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Fore fathers or pot heads PG.46

cloud t e n ma g Breaking dawn part 1 PG.50

creativity goe way. the mind thing to waste people. i am n being. all grea whats my grea i really don`t 2 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

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pg. 50 Breaking dawn part 1







4 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Amy WHine house

pg. 12 A Short story about love and other shit.


pg. 46 Fore fathers or pot heads Fore

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First issue Editors note

6 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

After a year of planning and a year of hard fucking work I was finally able to knock a couple of ideas and topics down into the incredible magazine I call cloud ten mag. It`s taking me a good deal of stress to do this, so if you’re going to criticize me, please understand that I have been doing all this work by myself. Thankfully with the help of magcloud I` am able to simply upload my project and share it with the rest of the world. Don`t worry too much about the swear words. That’s the upside of having this magazine ordered online you don`t have to worry too much about stores who don`t want to sell your magazine just because of a couple swear words. I hope you guys enjoy my magazine. Please don`t forget tell me what you think of the first issue. Trust me any kind of mail is better than no mail at all. Hate mail or fucking awesome mail. Sincerely

Justin fucking Monkhouse

P.S the world goes in circles. So keep pushing forward, going backwards is you only downfall.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-7

the hot list

check out these other sweet fucking publications from magacloud

Bella morte women with attitude

This magazine has a very unique way of showing us why boy`s really do love bad girls. I was unable to read the articles in the mag do to mag clouds lack of zoom, but from the looks of it, Belle Morte isn`t just your average magazine, featuring hot women. These are women that would make your heart beat faster, just by the way she looks at you, and it`s not because of instinct, it`s because of the seduction behind her attitude. Even grandpa would wish he was young again. Women are beautiful that’s know lie, but once you find yourself with a woman who has attitude, then honestly your the luckiest guy in the world, but if you can`t then please take a fucking look at this magazine. I promise you`ll look at women differently, and you might even respect them more. 8 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-9

KRisten STewart

10 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

UNwrapped HUsh: -KRisten has a cat named Jella. Jella ryhmes with her breaking dawn charcter Bella. -KRisten wore brown contacts lenses for her role as bella in twilight. Her eyes are naturally green. Awsome. -Kristens nick name is K Stew. -ONe of kristen`s favorite sciene fiction author`s is KArt VOnnegut, JR. -KRisten never read STephenie MEyer`s twilight series until she landed the role of bella swan. -STewart CLaims to have “ basically cast” RObert PAttinson for the role of edward collen. -KRisten and twilight star NIkki REed are real life friends. -KRisten was recomented for the twilight role of bella by “ into the wild” costar EMile HIrsch who had previously worked with the vampire flicks director CAtherine HArdwick on “LOrds OF DOgtown” -KRisten PLAys the role of a stripper in and indie flick titled “Welcome to the riley`s. -KRisten`s family has pet wolves.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-11

WHo KNew

WRitten BY: JUstin FUcking MOnkhouse 12 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Dam She’s beautiful. I don` care what anyone else says. Any guy would be fucking lucky to have her. Too bad that guy isn’t me. Too bad that guy is Eddie wizard. Oh by the way, Just in case you were wondering. My name’s Chris Matthews. As for the girl of my dreams, the one I’m speaking of, her name’s Rebecca Morrison. Rebecca’s the kind of girl that you lay awake at night thinking about. She’s the girl that makes it impossible to sleep. Thinking about her kind of makes living hard, or in my case, harder. I’m always stuck thinking about what life would be like with her. Question, how can a guy like me get with a girl like that? Any ideas! Nope. Dam! You must be just like me too, lonely. If you’re not. Then you’re fucking lucky. You don’t have to deal

with that pain. Fuck I’m getting off topic. I’m supposed to be describing my life. Where did I leave off? It doesn’t matter here comes Sam. Sam’s my best friend. I have a secret, let’s try to keep it between us, I’ve known Sam for seven years and still I have no clue what the fuck his last name is. Don’t tell him. “What up Chris.” “Chillan.”

“I can’t.”

“Speak of the devil here she comes dude.” This by far is the best part of my day. Watching her walk through doe’s double doors. It’s the only reason why Sam and I stay after school. Well it’s the only reason why I stay. Sam stays to mock me. “Dude she left, can we go now.” No bitch she didn’t even notice me yet. “Yeah,”

“Fuck! My mom dude.” “Let me guess, your thinking fuck is right. about Rebecca.” I was hoping I could follow Rebecca Dam, no home. Don’t get it wonder he’s my best twisted I’m not a friend. He can read stalker. That’s just my mind. “Yep” how much I think about her “Dude give it up we all know “You boys you’re never going need a ride.” She to get a piece of shouts. that pie.” Why must he ruin my dreams? “Go ahead Does he not believe dude; I’ll take the in me? What kind bus home.” Hope of friend is he? fully his mom didn’t “Unless….” Unless hear me say that. what. Why did he do that? Does he know “You`re something? “Unless gonna follow her you tell her,” Dam I home, aren’t you?” was afraid he might say that. “You know

me so well.” I walk off. I have no time to explain to his mother about my sudden disappearance. I can hear her asking Sam why I decided to take the bus home, in the background. Two blocks I’ve walked following Rebecca and her friends. Fuck I sound pathetic. Whatever, Love is love. Wait what the fuck is going on. Who is that kid in the red jump suit? He’s big. Rebecca and her friends all seem to love him. Fuck now there all following him into the building. Something fishy is going on. From the looks of things, one would think Rebecca is that kind of girl. I know in my heart that she’s not that kind of girl. Look at me now, paranoid as shit. Maybe I should just give up like Sam said, and go home.

I have to check it out. It’s coming from that building. The one they walked in too. No one better lay a hand on Rebecca. I’ll fucking go ape shit. This place is creepy. The dead shadows on the wall show signs of no possible escape. This place looks worse than a haunted house. And believe me I’ve been to a lot of haunted houses. I guess that’s why it’s so easy for me to just walk in here. Fuck some ones screaming again. It sounds like a girl. It’s coming from the far side of the room. “Please stop! Please stop.” yells the strangers’ voice. This is no joke.

Shit, what was that?

“Where’s my money Erica.” My guess is the voice that just spoke does words, belongs to the guy in the red suit. He’s the only dude I saw walk in here. Plus the voice sounds like it would match his description.

Someone is screaming. Shit, there it is again.

“I don’t know.” the voice replies. She’s crying.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-13

She’s crying badly. Finally a peep hole. I glance to see what the fuck the commotions about. Fuck I can’t believe it. She has blood on her neck. She’s losing a lot of blood. Why is Rebecca apart of this? Where is she? She has to be a victim so I can run in, and feel like a hero. That guy would pound the shit out of me with his huge fucking fists. “I told you, I don’t know, I’m being set up.” The big guy slaps the shit out of her. Dam how can a guy treat a teenage girl like this. Why are the other girls allowing him to do this? He must be a pimp. But that would mean Rebecca would have to be his whore. Rebecca’s not a whore. She can`t be. I found her. She`s standing by herself looking out the window.

What is she starring at? “Rebecca.” The man shouts. Fuck she better not be next or I swear to god I`ll cut his fucking neck off. She doesn’t respond. Or at least it seems so. She slowly turns to his attention. “What do you think we should do with this one?” Fuck. Is Rebecca more than what I think she is. Or worst is she the mastermind behind all of this. Why I`m I more turned on by this. Guess my mom was right. I was distended to fall in love with a girl ten times worst than she is. “Let her live.” She says. Let her live, let her live. Only a killer can say does words. Only someone who has the authority to decide a person’s life can say that. Something`s not right here. What’s a bunch of high school cheerleaders doing in a situation as such. I never thought I would see the fucking day.

“We let her live as a warning.” Rebecca walks up to the scared freshman cheerleader. “Tell your brother he has two weeks to get the money to us or he`s out too.”

Was that real? Was what I saw true? No it can`t be. The way she bit her neck looked so real. It has to be real. Maybe Sam might have some Intel.

Out of what. Can somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on here?

“Hey can we talk.” He looks like he`s had no sleep last night.

“Okay! Okay! I promise.” Cry’s the girl “Just in case you try to run let me show you what you’re dealing with.” Says Rebecca. It can’t be true. I think the girl of my dreams. The one I`ve dreamn`t of having children with, the one that keeps me up at night might just in fact be a vampire. The girl screams again. Fuck she is a vampire. My boner just got ten times hard.

“Are you mad.” Says the guy.

14 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

“Not right now dude.”

Day dream It`s been two days now. All that shit`s still running threw my head.

Fine maybe later. He looks like he could use some sleep anyway. Oh shit, here she comes. She’s walking my way. I can`t look at her. I`m too afraid she`ll use some vampire trick and find out that I know her secret. Shit why is she slowing down in front of me. Fuck she stopped. “Hey your names Chris right.” Fuck. All my life I`ve waited for her to talk to me and she chooses now. “Yeah,” My elbow slips off the table. I feel highly embarrassed. People around me giggle. She sits down to

comfort me.

talking about?

“Relax, I`m not gonna hurt you.” That’s what she says now

What rumors are being spread about me? It better be good ones. I didn`t even know I was popular enough to have rumors spread about me. My standards must be getting higher than I expected. “What, what words are being said about me.” I`m curious as hell.

“Why would you?” I asked. Fuck why did I say that. Now she will definitely be on to me. Instead she smiles and changes the subject. “Listen, I need your help.” Oh god she wants my blood fuck what do I do. Wait don`t panic, it could be something else. “Yeah what’s up what can I help you with.” “It’s my math homework.” Thank god. “See middle school math was easy, now it just seems a little too hard.” “Yeah totally I can help you.” “Really.” “Really.” Why the fuck I`m I repeating what she is saying? “Is it true what they say about you?” She asks. What is she

“That you have a crush on me.” Fuck. All the rumors in the world people could have spread about me and she finds out about this one. Fuck god just kill me now. Shit, I still don`t know what the fuck to tell her. Fuck mom says the truth will set you free. Whatever the fuck that means? “Yeah, that might be true.” “Aww I think that so cute.” Fuck first conversation and I’m already in the friend zone. “Dam!”

“Nothing.” I think she knows why I said dam. The expression on her face tells all. “So you`ll come over to my house after school.” “Yeah, where do you live?” Why did I ask her that? I know where she lives. I follow her home every day. “Oh please, like you already don`t know where I live.” She`s a fucking mind reader this one. “Your in love with me, you`ve followed me home thousands of time.” (Rebecca) –fuck, no I don`t think he followed me home, on that day. “What was that?” I asked. Something weird is happening. “I said you already know where I live.”(Rebecca) -please tell me he didn`t see me bite that girl.-

you just say.” She says. We both realized that something strange was happening. I think I might be dreaming. I can hear her voice but her lips don`t move. Oh shit. “I mean I do know where you live.” (Rebecca) -Thank god- “why didn`t you just say that.”

(Sam) -I wonder what moms cooking for dinnerYep, I can defiantly read minds. How fucking cool is this? “Sam dude what`s your mom cooking for dinner?”

I have to think of something quick. Before she finds out my secret,

“I don`t know. I was just thinking about that,” I know. “Are you a mind reader bro.?”

“I wanted to keep talking to you.”

Yes, yes I `am. “Don`t we all wish to be.”

(Rebecca) - So cute. “What was that?” I asked. “Nothing I should go. Be over at my house at eight.” (Rebecca) – don`t be late “On the dot,” I shout out.

“I did.” (Rebecca) -Fuck-

She walks away.

Okay, only

“What?” “wait, what

an idiot would not realize that I have just come across something magnificent. I think I have the ability to read minds.

