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The Importance of Shop drawing in the Construction Industry There was a time when Shop drawing used to be a piece of “art� but as technology has advanced this art has become accessible to many more people who are comfortable in making it using the mouse and advanced software such as Auto CAD. What is a Shop drawing? It is basically a pictorial representation of any kind of building component such as elevators, windows and doors etc. These drawings are prepared by qualified and skilled structural engineers or professionals who offer this specific service alone. Technology is developing at a rapid rate and it is important that structural engineers keep themselves up to date so that they can offer their clients the latest or they will turn to other service providers. It is also important that the professional creating these drawings is aware of the international guidelines and prepare drawings accordingly. Are these Drawings Needed in All Kinds of Construction? The answer is actually no. however many architects and engineers prefer to see their conception on paper. What is the benefit? The main benefit of these drawings is in its ability to be able to tell all the material that is going to be required. However, incorrectly drawn ones often repeat the same item twice, which can again cause a serious misunderstanding. This is why it is important that only skilled people read this drawing. Which industries use this Pictorial representation? Almost all industries benefit from these as in its absence it will be a difficult to determine whether something was built to expected standards or not. Original Article Source:-

The importance of shop drawing in the construction industry