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1. Welcome Threadless is more than just a company. Businesses are started and run by rich man and woman with day to day operations done by employees they hire. Creativity has taken a back seat to profit margins, share holders, and quarterly/ annual revenue. What doesn’t seem to matter is what makes people happy, how they can express themselves, and also be able to create a product that can be enjoyed by anyone. Enter Threadless; They a consumer driven company that has their entire t-shirt line up created and selected by anyone registered with their website. The consumer is the creator is a line you will hear from Threadless. Giving anyone with the ability to be in the spotlight for their talents, and having such a large variety of designs from all corners of the planet is what makes Threadless successful. This design book is dedicated to everyone that has been brave enough to submit a design through Threadless and keep the machine moving. THE MADNESS OF MISSION 6 Design by Travis Pitts

Table Of Contents Research


5. 6. 7. 9. 10.

13. Moodboard 15. Competitve Survey 16. Logo Development

Abstract Research Paper Target Audience SWOT Creative Brief

Style Guide 19. 21. 22. 23.

Style Guide Color Pallete Typography Photos

Final Solutions 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Online Video Television Commercials Social Media Grassroots Marketing Internet Radio Electronic Media




I WAS HERE Design by Dina Prasetyawan



The following pages studies, discusses, and analyzes the overall campaign project for the brand awareness and revenue gain. The history of Threadless is looked at as they were founded in 2000 and grew year after year. Studying who Threadless is as a company, there are youthful founders that represent what the community is; a creatively driven group of people that range in age from 18 to 35. Threadless has grown to the point where they have been able to pick up big names such as Disney and Minecraft to designate design contests. Threadless is 100% done through the Internet and smartphones. They have had great success through social media and should continue this trend through their advertising methods to grow. This essay will study which methods of advertising will be the most beneficial to the company and attract the most people within the designated target audience. The essay will show how to present a campaign to the viewers and what it should look like through font, color scheme, and themes shared through out it.

THE BEST CHANNELS SINCE 1465 Design by Eduardo San Gil

Research paper Threadless is an online ecommerce tshirt store that is based out of Chicago, IL. the business structure of this company is to put the fate of designs into the hands of consumers. By encouraging anyone and everyone to submit designs, vote on them and have the highest rated be selected for print, Threadless proves that they keep the power of the company in the people's hands. Our campaign aims to embrace the social commerce business model and sell this as a key benefit to our targeted audience. By increasing awareness about Threadless, there will be a result of increased traffic and sales on the website. The main idea to get across to the audience is the consumer is the creator. From design contests, submissions, and voting, every step of the process falls on consumers participating. Social Commerce Today points out “Threadless has an enviable reputation; it sells out of every line it produces, generating $17 million in annual sales with a healthy 35% profit margin.� (Marsden, 2010) The current trend of annual sales is too small of a margin in penetrating overall market share from online tshirt sales with companies like Old Navy posting annual revenue sales over $5 billion (Wikinvest, 2012). If Threadless fails to grow in awareness, then the window of opportunity in increased market share and annual sales could be gone. The popular trend right now is online social experiences. More people are getting news from Twitter and Facebook, and making purchases from everyday people on Etsy. This trend could show to be a fad and Threadless must leap at the chance while it exists. Threadless will expand into a larger advertising campaign that includes multimedia (commercials, banners) and also continue to maintain, but increase, a large social media presence with over 500,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter.

6 .

7. Target Audience

Male and Female

Age 18-30




Free living

Income 25,000 – 50,000

College Graduate

Subculture Interest

Target Audience (Cont.) 8. The Treadless target audience are a free spirited age group of the next generation that doesn’t focus on the destination of where they are going but more of the ride there. What that means is they live in the moment. Moment to moment these 18-35 year olds are taking what they wear and making it something new every day. Threadless allows them the freedom to express themselves through the designs they make, the ones they rate, and the shirts they choose. Our target audience is the best audience in the world. They are always changing with culture and coming into their own. With the audience changing, the designs being made with Threadless will maintain relevance as new designers join and continue to make Threadless as striving company and the forefront of business 2.0

CEO and Founder Jake Nickell


(Strengths,Weaknesses,Oppurtunies,Threats) Strengths

Low overhead Smart business plan Community comes first Consumer is the creator

Oppurtunities YouTube generation used to creating for their own Social media spreads awareness Current trend in business where consumers want to buy from local average people

Weaknesses Small Company compared to large corporations like Old Navy Flooded market with new t-shirt companies showing up everyday

Threats High cost to elevate awareness Bigger company means bigger overhead. This might take away down to earth local feel the company already poses Larger more established companies will continue to have higher sales Consumers as creators trend could potentially be a trend. This could affect the company’s longevity

TECHNICOLOUR REX Design by Elisha Hale

Creative Brief Menu 10. Company Name •Name: Threadless •Industry: Clothing and Accessories •Category: Online design clothing

PRIMARY PRODUCTS or SERVICES: •T-shirts designed by online community •IPhone cases from t-shirt designs •Other accessories such as hats, bags, etc

Deliverables •New Logo •New Mobile and Xbox 360 app •Digital and print advertisement •“Create your own Tee” booth at events •Internet Radio Ads Key Tenets Innovative Crowdsourcing Encouraging

Campaign Project OBJECTIVE:

Target Audience

•To identify the key strengths and benefits of Threadless and create unique campaign for general public. •To determine opportunities for further growth of the brand.

