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The Different Techniques in Computer Forensics Investigations Computer forensics Jacksonville is mainly giving a service that is focused in retrieving evidences from a computer. This is also the same thing that computer forensics Tampa gives out for its clients. There are different steps that are being taken when this service is given out to the clients. Ad a lot of these steps vary according to the technique that is available for the situation. In this article, you will find the different techniques that computer forensics Jacksonville and computer forensics Tampa use in order to get the best out of the computer that they are checking. But before that, you need to understand that computer forensic has different techniques that are being used depending on the damage, the situation and the type of computer that is being considered. Here are the different techniques and their corresponding explanation: • The cross-drive analysis. This is being used mainly when the problem lies on the social media. This is still one of the techniques that are being developed and is undergoing improvements at the moment but this is now fully functional. This is being used in order to find anomaly in the social media. With cross drive analysis, the investigation happens in multiple hard drives. This is what is making this process unique. The investigators are looking at different hard drives. • The Live analysis. This is the type of analysis and technique wherein the main purpose of the team is to check the operating system in order to extract evidence. This is mainly used when the investigators are looking at a problem that has something to do with Encrypting file systems. The logical hard drive will be undergoing live acquisition in order for them to get the data that they need. This process is going to happen before the computer is going to shut down. • Retrieval of deleted files. Among all the techniques that are being used by the forensic investigators, this is the most common. The retrieval of information is going to be done even when there is damage in the storage or there had been a deleted file that should be retrieved. With this, all you need to understand is that the computer has its very unique way to

let the team retrieve the information even when it is already gone because it is already deleted. In most cases, this is the most commonly used technique. The techniques that are given above can only be perfectly done by people who are trained to give services that are connected to data retrieval. The ones who are working for a team are all well versed when it comes to this because they were able to go to some training and schooling before they were hired to give the service. With this, you can trust the people who are offering this service. All you need to do is to look for the company that is near your place. This way, you can just get to them anytime you need their service. For More about Computer Forensics Jacksonville Click Original Article Source:

The different techniques in computer forensics investigations  

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