding the Toronto Island Airport.

No Jets T.O.

that this did not mean it supported expanding the airport for jets. This was taken as a victory for No Jets T.O. as a number of their motions were also approved, including one that would ensure the Toronto taxpayer would not be stuck with the expansion infrastructure bill.

April 2013 - No Jets T.O. group forms out of local activists from groups like the York Quay Neighbourhood Association. December 2013 - Former Mayors David Crombie and David Miller, along with Jack Diamond, Paul Bedford and Jane Fairburn spoke against Porter’s plans to a packed OISE auditorium. March 2014 - 150 deputations are made during Executive Council of Toronto’s city council against Porter’s expansion plans. April 2014 - City council 44-0, agreeing to negotiate the Toronto Port Authority the Porter proposal, making

votes with over clear

May 2014 - “Waterfront Walk Against the Jets” – a No Jets T.O. organized Jane’s walk with Waterfront Toronto and MPP Rosario Marchese (TrinitySpadina). NO JETS T.O. GATHERED BOATERS AND KAYAKERS FOR A CREATIVE PROTEST IN THE WATER

Sept 2014 - No Jets T.O. gathered boaters and kayakers for a creative protest in the water against the jet plan. Fall 2014 - Anti-jet activists meet with every Mayoral candidate and 80% of councillors. No Jets T.O

creates a map of every ward and how their councillor stands on the issue. May 2015 - No Jets T.O. organizes their 2nd Jane’s Walk exploring Waterfront revitalization, this time with Councillor Joe Cressy. June 2015 - No Jets T.O. raises $10,000 on Indie-go-go to stage another bigger boat and kayak protest. June 2015 - During a festival to celebrate the revitalization of Queens Quay, kayaktivists stage a much larger boat protest near the foot of Rees Street. Nov 2015 - Ottawa says ‘no’ to jets at Toronto island airport, dealing the death blow to Porter’s C Series plans. 57



Pleasure Principle XVIII The Pleasurable Power Plant’s Power Ball. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery’s Power Ball is the city’s most coveted, most notorious annual art fundraiser. On June 2nd, 2016, Honourary Chair Belinda Stronach and the Power Plant collaborated with fashion house Max Mara, once again to present Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball XVIII: Pleasure Principle. Presented by Max Mara and sponsored by Drake Hotel Properties, pleasure partygoers surrendered to pleasure’s demands, and indulged in an evening of art exploration and desire-seeking, while surrounded by immersive art installations, performances, cocktails and more, all in 58

support of the ambitious exhibitions and programming at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. The gala’s eighteenth edition featured a work by “genre-evading” performance artist Ryan McNamara. In addition, visual manifestations of the pleasure theme created by artists including Kempster Jamrozik Studio, Laura Kikrauka, Jordan Söderberg Mills, Karen Tam and others, took over the entire space in the waterfront gallery. Another kind of distinct gratification came via food and beverage with VIP cocktails provided by BarChef, catering by Parts & Labour and

overseen by Chef Matty Matheson, wine by Château des Charmes, beer by Kronenbourg 1664 and water by FLOW. DJ Mark Farina, BEVSTMODE, CRSB, Teo Nio pleased pleasure participants on the dance f loor till the wee hours of the morning. Guests enjoyed surrendering to pleasure’s demands and indulged in an evening of art exploration and desire-seeking, while surrounded by immersive art installations, performances, music, cocktails and food – all in support of the ambitious exhibitions and programming at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.




1. Kardinal Offishall (rapper) with Eva, Brooke and Rachel (Dunford) 2. Zark Fatah with Joshua



3. GaĂŤtane Verna, Director of The Power Plant with Erica Russell Exec Assistant 4. Jie Matar (stylist) 5. Patricia Jaggernauth (CP24)




6. Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor of OCAD University with Allan Baillie 7. Jacqueline Kendall and Mel Ashcroft 8. Cheryl Gushue and Evan Biddel (Fashion Designer) 59


The Future Of Healthcare Stimulating Your Body To Heal Itself. BY KARIM MIRSHAHI Renowned in the field of Chronic Pain Management, Dr. Jagdeep Gupta, M.D., takes the whole person into consideration. When treating complex pain conditions, he uses a multi-disciplinary approach in the service of helping his patients to heal themselves. Dr. Gupta incorporates his extensive training in nutritional, functional, mind-body and orthopedic medicine, with new advanced treatment options that assist his patients in relieving their pain and restoring their optimum quality of life. Dr. Gupta is a respected member of the Canadian and American Associations of Orthopedic Medicine. He has been certified in Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine from the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine. REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Dr. Gupta has focused his clinical interest on regenerative medicine and the development of non-surgical interventions for a broad range of orthopedic problems. As well as using traditional diagnostic nerve blocks and joint injections, he is among a small number of doctors in Toronto who perform innovative procedures such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy. 60

PRP is a component derived from your own blood after it is spun at a high speed with a specialized kit in a centrifuge. This blood plasma component has most of the red blood cells removed and the platelet cells

concentrated. The platelets contain several growth factors that can stimulate injured soft tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and muscles to heal themselves. This process can stimulate the fibroblasts to make collagen which is one of the foundations of connective tissue. It also stimulates local stem cells to aid in the process, as well as promoting new blood vessels to deliver blood for nutrients needed to heal. Famous athletes such as Tiger Woods have received PRP for conditions like sprained ligaments and chronic tendon injuries. Some athletes have credited PRP with enabling them to return more quickly to competition following an injury. Since PRP uses natural components from your own blood, there is no chance of your body rejecting the treatment. Prolotherapy, also known as proliferative therapy or regenerative injection therapy, uses injections of concentrated dextrose and anesthetic into tendons and ligaments to help stimulate the body to heal itself by stimulating fibroblasts to make collagen and other factors needed to rebuild and strengthen tendons and ligaments. Some patients may require more treatments with prolotherapy as compared to PRP, however, this process does not require any blood to be drawn. These minimally invasive regener-


ative techniques can be made more powerfully synergetic by combining them with properly focused nutrition, injury-specific exercise, laser stimulation modalities, correcting hormonal imbalances and lifestyle changes. Usually a multi-disciplinary team can achieve the fastest and optimal results for the body to heal itself. “Treatments like PRP and prolotherapy,” says Dr. Gupta, “work to stimulate the body to naturally strengthen and heal ligaments and tendons—all to battle conditions such as mechanical low back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, tendinopathies (epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis and rotator cuff tendonitis), knee pain, headaches that arise from the neck and many other challenging conditions.“

In addition to regenerative medicine, Dr. Gupta also practices western pain medicine including diagnostic work-ups with nerve blocks and joint injections, as well as aspects of functional medicine that include hormonally assisted weight loss. You can call or visit Dr. Gupta’s offices at one of his two locations: Cloud Pain Care 55 Dundas St. East, 2nd Floor 416-361-1000