•Male and Female •Age 18-35 •Single •Income 25,000 –50,000 •Mostly college graduate •lives worldwide primarily cities

BHAG: •Increase market awareness overall. •Increase online traffic towards Threadless website by 5% over the next year.

Two Primary Competitors Old Navy Tee Fury

Key STRENGTHS & Key WEAKNESSES Strengths •Consumer is the creator •New Age Business plan with low overhead Weaknesses •High cost to elevate awareness •Small company compared to giant like Old Navy and Gap. Positioning Overall within the clothing Ecommerce, Threadless’ positioning stands low against giants such as Gap, and Old Navy and remains firm against smaller businesses like Tee Fury USP

The only online design community where the customer is the creator.

SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE •Encourage anyone and everyone to submit designs for the chance to be a t-shirt. •No corporate affiliation, entire business is community driven. •Strong Social Media Presence over any “small” competition. Feature/Benefit •Fresh Products: New Designs Every Week! •You Design: Customers Design the Product and vote on what is made into a shirt. Call to Action •Evoke a response to visit the website •More design submissions because of this •Higher percentage of users rating designs

Current Logo


THE HORDE Design by Aled Lewis

13. Moodboard Directive Word: Self Expression

14. Directive Word: Self Expression We wanted our mood board to have a theme of self-expression to attract the artist in all of us. Threadless founder and CEO, Jake Nickell said, “I find great value in learning how to do something on your own” (Nickell, 2011). This mood board was a challenge for us because this company could go in so many directions, having the most effective directive word was key. Having the right words to promote young artists and grab their attention was my goal. We chose words that described what Threadless is all about. They believe in the customer being the creator. Threadless is nothing without young hungry designers and people to rate their designs. I wanted this desire and passion to reflect in my mood board. Community was picked because Threadless is more of a design community than a company. I chose passionate for Threadless’ ambition to give every artist a vehicle to drive his or her design motivation. Promotional was chosen because Threadless will promote every artist that has a winning design. Each t-shirt has the creating artist’s name on the inner neck. Finally self-expression was chosen because Threadless wants people to express their design, users to express their taste in which designs are t-shirt worthy, and the customers to express the shirts that fit their personality best. Our colors were Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These colors were chosen to represent how a design transitions to print on a t-shirt and CMYK are the print colors. My texture was a t-shirt to represent where the art goes. The images are of Threadless employees and designers. They are what make up the company. Another shows a company and paint brush to represent the art that can be done through graphic design. The last part was a funkalicious astroman that is one of the most famous designs for Threadless. This is to show how big a design can get for an artist. The font I chose was a handwritten style with a block look. This was selected to portray the homemade creation of designs by users.

FUNKALICIOUS Design by Christopher Golebiowski

15. Competitive logo Survey T

he design logo process of changing what is already established is a bold new move for Threadless to take. By looking at the competition and how they display their logo to the general public, we can take away that there is a large, wide variety of logos ranging from a simple text design with single color, to a multi color facet that includes a more complex design creation made specific forthat brand to Black grab the attention of the viewer and draw them in. Blue What is clear is this; the larger names like Old Navy, Gap and Woot all have just the word and Red seem to rely more on the name brand it has established from Black/Yellow years and years of sales, service, and Red/Green advertising.

Green Black/Red/White

Competitor Chart


PARTY ANIMAL Design by John Hegquist

Threadless Full Color

The color was going to be the easier part for me selecting. I already had the CMYK line up, which consists of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, selected from the mood board because it represented the printer colors as designs get printed on tees. However, other than the black the colors were pretty bright. I needed to make sure the colors were visible through the black and not hard to look at on any backdrop. I first had the string be blue and the needle yellow but it was too busy and took away from the black lettering so I switched it. This made it more harmonious. The T was magenta as T is a representation of tee or t-shirt.

Single Color





Height: 1.5 Inches


Length: 2 Inches


aA bB cC dD

Not changing the font of the logo too drastically was important to execute. People have recognized Threadless for the company’s san serrif style font so we wanted to maintain that for recognition and show with a change in brand for expansion, threadless was still the same.

Thread reads RGB, another color code system used in graphic design

Logo DesignProcess,Font, Style, Rationale.

Needle represents the way clothing used to be made in a DIY fashion.


KG ALways the Good Time Font Similar to previous Threadless logo Font

FREDDIE MERCURY Design by Pablo Bustos

Style Guide

Caution Bananas! Design by Glenn Jones


Style Guide

DOCTOR-HOO Design by Mallory Dyer



Color Palette Threadless believes in a color is a color and there isnt one that shouldn’t be worn. An individual expressing themself would most likely look to color first for their mood. Threadless allows any color and encourages all of their artists, designers, users, and customers to try every color! Finding the right palette for this campaign would limit Threadless to 4-5 colors when the combinations on the wheel are endless! Because Threadless believes no color should go unworn we have selected a palette that represents the printing process. The CMYK model works by partially or entirely masking colors on a lighter, usually white, background. The ink reduces the light that would otherwise be reflected. Such a model is called subtractive because inks "subtract" brightness from white.

