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Prevent Supply Chain Disruptions and Protect Your Brand Supply chain disruption can cause irreparable harm to brand and drive customers straight to the door of the competitors. Till very recent years supply risk management was all about conducting financial review at regular interval, but as supply chains become increasingly global and ownership moves further and further from the manufacturer, companies have realized that financial health is not a real indicator. Risk factors are also along operational, managerial, and geographical aspects, hence understanding supply risk requires much more than evaluating suppliers’ financial conditions. What is Supply Chain Risk Management? Supply Chain Risk Management is implementation of strategies to manage risks along the supply chain based on continuous risk assessment with the objective of reducing vulnerability and ensuring continuity. Vulnerabilities can be reduced by adopting coordinated holistic approach involving all supply chain stakeholders and by identifying and analyzing all risk of failure points. EmpoweringCPO leverages its proprietary framework and methodology to mitigate risk. The process starts with creation of category positioning matrix. High risk categories and suppliers identified in Bottleneck and Strategic quadrant are further analyzed to determine answers to the following questions: 1) What need does this supplier fulfill? 2) How critical is this supplier to the overall operations? 3) How is this supplier relevant in terms of achieving supplier diversity and sustainability goals? 4) How would we handle if we were to lose this supplier? In addition to financial analysis and research, to ascertain stability of current supplier base other factors are also analyzed: 1) Changes in Supplier’s management team 2) Any violations related to environment laws, trade sanctions, occupational safety and health regulations etc. 3) Noticeable lags in response to inquiries Each category is analyzed on 2x2 matrix of Risk Impactversus Risk Occurrence, for each quadrant the strategy proposed is different. Thorough research is also conducted to identify pool of suppliers so as to mitigate risk and prepare list of suppliers as a standby. The high level strategy for each quadrant is presented as below: 1) Low Occurrence – High Impact: a. Implement joint process improvements with suppliers, b. Have emergency plans

c. Buy contingent business interruption insurance

2) High Occurrence – High Impact: a. Begin resourcing efforts on these SKUs b. Redesign product or find new suppliers 3) Low Occurrence - Low Impact: a. Review and improve quality assurance process 4) High Occurrence, Low Impact: a. Monitor supplier performance EmpoweringCPO Capabilities: The key ingredients required to design and successfully implement Supply Risk Management strategy is to conduct research for the relevant categories and suppliers on an ongoing basis, we have qualified team of research analyst to perform this very critical role and ensure disruptions are prevented. Background Information about EmpoweringCPO: Procurement is about securing the inputs such as materials, supplies, equipment and services to a business. According to Michael Eugene Porter in his book Competitive Strategy, procurement is an important aspect to remaining competitive and effective; so why outsource the procurement service? Surely by outsourcing the procurement service a business is putting at arm’s length its buying capability in favor of cost related benefits, whilst reducing the opportunity for intuitive and innovative buying, which may omit value, innovation and competitive advantage. We at EmpoweringCPO understand this aspect and hence our services and delivery model are structured so as to strengthen the existing onsite procurement team of our clients and also help achieve competitiveness at the same time. To ensure that the goal of total cost reduction is achieved we support them with highly qualified resources at competitive pricing through our offsite delivery model. EmpoweringCPO is a Procurement and Sourcing Advisory Firm; our services are delivered using proven Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) model with delivery centers located in India. Our main offering is to support procurement organizations with market intelligence and analytical rigor so as to help achieve higher strategic sourcing project savings and support category management on an ongoing basis. Our services include - Procurement Intelligence, Procurement Analytics, Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Low Cost Country Sourcing, Compliance Management and Supply Chain Risk Management. For more information about our Supply Chain Risk Management frameworks and methodologies, reach out to us at Original Article Source:-

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Supply chain disruption can cause irreparable harm to brand and drive customers straight to the door of the competitors.

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