5460 Yonge Street, Unit #204 Toronto (416) 250-7171

NON-SURGICAL ALTERNATIVE Regenerative medicine techniques can be a viable alternative to treating painful joints for conditions like osteoarthritis, in the appropriate patient population. Patients may be able to avoid or delay joint replacement surgery.` In recent years there has been a constant stream of advancements in regenerative therapies and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. Regenerative therapies will shift the way that doctors are able to provide care. In the case of many of these conditions (such as knee replacement) regenerative therapies can enter the treatment cycle at an earlier stage than surgical procedures, but they can also still be very effective as an alternative in later stages. “I am hopeful that as regenerative therapies continue to evolve, doctors will have even more tools available to help our patients live fulfilling lives, free of pain.” Dr. Gupta practices the art and science of stimulating the body to heal itself. This process can minimize the use of medications, reduce the need for invasive surgeries and optimize healing. 61






Amazing Results Have Been Achieved With Trigenics® Myoneural Therapy by Thousands of Health Professionals Worldwide. BY BIANCA WOODRUFFE As Canada’s busiest medical tourism clinic, people regularly travel from all over the world to the Trigenics® Treatment Centre and Physio-Rehab Clinic in Toronto. The reason for this is that the health practitioners at the Trigenics clinic have been attaining remarkable results with Trigenics Myoneural treatments, where all other therapies have failed. The success rate of the clinic is exceptionally high because the founder of Trigenics, Dr. Allan Austin Oolo, DO, DC, RTCMP, PhD, an Osteopathic Physician, Doctor of Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, discovered a way to instantly reprogram the brain’s function or “software” so that the signals which control movement and pain are normalized when they have become disrupted due to injury. His breakthrough discovery and his ensuing development of the Trigenics assessment and treatment system began in the early 1980’s with completion of the treatment formula occurring in 1994. Trigenics® incorporates a unique patented combination of three muscle treatment and re-training methodologies which augment neurological pathways to the brain to cause an immediate change in the way it sends motor and sensory messages 62

to the body. The result is instantaneous pain reduction with immediate increased muscle strength and functional muscle length flexibility. The symbiotic Trigenics® procedures involve resisted movement exercises, nerve-sensor stimulation

and focused breathing biofeedback. The first of its kind, Trigenics is a patient interactive, manual or instrument-assisted treatment which requires active multimodal mental and physical participation on the part of both the patient and the Registered Trigenics Practitioner (Trigenist). Many health professionals in 40 countries worldwide, who have taken the Trigenics Practitioner Courses, are now utilizing Trigenics® Myoneural treatment protocols in their treatment and rehabilitative training of patients with intractable pain syndromes and musculoskeletal injuries. These health professionals include: Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Sport Physicians, Manual Therapists and Athletic Therapists, as well as some Personal Trainers and Coaches. Trigenics® has a number of beneficial effects that no other therapy can provide, and often works where all other treatment methods have failed. This is because the effects of Trigenics® are significantly enhanced with its incorporation of breakthrough concepts of neuromuscular physiology. For example, the recipient does not experience as much discomfort as one would normally experience with standard massage, deep tissue work, muscular stripping techniques or other popu-

h lar therapies. This is because Trigenics® activates nerve pathways that inhibit the pain signals from travelling from the area of involvement. The Trigenics® practitioner or Trigenist is able to penetrate deeper into the tissues and myopoints than other traditional manual methods. This is important because the Trigenist needs to connect with the nerve receptors which are deeply embedded in the muscles or tendons. The degree of pain relief and speed at which it is accomplished - in literally seconds - is unprecedented. The firing of spontaneous neurological reflexes which increase strength and flexibility is generated by the patient’s own nervous system to enable functional movement restoration. Over the last 20 years the Trigenics® Physio-Rehab Clinic has specifically mapped out these reflexes with their corresponding muscles and nerve pathways. Patients often find that following a treatment they have a sense of well-being and lightness, heightened awareness and/or euphoria. This is thought to be due to the release of the body’s natural opiates called endorphins, which are elevated significantly during a treatment. Some patients even experience an emotional outpouring called a neuromuscular-emotional response when they can finally move without pain again. Trigenics® Treats A Wide Range Of Conditions. Pain relief and restoration of functioning have been attained for such conditions as: frozen shoulder, patella-femoral knee pain, neck, upper and lower back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tear, thoracic outlet syndrome (numbness and tingling of the arm and hand), tendonitis (tennis and golfers elbow), plantar fasciitis (pain on the bottom of the foot), sports injuries, whiplash, TMJ, asthma, sciatica (pain in the buttock and back of the leg), arthritis, torticollis (wry neck), sprain and strain injuries as well as the soft tissue component of almost any con-

dition involving muscles, tendons, nerves and joints. Trigenics® has also proven to be clinically effective in immediately reducing inflammation, and can be beneficially applied during the acute phase of injury. This additional benefit has afforded Trigenics® patients relief when all other treatment methods have failed. Who Has Used Trigenics®: Actors John Cusack Sir Ian McKellan Ed Asner Raymond Burr Richard Crenna Dolf Lungren Neve Campbell Jessica Steen Barry Pepper Vin Diesel Malin Ackerman Kate Beckinsale Musicians Jon Bon Jovi David Bowie Axl Rose of Guns and Roses Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran Paul Stanley of Kiss Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath The Backstreet Boys Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails Clint Black Tony Bennett Kenny G Robbie Robertson Peggy Lee The Monkeys


Dancers Martine Lamy, National Ballet of Canada principal dancer Jennifer Fournier, National Ballet of Canada principal dancer Athletes Shane Corson, NHL Paul Coffey, NHL Alvin Williams, Toronto Raptors Jimmy Connors, tennis Lennox Lewis, boxing Misty Hyman, USA swimming Gold Medalist Andrus Veerpalu, Estonian

Olympic gold medalist, cross country skier Some years before her unfortunate death, Farrah Fawcett received Trigenics treatment from Dr. O for various musculoskeletal complaints. She wrote to him and said, “Trigenics® is the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced! It is, by far, remarkably more effective than any other treatment I have had for the relief of muscular complaints. I have also found that my energy level and general feeling of well-being were heightened tremendously by the treatment. I highly recommend Trigenics® to anyone.” Sir Ian McKellan said, “Trigenics works! Magneto loves Trigenics and so do I.” John Cusack said, “Thanks Dr. O for saving me with Trigenics.” At the Trigenics® Physio-Rehab Centre, we take the time to listen to patient concerns, answer questions and help people understand that they don’t have to live with pain. Treatments are at least partially covered by extended health plans. The Trigenics Physio-Rehab Clinic is at 343 Eglinton Ave East. Call 416-481-1936 to book for a FREE CONSULTATION or for more information. To inquire about Trigenics courses for health professionals, call 416.-481-1957 Email for treatments: Email for Trigenics Health Professional Courses: Trigenics Clinic info: Frozen Shoulder info: Trigenics Institute info: 63




Hollywood Survival Kit Making movies is a tough game. I was a 1st Assistant Director, and had to crack the whip with the crew et al to finish what was scheduled each day. I said, “Roll camera,” when it was good to go. Very stressful on myself and the fifty or so people going through the process too. Long hours, common colds, flu, migraines and injured workers. I used Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy to treat the symptoms, as these work and have no side effects. Films like ‘Dead Ringers’ and ‘M Butterfly’ with David Cronenberg where I became friends with Jeremy Irons. On ‘Agnes of God’ I worked for Norman Jewison with Jane Fonda and Ann Bancroft. I dealt with so many health problems that after 25 years I assembled my Hollywood Survival Kit – 5 remedies for all emergencies everywhere.