Continues on page 64

Wanted the cast the cool list



THE GAME 16 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Every thing you fucking pg .18 pg. 24

PG. 26

PG. 27

PG.30 NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-17

the cast Bella Swan Kristen Stewart

Breaking dawn part 1

played by:

We all know and

plus her parents’ john love Kristen Stewart as Stewart and Jules Mannthe amazing Bella Swan, Stewart both worked in from the twilight saga. film and television. None Believe it or not Kristen the less Kristen immewas just eight years old diately began appearwhen her talent agency ing in small roles and first found her, she was on television. Her first founded at a Christmas role was Sam Jennings in the safety of obplay in grade school. jects. (2001). After that She must have put on Kristen appeared in a one hell of a performovie we all know best. mance. there`s that

Rosalie Hale

Nikki Reed

A movie where she was nominated for a young artist award (panic room). She starred along Jodie Foster. Kristen in the later years starred in many other movies from the cake eaters to Adventurland all the way to eclipse. She`s a good actress and one that will be remembered for years to come.

played by:

Is known

film about reed`s rebellious life as for her outstanding acting skills in a thirteen year the movie thirteen. old. Reed received A movie which was critical acclaim for written by her and the part. She also played a role in the twilight director Catherine Hardwick. o.c. after that she collaborated with The movie was a Catherine Hardautobiographical

wicke on twilight where she plays the character Rosalie. Reed will be in the last two movies.

Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson

played by:

Is a well known actor across


the globe? He`s known for his famous role as vampire Edward Cullen in the twilight saga. Many also know him for his role as Cedris Diggory in harry potter and the goblet of fire. Robert Pattinson has also appeared in other movies such as remember me, the movie with the most surprising shock of an ending, and he also plays art in . Another indie great. His twilight co-star and lover, Kristen Stewart, kind of has responsibility for his role as Edward in the twilight saga.

Dakota Fanning played by:

Known for her role`s in many movie`s, such

as the runaways. Hanna Dakota Fanning is by far a brilliant actress. As a child star Dakota had a very outstanding Hollywood resume. She starred in movies with some of Hollywood’s biggest a-list stars. Tom cruise, in the war of the worlds, Denzel Washington in man on fire, Robert de niro in the chilling movie hide and seek. The list goes on and on. She has also done a couple of voice over`s, including lilo and stitich 2: stitch has a glitch and Kim possible: a sitch in time. Dakota is a very talented actress and her role as Jane in the twilight saga series is played so well.

Jessica Stanely

Anna Kendrick played by:

Her role as Jessica Stanely in the

Jacob Black

twilight saga was played perfectly. Her role in up in the air was another. Her role in high society, a musical on broadway was nominated for a tony award, a drama desk award and a fany award. What ever that means. Anyway the point is, Anna Kendrick is a fantastic actress and has done a lot of plays for broadway. Well from the looks of it.

Taylor Lautner At played by:

just the age of six Taylor began practicing the art of martial arts. At the age of eight, he was asked to represent his country in the twelve year old division in the World Karate Association. He became the Junior World Forms and Weapons champion, winning three gold medals. In 2003, Taylor continued to flourish in the martial arts circuit where he ranked number one in the world for NASKA's Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms and, at the age of twelve, he became the three time Junior World Champion. Once he moved with his family to Los Angeles, he found himself landing small roles in shows. Shows such as "My Wife and Kids" (2001), "Summerland" (2004), and "The Bernie Mac Show" (2001). In 2005, he landed the role of Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, and the role of Eliot Murtaugh in Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Still, there`s only one role that has ultimately change Taylor's life forever. The role of Jacob black. Taylor has continued to portray Jacob Black in the following film adaptations of the Twilight Saga.

Ashley Greene

Alice Cullen

played by:


e says she wants’ to be a superhero, a bond girl and possibly wonder woman in future projects. Honestly from what I`ve heard about this beautiful woman, I think she can pull it off. Let`s not forget that she has already been kicking ass in the twilight saga. Ashley was already kicking butt`s since she was a little girl. Being such a tomboy her mother signed her up for modeling in high school. Ashley then realized that that was what she wanted to pursue. Soon after she was told that she was too short. So Ashley decided to become a lawyer. After taking a commercial class which led to an acting class, Ashley changed her mind. Her parents sent her to la at seventeen, soon after that Ashley landed the role of Alice Cullen. The vampire we love.

Aro played by:

Michael Sheen


own for his critically acclaimed turn as 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart' in the 1999 Broadway revival of "Amadeus" Sheen is well known for appearing in many plays. Plays such as Martin Sherman's "When She Danced”. His most memorable role as “Romeo" in "Romeo and Juliet", the title role in Neyagawa’s, 1994 Royal Shakespeare Company's staging of "Peer Gynt" and "Jimmy Porter". He was nominated for the Ian Charleson Award for his performance in "Don't Fool with Love". That same year, he excelled as a mentally unstable man who becomes enmeshed in a kidnapping plot in "Gallowglass", a three-part BBC serial that aired in the USA on PBS' "Mystery!" Sheen received his first feature film role in 1994, playing Dr. Jekyll's footman in Mary Reilly opposite John Malkovich and Julia Roberts. That film didn`t make it into theaters until 1996, a year after Sheen's second movie, Othell0. Sheens most memorable big screen role at that point, however, was "Robert Ross", Oscar Wilde's erstwhile lover, in the 1997 biopic Wilde. He was also in the Brit road film Heartlands opposite Mark Addy. After his success in "Amadeus", Sheen began racking up even more notable big screen credits, starring opposite Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley and Kate Hudson in The Four Feathers and landing a major role opposite Kate Beckinsale in the action-horror blockbuster Underworld, along with supporting turns in Bright Young Things, Timeline and as British Prime Minister Tony Blair in director Stephen Frears' film The Queen. Sheen grabbed our attention playing a divorce-embattled rock star, stealing scenes from Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore in the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction . Sheen earned raves for his performance as "Caligula" in London. He won the Evening Standard Award and Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, along with a nomination for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award.


Jamie Campbellbower

played by:

Jamie Campbell


Bower love`s performing arts and being in the spotlight. Jamie is an ex-member of the National Youth Music Theatre. He`s a good singer. He used to be the lead singer in a band called "The Darling Buds"; he also models for Select Model Management. He`s from London and went to school privately at Bedales School in Hampshire. While still at school, Jamie was told that he had got the part of "Anthony" in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street� Bower later went on to star in RocknRolla (2008) as "Rocker", directed by Guy

Ritchie. Besides his well know status as Caius, Jamie will also join the "Harry Potter" cast as "Gellert Grindelward" in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011).

Maggie Grace played by:

Maggie got her start in film in 2002 with Murder in Greenwich (2002)

and Shop Club (2002). In 2003, at the age of 20, Maggie played a creepy, Gothinfluenced estranged daughter of Wendy Crewson and Tom Selleck in the drama Twelve Mile Road (2003) Maggie’s big break came one year later, she played the beautiful Shannon Rutherford on the hit ABC island-survival drama "Lost" (2004). She also stars with "Smallville" Tom Welling in the horror film The Fog (2005).

Jasper Hale

Jackson Rathbone played by:


ckson started out in local theatre, The Pickwick Players. While In high school, Jackson went to Interlochen Arts Academy, a private school for the arts in Michigan. After graduating, jackson planned to go to the Royal Scottish Academy, instead he went to LA to experiment with the big screen. He immediately signed onto Disney's 411. He had a leading role in the ABC Family show Beautiful People. When not busy pursuing a TV/film career, kackson also enjoys music, writing, singing and producing.

Charlie Swan

Billy Burke

played by:

Burke first moved to Los Angeles

as a musician and not as an actor. It was a deal with a major record label that never panned out. This left him to explore the only other thing he knew he was good at. Acting. With two independent films shot in his native Seattle under his belt, billy began auditioning, and very soon working as an actor. Billy landed his first studio picture role in the Zucker brothers' genre spoof Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998). From his success Billy won the title role in Dill Scallion (1999), The cult classic "mockumentary" a flick about the rise and fall of a slightly touched country music singer. In 2004, Billy teamed up with John Travolta in Ladder 49. Billy has done many roles after that. He has worked alongside many of Hollywood’s best, from Morgan freeman, to Anthony Hopkins, and Ryan Gosling. He also starred with Diane Lane in Untraceable (2008).

november S


Fore fathers or pot heads pg 46 for more 6


T 1







twilight movie showing. so thats where my sister is. 8 new moon showing. not that time of the month.

Ny come



15 ecilpse showing. you only get lucky once a year.









it`s the last thursday of the month. you know what that means. 27





2011 F S 4

the cool list things to do mutta fucka

5 Gets Rihannas talk that talk album, drops nov 18th

black friday, shop till ya brook 11


edy festi18 breaking dawn bitches. it`s time to break out the piggy bank. 25



black friday

k this shit out

Ny comedy festival


Russell Peters Nov 10th Wanda Sikes Nov 10th John Pinette Nov 11th Tacy Morgan Nov 11th Bill Burr Nov 11th Bill Maher Nov 12th Norm Macdonald Nov 12th Sarah Silverman Nov 12th Louis C.K Nov 12th Jo Koy Nov 13th Ricky Genvais Nov 13th

parnormal activity three the last and final film of the parnormal activites was a disapointment. read more on page 72.




HEr role as the sexy vampire ALice CUllen, from the twilight saga.


SHe dated singer JOe JOnas. The two broke up in MArch



HEll yess, that means we get to be happy with the idea of actually dating this hot vampire.

WHat`s NExt

2011 TWilight SAga BReaking DAwn PArt 1 2012 TWilight SAga BReaking DAwn PArt 2 LOL LAughing OUt LOud THe BOom BOom ROom

26 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

wanted movies immortals

11-11-11 Eons after the

Gods won their mythic struggle against the fucking Titans, remember that one movie clash of the titans, A new evil threatens the land. King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity, why the fuck is it always a war against humanity. Amassing A bloodthirsty army of soldiers disfigured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Only he who possesses this bow can unleash the Titans, who have been imprisoned deep within the walls of Mount Tartaros since the dawn of time and thirst for revenge. In the king's hands, the bow would rain

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-27

destruction upon mankind and annihilate the Gods. But ancient law dictates the Gods must not intervene in man's conflict. They remain powerless to stop Hyperion...until a peasant named Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes forth as their only hope. chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes. Rallying a band of fellow outsiders-including visionary priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and cunning slave Stavros (Stephen Dorff)-one hero will lead the uprising, or watch his homeland fall into ruin and his Gods vanish into legend.

dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd d


super 8

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic fucking train crash while making a movie. They soon suspect that it was not an accident. After, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth. A truth more terrifying than any of them could have imagined. This movie is mind blowing. J. J. Adams does his best. This dvd is worth the buy.

Griff the Invisible

11-15-11 The world can be a not so great fucking place to live inCourage makes us fight everything we fear so we feel better for trying.. Love is the key emotion that makes us have all these other emotions. therefore love is invencible, you have that and you can concor anything at all. this movie will show you exactly what the fuck I mean.

happy feet two


Tells the story of a penguin who was born a little different from the rest of his penguin clan. His name is Mumble. Unlike all the other singing penguins, he was more of a dancer. This movie has it all,singing, dancing, love, drama and Happy Feet. The original cast included`s, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Now it looks like were getting two new voices‌ Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are joining the cast of the upcoming sequel. Happy Feet 2 will be released November 18, 2011 in 3D.

