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Tips to Keep Your Bookkeeping Skills What are the bookkeeping skills you will need to stay competitive in today’s market? Among those skills you will need is the ability to work well with numbers, keep things organized, stay motivated and communicate well. These skills are discussed later on this page, but first let's discuss some of the skills you need that are specifically related to Brisbane bookkeeping. General Bookkeeping Skills Required Bookkeeping means paperwork and lots of it. Knowing what has been done and what hasn’t is important. You will need to keep things organized in the books and in your head. It is a good idea to take notes while you are doing the books. In this way you can make notes of things that come to your mind while continuing with the task at hand. Most of the information you will enter in the books comes in the form of receipts, invoices and statements. It is good to keep an organizational flow going in your work. A simple way to achieve this is to keep folders for new items you receive that have not yet been entered and/or paid and folders for things that have been entered and/or paid. Brisbane Bookkeeping can help with this. Working with Numbers Obviously the main skill in bookkeeping is the ability to work with numbers. This does not mean that you need to be able to do advanced calculations in your head. We have calculators for that and want to use them to make our jobs as easy as possible. But, you need to be able to look at the numbers on statements and reports and understand what they mean. Brisbane Bookkeeping are skilled in this area and can assist you. For example, you may be reconciling a vendor account and see that according to the statement they sent, you still owe them money. But in your books it looks as if you have paid them in full. This could be a result of a missing invoice that hasn’t been entered, or quite possibly that the vendor has made a mistake on their end. Being able to discover what caused differences like this is crucial to avoid overpayments or late fees due to underpayments of accounts. Brisbane Bookkeeping can assist with training in this area.

Communicating What the Numbers Mean The ability to communicate what the numbers mean is one of the bookkeeping skills that some bookkeepers fall short in. Many people, including the business owners who have hired you, do not fully understand what they are seeing when you show them financial statements. I have found it best not to confuse them with details that won’t make any difference to them, such as how the bookkeeping works. Instead I concentrate on explaining why something has happened or could happen. Bookkeeping Brisbane will always communicate with you. For example, a business owner may get a call from a customer that he/she has been overcharged. The owner comes to you and wants to know what happened. You as a bookkeeper can do your research, discover the problem and fully understand what happened in bookkeeping terms, but it is not necessary to explain the situation in those terms to the business owner. Brisbane Bookkeeping can do this for you. For More about Bookkeepers Brisbane Click Original Article Source:

Tips to keep your bookkeeping skills  

What are the bookkeeping skills you will need to stay competitive in today’s market? Among those skills you will need is the ability to work...

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