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CMYK is a color spectrum most of us have encountered. If you’ve ever looked closely at a printed image you may have seen the tiny cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots characteristic of the CMYK color printing process. Each color is important, otherwise the images aren’t as vibrant as they should be. My desire with the CMY(K) project is to highlight “colors” in the spectrum of the human experience that are often regarded as too dark or even ugly when isolated. In part I’ll do this by arranging them next to “colors” of the human experience that are more readily recognized as good, true or beautiful. Midway through Terrence Malick’s brilliant film “Tree of Life” is a sermon in which appears the phrase “He alone sees God who sees when God turns His back as well as when He turns His face.” Those who say that God is ‘unfair’ or ‘absent’ are saying something as vital and as true as those who say that God is ‘just’ or ‘faithful.’ Therefore, experiences and expressions of disappointment or abandonment are necessary elements (colors) in a picture of the good life, rather than defects that need treatment. Many of the songs that make up CMY(K) are stories of friends whose picture of life and God is a great deal more dappled and complicated than they expected. Some are songs for friends who no longer consider faith in God possible at all. Some are personal reflections on the facets of life that have affected these loved ones of mine. All of them are songs that fit within the long, multicolored Christian tradition of seeing God both face to face and with His back turned.

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David Dark, author of The Sacredness of Questioning Everything

e it has fallen away from the awareen the religion of this world cannot reduction of God to an area called s “profane.� It has accepted the all ts to steal the world away from God. Alexander Schmemann

DAVID DARK: A PERSPECTIVE “Justin clears a space for a sacred unknowing within which we say what we feel, not what we feel we ought to say.” Over the last few years, I’ve had the deep

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especially evident in “Take One For The Team,”

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“CMY(K),” it seems to me that Justin begins

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to blow the lid off something. The songs give voice to--without answering or solving--a meaning problem, a good number of them, and express a resolve to remain alive to contradictions, dwelling within them, instead of denying or sealing them over.

David Dark, author of “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything”

for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words. ROMANS 8:26

I’ll sing these songs for you But they don’t mean quite what they used to I’ll sing these words to you

Her life my greatest blessing And yet you give and take away So as I gave I take away my praise

But only really cuz I’m supposed to Cuz I can’t stop thinking about it Her absence is a presence

I won’t stop thinking about it

Far more tangible than yours Her silence has a volume So much louder than your voice

And so I run to you If only to tell you that I’m leaving What hope I’ve left in you

You give me words to read

Is that you’ll finally hear me screaming

And yet my eyes are tired of reading Light by which I can see And yet I’ve grown so tired of seeing

Cuz I can’t stop thinking about you I won’t stop thinking about you

Her si has a v so much than You

ilence volume h louder ur voice.


Take one for the team Take it on the chin Pick yourself back up

Honestly, you should know You’ve been there

And brace yourself again

Sad and low

They don’t come to fight

Patience waited on you, though

They only come to win

So, honestly, you should know

So take one for the team And take it on the chin Take a moment now To ponder your next move Take another step A mile beyond the call Bear the weight of choice To choose something at all At times you’ll want to stop And times you’ll want to crawl But take another step A mile beyond the call

Is what you’re giving back The honest best of you I truly understand You’ve got to know I do You took one on the chin But you were swinging, too.

The saints are what they are not because their sanctity makes them admirable to others but because the gift of sainthood makes it possible for them to admire everybody else. It gives them the clarity of compassion that can find good in the most terrible criminals. It delivers them from the burden of judging others. THOMAS MERTON


I hold these truths to be so good

I’m reticent to sign my name

That they cannot be understood

To something that won’t

Were I to hold them in my grasp

last beyond the day

Then surely they’d no longer last

I’m holding out for something real Something I can’t feel

I’m reticent to sign my name To something that won’t last beyond the day I’m holding out for something real

This is the way I save my own soul I stay disengaged and stay in control

Something I can’t feel

So bring on the new thing.

“The body, an capable of makin invisible: the spiritu

nd it alone, is ng visible what is ual and the divine.� Pope John Paul II


My God ain’t no lying man. No he ain’t no lying man O Jesus, Lord have mercy He ain’t no lying man

He promised me a home Yes, He promised me a home O Jesus. Lord have mercy He promised me a home

He do just what he says Yes, He do just what he says

And I know He will provide

O Jesus, Lord have mercy

Yes, I know He will provide

He do just what He says

O, Jesus. Lord have mercy I know he will provide


It used to be, my love The desire just to please you Was enough to satisfy It used to be, my love

And so it is, my love Patience, like a jacket, can wear too thin in time

That wanting you was easy

So it is, my love

And your absence was a lie

Waiting in the silence wore patches in my mind

So if I lose my faith do I lose you, too?

So if I lose my faith

Cuz, Lord, If that’s the case

do I lose you, too?

Then it must be hell on you

Cuz, Lord, If that’s the case Then it must be hell on you

“Your brightness is my darkness. I know and cannot even imagine how to go abou If I imagine You, I am mistaken. If I understan If I am conscious and certain I know yo Darkness is enough.�


w nothing of You ut knowing You. nd you, I am deluded. ou, I am crazy.




Since 1999 Justin McRoberts has been a constant and noteworthy presence on the independent music scene. A songwriter, storyteller, teacher and an advocate, he is one of those rare artists who blends artistry, honesty and humor seamlessly. ”In and through art,” Justin writes “we learn to see ourselves and our world as part of a cohesive, Divinely-orchestrated story.” Sharing songs and stories with an audience is where Justin’s gifts are most fully realized. His live shows strike a delicate balance between intellect and emotion. While his audiences are diverse, from congregates in a small rural church to young professionals in DC, most of Justin’s schedule is made up of appearances on college campuses in the continental US. Including early releases with 5 Minute Walk Records, McRoberts has consistently made thoughtful and well crafted albums. His catalogue currently includes 7 full-length projects and handful of EP’s. Central to Justin’s work is advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed through Compassion International. “Not only do the poor need us,” he writes “we need the poor to remind us what being human is about. In the same way that the poor learn to identify themselves with their lack, the wealthy learn to identify themselves with their wealth. It is in the meeting of the two that we can recognize ourselves and one another as human.”

Produced by Dustin Smith and Justin McRoberts @ Stillwater Studios in Concord CA Mixed by Masaki Liu @ One Way Studio in Benicia CA Photography and Artwork by Greg Madsen Justin -Guitars, Vocals Audrey Richter - Background Vocals Max Butler - Pedal Steel Mike Busbee - Piano Brian Vargas - Piano Dustin Smith - Percussion Jeremy Casella - Guest Vocals on “Take One For The Team”