28 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd dvd larry crown


Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) was a superstar team leader at the big-box company where he's worked since his time in the Navy. unclear on what to do with his suddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over. . In his publicspeaking class, Larry develops an unexpected crush on his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband.

conan the barbarian

11-22-11 The most fucking legendary Barbarian of all time is now on dvd. A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior later turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil. which means we should all atleast check this movie out before we speak of it.

must see Nov 11

Melancholia Jack and Jill London Boulevard Into The Abyss 11-11-11

Nov 18

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 The Descendants Tyrannoaur Another Happy Day

Nov 25

Hugo The Muppets A Dangerous Method My Week With Marlyn Arthur Christmas The Artist

Dec 2

Shame Autoreiji Slepping Beauty

j.edgar 11-11-11

As face of the law enforcement in America for almost 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover (the man we all know and love, Leonardo DiCaprio) was feared and admired, reviled and revered. But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and his life. this movie sounds fucking awsome, plus it was directed by clint eastwood. the man who died in back to the future three. Joking. the movie looks like is worth it. so go check it out. you never know, you might just add it to your favorite movie list of all time. I know I will NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-29


30 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

coming nov 15th, 2011 Assassin's Creed: Revelations. developed by Ubisoft Montreal published by Ubisoft. A sequel to 2010's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Revelations is the fourth main installment in the video game series.

Desmond Miles has fallen into a coma. he has returned to the Animus to maintain

his consciousness. he falls into Animus back door called the Black Room, where he hopes to reassemble his shattered mind, to reawaken from the coma. He does this by locating key memory`s. To do so, he has to relive the later memories of Ezio. Grand Master of the Assassin Order questions his life as an Assassin. he wonder`s how it would have been if he had never been one.[1] Ezio thus sets out on a pilgrimage to his predecessor's homeland of Masyaf, which he discovers has been overrun by the Templars. There, he finds an ancient artifact, which is locked away, and can only be opened with five keys.[1] The search for these seals takes him to Constantinople, where he finds out that there is an army of Templars forming in the city, threatening to destabilize the region. Ezio must follow in the footsteps of his spiritual mentor Alta誰r - footsteps which will lead him to discovery NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-31



TOp THree MUsic VIdeos.

THe HIghlist.....................

32 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011




NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-33

MUsic 1

The fresh of the block 19 year old mc Mac miller, straight outta Pittsburgh has old hiphop soul. After breaking out his 2010 "Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza," Mac returns to the classics on "Party on Fifth Ave." The 900 Number" is the newest release from Miller's upcoming November 8th debut, Blue Slide Park.


So far the watch the throne album is leaving nothing more except fans who want more.

Jay-z and west both lit up atlanta two weeks ago. Here`s what other people are saying about that fantastic fucking event.

"Many in the high-energy crowd remained standing — and swaying and dancing and singing — for the entire 2½-hour show. At one point, as Jay-Z and West performed 'N--as in Paris' from their hit Watch the Throne CD, West exhorted the audience to 'Bounce! Bounce!' The resulting stomping had Philips Arena rocking and shaking in a way that it hasn't for the Hawks in a long time." — USA Today

"The Watch the Throne concert totally surpassed anything you would expect. From the 50-foot cubes, to the laser show and spectacular visuals, and in-and-out mini sets, the pair moved like a duo that has performed consistently for years." —

"Their enjoyment sharing the stage was obvious as they led the crowd through the refrain of 'Run This Town' and chanted over the heavy, chest-rattling bass in 'Monster' as more video of wild animals played behind them." — Atlanta


"The kings of hip-hop, Jay-Z and Kanye West, descended upon Atlanta on Friday and Saturday nights to begin their Watch the Throne tour reign and the two couldn't have been more regal during their performances." —

34 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

"While there was virtually no way a concert featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West could ever be a dud, we have to say the duo lived up to our high expectations with last night's kickoff of their Watch the Throne tour. The hip-hop monarchs performed at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, with an epic set list that featured selections from each artist's own behemoth catalog of hits as well as their Watch the Throne collaborations." — Idolator


Okay you Madonna lovers, The news about Madonna`s new album

that’s said to release next spring, is still currently in the works. Rumur is Madonna has plans on working with M.I.A and nick minja, wow if that happens, I think the world would finally come to peace. Here`s what Madonna says, (from her London screening, Madonna spoke to sky news)

“even when I try something old [I get criticized]. When I make music. I come up against criticism. So it kind of goes with the territory. I`m used to it.”


On November 21,

The gadseden albama mc will finally release his official debut album. Radioactive. His first official single, Titled “hard white (up in the club),” features lil jon. Yelawolf talk`s to MTV about being signed to Shady and working with Eminem.

"I mean, it's a huge deal being able to have a mentor who's done this for so long and [has] been through so much," Wolf say`s.

"Also, artistically, [he just pushes] me to be better. Being around them dudes will make you better naturally. So we're excited, man." NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-35


Finally world we all get to hear the music Amy Winehouse was working on

Before her unexpected death earlier this year. According to the press release from her English label and MTV, a posthumous collection of unheard studio tracks, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will be released on December 5. The 12 songs were put together by Winehouse's longtime collaborators, producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi. The album will include songs she recorded before, during and after the releases of her two studio albums, 2003's Frank and her smash 2006 breakthrough Back to Black. Salaam and Mark had a collection of songs that needed to be heard, a collection of songs created by their talented friend Amy Winehouse.

"chronicle of her musical development"

The album is a it will feature parts of her previously released songs, including a demo version of "Wake Up Alone" The album will have a various amount of covers, such as the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," Donny Hathaway's "A Song for You� and a 2002 reggae version of the classic '60s doo-wop song by Ruby & the Romantics "Our Day Will Come."

"I spent so much time chasing after Amy, telling her off, that I never realized what a true genius she was," her father, Mitch Winehouse, says.

"It wasn't until I sat down with the rest of the family and listened to this album that I fully appreciated the breadth of Amy's talent, from jazz standards to hip-hop songs, it really took my breath away." 36 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Amy's reinterpretation of the bossa nova classic made remi realize something.

"I was dealing with a very special talent. Her approach to the song was so young and fresh, it really inspired the rest of our sessions." Mitch Winehouse says he's never heard the song "Halftime" before,

“if the family had felt that this album wasn't up to the standard of Frank and Back to Black, we would never have agreed to release it and we believe it will stand as a fitting tribute to Amy's musical legacy." One of the songs on the album is a duet with Amy's hip-hop pal Nas titled "Like Smoke.� This song was recorded in May 2008. "Between the Cheats," another unheard song is a take on Winehouse's troubled marriage to ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Fans will also hear "Best Friends," a Remiproduced song from 2003 that used to serve as Amy's live show opener.

Some of the proceeds from the sales of the album will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity set up by the singer's family to fight addiction. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-37


38 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

marvin and chardonnay big sean ft kanye west

To tell the truth, besides it`s awsome editing, the only reason to enjoy this video, is because of the beautiful women in it. This video makes that one song kanye did with jamie about goldiggers look like a peace of shit. The peace of shit you find on the bottom of your trash can and not in your toliet. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-39


40 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

otis jay-z and kanye west

This vid is the shit. It beats all other types of laidback videos ever made. The throne is a gift to all you jay-z and kanye west lovers. It kicks ass and sends a message to the americans. That we are free. Free to be who ever the fuck we want to be. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-41


42 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Countdown beyonce

Yes of course in the first issue of the cloud ten magazine Beyonce`s video countdown is number one in the music video “countdown”. It`s sexy, funny and cool. This video is the best of Beyonce`s list of videos. Good luck to her new baby. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-43

Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music


the highlist


to get blazed too number one mixtape songs we are young




1.Intro (Prod by ID Labs) 2.Every Morning (Prod by Cardo) 3.Too Strong ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod by Mr.Kooman) 4.Time Slippin Away x The Fratelleez 5.Just Wanna Shine (Prod by Cardo) 6.Its Natural ft. Marvin Gaye (Prod by Big Jerm) 7.Neil Armstrong x The Fratelleez 8.Stairways (Prod by Live N Stereo) 9.Back Home x The Fratelleez 10.This Right Here (Prod by Flawless Tracks) 11.1981 ft. Billy Corgan (Performed by The Fratelleez) 12.Rad ft. Andy Milonakis (Prod by Tom Davids) 13.White Lines & Road Signs x The Fratelleez 14.Yep (Prod by Flawless Tracks) 15.Dream of You x The Fratelleez 16.#Anonymous (Prod by Mr.Kooman) 17.Mic Check 1,2x The Fratelleez 18.Everlasting Summer (Prod by Flawless Tracks) 19.Land of the Dead x The Fratelleez

artist anynamous countdown artist beyonce i`ll drink to that artist rihanna my hearts a stero artist g.c.h ft adam levine everlasting summer artist anynamous fly artist nicki minja levis artist jay2da every morning artist anynamous someone like you artist adele no sleep artist wiz khalifa price tag artist jessie j love you like a love song artist selema gomez popping bottles remix artist ess vee TGIF artist katy perry rain over me artist pitbull ft marc anthony i`am legend artist reema major 5`0 clock artist kim morrel ghetto kids artist reema major pumped up kicks artist foster the people in the dark artist dev

Music wiz khalifa He`s come a long way since his hit single black and t s i t r yellow. wiz has proven to the world that partying all a k l a night is just what we humans of earth are ment to to t t do. theres no doubt wiz is climbing the charts. u o b BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011 44 -a THe

the section you`ve been waiting for FORE FATHERS OR POTHEADS











74 NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-45

Fore fathers or potheads Did our forefathers really smoke pot?

Absolutely George toked weed He grew fields of that stuff m about. Fields. The whole coun high. Let me tell you man, cos He was on to something man. good cash crop for the south fields of it man. But you know man there`s a woman. And tha Washington man. And everyda she`d have a big fat bowl wa come in the door man. She wa 46 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

d. Are you kidding me man. man. That’s what i`m talking ntry back then was getting s,`cos,`cos,`cos he knew. He knew that it would be a hern states man. So he grew w what? Behind every good at woman was Martha ay George would come home aiting for him man when he`d as hip, hip ,hip lady man. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-47

Drug abuse

Believe it or not marijuana was used as a drug and as a medication. No one really knows if they ever smoked the dam thing. Marijuana was one of many plants normally used in medicine. It was usually placed in alcohol. Dam does were the days. There is a great possibility that marijuana was smoked as a medication. As far as for recreation. Idk. Dough it`s common recreational drug of choice was alcohol. Even fucking coke was used back then. Really cocaine, dam what the fuck happened why couldn`t my grandfather tell me stories about that shit. Cocaine was usually used by women. A common remedy was sold to relive women`s menstrual cramps. This remedy was usually alcohol and cocaine. Women became addicted to the cocaine, and started to use it recreationally. These remedies were legal, as was marijuana.

The truth

Washington and his fellow planter/ president’s tom Jefferson and James Madison would be astonished to hear that marijuana is illegal. These early chief executives would definitely tell president Obama that a re-legalized cannabis crop would mean billions of dollars in desperately needed farm revenue throughout the United States. As for smoking, I still have no clue. But in one of George`s agricultural journals, dated 1765, Washington regrets being late to separate his male hemp plants from his female`s. for a master farmer like George, there would be no reason to do this except to make the females ripe for smoking. Hemp was a mainstream crop in the late 18th century. The earliest of smoking. Marijuana dates to the 20th century. Found in an old harpers magazine archives, of the late 19th century was an article on pot smoking discussing pot as a foreign novelty, unknown to Americans.

