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We’ve got something huge for your business.

We were told it couldn’t be done ... challenge accepted. You’re challenged with smaller, faster, hotter applications. Therefore, you challenge us to deliver faster, smaller, higher-quality products. In your industry, everything needs to be sleek and lightning fast, with a quick production time. We heard your demands and delivered with the H-Pin, and we continue to deliver as we strive to streamline our products with your needs. The H-Pin was created with the future of technology in mind, and as your technology moves forward, so do we. You’re faced with impossible challenges … we make impossible look easy.

Revolution REINVENTING SPRING PROBE TECHNOLOGY Before the H-Pin there was the Pogo pin. Named for its close resemblance to and inner workings of a pogo stick, where the spring was buried within a barrel. The ultimate misgiving of the Pogo pin was the complexity of assembly and the inability to see the internal structure, making it difficult to figure out what exactly was causing a pin to perform poorly. When most moved on to cheaper contact alternatives, we decided to reinvent the Pogo pin. In 2006, the H-Pin was born. We turned the pin inside out, giving us full visibility of all the parts, allowing us to streamline our manufacturing and ultimately eliminate any failures.

We Turned the Pin Market Inside Out Pogo Pin The Pogo pin was great when it was invented, but as time and technology advanced, its flaws became increasingly apparent. The process was slow, with about 200 to 600 pins being manufactured per hour. It was expensive and since it had to be hand-assembled, the manufacture deviations were numerous. Labor-intensive manual testing had to be conducted on each pin, but the lack of visibility into the probe made it hard to nail down why the pin was not performing at a high level every single time.

H-Pin We turned the Pogo pin inside out, making the working components visible and allowing for in-line inspection rather than testing for performance. The manufacturing process for the H-Pin is also 100 percent fully-automated, which lowers costs and increases production rates. The 200 to 600 pins they used to produce in an hour, we can now produce in one minute. And now each pin is an exact replica, no matter if it’s pin one or one million, creating a quality product that’s less expensive and can be produced in less time.

6000% ! faster PRODUCTION

Process HOW PLASTRONICS DELIVERS THE RIGHT SOCKET AT THE RIGHT PRICE AT THE RIGHT TIME Whether your challenge is cost, capability, lead time or quality, Plastronics has the in-house technologies and manufacturing capabilities to solve your burn-in and test challenges. From decades of experience and flexible tooling to standard product lines and the world’s greatest pin technologies, our customers are saving money and shipping quality parts out the door. Plastronics’ patented technologies are based on solving the difficult industry problems associated with high frequency, high current, low resistance and adequate contact travel. Furthermore, our unique process ensures that you get the quickest lead times on any new project or modifications to existing products. Explore this section to learn more about our process.


Engineering & Design


Custom Tool & Mold and Machining

Our team combines advanced technical engineering expertise with practical, real-world application experience highly focused on burn-in test sockets and custom connectors to ensure precision and quality for every project.

Unlike many competitors, Plastronics controls the entire manufacturing process with in-house tooling, molding and pin assembly, which means more value and options during our collaboration with the client.


Fully Automated, High Volume Production & Assembly We design for manufacturability. Our fully-automated process plus universal subassembly designs allow us to deliver quickly, accurately and with lower costs.

Technology TIMELINE OF INNOVATION Founded on a history of innovation, Plastronics has become a leading global provider of technology for the semiconductor industry. As you can see from our timeline of patents and new products, we are always looking for new solutions to meet the changing needs of our industry and our clients.

1984 Plastronics establishes headquarters in Irving, TX 1988 Shoulder contacting QFP patent earned 1989 Assembly factory built in Texas 1994 First open-top BGA patent earned 1999 Surface mount LGA patent earned 2000 QFN product line started 2001 Tool and mold shop expanded 2005 Open-top dual-row products developed 2006 H-Pin product line started 2007 H-Pin assembly facility opened in Japan 2008 New engineering laboratory built 2010 Tool and mold shop expanded again 2011 Fully-automated .4mm H-Pin products completed 2013 Opening of Plastronics Singapore to support sales and applications in Asia 2015 H-Pin assembly capacity increased 2016 Micro Pin autoloading machine built 10-year H-Pin anniversary – 90 million H-Pins produced

The Plastronics Way At Plastronics, we are guided by five core values. We look for these values in each and every one of our employees and we stand by them 100 percent. They’re what keep us grounded, yet always forging ahead with honesty, reliability and passion, because you can’t expect valuable products without first having a valuable team.

1 Nothing is too hard

This mentality is why customers come to us for help. We are grounded on the principle of doing things others cannot. As a team, given the time and resources, we can do anything.

2 Do what you say

It’s how we do what we do. We’ve found that problems are best solved when everyone does their part. Teams trust the individual and the individual trusts the team.

3 You can count me in

This is who we fundamentally are. When the team says “yes” to something, the option for failure no longer exists. We trust, respect and depend on each other because nothing is impossible.


Willing and eager to learn We work in a fast-paced, dynamic and demanding industry, where keeping up with change is already too late. That’s why we always strive to be an industry leader.

5 Embrace problem-solving

We embrace working through the problem, solving problems others cannot, and ultimately helping others.

WHY PLASTRONICS? Unlike many competitors, Plastronics controls the entire manufacturing process with in-house tooling, molding and pin assembly, which means more value and better reliability. We’ve streamlined our process so well that from the first H-Pin to the millionth you can trust that each pin we manufacture is identical and will work every single time. Reliability testing starts with a reliable manufacturer. With more than 30 years of success in meeting the performance, delivery and budget requirements of our clients as a socket supplier, you can count on us to get the job done right. With more than 50 patents and a number of new products in development, we’re excited and committed to supporting the past, present and future of the semiconductor industry.

Learn more at or give us a call at 972-258-2580.

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