#4 Coffea Cruda 30C From Raw Coffee Bean. For the overactive mind due to multitasking, overexcited and can’t turn off at bed time. A woman’s remedy for they must multitask to keep the family running. Fabulous for sleep problems. Good for toothaches is a bonus. #5 Nux Vomica 30C From Poison Nut. Overwhelmed defines it. Migraine, hangover, headache during the day, jet lag, overwork, waking at 4 a.m. with a busy mind, anger. It is the largest poly-crest (many symptoms dealt with) in Homeopathy, and the healer of many a bad day.


#1 Tromos Stress Formula. 5 f lower tinctures: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. Good for all stress whether angry, morose, feeling emotionally done in, have a

#3 Arnica Montana 200C From The Plant. For all injuries from stubbed toe to broken arm, as quickly as possible. One pill every 5 minutes or so until the pain is tolerable. Sprained ankle, sore back on planes or standing too long, aching muscles, tense and tired but must work more. It never fails.

test to write, an event to attend, a death in the family. Two drops on the lips or in a bottle, and sip all the time. Not habit forming, no side effects.


#2 Aconitum 30C Monkshead. Things change quickly. At the first sign of a cold or a sudden high fever; emotional shock, a death in the family; moving, a new job. These often come with stress and it works well for them all. One globule at a time from lid to mouth. I never get a cold because I use Aconite at the first sign. Be your own doctor.

I was working on a comedy with Howie Mandel. The producers were coming to town for the first time and we were two weeks from shooting, and working hard. The Production Manager came into my office, lay on the couch and holding his head said, “Call me a cab. I’ve had this migraine for two days. I’ve had it this bad before and the hospital puts me to bed and its gone the next day.” I said, “Okay, in 10 minutes,” and gave him a Nux Vomica. The time passed. I came back, and he refused the phone in my hand. Twenty minutes later he was working happily, waiting for the LA bosses to see our good work. Over the course of several decades as an Assistant Director on many well-known feature films, John Board developed the Hollywood Survival Kit in an effort to ameliorate the adverse effects of stress in production.







BY JOHN MUNROE Chakras & Healing: Rooted in Indian Vedic traditions dating back 4,000 years, chakras are a system of nexus points in the auric field that coexist with our physical body. Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’, the 7 major chakras are arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra serves a specific set of functions, in ascending order

About the Chopra Center:


from survival and reproduction up through the highest states of consciousness. By working with the chakras we can unpack and activate our hidden potential. A skilled guide is recommended for this highly sensitive and powerful spiritual work. The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California is deeply involved in this kind of undertaking.

Since its founding in 1996 by world-renowned author and wellness experts Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D., the Chopra Center has led the way with an integrative approach to total wellbeing that enhances body, mind and spirit. 65


The Healing Power Of Sound 80% of sensory intake in contemporary society is visual, but the auditory is finally threatening to give the former a run for its money. The emerging field of neuro-science demonstrates how music unlocks areas of the brain to promote learning, healing from trauma and other conditions as well as enhancing communication.

BY HUGH SMILEY Watching David Suzuki’s Sonic Magic - the Wonder and Science of Sound, I was struck (like a bell) by the ferocious shift, in big city ‘soundscapes’ over the last century. The ringing of church bells, once heard 40 blocks away, now travels only half a block, drowned out by the din of traffic and industrial noise. ‘Mindscapes’ too, reel with the internal racket of anxiety and stress. Seems like everyone deeply needs to talk and be heard, but who is there to listen? OM: the world’s favourite yoga chant means something like ‘sound of the Infinite’. Mantra (repetition of specific words and sounds to still the mind) is well-defined in India, but has been practiced in traditional societies worldwide. Medicine People chant with drums to help clients on their healing path. Canada’s First Nations elders lead sacred songs helping transform trauma (inherited from the painful legacy of racism and residential schools) into confidence, freedom from addiction and peace of mind. When mindfulness meets with utterance, the magic happens. OMMM is the pebble, silence - the still surface of the pond, sound waves and their data - the ripples, aural study of the ripples - the gateway to 66

understanding. Many creation stories, e.g. Hindu, Christian, Viking, state that in the beginning was the Word (logos, vibration, frequency). Even physicists talk about the Big Bang, not the Big Paintbrush. This connection between creativity and production of sound out of primordial Silence is tantalizing to those of us curious about creating our purpose and with tools (ears, voice and other) to listen and utter. The throat chakra (energy centre), ‘organ of utterance’ lies between heart and head, so provides a key to vibrational unity and consonant balance and health. Simple exercises combining these elements can be extremely powerful for self-awareness and self-healing, building new neural pathways on our brains and psyches.

The ‘Naked Ear’, and Before the Big Bang … …was Silence (the calm before the storm manifestation) we might surmise. Have you experienced the “music of the spheres” or sound of silence when relaxing in a very quiet place? There are teachings which encourage us to develop a subtle listening faculty to discern these subtle, exquisite melodies and rhythms not heard by the physical hearing faculty. Finland now markets itself to potential tourists as a quiet land where not much happens. It’s working! Whether choosing or being forced, many are reaching out not with arms but ears to find, often in Nature, the embrace of quietude in order to simplify, soothe and heal. From Healing Power of Sound to Authentic Voice and Dialogue: In the evolution of HPS we can take a journey through stages of increasing application:


1. Silence - being comfortable, still and listening deeply to the ‘Audible Life Stream’ or inner sound. 2. Sound - listening and producing all manner of sound: noise music, talk, etc. 3. Voice - discovering and cultivating the ‘authentic voice’, both natural physical voice and voicing our truth. 4. Dialogue - taking this voice into conversation, consultation, communication in general and cultivating ‘authentic dialogue’ in relationship and groups.

Listening globally - chanting locally. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, we get front row centre seats at the great planetary concert hall, can learn the secrets of sound and chakras, vibration, binaural study aids, the quiet language of plants and listen to the growing choir of sound and voice gurus. Mongolian overtone singing, once only heard in its homeland, now is enjoyed through concerts and workshops everywhere. In Toronto, meet-up groups and spiritual communities offer study and practice of the power of sound, voice and chanting, as well as deep listening within the context of mindfulness meditation. One group using mindfulness to culti-

vate authentic voice and dialogue for personal and group healing meets near Avenue Rd. and Davenport. Another class explores emotional health through Flamenco, the passionate Andalusian art form. Through all of this perhaps we can regain sacred healing ground, purifying perception by remembering how to hear through the ears of a child while singing with the throat of a sage. Hugh Smiley offers counseling in Hakomi body-centred psychotherapy, creative voice work and meditation coaching. www.