“hemp is a very harsh think I’m doing right now. smoke, dude. Modern According to the 1972 report by the national commission on marijuana and drug abuse pot bears little resem- called blance to hemp.” “marijuana, a Question still at hand

Did the founding fathers of this great fucking country we call USA smoke cannabis. Some researchers think so. Key fucking researchers. Dr. burke, president of the American historical reference society and a consultant for the Smithsonian institute, counted seven early presidents as cannabis smokers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, zachory Taylor and Franklin pierce. Dam and to think we can`t do that shit now, what a fucking shame, fuck that what the fuck you 48 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

signal of misunderstanding.” The hemp plant was cultivated in the United States for centuries, without general knowledge of its fucking intoxicating properties. Cannabis was easily available without a

There was no signal or legal stigma associated with pot smoking until the 20th century, or perhaps the late 19th century. The founding fathers weren’t shy about writing their own experiences. Nothing ever should up about weed; however a lot of writing about opium definitely popped up. Cocaine and opium were totally legal and sold at most chemists/ pharmacists/ dentists until the 20s. Washington and Jefferson both tried growing hemp on their Virginia farms. Washington used some of what he grew to make hemp clothing worn by his slaves. However, us hemp exported to Britain often. It couldn`t be sold Washington was never able to turn a profit on the crop. Jefferson grew hemp strictly for local consumption. He also made no cash either. Dam, man, I know a couple of ides of how you can score some cash. Provide it to the people lol. Anyway back to the matter at hand, not only were Washington and Jefferson marijuana farmers, they fucking sucked.

prescription and was also widely prescribed by physicians. Marijuana use as an intoxicant in the United States began slowly in the early part of this century. Puerto Rican soldiers Americans who were stationed in Panama Canal Zone, begins here using it in the late 1916 American soldiers fighting poncho villa circa 1916 also learned to use it. This follows the first reported use in Mexico in the 1880`s Intoxicant use in the united states is also traced to the large influx of Mexican laborers in the 1910`s and 1920`s. Franklin was off – the – wall, he wrote stories and even a book on swimming. Franklin also wrote

“bear is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Not to worry, Jefferson and Washington kept at it. They never gave up the fight. Washington continued to grow crop after he became president. Jefferson invented a better “hemp brake” to separate the fibers from the stalks, something he thought was so important agriculturally that he refused to patent it. This tells us two things. First, Jefferson ran an advanced marijuana processing facility. Second, he was a socialist Jefferson and Washington traded seeds and plants with other farmers on regular basis Jefferson wrote of receiving hemp seedlings from someone in Missouri and it would have been only neighborly to send some Virginia seedling back. Which fucking means Washington and Jefferson weren`t merely marijuana farmer anymore, they were marijuana dealers.

The fucking answer

Well my research has lead me lead me to find that our forefathers did have a lot to do with pot and other drugs. As far as smoking them. I`m unsure but there were indeed and in fact marijuana dealer`s. so they may have smoked a little. Then again, don`t get high of your own supply.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-49


DAwn 50 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011


PArt 1 NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-51

introduction Besides being the most talked about movie of this month. Breaking dawn is going to surprise the fuck out of you twi-hard fans. It’s filled with everything you want. Well everything you read about at least. Let’s not forget that awesome sex scene, that’s been showing up everywhere on the internet. Relax I’m talking about the trailer. Dam get your head out of the fucking gutter. Kristen Stewart and the rest of her BD clan are sure to do their best to fucking please the world with bloodsuckers and shape shifters. It`s all in there. The movie that will only disappoint us at the end, because we have to wait a fucking year to watch the other half. But hey we didn`t write this crap, we just enjoy reading and spending our money on it. Wait let me rephrase that. Kids have nothing else better to do. Enjoy. I know I will.

52 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-53

The Fucking Summary

The story

begins; Bella is making her way to a gas station. She`s driving in her brand new Mercedes Guardien Sedan. She`s being watched at by everyone. The car seems to be there main attraction. The car is A gift from Edward. A car which is unavailable in the United States. That fucking old truck finally managed to die on her. Of course it`s of the most convenient time. Her thoughts dwell currently on Jacob Black. Jacob who has decided to go AWOL. After gassing up the car Bella makes her way home to find Charlie being fitted by Alice. Soon Bella becomes another subject of Alice`s fitting arrangements. Bella begins concentrating on her ‘happy place’ to avoid thinking about anything else. The night before they tie the knot, Edward and Bella lye in her bed, doing their best make out

scene ever. Emmett and jasper come to spirit Edward away for the Cullen version of a bachelor party. Before leaving, jasper calms Bella down. The calming effect doesn’t last long, Bella begins to remember a story that Carlisle has been telling her recently. It`s the story of the Immortal children, an experiment gone wrong. The story tell`s of toddlers and young children being turned vampires. It`s the reason why the vampire world no longer has children in it, also the reason why many of the vampires fear the volturi. The adorable yet uncontrollable children and their makers were all slaughtered…………including the mother of Tanya and the Denali Clan, who secretly created an immortal child of her own. Thinking of this allows Bella`s subconscious to run wild. Bella`s nightmares begins.

It`s the day of the wedding. Bella is awaken quite early from her nightmares her life is temporarily taken over by Alice. She is polished and perfected, no thanks to Alice. She worries most about falling on her face during the ceremony. The wedding itself goes off without a hitch, and the reception begins with no problems. Suddenly a surprise comes. It`s Jacob, he has returned Edward thanks him, saying it is a wonderful gift for Bella that he showed up. He passes Bella to Jacob for a dance. Everything goes well, until they begin discussing Bella`s honeymoon. Jacob is furious when Bella spills the beans on what she plans to do with Edward while she`s still human. He threatens to kill Edward. He begins shacking Bella to knock some sense into her. He is pulled off of her by Edward, Seth and Sam, Thankfully before

54 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

he could complete his wolfs transformation. Once things are calm, Edward sweeps Bella off her feet to a place called Isle Esme, a private island off coast of Brazil, They Fuck for the first time, causing Bella all kinds of bruising. Edward begins to feel guilty. Bella begins having all sorts of nightmares she`s eating eggs all the time, and is exhausted constantly. After one particularly horrible nightmare, about having a child of her own, she quickly wakes up frightened and begins seducing Edward again. Later on, she tries to cook, throws up serial times. She thinks it`s because of food poisoning she searches for some pepto bismal. Bella later realizes that she hasn`t had her period in quite some time. Is the impossible true? Is she pregnant? Yes. Edward wants no part of it, knowing that a vampire would kill Bella. Edward begins

freaking out, he and Carlisle make plans for the fetus Bella has other ideas she wants the lady, especially after dreaming of it repeatedly. She calls to the one person who she knows will defend her decision. After making sure Edward is away for a bit, she makes a call to Rosalie. Now the story is told from Jacob`s perspective. The pack hears that Bella has a south American disease and is under quartine, they assume that it`s just an excuse. Against orders, Jake rushes to the Cullen`s house. He finds Bella she`s very sick and very pregnant, but alive. Edward looks like a burning man. He explains all to Jacob. Bella is still refusing to let anyone take the creature out of her. Even though it is bruising. Rosalie is acting as Bella’s bodyguard, also refusing anyone to take the baby out. Jacob reports back to the pack to tell

the news. Sam decides that they must take action and kill the creature, in the process of the killing, Take all the Cullen’s and Bella too. Jake does not want to kill Bella, or the vampire he trusts. Dr. Cullen. Before the attack Jake leaves the pack and takes his place as another Alpha and heads to the Cullen’s house. Seth follows in support. Jake warns the Cullen’s of Sam’s plans. Jake and Seth begin to patrol the perimeter. Bella`s conditions worsens as the baby breaks her ribs. Leah soon joins Jake`s pack, wanting to be free of Sam. She begins to patrol us well. Sam sends messengers asking for their return. Jake refuses to leave, however he wishes his other pack members would but they refuse too. Soon after, Bella bends over without thinking, and damages herself badly. With Carlisle gone, Edward and Jake have

to take the baby out right away – it`s done. They have successfully taken the baby out. They put her in Bella`s arms for a moment, only to take her away as Edward begins to use his venom to change Bella. Jacob does CPR on her, trying to keep her barely alive body going. Jake thinks Bella has dies and storm downstairs to see Rosalie holding the baby, who they named Renesmee Jake, is ready to kill the baby. He believes

the twilight movies, tweeted about the new trailer. “Was that pussy Charlie Swan crying in the Breaking Dawn trailer? He`s weeping cause he`s missing Edward.” All true twi-hard fans know that the love between Charlie and Edward is never lost, especially after how Charlie saw how distraught Bella was when Edward left her in New Moon. Making it difficult for Charlie to forgive Edward. In the end Charlie still the baby is to blame for supports his daughBella`s death. He sees ters decisions, he the baby`s face and looks so proud when imprints. The fucking end. Stay tuned for part he walks her down the aisle Charlie is two bitches. a special character and we all can`t WTF wait to see him in Was Charlie crying the flick. over Edward in the new breaking dawn trailer?

Charlie Swan crying. Of course the first thing to assume is that his heartfelt waterworks are for Bella, actually it`s because he misses Edward? Actor Billy who play`s Charlie in

What to expect next The tension between Bella and the wolves - when Bella finds out Jacob has at-

tached himself to her baby; she smacks the shit out of him. Come on give him a break. He couldn`t help it. Besides Bella wants nothing to do with him what else was he suppose to do lol? His wolf friends fry to step in, she smacks them around too.

Family moments

-moments between

Bella and Edward and the child with the dumb name. They come together for the first time.

Vampire sex-

After the baby business they head over to the cottage for a second honeymoon. This time the vampire sex is totally different from when they had sex before. Which basically means that they start mashing up against each other with out restraint.

In case you didn`t know FAns can catch Stewart on

the big screen as yet another literary character; she`ll be playing the lead in the upcoming flick, “snow white and the huntsman,” hitting theaters June 1 2012 “She is sort of the last shred of hope for her land,” Say`s Stewart. “She has this ethereal, spiritual connection to her people….. Basically, I`m fighting evil. I`m fighting the most evil mother fuckers and it`s fine that they`re being killed. It`s anguish. It`s literally fucking anguish. She take`s absolutely no pleasure in ever hurting anything.”

What the actors are saying

“THere`s so many different versions of Bella in this, it`s insane,” Say`s Stewart. “…….you shoot,

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-55

obviously, out of order and you keep going back and forth between pregnant, human and dead vampire Bella….. It was a strange experience walking on set. The first time I played a scene as a vampire because I watched everyone around me doing it all the time. It`s nice to see people be happy. And she really – if I`ve played it right – is born to be where she is.”

Moments to look for

glimpse of a wonderful bond between Bella and Charlie. Same goes for the natural chemistry between actors Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Billy Burke, (Charlie Swan) “don`t let me fall dad” Bella say`s as they prepare to walk down the aisle. “Never.” Charlie reply`s. This scene alone makes this movie perfect for all you twihards. God knows how long

Jacob and Bella`s dance

Charlie walks Bella down the aisle FUCK ! Finally after three books and four films of fighting for her heart, Jacob black officially gives up, Charlie has never or so we think. seemed totally Jacob get`s over his onboard with his serious heartbreak daughter, Bella and officially say`s Swan dating Edward goodbye to Bells. Cullen, and now A very sweet and she`s marrying him. heartfelt moment However, in the captured beautifully trailer we catch a during a slow dance

at Bella`s wedding reception. Jacob looks at the girl he wishes he had and say`s “this is how I`ll remember you,” hinting at the fact that she`s set her heart on becoming a vampire.” Pink cheek`s, heart beat- you think I’d be used to telling you goodbye by now.” Yes Jake, you should be used to saying bye by now, it`s only been three books and four fucking movies. Don`t worry Jake throbs, rumor is Jake finally gets what he wants........... eventually.

In case you didn`t know

The bright and capable tech wizards behind the twilight saga have a plan, Mackenzie Foy will play Renes-

56 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

mee……….. For the most part, but as the character ages her head will be digitally superimposed onto the bodies of other girls.

deal. Before twilight even hit the shelves, Meyer realized there was no way she could wrap up the characters storylines in three books.

Stephenie Meyer says that she would probly do a book in Alice’s perspective, she also says that she would like to elaborate on Alice an Jaspers relationships. Here`s another surprise for you; Meyer says she wrote Bella and Edwards wedding scene years ago, initially planning for the young couple to tie the knot shortly after the end of twilight. Her editor at the time thought that those crazy kids were too young to walk down the aisle; Meyer shelved their bond for a later date. Meyer says she fought long and hard before her publisher agreed to a fourth book in the series little, Brown for young readers originally paid the author $750,000 for a three. Book

Oop`s Edwards family jewels

according to

Stephenie Meyer the vampires have a venomous fluid in their bodies that lubricate their cells, eyes, etc. This is what allows the male vampires to get there dick up. Now if Edwards internal system is made of venom then wouldn`t his cum be venomous too? I`m thinking that making a deposit of venom inside Bella couldn`t possibly be………….comfortable for her.