R:168 G:32 B:121

R:51 G:189 B:221

R:0 G:0 B:0

R:255 G:204 B:04

Typography aA bB cC dD The third font typeface is called Copperplate. This font is a thinner more modern style that would be pleasing towards graphic designers The font is easy to blend into advertisement and use for larger bodys of copy.

aA bB cC dD

Kg Always the Good time represents the transition in font on the logo. The current Threadless logo is a similar Sans Serrif font that wil make for a smoother transition in the brand realignment and changes being done for this project.

aA bB cC dD The Majority of the font used throughout any print will be a solid yet light hearted look. This will be done to represent the free spirited mood of the campaign. With that being said CooperBlack was selected as the font. It is large and visible and makes for a pleasant view.



23. photos



Supporting logos

24. Threadless uses just about anyone as the face


of the company. From the designers and supporting employees to the customers and designs created that have become popular beyond the website. Threadless is a customer driven company that believes the customer is the creator and wouldn’t change that philosophy when advertising or attending any public event. Some companies hire celebrities, paid actors, or even corporate individuals to fill the space and time of any advertisement or public event. Threadless will use what they know: The people that make this company great, the designs they create, the designers, and of course the logos of companies that support Threadless in any of the programs they utilize for the users.

RUNNIN' RHINO Design by Allan Faustino

final solutions

DEDICATION Design by Matheus Lopes Castro


Online Video Creating video documentaries on designers that were successful in getting their designs printed on t-shirts will be an excellent method for Threadless to promote those within, have them promote the Threadless product as their video gets released and encourage people further to be noticed through Threadless. "Websites like Vimeo and YouTube would host the videos. their favorite shirts being worn, or spot people in media wearing them. (Fire, 2013)

Threadless Get’s Designers Made!

GENTLEMAN T Design by Sean Anton

Television Commercials 28. Short clips of promoting the videos will be used as 15 and 30 second commercials on TV and On Demand services. The purpose of the commercials will be to bring the customers to the website and view the full video. By viewing the full documentary video on the site, the people are more engaged and likely to visit Threadless with a greater impact than just quick spot that simply sends the message of “Visit Threadless�.

ABE Design by Joe Carr

Visit To see the full video on how this design got made.


Social Media #ThreadlessExpressMore

The entire business model revolves around social media as people submit designs to a website where registered users vote on the shirt design. Social Media is a broad spectrum to state for a campaign project. To specify in more detail there will be multiple approaches to this. Threadless already has over half a million followers on both Twitter and Facebook, which establish a deep impact for promotion on this campaign. By creating #ThreadlessExpressMore on Twitter, we will be promoting the fans of the company when they tag the shirt they are wearing or spot a design. The chance to get recognized by the company will be a big draw for the fans. The same will be done, as Threadless will recognize people that post their shirts in great ways, or sightings of Threadless throughout media. The next step is to utilize apps such as tumblr for people to also hash tag designs, submit their favorite shirts being worn, or spot people in media wearing them.

Threadless Get’s Designers Made!

Express Yourself

HOMEWORK EVIDENCE Design by Glenn Jones

Grassroots Marketing 30. Grassroots marketing is a more down to earth in your face approach. Being at events, where your audience will interact with you is an effective memorable way. Threadless will tour music festivals such as SXSW and Coachella with blank shirts and have people create designs to submit at these tents. The best shirt would be voted on by the crowd and than tossed out to the audience to the show. This is the most primal way to demonstrate how Threadless works. A Video documentary will be done at each festival and promoted on both Youtube and Vimeo. This video will be promoted at the festival and encourage the people to visit the site. e ctic . a r p k s of od wor r a ye go ose put to h t All ow be n can

DEXTER WHITE Design by Juan Carlos Bueno


Electronic Media Download the App to Try on the designs


Smartphone Apps and Xbox 360 Integration will just be two ways we gain more awareness through electronic media this year! Through being able to rate designs via Kinect on Xbox and the iPhone app, and make purchases will innovate how we make purchases. The app will gain popularity from ratings and innovation which will bring more awareness from an increase in users. We will also allow, through the app , the ability to try on clothing before purchase!

EXTRA PULP Design by Chris Sharron

Internet Radio 32. Commercials are still needed to grab the attention of people not introduced to Threadless yet. While traditional radio is not the best affect for the millennial generation, Internet radio such as Pandora would be effective. Apps for Pandora through the phone, tablet, website, and even vehicles would broadcast these special radio commercials for the call to action to stand up to self expression, get made through Threadless, and help others as well. A special link while the commercial airs would bring the user to the Threadless website.

see the ad on

MAGIC BACON RIDE Design by George Otsubo


HEY, MR. BLUE SKY Design by Lim Heng Swee

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