Astro Insight BY HUSSEIN JAFAR Generally, the 60’s age group has to be careful of their immune system, fraud and scandals in July. The same applies to those born in the 70’s for Aug and Sep. Stocks will be very volatile in Aug and Sep when immigration issues are also in the news. July is great for medical breakthroughs but lot of violence around the world. There will be major peace treaties between Sep 2016 and Sep 2017. The mood will generally be Liberal with focus on harmony and peace. This will also be one of the best times for the fashion industry with floral designs and elegance over extravagance. ARIES: July to Sep is an excellent time for you to steadily achieve and make long-term plans. Your rewards are from Oct. onwards. You will have a lot of sudden bursts of energy in Aug and Sep and you will be physically very active during this period. Venus enhances your personal charisma in July and sparks your love life while stimulates your artistic side as well. You have a lot of success this summer which is your reward for all your hard work in the last few months. TAURUS: You will be very energetic in July but but also aggressive so avoid ego conflicts. July and Sep are excellent for opportunities from foreign countries and travel. It is also an excellent time for contractual matters and taking courses. Look into real estate deals and long-term investments. This period will make you less cautious and willing to take more calculated risks. GEMINI: Establish yourself for the next seven years and don’t scatter yourself in too many directions. Your testing period in love matters ends and you can expect luck this summer along with a need for commitment. You will have the energy, drive and the opportunities to finish many projects as long as you pace yourself. Many of your projects will come through from Sep onwards so lay a solid foundation now. You will be witty 68

but also aggressive in Aug and Sep. CANCER: You will be energetic and less sulky and moody in July. Look for new opportunities from foreign countries or foreigners this summer. July and August are excellent for a very positive attitude towards life which will in turn bring you many rewards in your family as well as your career. July is excellent for love and buying objects of beauty for home. Your luck in love matter continues till Sep 2016. LEO: Venus in Leo enhances your personal charisma in July and sparks your love life. This is a great time to buy designer clothes and accessories. High energy in Aug and Sep but avoid ego conflicts in July. You will have steady achievement this summer and it is an excellent time for long term goals and decisions pertaining to love matters. There is a limelight element in your life especially from Sep onwards. VIRGO: You are going through a testing period in love but have some luck finally this summer. Establish yourself for the next seven years and take this period as a test of your long-term planning. You will have opportunities to enhance your career and health this summer. Look for opportunities from foreign countries and taking courses. Avoid being too critical in Aug and Sep and look at the bigger picture. LIBRA: July and Sep are lucky for love when Venus enhances your personal charm and elegance. You are also ready for long-term commitment this year! This is an excellent time to steadily achieve and make long-term plans. You will have bursts of energy in Aug and Sep so become physically active now, don’t procrastinate, cut down on sugar and focus on health matters. With your charm and personality, all you need is focus which you will have from Sep onward. SCORPIO: You will be more optimistic in July and Sep and this is an excellent time for opportunities from foreign countries and travel. Avoid being too intense and aggressive in July as this can lead to ego conflicts. Aug and Sep are excellent for health matters and nutrition. Very lucky period in love this summer. It is

also an excellent time for contractual matters and signing of any document. SAGITTARIUS: You will have the energy, drive and the opportunities to finish many projects as long as you pace yourself this summer. Many of your projects will come through but focus now on laying down the foundation for the next seven years. You will be charming and witty this summer but avoid ego conflicts and hasty decisions. Your testing period in love matters end and you have luck in love this summer. CAPRICORN: This summer is an excellent one for your long-term achievement. Spend more time with your family instead of everything being like a project. You have opportunities from foreign countries and travel. July gives you lot of energy and stamina and is great for physical activities. You will have a very positive attitude towards life this summer and for family reunions. Try to focus on health and nutrition. AQUARIUS: Venus helps you in love matters in July and it is a great time to enhance your personal image and wardrobe. You will steadily achieve this summer and it is an excellent time to make your inventive ideas productive. Focus on long term goals and decisions pertaining to love matters. High energy this summer but avoid conflicts in July. It is an excellent time for long term goals and decisions now. Pisces: You can look forward to opportunities from foreign countries, travel and writing this summer especially with high energy this summer. Your testing period in love is over and you have a luck element in July. Jupiter motivates and enhances your personality and you will become even more spiritual now. Excellent year for humanitarian causes and creativity. Establish your goals for the next seven years now. Noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer gives his unique insight into your hidden talents and your future experiences. Discover your ideal timing for career, love and finances with a personal appointment, personalized reports or a phone consultation. 416-497-9000


5 Things To Do Now For A Long, Healthy Life BY DR. JENNIFER PEARLMAN Your health is not entirely predetermined by your genetic code. In fact, lifestyle and environment play a big role in determining how your genes get expressed, how healthy you will be, and how well you will age. In other words, you can age proactively. But to age well requires that we first understand why we are aging. As we approach midlife, we begin to face accelerated loss of vital factors: our hormones, our nutrients, our sleep and our telomeres. As a result of these losses, rapid aging ensues. By selecting the right foods, getting enough exercise and sleep, minimizing your exposure to harmful chemicals, and supplementing your diet strategically with the right science-based supplements, you can make the most out of the genetic deck of cards you were dealt. As a doctor focused on women’s health and aging, I often counsel women on the best ways they can optimize their health and aging. Here are my top tips: 1. AVOID REFINED AND PROCESSED SUGARS. Always read food labels to look for hidden sugar. Sugars entering your bloodstream attach to proteins, forming harmful molecules called AGEs. The more sugar entering your bloodstream, the more AGEs tend to be produced. Refined and processed sugars are more potent than those found naturally, such as in fruits. AGEs accumulate and can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease as well as age your skin.

2. EAT THE COLOUR WHEEL. Phytonutrients found in colorful fruits and vegetables provide the essential vitamins, antioxidants and micronutrients that we need for optimal functioning. In particular, B vitamins found in many fruits and vegetables help support cell turnover, energy production and neurological function. 3. DON’T BE AFRAID OF EATING FATS. Your body needs healthy fats to absorb certain key nutrients. Low- or no-fat diets may lead to poor skin and nails. I recommend eating plenty of healthy fats, including those found in seafood, nuts and avocados. 4. MOVE YOUR BODY. Physical activity is required for healthy metabolism as well as maintenance of your lean body mass such as muscle and bone. Exercise, especially outdoors, has been shown to reduce stress levels and cut the risk of depression, memory problems, heart disease and diabetes. Even a

30-minute moderate-intensity workout can help lower your blood sugar. 5. SLEEP WELL, EVERY NIGHT. Sleep is your body’s repair cycle. Lack of sleep is associated with depression, heart disease and obesity. Our brains require adequate sleep (usually six to eight hours) to store memories, learn new information, and reboot to be able to function properly the next day. As we age, our sleep quality and quantity can be reduced, and it may take more effort to maintain sleep. A calming bath in warm water with essential oils in the evening can help ready you for sleep. Keeping the bedroom free of work and worries can also free your mind for shuteye. Dr. Jennifer Pearlman is a medical doctor with over 15 years of experience in the area of women’s health and wellness. Combining integrative medicine with aesthetic expertise, Dr. Pearlman helps her patients achieve optimal health and well-being from the inside out. For more, visit 69