What should have happen?

Jacob should at

least have gotten a piece of Bella in

New Moon. It was the perfect timing. My guess is twenty Years from now when they do a remake for our children, Jake might finally get a piece of the pie by then know one will care who sleeps with whom. Just as long as it’s a good story to tell.

who the fuck do i watch this movie with

Spoiler Jacobs mad, he leaves, he comes back to kill the evil thing, he lay`s eye`s on it, like tunnel vision – she`s 2 she`s 4 she`s 9 she`s a teen she`s a woman, he falls in love, Edwards sad because Bella dies, he hears Jacob`s thoughts, He beats the shit out of Jacob, Jacob doesn’t fight back, he`s week from imprinting. Stay after the credits there`s more.

WEll I`m not sure what type of fucking person you are. Look at the picture above this caption. If your into shit like what you see above then by all means this movie is for you. warning you will suffer from lack of acting skills. Joking I`m fucking Joking. The movie is good . Your friends will just have shut the fuck up. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-57

cast Kristen Stewart ... Bella Swan

Mía Maestro ... Carmen

Andrea Powell ... Sasha

Anna Kendrick ... Jessica Stanley

Booboo Stewart ... Seth Clearwater

Tracey Heggins ... Senna

Robert Pattinson ... Edward Cullen

Rami Malek ... Benjamin

Alex Rice ... Sue Clearwater

Taylor Lautner ... Jacob Black

MyAnna Buring ... Tanya

Marlane Barnes ... Maggie

Dakota Fanning ... Jane

Wendell Pierce ... J. Jenks

Guri Weinberg ... Stefan

Michael Sheen ... Aro

Alex Meraz ... Paul

Erik Odom ... Peter

Kellan Lutz ... Emmett Cullen

Noel Fisher ... Vladimir

Valorie Curry ... Charlotte

Nikki Reed ... Rosalie Hale

Justin Chon ... Eric Yorkie

Patrick Brennan ... Liam Tyson Houseman ... Quil Ateara

Jamie Campbell Bower ... Caius

Angela Sarafyan ... Tia

Maggie Grace ... Irina

Gil Birmingham ... Billy Black

Ashley Greene ... Alice Cullen

Julia Jones ... Leah Clearwater

Bill Tangradi ... Randall Masami Kosaka ... Toshiro Jackson Rathbone ... Jasper Hale

Omar Metwally ... Amun

Lee Pace ... Garrett

Casey LaBow ... Kate

Peter Facinelli ... Dr. Carlisle Cullen Kiowa Gordon ... Embry Call Elizabeth Reaser ... Esme Cullen

Judith Shekoni ... Zafrina

Billy Burke ... Charlie Swan

Chaske Spencer ... Sam Uley

Christian Serratos ... Angela Weber Tinsel Korey ... Emily Christian Camargo ... Eleazar

Ty Olsson ... Phil Dwyer

Christopher Heyerdahl ... Marcus

Bronson Pelletier ... Jared

Sarah Clarke ... Renée Dwyer

Andrea Gabriel ... Kebi

Michael Welch ... Mike Newton

Toni Trucks ... Mary

Joe Anderson ... Alistair

Lisa Howard ... Siobhán

58 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Angelo Renai ... Minister Weber Carolina Virguez Sebastião Lemos Ali Faulkner ... Bianca (uncredited) Claire Garrett ... Wedding Guest (uncredited) Erica LaRose ... Zena (uncredited) Stephenie Meyer ... Wedding Guest (uncredited) Murray Anthony Roth ... Wedding Guest No. 7 (uncredited) Wayne Webb ... Elegant Diner (uncredited)


I think Breaking dawn is the best book out the lot. Cant wait intill its in the cinima.Team Jacob for hottness!!! And team Edward for best person!!!!!!! xpiano33x

team edward all the way 247minahil

Ohh My Fucking Goshh, This Is Going To Be The Movie Of All Movies . This Is The One We Have All Been Waiting For!! And Its Finally Here!!! Two More Months!!! Still Cant Believe She Chose Edward Over Jacob But Still . This Is Going To Be Soooooo AMAZING!!!! LoveHateIndiffrence


NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-59

megan fox “ if your idea of a role model is somebody who`s gonna preach to your kids that sex before marriage is wrong and cursing is wrong and women should be this and that, then I’m not a role model. But if you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be out spoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model, yeah.” Megan fax was born may 16th, 1986 as an American actress and model. Megan began her acting career in 2001 starting with several minor television and film roles, including a regular role on hope and faith. In 2004 she launched her film career with a role in “confessions of s teenage drama queen.” In 2007, she was cast as mikaela banes, the beautiful love interest of Shia la beaufs character, in the blockbuster film transformers, which became Meagan’s break out role. Later in 2009 Megan starred as the titular lead character in the film Jennifer’s body. Megan fox is without a doubt a sex symbol. She`s constantly appearing in men`s magazines “hot” lists, including maximum and fucking FHM. In 2004 Megan began dating Brian Austin green. (Lucky mother fucker) of Beverly Hills’ 90210. They met on the set of hope and faith. How fucking romantic, the perfect story for their kids. After that they were involved in an on-again relationship, before tying the not in June of 2012. Fox is Irish, French and Native American ancestry. She was born in oak ridge, Tennessee to Darlene and Franklin fox. Megan was raised attending catholic school for 12 years, fox`s parents divorced when she was young. Megan and her sister were raised by her mother and stepfather, tony tonachio. The two were very strick say`s Megan. She was never allowed to have a boyfriend or invite friends to her house. Dam that sucks. Megan lived with her mother until she made enough money to support herself. That’s my girl. 60 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

megan Denise fox, born may 16th 1986 in oak ridge, Tennessee, us occupation actress, model years active 2001- present, spouse Brian Austin green

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-61




At age five, fox begins her training in drama and dance in Kingston Tennessee. She attended a class at the community center. She was involved in Kingston`s elementary school`s chorus and the Kingston clippers swim team

At ten years of age Meagan moves to ST.Petersburg, Florida, Fox continues her training.

At 3 years of age fox begins modeling. She won several awards at the 1999 American modeling and talent convention in Hilton head South Carolina.

Megan makes another film debut in confessions of a teenage drama queen, co starring opposite Lindsay lohan, playing the supporting role of Carla santini, a rival of Lola (lohan). Fox was also cast in a regular role on the ABC sitcom hope and faith. In which she portrays Sydney shanowski, replacing Nicole paggi. Fox appeared in seasons 2 to 3 until the show was cancelled in 2006.

Fox wins the lead female role of mikalea banes in the 2007 live- action film transformers. For plays the love interest of shia la beouf`s character Sam witwicky. Fox was nominated for an mtv movie award in the category of “breakthrough performance,” and was also nominated for three teen choice awards. In June of that year, fox was cast in a minor role in “how to lose friends and alienate people,” starring alongside Jeff bridges, Simon peg and Kristen dunst. She portrayed Sophie maes, a love interest of Sydney young (Simon pegs). The film premiered on October 3, 2008.



62 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011



Age 17, she tested out of school via correspondence in order to move to Los Angeles. Fox makes her first acting debut in a flick called holiday in the sun as spoiled heiress Brianna Wallace and rival of Alex Stewart (Ashley Olsen). The flick was released direct to DVD. In the next several years Megan guest-starred on what I like about you, and two and a half men.

Megan was an uncredited extra in bad boys 2

Fox second role as mikaela banes in transformers revenge of the fallen is sold worldwide. In between revenge of the fallen and dark of the moon, fox receives her first lead role playing the title character in Jennifer’s body, written by academy award – winning screen writer Diablo Cody. Her character, Jennifer check, as a mean-girl cheerleader possed by a demon who begins to feed off the boys in Minnesota farming town. The film was released on September 18th, 2009 and co-stars Amanda seyfried and Adam brody.

Fox appears with Dominic monagham in the music video for Eminem and rihana`s single “love the way you lie.


2010 NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-63

What Okay its eight o’clock. Guess where I`m at? Come on, guess? Oh yeah that’s right, you already know. I`m at Rebecca’s house, I was lucky enough to find some cash in my moms purse. I wouldn`t have made it down to this side of town. I ring the door bell. Breath, check. Eye brows, check. Dignity, still there. Shit she`s opening the door. Okay be cool, be cool, be fucking cool. The door opens. “Hey.” She says “Hey.” I repeat. I really have to stop doing that. (Rebecca) –he`s late- “Sorry I`m late, I was kind of nervous.” “Nervous, why do you have to be nervous?”

I say that? Maybe because it’s the truth, “Well like you said earlier I kind of dig you, so I kind of have every reason to be nervous.” “Right you are.” “Honey who is it.” Yell`s a voice from the inside. “It’s a friend from school mom, he`s come to help me with my homework.” “Well bring him in, don`t keep him out there in the cold.” “You wanna come in.” Are you kidding me that’s the reason why I came? “Yeah,” We make it to her room. Her mom and I never meet face to face. “So, where do we start?” She asks. “I don`t know, what are

you having trouble with?” (Rebecca) –God is he really going to talk about math all night, I new I should have went with Emily to check out that werewolf movie. “Did you check out that werewolf movie?” I had to ask her. I felt like she was begging me too. She freaks out. “Oh my god, I was just…..” “What.” I finished with a charming smile plastered to my face. “Nothing,” (Rebecca) –wow I really did pick a good one, I wonder what goes on in that crazy head of his._ “You know, you should be lucky that I`m here.” Again I have no clue why I said that. “why`s that?”

Dam why did 64 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

Quick think of something. “I almost got caught stealing money out my mother’s purse.” “Oh you bad boy you shouldn`t be doing that.”(Rebecca) -He better not say he did it for me “I did it so I can see you” “Why” “You said you needed help, I can`t let you down.” (Rebecca)– he`s good, and cute, I guess I was right about him. Only if he knew my secret, I would rip does pants off of him like I wanted to in the 8th grade. Oh shit, fuck it’s another boner. “Um do you have a bathroom that I can use?” “yeah it`s that door over there” “Yeah I knew that”

“Sure you

did”(Rebecca) -if he plays his card right I might just fuck him. Come on go away your making me look bad. (Rebecca) –Oh my god no wonder he’s acting weird he has a Bonner. “Can I join you” she asks “In….in the bathroom” she makes her way to me. Every step she takes my heart begins to pound faster and faster and faster, until we both found ourselves face to face. Breath a line with each other. She rubs her tight`s against me. Slowly Raising it. (Rebecca) – Oh my god he’s fucking hard, wow he must really like me

“I do.”

“What!” Fuck. “I mean I do know… ……..I….I…….I” She kisses me before I can

even finish what I wanted to say. She throws me on the bed. “Shut the fuck up.” This girl is fucking aggressive. (Rebecca)–I’m going to make him my boy toy, I wonder how he would react if I made him a vampire. Well not right now. Right now mama needs him to fuck me. Oh my god she really is the girl of my dreams. She`s got everything……… oh shit is she, yes she`s sucking my di…………. (Rebecca)oh he`s big. This feels so good. Why the fuck didn`t I do this a long time ago. “Oh my god Rebecca.” “What, you like that.” “Fuck yeah.” now she’s giving me the best hand job ever. Funny thing is I always thought it was degrading for women to do this shit but it feels so good.

“So Chris, how long,” “How long what.” “How long have you wanted to fuck me?” “Honestly.” “Honestly.” “Since the eighth grade,” she grabs the shit out of my dick causing me to grunt. She makes her way to my ears. “Good fucking answer.