Where’s The Party? 1. Sopanro:Ambur Braid for Operanation

1-OPERANATION-QUEEN OF THE NIGHT @THE FOUR SEASONS CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS This year’s show took its title and theme from the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s classic opera, The Magic Flute. The event raised over $100,000+ for the COC’s Ensemble Studio, a training program for Canada’s rising opera stars. The headlining musical guest at Queen of the Night was Canadian electronic music band Dragonette, performing with soprano Ambur Braid and COC’s Ensemble Studio. Guests were treated to a photo booth, delicious hors d’oeuvres, signature beverages, and a fun colouring book. 2-THE MAXIM ALL-STAR PARTY FOR THE NBA ALL-STAR @MUZIK It was an action packed February, as the World Stage in the sports world started in San Francisco for SuperBowl50, then continued with the NBA All-Star game in Toronto, which became the very first host city outside the U.S.A. in the history of the ultimate NBA showcase<strong> </strong>Maxim Events Canada hosted the hottest VIP party experience in town during the 65th All-Star weekend, “The Maxim All-Star Party.” Former Lakers center and NBA Hall of Fame nominee Shaquille O’Neal was the Host and DJ, with a performance by West Coast rapper and actor Snoop Dogg for the Maxim All-Star Party, which also featured All-Star Party Models, hundreds of the most beautiful women in Toronto, a premium Bar and passed hors d’oeuvres. 3-THE 2ND ANNUAL EINSTEIN GALA @THE CARLU Anderson Cooper hosted a star-studded dinner at The Carlu on Sunday,May 15 and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead provided a thought-provoking discussion 70

2. Dragonette lead singer-Martina Sorbara for Operanation 3. Shaquille O’Neal+Laticia Rolle for The Maxim All-Star Party For The NBA All-Star@ Muzik


4. Snoop Dog for The Maxim All-Star Party For The NBA AllStar@Muzik 5. CNN’s Anderson Cooper for The 2nd Annual Einstein Gala@The Carlu 6. Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead for The 2nd Annual Einstein Gala@The Carlu 7. Roberto Alomar+Nicholas Chan for Michael Garron Hospital’s 2nd Grand Slam Draft Night Party @Muzik 8. Serving Staff at Muzik Michael Garron Hospital’s 2nd Grand Slam Draft Night Party @Muzik


9. Stevie Wonder+David Foster for DAVID FOSTER FOUNDATION MIRACLE GALA & CONCERT @Mattamy Athletic Centre 10. Peter Cetera for DAVID FOSTER FOUNDATION MIRACLE GALA & CONCERT @Mattamy Athletic Centre 11. Jay Leno+Jillian Manus for Big Game Big Give Gala@ Atherton,Calif.


12. Joe+Jennifer Montana+for Big Game Big Give Gala@ Atherton,Calif. 13. Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio for Leather+Laces@City View at Metreon- San Francisco, Calif


14. Actress+Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Emily Ratajkowski for Leather+Laces@City View at Metreon- San Francisco, Calif

followed by an acoustic performance. The Canadian Einstein Legacy Project, a series of initiatives that honour the greatest minds and innovators around the globe, announced a partnership with Tribal Planet and the Citizen Science platform. Through the power of the Citizen Science platform, this collaboration launched the new home of Finding the Next Einstein, because they believe that the world needs not just one – but millions – of Einsteins. 4-MICHAEL GARRON HOSPITAL’S 2ND GRAND SLAM DRAFT NIGHT PARTY @MUZIK Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar and Andre (The Hawk) Dawson teamed up with Major League Baseball Alumni for a good cause - Michael Garron Hospital’s Grand Slam Celebrity Softball Tournament. The two-day Grand Slam tournament kicked off with a Celebrity Draft Party, the evening of Friday May 13th at MUZIK for participants, celebrities and invited guests. The Grand Slam Celebrity Softball Tournament was sponsored by Toronto Honda, Toronto Kia and Scotiabank, is a baseball fundraising event in the GTA. Fundraising teams had the privilege of playing alongside some of Major League Baseball’s greatest alumni. The event had amazing food, drink and of course mingling with many celebrities. Toronto’s Mayor John Tory was also present to kick-off the event. 5-DAVID FOSTER FOUNDATION MIRACLE GALA & CONCERT @MATTAMY ATHLETIC CENTRE Chairman David Foster thanked the more than 900 gala guests and 1,900 stadium seating ticket holders for attending the David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala & Concert – presented by TELUS, in partnership with WestJet

– with helping to raise $6.5 million to help Canadian families with children undergoing pediatric organ transplants. The Visionary Awards recipients Gregg Saretsky and Simon Keith. Howard Dell, Ben Mulroney, Brian Williams, Peter Cetera, Keisza, David Foster, and CEO of the David Foster Foundation Michael Ravenhill also graced us with their presence on the “purple carpet” Legendary musician Stevie Wonder, Keisza, and former Chicago lead singer performed to the sold out crowd. 6-BIG GAME BIG GIVE GALA@ ATHERTON,CALIF. /LEATHER+LACES @CITY VIEW AT METREON- SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. Was held at a spectacular Mansion for the Give Back Fund. Guests and Celebrities arrived and walked the red carpet starting at 6:30 p.m. and highlights included Joe Montana, Matt Williams and Host Jay Leno strutting their stuff for media and guests. Our team was given a spectacular welcome to join the party as guests inside the elegant mansion and fabulous garden. It was the weekend of the world’s biggest stage and this gala provided it all in conjunction with the Super Bowl weekend! At the front entrance we encountered “Seal Rock,” a talented seal performing amazing tricks for the arriving guests. This was a true California experience as we walked through specialty themed rooms: Beverly Hills, Silicon Valley, The Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Central Valley and Wine Country. The theme continued to the backyard with San Francisco displayed in front of our eyes with all the landmarks of the city on display as well as a draft table. To top it off, we were also in for a treat with the Palm Springs theme with decadent desserts with specialty coffees and teas. The variety of food experience that was a different experience in each of the themed rooms was supervised by culinary genius Chef Roland Passol. This indoor and outdoor event was held in this perfect venue was playful in theme with having guests’ dress codes being either Suits or Football Uniforms for Men. Female guests were encouraged to sport a Cocktail Attire. We had another event to cover so we departed this amazing event and ven-











tured to downtown San Francisco for The Leather+Laces event! The spectacular Saturday star-studded 13th Annual Leather & Laces TwoNight Party At Super Bowl 50 hosted by Alessandra Ambrosio and Emily Ratajkowski, ascended up to the picturesque City View at Metreon in San Francisco, on February 6, 2016, before the momentous final super Sunday game matching Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos versus Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers. This year’s Leather & Laces party was a celebration of the popular TV series Entourage and the sexy sensuous Victoria’s Secrets Angels with more gorgeousness from the star of the Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video. Additional entertainment were provided by new breakout musicians Nikki’s Wives, acrobatic Cirque USA, with a Living Red Carpet dress worn by Actor/Model Nadia Lanfranconi, and sizzling DJs Automatic and Zhaldee. Celebrities including NBA great Shaquille O’Neal, Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, stunt performer, actor and musician Michelle Elise, Maxim magazine’s Jenna Jenovich, actor and entertainer Chuy Bravo, Entourage Producer Henry Penzi, former NFL and CFL quarterback great Warren Moon, Victoria Secret Angel Martha Hunt, and many more joined the ultimate Super Bowl weekend party. Sushi Confidential served up sensational sushi platters and naked sushi while the open bar was flowing with libations. 71


TIPS ON HOOKING UP IN THE CITY BY LAURA BILOTTA Nowadays, if you are single, you cannot just rely on online dating, your phone & social media to help you meet your significant other. If you are serious about the dating process, you need to get out there and meet people the old fashioned way! Face-to-face is instant and the only real way to know if you have chemistry with someone. If you are single and ready to meet someone, you should approach a lot and be approachable when you go out. As a Dating Coach and Matchmaker of 14 years, the advice I give to my clients is to get out there as much as possible, try new things, check out new places, join new groups, go speed dating and begin having conversations with people everywhere you go.

Laura Bilotta is an Author, TV Host, Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Founder of successful dating website Since its beginnings in 2002, Single in the City has become one of the largest event based dating companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Laura has hosted over twelve hundred speed dating/mixer events, coached hundreds of men and women in becoming dating gurus, and proudly played matchmaker for countless love-seeking singles. This summer, be on the look-out for Laura’s show, “Single in the City” on Rogers Toronto and Peel Toronto. Her book, ‘Single in the City’ will be coming out this fall. Join in on one of Laura’s Singles Events or hire her as your personal Matchmaker or Date Coach! For a limited time, Laura is offering a one-time membership fee of only $125 for her one-of-a-kind, low risk and affordable Matchmaking Service. 72

GUYS: The one constant complaint I hear from women is that men don’t approach enough. Not to say that a woman should never approach you but you should really take the reins and be the one approaching a majority of the time. Some tips: 1. APPROACHING WOMEN FEELS AWESOME AND HELPS BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Women are attracted to confident men! Try not to appear too nervous as women can pick up on this behaviour. 2. DON’T INVADE HER PERSONAL SPACE BY GETTING TOO CLOSE TO HER.

This is an instant turnoff for women. Stay back at least two feet. 3. APPROACH IN A CASUAL AND RELAXED MANNER.

Make an observation about something going on around you. Perhaps she is reading the same book as you or she has the latest smart phone and you want to ask about its performance. If she is interested, she will make eye contact, smile and sometimes lean in closer.

LADIES: I often hear men tell me how difficult it is to meet women in the Toronto area compared to women in other countries and areas of Canada. Most of you will wait for a man to approach you, but don’t always wait. Sometimes when you want something, you just have to go out and get it! Some tips: 1. BE FRIENDLIER IN GENERAL.

Use your natural, bubbly personality to interact with others; spark conversations and meet new people. The more people you meet, the greater your chances of meeting the one. 2. SMILE AND MAKE EYE CONTACT.

These are two actions that make it easier for a man to approach you, plus a smile makes you instantly more attractive. 3. LOOK GOOD WHEN YOU GO OUT.

People who put an effort into their appearance usually look more inviting.


Another great way to get a woman’s attention and make her smile is by using fun, playful small talk.

Avoid slouching; keep your head high and your shoulders square. Keep your arms in a welcoming position and avoid threatening positions, such as crossed arms.






Pretty girls hear all the time how beautiful they are, so reminding them won’t make you stand out.

Some women feel more comfortable giving out an email as its less forward and low-risk.

Look up from what you are doing and take some time to connect with people. There is no rule stating that you cannot approach a man. Actually, most men feel flattered when a woman approaches them first.

Dave Ross

"It used to be one of the best beaches anywhere. Until the climate changed..."



Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Great Food and Ambience in Torontoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Financial District.

BY LAURA SCHEMBRI When first we arrived at Houston, we received a warm greeting from Manager Nathan, and joined our dining companions, Waterfront Magazine editors Ross and Virginia Munroe, at the reception area. We chose a spacious table; a comfortable combination of booth and chairs, in a quiet area where we could see both the outdoor patio and the interior with all its comings and goings. At just 7:00 p.m. we were definitely with the early crowd, but the patio soon became abuzz with people attracted to the inviting atmosphere of the outside bar, DJ and BBQ. It was especially notable to me, that music inside the restaurant was low enough that we were able to enjoy meaningful conversation with our friends as we dined throughout the evening. Rachel was our server for the night. She gave us her full attention and easily participated in the back and forth banter that was our table. We began the night with four different cocktails made to order and promptly served. As we enjoyed a leisurely start to our evening I noticed that the middle section of the dining area was quietly and efficiently being modified. I saw how multi-purpose the space really 74

All photos by Laura Schembri

was; as I learned staff were setting up for a fashion show to take place in the middle of the restaurant later that evening. All four of us had reviewed the menu before arriving and were happy to order different meals in order to get a real sense of the restaurant.

Appetisers: Classic Caesar Salad, Tuna Tataki, Crispy Calamari and I chose the Beet & Goat Cheese Salade; all of which were shared and pronounced delicious. Our companions chose a bottle of Gabbiano Promessa P.G, and my husband, David, and I a New


Zealand Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, appropriately presented and tabled. Moving on to entrees: Chicken Rigatoni served with cherry tomatoes, olives, parmigiana and fresh herbs; Filet & Lobster with roasted potatoes and asparagus in a red wine reduction; New York Striploin with Yukon Gold pureed potatoes and seasonal veggies; and I chose the Grilled Salmon. The salmon was beautifully presented, stacked on a bed of nutty wild rice with sautéed green beans and sauce vierge. This was the finest salmon entrée I have been served in a long time. As we enjoyed our meals, the models were rehearsing in the darkened interior under the striking glow of orange & purple lights. Nathan checked in with us regularly and Rachel was just a nod away. The service was perfection. The entrees met or exceeded our high expectations; and I continue to rave about the salmon to this day! For dessert, we requested and received a taster plate of four offerings: Crème Brule, Triple-berry Crumble, Warm Chocolate Brownie and Maple Cheesecake. And as we indulged and continued our robust conversations with each other and Rachel, suddenly it was 10:30 p.m., the outside patio was in full swing, the inside had filled and entertainment suddenly began. A gentleman sauntered the length of the runway, presenting his spoken word rap. He was followed by a truly lovely solo dancer showcasing her lyrical and interpretive response to the music. I enjoyed both these artists and noted that the environment around me was so appealing for this kind of staging and presentation in the midst of dining. The fashion show heated up with male and female models strutting their stuff. By now, the music was pumping, the lights were glowing, the evening was really gearing up. Houston Avenue Bar & Grill – you’ll have a truly great experience!

Don’t Judge Me Unless You Walk In My Shoes. ‘Step In My Shoes’ Fashion Show At Houston Raises Awareness of Mental Health Issues.

The first annual ‘Step In My Shoes’ Fashion Show was held at Houston Avenue Bar and Grill on June 18, 2016. This event was organized by Nashel’s Event Planning Agency to raise awareness of mental health issues for the organization ‘Serenity For You’. Serenity For You is a platform designed to create a healthy environment by promoting healing, education and empowerment to

individuals who are challenged with mental health conditions. This is achieved through our various fundraisers. Nashel’s Event Planning Agency features an amazing team that is dedicated to its success and to creating memorable events for its clients. Thank you to all the sponsors, performers and partners that supported us in the first Annual ‘Step In My Shoes’ Fashion Show. 75


Queen Ann In Euro Glam BY VALERIA SHIROKOVA The moment our team stepped inside Cambria’s state-of-the-art Toronto showroom for a luxurious photo shoot with the lovely Ann Colis, Miss Globe 2015, I knew it was the perfect space for our European elegance theme. You see, the 2 precious gowns Canada’s very own Stephan Caras has kindly provided us with for this project, made me nostalgic about Europe, so the inspiration for the shoot came very naturally to me… Stephan, celebrity fashion designer extraordinaire originally from Greece; Anthony Glam, a photographer from Italy who earned a nickname of DaVinci of Light for his outstanding manipulation of light to give a 3 dimensional effect to photo subjects; and myself, Russian-born who lived in France for 6 months back in the day… The Euro squad! It was meant to be… Ann flew into Toronto for a couple of days after her trip to the Dominican Republic with the Miss Globe organization. I have to take my hat off to her for being so calm throughout the day, while on barely any sleep after her late flight. Cambria’s super friendly and accommodating staff made us feel very welcome, too, so that surely helped. But it was Ann’s undisturbed peacefulness that day that really translated into her facial expression and conveniently complimented the romantic feel of the shoot. This was amusingly contrasting with Anthony’s manly seriousness. He was 100% focused on getting a high quality job done and gave me an occasional “Valeria, you’re in the way!” for standing where I shouldn’t have with my video camera or me floating around Ann fixing her dress or hair because it moved by a milli76