First date I`m lost. I have no clue what the fuck I`m doing. My mind is ten steps ahead of me. I`m in a world where I have no control at all, the trees around me continue to frighten me with their whispers. I turn and turn but only to find that I am the only one to be. Whatever this is, this new drug,

this new feeling, I know not why it has decided to take over me. I`ve never felt anything like this before a day in my life. To feel like death is upon you but at the same time feel like the world is yours. “Wake up stupid.” Woe who

said that. “Wake up stupid……..come on.” There it is again. “Hello.” I yell out. “Hey.” I turn around to find a figure behind me. I realize from watching the figure float that I am only

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-65

dreaming. All things in front of me right now are not real. “Who are you?” I ask. The figure moves closer to me. It`s a white sphere. It sounds as if it moves in circles, but it’s still. “I`m something you are not ready to understand Chris.” “What the fuck does that mean.”

“You have no time left, Christopher but before we separate I will leave you with this important message, have no fear”

hair around; she quickly looks out the window, she glimpse back at me. “Aww Chris are you having one of dose moments.”

word to each other yet. “Chris oh my god are you gonna say anything.”

one to make us feel better, if you know what I mean she`ll come to you.”

“Sorry, I’m just still thinking.”

“I don`t believe you.”


“What moments.” She kisses me.

“God you are a virgin.”

“Chris, get up stupid.” Suddenly I found myself lying besides Rebecca in her bedroom. What a fucking dream. “For future references I think it`s best if we do this at your house” she says.

“Go head ask me anything. I`ll prove it to you.” What does he mean ask him anything? “Chris please there is only a matter of time.”

“Come on we have to go.”Rebecca say`s.

“Who are you?”

The smile on Rebecca’s face lets me know that I had found something real. She`s real. I don`t mean real in the sense that I taught she was fake before, I mean real in the sense that I`m actually having a moment with her that I can describe to my kids one day. Rebecca grabs her tie and wraps her

“Why is that?” “Because, I am a creation,” What does he mean by creation?

“How.” were the only words my lips could whisper from breath.

“I agree.”

“Rebecca, open this door now.” Shouts the mysterious voice from beyond the door,

“I have no name.” of course.

“You know the one where you realize that everything is real, including this kiss.”

`She new what I meant. “I don`t know Chris, but if you don`t hurry up and get out that window.” She slowly raises her knee cap along the seams of my jeans. A moment before her goal is complete and I already have a chubby. “We`ll never be able to tie the knot.” I can feel her tights’ rubbing against mine. Her tights feel so hot. “Come on lets go.” She says, and jumps out the window.

“What’s that suppose to mean.” “It means the minute you realizes that you’re about to actually engage in sex, you totally freeze up.” “Oh is that what that means.” “No worries once it over with you`ll be a natural.” “Natural!” “Not just any natural either, you`ll be a heartfucker.” Heartfucker, is she making this shit up. “Heartfucker what does that mean?”

“It means, well, basically you love women a little I follow too much, you’re behind her. not the type of guy that talks down to Ten minutes women. I can tell, have passed. Neiso in return, whenther of us has said a ever we need some-

66 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

“Why not,”

“Cause I repel women.” “Well you haven`t repel me yet.” I smile. “Trust me Chris nice guys always finish last. You care about our beauty too much.” She`s right, all I care about is her beauty. The way she moves. Her shape, (Rebecca) –If he keeps looking at me like that, I’m defiantly going to rock fuck the shit out of him.- God her thoughts are so dirty. “Really you got that from me walking away from you, is this why guys like to look at girls asses.” What is she talking about, fuck, another Bonner, I really am a virgin. “I’m flatter Chris, but please not right now, save your energy. Trust me you’re going to need it.” We walked for plenty of miles.

We discussed so many things. I learned a lot about girls. One thing’s for sure, no matter how much you think of yourselves as a talkative person, girls can beat you by a long shot. First we talked about why people shouldn`t be allowed to take shits in public restrooms, then the topic went on to the most nastiest jobs in America, then it changed to girls being the most powerfull being`s to walk the earth. And so on and so on. “Hey come on lets go eat over at Joes tonight.” Rebecca insists. Shit it is just about night, This girl has taken my whole day away, it all happen so fucking fast, one minute it was morning, now the sun is only a tip away from vanishing. “Come on.” She says as she wraps her arms around me. “Let’s eat.”

Yes I can`t think of any other reason why I would want to be with any other person. This moment in my life will be remembered for ever. Her thoughts continue to make

me wonder what the rest of our life would be like together. What are the possibilities of us possibly tying the knot one day?

What does the future hold for us? Is it something every boy wishes for, a woman to understand that he doesn’t want to

break bad, a woman to take care of him, hell what do I know, I`m still a kid, I have my whole life to live. After we finished at Joes,

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-67

We decided to walk for miles and miles until we felt like stopping. It was a stupid a decision, but it was one we decided to make together. Where at the edge of town, I`m able to tell because as we walked over here the house`s Changed, we`re in a rich neighborhood. The house or should I say mansions look like the ones you see in the movies. “These houses are incredible.” Rebecca says. Where silent as we continue to walk through the neighborhood. Our silence is only because our surrounding is so peacefully quite. No cop`s, no sirens, no people screaming, just the open air that we breathe. I have no clue what`s rattling threw her brain. For the first time, I actually can`t read her mind. I don`t know why. With her, its different now, before I could tap in any time I wanted, now it’s like she`s in control of what

thoughts leave`s her brain. No worries dough, I can still read other people`s mines as much as I want. “Shit.” She Shouts. Quickly dashing of behind the buses, she takes me along for the ride. “What the hell?” I shout. “Relax. Look.” She says pointing across the street. i find people packing suitcase`s into a black sedan. “So, what`s the big deal?” I asked. I`m curious to what her plan is, “Look, it’s the whole family. We can sneak in after they leave.” “Why?” “Cause It`s cool,” “How is that cool.” “Cause we get to do something we`ve never done before. We get to explore the possibilities of our happiness, and we get to have sex in a

mansion.” The minute does words left her mouth I felt my brain shut down. It`s as if I know what`s the right decision to make but still I choose whatever pleases her. “Sex,” I say. “Yes sex, what? Did you think I was going to share my feelings with you and not,” she moves in closer to my ears. “let you cum inside me.” “When do we go through the doors?” does words left my mouth faster than a bullet from a gun. I didn`t have enough time to think of what I actually said. “Chris, Chris, Chris, you have no idea the things I’m going to do to you.” She says. We kiss. “That’s a first.” “What?” Oh god please tell me I don`t have a fucking boner. “You don`t have a boner.” Thank god. “Why is that?”

68 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

She says. “I was too busy thinking about what you might do to me.” “Aww Chris you actually sounded scared when you said that.” I ‘am, I don`t know if she’s true. Is she going to hurt me or is she really the one. “Chris” she climbs on top of me. “Trust me I`ve done a lot of bad, bad things, and I mean a lot, but I`ll never hurt you.” There’s only a matter of time before she does. Everything good in my life just seems to go south. Doesn’t mean I can`t enjoy right now. “Come on their leaving.” Here me out guys, girls are crazy, girls actually listen to you more than you actually listen to them, girls sometimes can`t make up their minds, girls will tell you anything in the moment to get what they want. Girls are beautiful inside and out. With that being said, This girl, well she`s all mine. “Wow, this place is incredible.”

She’s only two steps into the door. “How`d you get in.” I ask. “The door was unlocked, I`m going to go check for their bathroom.” Who leaves a door unlocked? Epically in a neighborhood like this, Well they are rich. Except the door knob looks like it was forced open. “That’s because it was.” Who said that? “Who,” “Look behind you.” Shit it`s that fucking spear again. “What the hell do you want with me?” “Chris… who are you talking too.”Rebecca shouts from the bathroom. “It`s best if we keep our conversation in the head, the girl your with can`t see or hear me only you can.”

(Chris) – Okay then, what do you want? (Sphere) -To warn you.-

“Chris.” She whispers. “Yeah,” I reply with a shiver.

(Sphere)-She brings trouble-

Suddenly everything feels like I`m dreaming, one second Rebecca was on the other side of the room and before I knew it she was standing in front of me with the sexiest smile ever. “Are you ready for what`s about to happen.”

(Sphere) -How do you know that.-?

“You’re killing my heart woman.”

(Chris) -I’m psych.-

“Oh really, well in that case, call me a murder.”

(Chris) -What do you have to warn me about? (Sphere) -The girl (Chris)-What about her-

(Sphere) -Well how convenient. (Chris) - I must go. “Hey who were you talking too?” Oh my god. I`ve always seen girls do this in the movie`s, but I never thought that this would actually happen to me. She`s half naked. She’s in nothing but her panties and bra. Every moment in my head is gone. My heart is pumping faster than ever.

I call you anything you want, well hell I`ll be anything you want. Moments, passed. Her voice whispers over and over in my head. “Chris, Chris.” She continues to say my name over and over. I truly know what love feels like now. It feels incredible. It feels like the whole world is mine. It feels like my greatest dreams are yet to come true. It feels like the rest of my days won’t hurt anymore. It feels like I can take

whatever I want whenever I want. “Chris aww Chris I’m Cumming… …..I’m Cumming.” God if you’re out there, and if you’re as real as they say you are, I just want to say thank you, thank you for this fucking bombshell you gave me, I promise no matter what the people say no matter what obstacles may come my way. I`m going to fucking take care of her. Mark my words. She`s mine. Forever.

Fuck Sorry to say this but I have to skip a few parts of my life really quick. I promise to inform you on the other stuff later, right now, you should know that I’m currently standing in the middle of a road with Rebecca besides me, and that big douche with the red suit in front blocking our way.

out my mine is leaving me in a state of fear.

He’s tall. He’s bigger than me. I mean way fucking bigger than me.

“it doesn’t matter it`s time for you to come home.” Home, there related. What the hell am I worried about then.

How does one escape from such a place? “Who the fuck is this douche Rebecca?” He shouts from afar. Well atlest we know he`s well mannered.

Standing here scared shitless NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-69

“NO!” Rebecca firmly holds on to my hand. The tighter she squeezes the more I begin to realize that the words she has given me are in fact true. She does love me. Wow, I feel like I can do anything now. “What do you want?” (The big guy) –Who the fuck does this kid think he is. “You`ll find out if you don`t answer my question.” (The big guy) - Holy shit, did this fuck bozo just read my mind “Yes and I`m not a bozo,”

like the outcome if you don`t” (the big guy) - I`m gonna suck him dry. Shit I really need to think of something quick. “Why can`t we be civilized about this whole situation, I mean obviously Rebecca wants nothing to do with you.” (Rebecca) –shit Tyler’s gonna crush him Good I got his name. “Listen Tyler I really don`t want to hurt you.” “Listen bozo the only one that’s gonna get hurt is you ass clown.”

(Rebecca) - What the hell is going on here?-

Two insults in one sentence. Wow he`s the king of all prick`s.

Shit now the both of them are thinking out loud.

(Tyler) -Come on blink so I can cut you in half.-

“Who are you?” He shots out.

Shit. I have to improvise. It’s my only source of freedom right now. If I continue talking with him that might work, or he`ll just get more angry. Rebecca decides to join. “Wait.” She starts

“I`m not qualified to give you that information.” “You better start giving me some answers, I promise you won’t

to walk over to him. “What are you doing?” I ask. “Let me just talk to him.” “No.” “Chris trust me you don`t know him like I do. I`ll be fine.” She kisses me on the lips and walks away. Ten minutes into the conversation that they were having and I was finally able to get bits and pieces of what there were talking about. I think Tyler thinks that I`m trying to kill her. She keeps telling him that I`m just a fling, I know she doesn’t mean it. Then she says something that I guess the good lord wanted me to hear. Before I tell you anything I just want you to know that I`m simply getting this from actually listening on their conversation. The words that leaves her mouth is the reason why there`s a second part to all this mess, why there`s a second part to the story.

70 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

“He`s a vampire, he just doesn’t know it yet.”


BUll FUcking SHit....................... SOme fucked up shit

SO if A man is hurting, he`s not allowed to phone his wife. what kind of fucked up

world are we living in. Atleast now you guys can see why everyone is on wall street having sex and drugs. Polamalu you know the guy from the hair commericals, was injuried during a football game, while on the way to ambulance truck, he phones his wife to let her know he`s alright, and because of that he was fined, $10,000. the amount may be nothing to the pro- football player, dosen`t mean it`s bull shit.




some burgulars in ny, actually fucking thaught that they could copy somemoves from a movie and actually get away with it. Listen dum shits, you can`t watch a movie and then think ‘hey that looks like somehing we can do and get away with. why didn`t we think of that in the first place?’ because idiots, your not ben affelac how ever you spell his fucking name, he wrote the script, which means it`s fucking fiction. aka i can write what ever the fuck i want. its the same reason every phone number in every movie starts off with 555, they don`t want you idiots actually dialing the fucing number asking for that actress/actor. if the world really is over in 2012 . god`s gonna kick our asses for being so stupid.

pepper spray maddness


thing is more fucked up then getting your ass handed to you at a foot ballgame. That’s not the case for these local kids at a Utah football game. A little celebration of a winning game cost them their eyes. The cops took no chance and saw the kids glory dance as a threat. They might have been doing the wrong moves. The dance wasn’t M.J. enough. All pigs hate society.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-71

BUll FUcking SHit......................

big fucking let down Paranormal activity three In the recent movie paranormal activity three. There were five scenes that were in the trailer. Scenes which have been reported not to show its self in the movie. My guess. The editing ghost didn`t want to show its self to the world.

Where getting out of here

This is the scene where the mom decided that maybe it`s time to get the fuck out of the house. Finally, somebody had the brains. Unfortunately Toby doesn’t like that idea. He tosses the shit out of her and sends her to her room. Unfortunately this scene was nowhere to be found in the flick. Dam what a shame.

The man in the glasses

Someone comes over to investigate. He`s about to give the family a warning. Once again Toby hates his idea to rescue this family from his wrath and slams his head against the table like he was a fucking a basketball and tosses him across the room. Toby really has a thing for throwing people. 72 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

........................................................ He`s standing right next to you

Mom questions her daughter about her made up friend. Daughter says he`s standing right next to you and throws water on him. Toby freaks out and throws a tantrum across the room. Must have been holy water.

The knocking game

No you idiots it`s not knock who`s there. The father records his daughter knocking on the mirror door and a few seconds later a knock echo’s back. The father thinks it`s a neat trick. It`s not a trick say`s the daughter.

Bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody fucking marry The girls decided to play the bloody Mary game in the bathroom. As they leave the room footage of a ghostly figure is scene in the mirror. Talk about some creepy shit.

Well it really does suck that these scene`s weren’t in the flick. It seemed liked they were the reason for the audience’s attraction. Major disappointment. Well someone learned there lesson. And it ain`t Toby. The ghost actor received no pay at all. What a shame, he was doing a really good job scaring the hell out of everyone. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-73


creativity goes the mind is a ter waste. people ar not a human bein words. whats m word. i really do 74 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

words BY: justin monkhouse

a long way. rrible thing to re people. i am ng. all great my great wise on`t give a shit.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-75

You cant always g want, but if you t you might get wh well a friend onc you can get what don`t be stupid. a what ever you wa when it does, whi fuck that shit up. 76 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

get what you try sometimes hat you need. ce told me yes t you want, just always expect ant to come. ich it will, don`t p.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-77

Don`t be a menace want to cause trou standable. where k fucked up world so parents mistakes. s just want to fuckin ty. don`t fuck the g kids. it`s better to than to not be resp 78 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

to society. if you uble, its underkids living in a orrounded by our so sometimes we ng let lose and pargame up for your o be irresponsible ponsible at all NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-79

Be all that you day is short. th short, hell life go out there an body all ready. we keep waiting to change. well wake up call, s 80 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

can be. the he year is e is short so nd be somelike jon said, g on the world l today`s your stop waiting.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-81

the end

82 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

the fucking things you should know section

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-83

How to fucking score with a girl w There’s no lie women are complicated human beings. Honestly so are men. The real truth is, where all just growing up. Sometimes while where growing up, that amazing person that we wanted to spend our whole life with, can be right in front of us, and just like that, there gone let’s make sure that shit doesn’t happen anymore. First things first make it known that you don`t want a relationship either, or at least care that she does not want one. The only way to make her want something more is by making it impossible to have. So if she says she doesn’t date, don`t give up instead say “who cares” Show her what you can to offer in a friendship. Friendships are the basis of good relationships. Whatever similar interests you have talk about them. Talk about her interests. That’s a major fucking deafened. Keep it casual. If she changes her mind, let her show you. Don`t put your whole fucking life on hold while you are trying to get into a relationship with a girl who isn`t ready for a relationship. Talk to other women if you have too.

Take your time to get to know her

Rules Don`t rush into the

Let her know you. Gossip. Tell her a secret, share your hobbies, and interests, do anything that you would do with your male friends. Keep in mind some girls find sports boring.

Be yourself relationship This is the most important rule ever. Girls can tell when you’re not yourself trust me. They may not tell you or hint at it, but trust me they can tell.

Never tell her right away that you like her and want to be with her. Unless you’re Leo, it might not work. Send hints to her. Send her hints in different ways, texting, complimenting her, make her feel beautiful. She`ll feel confident to be herself around you, and don`t send mix signals. They hate that shit.

84 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

who wants nothing to do with you Be a gentleman and a romantic Do those little things and you`ll get her attention immediately. Go ahead. Don`t forget the most important rule. No matter how fucking gay it sounds. Keep her feelings close to your heart.

Prove you`re independent

Show her that you don`t rely on your parents, friends, or family members for money. Showing her your independence will make her wonder what it`s going to be like if she decides she wants to be with you. Next thing you know she might forget all the reasons why she didn`t like you, and go out with you.


Respect Women appreciate respect. Respect is the most essential quality in the dating art. The more you show it, the more you`ll receive it. Respectful attitude shows, her that you value her as a person. Don`t judge her interests. Respect her point of view. Respect her personnel boundaries, her beliefs and her values. Never interrupt her when she is talking. Sincerity Women react positively to people who are sincere. Don`t try to be something you`re not. Sincere people have little to hide. They don`t fear “being discovered” by those around them. Follow the general rule of being sincere. You will find yourself thinking before you speak, you`ll say things that you actually mean. Your compliments with being more meaningful and believable. Integrity If you want someone to like you integrity goes a long way. Integrity means living the way that you say you do honesty DUH. Don`t say you`re something that you`re not. It won’t help you win in any area. Don`t say you believe something that you don`t. women remember shit. Charm The only fucking way that you can master charm, is to be kind and sweet. Most importantly a smile helps. Just as long as it`s not a fucking creepy one weirdo. Don`t scare her away. Smiling sends a signal that you can be friendly.

To get a girl to like you. You have to know how to make her laugh. Show your goofy side don`t be immature about it. Be funny in public without embarrassing her. If you can make a woman laugh and put a smile on her face, you`re already halfway mutta fucka. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-85

t l u a v e

h t

86 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011



d r

o l Budget $25,000,000 Opening Week $5,623,373 Gross $11,008,432 (26 June 2005) $10,654,437 ((19 June 2005) $9,387,968 (12 June 2005) $5,623,373 (5 June 2005)

o t g o

d f

o s

n w

Catherine Hardwicke

Written by, Stacy Peralta lords of dogtown is by far one of the best skateboarding movies ever. The movies are a documentary about the z-boys and how they found a really unique way to mix surfing with skateboarding. There cool and smooth ways lead them to be the three boys from dogtown that we know today. . Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk), Stacy Peralta (John Robinson), and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch). The movie is a fucking memoir. One that is defiantly worth sharing with your kids. Reminded them that the fucking skateboard there riding. The tricks there doing all the new bullshit that they made up in their heads, all started because these three guys had a wild imagination. Let’s not forget tony hawk. Which reminds me, when the fuck is he going to do a movie about is style. Anyway that’s a different story all together. The poster from this movie will be worth a million dollars someday. And will remain one of the best flicks ever made for our generation. P.S. Lets not for get he great heath ledger, who plays the skateshop owner known as skip. Rest in peace my friend we will all join you some day. NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-87

vampire movies you should know # 1

FRight NIght

Craig Gillespie

Director: Writers:

Marti Noxon (screenplay), Tom Holland (story).


Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and David Tennant A teenager suspects that his new neighbor is a vampire.

Creativity..........3 out of 5 storyline................4 out 5 acting skills.....5 out of 5 The remake of the well known thriller is incredible. I`ve never seen the old version but this movie seriously took me on a new adventure. Isn`t that what movies are supposed to do these days. Everything that happened was totally fucking unexpected. I literally felt like I should watch every vampire movie ever made because of this flick. Charley Brewster (Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Farrell) is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent (Tennant), a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry. There’s only one thing that truly sucks about this movie dough. Charlie has to kill his friend. I`m not going to say how or why, because then that will literally just ruin the rest of the movie for you. Collin Farrell, dose his best to play the gruesome blood sucking vampire in this movie. It`s the only movie where I have actually seen a vampire act like he was dies when stabbed by a wooding sign, I’m not talking about the end for dose of you who have already seen the flick, I’m talking about the chase scene.

shit you didn`t know

The car scene was done in one continuous, rotating shot. The location footage and the running motorcy-

cle slammed into the car were later added. Peter Vincent is named after two horror icons, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. Chris Sarandon', who played Jerry in the original

"Fright Night," plays the man who hits the Brewsters' car and ends up bitten by Jerry on the road. Colin Farrell took the role of Jerry because he needed the work (he hadn't worked on a film since Ondine)

88 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

and that he liked Craig Gillespie's work on Lars and the Real Girl. Steven Spielberg made two major contributions to the film. The first one was an insert shot of the crucifix falling in the pool directly in front of

the camera (after Jerry attacks Ed Lee). The other one was Jerry's fourth stage makeup when previewed, he said that it was not scary enough and insisted that the original concept of a shark-like jaw be put back.

vampire movies you QUeen OF THe DAmned should know # 2 Michael Rymer

Director: Writers:

Anne Rice (novels), Scott Abbott (screenplay).


Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend and Marguerite Moreau A vampire becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires.

Creativity..........4 out of 5 storyline................4 out 5 acting skills.....5 out of 5 Aliyah will be missed. Espically for hermusic and her incrediable vampire skills, in queen of the dammed. This movie proves that women with power are the hottest women ever. Legendary Vampire Lestat rise`s from decades- of sleeping forever. Frustrated with the real world and tired of moving among mortals who never truly see him for what he is, Lestat re-invents himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star (really). The intoxicating power of his music makes its way around the globe, ultimately finding the ear of the slumbering ancient Queen Akasha in her crypt beneath the Arctic ice. Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries, waiting for the right time to rise again and seize dominion over the world. Lestat’s music is the revelation she has been waiting for, and she desires that he rule beside her.

shit you didn`t know The concert scenes are set in Death Valley, California, but were actually filmed in Werribee, Australia. Wes Bentley was originally cast as Lestat, but he dropped out.