All photos by Anthony Glam

meter! Yes, I’m still learning how to multitask less on set and control my perfectionist tendencies. Ann Colis won over everyone’s hearts during the Miss Globe 2015 World Finals last October. My brand

of luxurious cruelty-free Siberian mink eyelashes, Minki Lashes, was one of the official sponsors of that show, so I remember other contestants saying how it was a well deserved and, frankly speaking, expected, win for Ann, because she

l just has that likeable presence about her. Personally, I also find her nose to be super photogenic, but that’s my detail-oriented perfectionist eye speaking! Ironically, Ann was scheduled to be walking for the creative genius Stephan Caras during his Toronto Fashion Week 2016 show, but got sick right before so couldn’t do it. Now, we did a photo shoot with 2 of Stephan’s gowns instead! Selecting those 2 pieces from several of Caras’ collections was sort of like choosing a dream gown for a Barbie a dream playhouse. I was invited to the Stephan Caras showroom on Queen Street East, and if I didn’t have to prep for the photo shoot, I would have probably just camped out there for the weekend...surrounded by all the dreamy luxurious creations. I felt like each gown’s fabric had its own personality. So my objective was to find the right dresses with character that would match my requirements of romantic Euro glam yet with a solid colored top as to not take too much focus away from Ann’s beautiful face with tastefully polished makeup looks created by an accomplished hair and makeup artist Seher Sultan of Seher Studio Inc, completed with a pair of Minki Lashes that have a natural sheen to them. And so there they were, the 2 piece number with a puffy spring green royal satin skirt with a bright fuchsia and peach cream flower pattern from the FLORAL collection, and the striking risqué dress with an asymmetrical scarlet red puffy skirt with black flowers and backless black spiderweb patterned top from the RUBi collection. What’s interesting about working with recent beauty pageant winners is that they come from a world of photography that is normally centered around a bolder more fierce type of glam that presents a young woman in a more assertive and ambitiously powerful way. So to bring them into the realm


of vulnerability, softness and gentle romanticism in photos is an exciting challenge that Anthony Glam and Seher Sultan, gladly accepted. And using a passionately risqué RUBi dress while maintaining the soft romantic ambiance was an interesting risk of its own. Anthony is an expert at directing a model during a photo shoot as he knows the most flattering angles and corresponding lighting techniques. I made a few pose suggestions myself (of course I did...despite my learning to not micromanage the whole process - haha), but the vast majority of the best photos were a pure result of Glam’s mastery. A Mississauga Arts Council’s MARTY’s nominee, Seher is known for her bridal makeup looks and has a fast growing following on social media. Whoever knows my struggles with finding the right makeup artists who would properly apply fluttery Minki Lashes onto models, would likely say that Seher must be really excellent if I asked her to work on this high profile project. Indeed, not only did she nail the application of my mink eyelashes

on Ann (they photograph so well!), but she also used the most complimentary subtle matte colors vs glossy reflection-prone ones, that actually helped Anthony take better shots. Cambria’s gallery in Toronto showcases a variety of sophisticated kitchen and bath installations by fine local designers, uncut stone slabs, and even has a wine cellar... Rustic wall textures, decorated wooden arches, large painted metal doors with industrial sized hinges and colorful lanterns by the back exit give off an old-Mediterranean-world-meets-contemporary-style feel that offered the perfect setting for our European flavored photo session. Cambria, with its recognizable Cambi Dragon mascot, is known for having introduced an exceptionally innovative color technology to quartz surfaces that can mimic patterns of classic stones like granite, onyx and marble, but offer more unique color options and overall better durability and performance. Some of our most favorite shots of Ann were taken with shimmering crystal mini-pendant chandelier lights by the fireplace with a countertop made of white marble textured Cambria quartz with a luxuriously glossy finish. What an unforgettable day spent with the elegant Queen Ann and the incredibly talented team who helped to bring this captivating European dream to life! Credits: Valeria Shirokova (aka Lera Salt) Founder, Minki Lashes Miss Globe beauty pageant Photographer: Anthony Glam Dresses: Stephan Caras Hair & Makeup: Seher Sultan of Seher Studio Inc. Location: Cambria Gallery, Toronto 77


All photos by The World

9 Travel Habits For Living Globally Globetrotting with international expert, Dr. John Demartini. BY SHANNON SKINNER Living a global life is a mindset which requires good travel habits. I asked seasoned globetrotter, Dr. John Demartini, one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior, international author and educator, for his secrets to global living. A renowned polymath, Demartini travels the world speaking, writing, researching and teaching. Every year, he travels to 45-60 countries, at an estimated annual cost of $500,000, and has logged a whopping 17 million miles. When not on the road, he lives on a ship, The World, a floating luxury condominium that visits 150-200 78

ports annually. “My life is travel,” says Demartini, who was hijacked on a plane from Miami to Peru, has shared an aircraft with goats and chickens, and was mistaken as a terrorist on a flight to Tel Aviv. “My existence is simple; I go from city to city.” At age 21, Demartini had a vision of speaking to a million people from a balcony, and visiting every country and city. Now, at 62, he has spoken all over the world, including Greece’s Amphitheatre. He is so travel-efficient that he can pack and unpack his bags, and organize his items in hotels, in 4 minutes.

1. SS: What is in your travel bag? JD: I have four bags, including one for my computer, gratitude journal and harmonica; a research bag containing 7-20 books and magazines; and two Tumi bags that have 6-8 suits, mix and match shirts and shoes, and accessories. 2. SS: How do you stay productive? JD: When I am standing in line, I read. In club lounges, limos and airplanes, I pull out my computer or read. I don’t have much down time.

l I am able to produce wherever I am, except when checking in, or going through customs/immigration and security. I have no downtime at hotels with the exception of business meetings and dinners. I work into the wee hours of the morning. 3. SS: How do you eat healthily? JD: I can usually find yogurt, fresh fruit and multi-grain bread in every country. Regardless of what’s on the menu, I can usually get steamed veggies and fish, or soup. On my ship, I can get whatever I want. On flights and in club lounges, I may not get what I prefer, but can get healthy food. 4. SS: What do you do for exercise? JD: While flying, I stretch, do neck rolls and exercises. At the hotel, I do light calisthenics like swimming or surfing. When I’m teaching workshops, I stretch and move my feet to keep my veins pumping to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

9. SS: Best advice for travelers? JD: Think out your travel things and what is the most efficient way of doing it. Make sure you have a backup of toiletries, underwear and shirts in case your bag is re-routed to the next city. And be mindful and carry a checklist at security to ensure you get your stuff.

Shannon Skinner is a Toronto-based, award-winning television and radio host, inspirational speaker, author and travel writer. For information on her speaking engagements and interviews: and Tweet to her at @Shannon_Skinner.

For more information about Dr. John Demartini, visit:

5. SS: How do you cope with jetlag? JD: I don’t get jetlag as long as I rest. If I can’t sleep, I meditate because I can get by on meditation. 6. SS: What is your secret to a global life? JD: Ever since I was 21, I’ve said the affirmation: The Universe is my playground, the world is my home, every country is a room in the house, every city is a platform that I share my heart and soul. I envisioned an astronomical vision and a global life. 7. SS: Greatest challenge? JD: When airlines overbook flights. 8. SS: Favourite destination? JD: I love being on my ship because it goes to every destination. I don’t know a better address on earth. 79


Poetry white sails puffing clouds city jewels glint above boats foam blue water billowed sails pillow blue skies embrace waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s edge clouding skies unfold brightest white and blue mirroring above below both sky and water by Diane Bickers

ProFILE > Tammy Masoumi

Real Estate Agent To The Stars Inspiration For Those Who Dream Of A Better Life… Have you ever thought about how hard it is to start your own career? How about in Toronto? What if it were real estate, in a field that has over 39,000 active agents working in Toronto alone? Finally, what if you had only moved to Canada at the age of 18, completely alone, without knowing a word of English? Tammy Masoumi has walked this difficult path, and awakens with pride and excitement every day for where her path will continue to take her. She now has built her own real estate boutique representing the vision that Tammy came to Canada with – dream big dreams. When she first set foot in Canada, Ms. Masoumi pushed fear and nerves aside and worked hard to educate herself and start earning a living. Through perseverance and determination, she learned the language and supported herself through various jobs including within the banking industry. One day she realized the direction in which she needed to go. “I was interested in the investment benefits of real estate, wanted self-employment and the opportunity of ‘no ceiling’ success for an outgoing, self-starter like myself,” Ms. Masoumi recalls. Because of her personal journey, Ms. Masoumi understands that she has a responsibility to share her blessings with the rest of the community. She attends many functions in support of community based organizations that help people in need and the most vulnerable. “I believe that we have a responsibility to be there for each other – to contribute to our collective well-being. Ultimately we are in this journey called life “together” and we should never forget that.” It is the empathy and understanding nature that has fuelled the respect and excellent reputation she has been

Tammy and Daniel Masoumi (Son) with Norman Powell (Toronto Raptors)

Tammy with José Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays)

Tammy approaches her business with great professionalism. She took the time to get to know us personally, which allowed her to understand our needs and accommodate us. She goes above and beyond to create a genuine experience. Neisha Croyle (Wife of Blue Jays star player, Jose Bautista)

able to attain among her peers and industry leaders. As a result, in 2001, she obtained her license through OREA and worked hard to build her network and reputation. “I realized that the most joyful moments in my life were rooted in hope and optimism and experienced while serving others. I learned that ultimately giving of oneself to serve others is the ultimate expression of a meaningful life. I bring that credo to my professional life.” By 2007, she was a top 1% producer, working with Remax Condos Plus, and she has maintained that honour every year since. While success is its own reward, Ms. Masoumi doesn’t even blink when asked what her greatest inspiration is. “My son Daniel is the centre of my life. He is my greatest gift. He is the person who truly completes me. Through him I experience love and affection. He is my greatest source of inspiration. He is my core.” Her love for her son and her success inspired Ms. Masoumi to take

Tammy and Mayor John Tory

the next step. “ The real estate boutique is an elegant place where the client can literally feel right at home. Personalized client care is my focus,” Ms. Masoumi explains. “I simply desire to provide first class service to a discerning clientele who appreciate quality and a focused professional approach to finding a place to live. The Masoumi experience includes a personalized assessment of values, principles and beliefs of clients to better match to the location and experience they seek. Driven by this philosophy, Ms. Masoumi has worked with professional athletes, Hollywood stars and business leaders throughout the GTA and beyond. According to her, this wonderful path she’s on is something anyone who is willing to work hard and smart can attain. “ Never live in fear, but rather with excitement and joy about what lies ahead. Never be afraid. Always be courageous and confident in your abilities. We all have gifts, we just need to find the best way to share them.” 81




2 1. Canadian Idol Judge Jack Gold @Artbound 2. John Tory and his wife Barbara Hackett @Grand Slam


3. Three lovely young girls @Heart of Fashion


4. Melissa Austria with Ben La Fevre (Model) @Got Syle 5. Alan Frew (Singer - Glass Tiger) @Heart of Fashion


6. Glen Baxter and Andrew Bockner (Andrew Richards Designs) @Interour Design Show


7. Maurizio Magnifico @Italian Film Festival- ICFF


8. Joe Mimran (SNAP Honourary Chair) with Kimberley Newport-Mimran @Snap 9. Rick Campanelli (Morning Host for CTV) and Victoria Baldesarra @Starlight Children’s Foundation

9 7


10. Victoria Baldesarra and Ana Golja (Degrassi The Next Generation) @Starlight Children’s Foundation




11. Lola Roche with models @Italian Film Festival- ICFF


surround yourself with what you love your views • Outstanding views of Toronto’s iconic skyline

your home

your waterfront • Directly across from Canada’s Sugar Beach • Charming, lively Water’s Edge Promenade & Boardwalk • Quick access to the ferry & Toronto Island

• Daniels’ quality construction • Impeccable suite designs • Designer features & finishes, including Miele kitchen appliances

your amenities • Private, pool-side cabanas • Tennis, basketball & bocce • Jam studio, art studio, fitness studio

your red carpet treatment • VIP Passport to unforgettable cultural events • Curator-led tours & workshops with Artscape, TIFF & NXNE

your neighbourhood • Animated cobblestone courtyard with retail, cafés & eateries in The Yard • Picturesque trails & parks • Minutes to St. Lawrence Market, Loblaws, The Esplanade & more

your conveniences • Quick connection to the city core • Transit at your front door • Easy access to the Gardiner, DVP, GO transit & Billy Bishop Airport INER





















Now on sale. Arts-inspired living on the waterfront from the mid $300s.



















Exclusive Listing: CityLife Realty Ltd. Brokerage. Brokers Protected. Illustrations are artist’s concept. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. E.& O.E. All brand names, logos, images, text and graphics are the copyright of the owners, The Daniels Corporation. Reproduction in any form, without prior written permission of The Daniels Corporation, is strictly prohibited. Actual view may not be exactly as shown. Photo:




Under Construction | Move in 2019 DANIELSWATERFRONT.COM 416.221.3939



Live in the centre of it all - connected to the waterfront, the city, the arts, and the culture…Welcome to Lighthouse Tower at Daniels Waterfront—City of the Arts, a master-planned, mixed-use community surrounded by creativity, inspired by arts, and driven by innovation. This visionary gateway to Toronto’s East Bayfront, where Lower Jarvis meets Queens Quay, ushers in a new era of living and the opportunity to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WHAT YOU LOVE - AND LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.






Presentation Centre & Model Suite 162 Queens Quay East Monday to Thursday: 11am - 7pm, Weekends & Holidays: 12pm - 6pm, Fridays: closed


Toronto Waterfront Magazine 2016  

Summer 2016

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