The singing voice of Lestat was supplied by Jonathan Davis of Korn. However due to contractual difficulties, Davis could not sing on the soundtrack album release. The five songs written by he and Richard Gibbs for the movie were then performed on the album by Marilyn Manson,

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, David Draiman of Disturbed, Wayne Static of Static-X and Jay Gordon of Orgy. Davis was still allowed to play several instruments on the album. The blood that Queen Akasha has in her mouth is really cherry juice. Josh Hartnett was considered for

the role of Lestat. Warner Bros. was already into its last year of owning motion picture rights to the first three Vampire Chronicles books which would then have transferred back to author ‘Anne Rice’, who could then sell the rights to another company of her choosing. Knowing

what little time they had left, despite the fact they’ve had the rights and opportunity to make the latter two movies for over seven years, Warner Bros. hastily hired writers to condense the books “The Vampire Lestat” and “Queen of the Damned” into one movie with the latter being the movie title.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-89

vampire movies you should know # 3

VAn HElsing Director/Writer:

Stephen Sommers


Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and Richard Roxburgh

The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula.

Creativity..........5 out of 5 storyline................5 out 5 acting skills.....5 out of 5

Hugh jackman is a vampire a killer. I wonder if he let a little wolverine out in the flick, that would have been cool. Drcacula would have been like ‘wha…,wha, what is this madness. Gabriel Van Helsing (jackmans charcter, duh) is a man cursed with a past he cannot rememeber. driven to do mission`s he cannot deny. Charged by a secret organization to seek out and defeat evil. He must rid the world of its nightmareish creatures. People call him a murderer. Van Helsing roams the globe an outcast and fugitive, hunted by those who don’t understand the true nature of his calling. When he lands in the shadowy world of Transylvania, Van Helsing finds it ruled by the evil and seductive vampire, Count Dracula. Dracula is the vampire Van Helsing has been sent to terminate. have a point of refas a direct sequel shit erence when lookDuring filmto Dracula with you didn`t ing at his face. Shuler Hensing, Hugh Jackman Anthony Hopkins know ley, playing Frankaccidentally broke reprising his role, enstein's Monster, this is not the case. an extra's hand. While preparalso stood in as Stephen Sommers Before David a body double for ing for the ballroom The secondthought up the Wenham was cast scene, Stephen the CG Mr. Hyde concept for the film to-last scene of X2 as Carl, Paul HoSommers had while vacationing (Cyclops, Wolverine, for fight scenes gan was reportedly Richard Roxburgh, and Professor X dis- between him and after he had comconsidered for the Van Helsing. Shuler Kate Beckinsale cussing Jean Grey) pleted The Mummy role. and Elena Anaya wore a cardboard was filmed while Returns. practice dancing for Hugh Jackman had cutout with Mr. Despite popuHyde's face on top hours every day so a day off from this Hugh Jackman lar online rumors of his head so Hugh their performance had hair extensions movie. stating this was Jackman could would be flawless. added for filming. originally planned 90 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

vampire movies you should know # 4

BLade TRinity

David S. Goyer

Director: Writers:

David S. Goyer, Marv Wolfman (character).


Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Parker Posey Blade, now a wanted man by the FBI, must join forces with the Nightstalkers to face his most challenging enemy yet: Dracula

Creativity..........5 out of 5 storyline................5 out 5 acting skills.....5 out of 5

Wesley snipes may have taxes to pay, but that still dosen`t mean he has no idea how to kick vampire ass. Well maybe thats because he is one. Deep in some fucking remote desert (really), vampire leaders decide that it would be a good idea to resurrect Dracula. the horrific creature responsible for spawning their race. Now known as Drake, this awesome vampire has unique powers that allow him to exist in daylight. Blade teams up with the Nightstalkers, a group of human vampire hunters led by Whistler’s beautiful daughter, Abigail, and the wisecracking Hannibal King. While their blind scientist Sommerfield works on creating a final solution for the vampire problem, the Nightstalkers launch a series of battles against Dracula’s gang of the undead. after the events directed Der Unter- Marvel’s “Tomb of shit Dracula” comic was of Blade II, where This marks gang instead. you didn`t David S. Goyer’s the early-1970s vampires finally know had achieved world directorial debut Ryan Reyntitle which included domination and en- for a major motion olds gained 25 the first appearancslaved all humans, picture. pounds of muscle es of Blade (#10) Blade II direcfor his role as Han- and Hannibal King with Blade being tor Guillermo del (#25), both written the last hope for German direc- nibal King. Toro passed on the humanity. Blade’s tor Oliver Hirschby Marv Wolfman. film when Hellboy, slower aging could biegel was once When his dream project, be explained by under consideraHannibal King is Hannibal was greenlighted. telling Blade about King’s line to Blade, his vampire blood. tion for the job of the return of Drac“You might wanna The storyline was directing the film, An early idea deemed too dark but could not due ula, he shows Blade try blinking”, was by David S. Goyer and was later to a conflict with a copy of Tomb improvised. for the film was to dropped. another film. He of Dracula #55. be set many years NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-91

vampire movies you UNderworld EVolution should know # 5 Len Wiseman

Director: Writers:

Danny McBride, Len Wiseman


Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman and Bill Nighy Underworld Evolution continues the saga of war between the vampires and the Lycans

Creativity..........5 out of 5 storyline................5 out 5 acting skills.....5 out of 5

No matter who kills the vampires, or who runs from the werewolves on a fullmoon, or if a certain werewolf is in love with a girl that happens to be in love wit a vampire. (twilight) theres always a war between werewolves and vampires. This movie takes all that to a whole new level. Continuing the saga of war between vampires and werewolves (Lycans). This flick traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman), the lycan hybrid, try to discover the secrets of their bloodlines. All of this takes them into the battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution. Michael Corvin it is only heard, very harsh negative Wiseman surprised shit (Scott Speedman) not seen), the text campaign. As the the cast and crew you didn`t was originally the explicitly refers to present ruling pow- by playing Bryan know intended name for cheating discovered er is a left-liberal Adams’ song “Evethe main character during the elecand this movie has rything I Do (I Do It in The Crow: City tions. In 2006 (the dozens of national- For You)”, at which of Angels, which year of making) istic connotations, everyone started Had a 71-day was changed to the there were general this easter egg may laughing. shooting schedule. name Ashe Corven. elections in Hunnot be incidental. gary. The media Kate During campaign is already The little girl Beckinsale’s chair the pub sequence, on in February, with While that plays young had, instead of her the presenter is the two largest par- filming a scene Selene is Lily Mo name, “My Sweetreading out news ties accusing each where Selene and Sheen, the daughter ie” on it surrounded on the television in other of criminal Michael look at of Kate Beckinsale by tiny hearts. Hungarian. In the activity, lies, all each other longand Michael Sheen. first part (when in all they lead a ingly, director Len The name 92 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

vampire movies you FRom DUsk TIll DAwn should know # 6


Robert Rodriguez


Robert Kurtzman , Quentin Tarantino


Harvey Keitel, George Clooney and Juliette Lewis Two criminals seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires,

Creativity..........4 out of 5 storyline................3 out 5 acting skills.....4 out of 5

Rodriguez, Clooney and tarantino, all in one movie, yes, movie gods do exist. Seth Gecko and his younger brother Richard are on the run after a bloody bank robbery in Texas. They escape across the border into Mexico and will be home-free the next morning, when they pay off the local kingpin. They just have to survive ‘from dusk till dawn’ at the rendezvous point, which turns out to be a strip joint infested with vampires. Dam, so thats what happens to criminal`s who rob banks. We think there free with the money. Reality is there stuck being vamp food. Ha ha suckers. (get it.)

shit you didn`t know The band playing in the “Titty Twister” is Tito & Tarantula, featuring Robert Rodriguez; the lineup also features Oingo Boingo drummer Johnny ‘Vatos’ Hernandez. The “Fuller” family are named after writer-director

Samuel Fuller, one of the primary influences on Quentin Tarantino’s (and everybody’s) style of “pulp” cinema. The name of the movie is taken from the signs found on drive-ins. These signs indicate the length of the shows, which ran “from dusk till dawn”. The movie is full of references to midnight movies and films

which were often intended for teenagers to watch late at night from their cars.

is, of course, the familiar type of angle Tarantino puts in all of his films.

Writer Trademark (Quentin Tarantino): trunk shot: When the opening credits finish and the Geckos retrieve their hostage, we look from the woman’s point of view from inside the trunk of the car up at the Geckos. This

Salma Hayek did not have a choreographer for her dance. Director Robert Rodriguez just told her to feel the music and dance to it. Rodriguez would later use the same tactic with Jessica Alba in Sin City.

Some of the body parts were from other films by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. The Titty Twister set was built in a desert in California. WTim Roth and Steve Buscemi were approached to play Pete Bottoms but neither could fit it into their schedules.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-93

vampire movies you should know # 7

THe LOst BOys Director:

Joel Schumacher


Janice Fischer, James Jeremias


Jason Patric, Corey Haim and Dianne Wiest After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires.

Creativity..........4 out of 5 storyline................3 out 5 acting skills.....4 out of 5 I may not have been born when the movie was made still dosen`t mean that it`s not a great fucking movie. Financial troubles force a recent divorcee and her teenage sons Mike and Sam to settle down with her father in the California town of Santa Carla. At first, Sam laughs off rumours he hears about vampires who inhabit the small town. But after Mike meets a beautiful girl at the local amusement park, he begins to exhibit the classic signs of vampirism. Fearing for his own safety, Sam recruits two young vampire hunters to save his brother by finding and destroying the head vampire.

shit you didn`t know

of “Goonie-type Both Corey 5th-6th grade kid vampires”, with the Feldman, who plays Frog Brothers being Edgar Frog, and Barnard Hughes, “chubby 8 year old The title of the who plays Grandpa, cub scouts”, and film is a reference share the same Star being a boy to the companions birthday, July 16th. instead of a love of Peter Pan, who interest. Joel Schuremained forever This movie inmacher hated that young. vented the phrase idea and told the producers he would “vamp out”, which The original only sign on if he has passed into screenplay written could change them common usage on by Janice Fischer to teenagers, as he Buffy the Vampire and James Jerthought it would be Slayer. emias was origimuch sexier and nally about a bunch Keenan Wynn and more interesting. 94 - THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-NOvember, 2011

John Carradine (a veteran of vampire films) were both original choices for Grandpa. Wynn died right before filming and Carradine was too ill.

Joel Schumacher for the job.

Kiefer Sutherland was only meant to wear the black gloves he wears as David when riding the motorbike. However, while messing Executive producer Richard Don- around on the bike behind-the-scenes, ner originally intended to direct the he fell off, breaking his arm so he had movie himself, but as production lanto wear the gloves through the whole guished, he moved onto Lethal Weapon movie to cover his and eventually hired cast.

vampire movies you should know # 8

I Am Legend Director:

Francis Lawrence


Mark Protosevich, Akiva Goldsman


Will Smith, Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan A sole survivor in New York City (will fucking smith) struggles valiantly to find a cure.

Creativity..........4 out of 5 storyline................3 out 5 acting skills.....4 out of 5

This movie is the shit man. Robert Neville,was unable to stop the spread of the terrible virus that was incurable and man-made. Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City. For three years, Neville has spent time faithfully sending out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. He`s not alone. Mutant victims of the plague -- The Infected -- lurk in the shadows... watching Neville's every move... waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered... and quickly running out of time.

shit you didn`t know

Cameron Monaghan auditioned for the part of Ethan. Will Smith left the production for a couple of days to attend Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes in Rome, Italy.

Guillermo del Toro, Will Smith's first choice, turned down the offer to direct this film so he could make Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Warner Bros. Pictures has owned the rights to the book since the 1970s. The studio

first attempted adapting it as The Omega Man with director Boris Sagal, starring Charlton Heston. Then as 'I Am Legend' with director Ridley Scott, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which fell through when the production went overbudget. And then in 2002, Michael Bay was set to direct

Will Smith, but they decided to make Bad Boys II instead. The scenes at the Brooklyn Bridge involved over 1000 extras and various military vehicles and aircraft. Much of this film was shot on

location in New York City's Washington Square Park during fall and winter 2006-2007, causing holiday decorations to be taken down and replaced tumultuously for over three months. The film was green-lit without a script.

NOvember, 2011-THe BReaking DAwn ISsue-95

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