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Should You or Should You Not Make Use of Security Seals? If you are in business that involves the preservation of the integrity of the product that you are delivering to your customer, then it is quite clear that you would need to make use of tamper evident security bags, or otherwise known as security seals. These are things that will help ensure that the product that leaves your place of business is the same one that arrives in the customer’s address. If you are thinking, “I think there is nothing wrong with the way my current delivery system works. I believer everything’s going well for my business even without it.” If you are thinking along these lines, then you may already be committing the mistake of many businessmen who made use of security seals, and that is too much trust or over confidence in the person/persons handling your product delivery. This is more so if the product that you are selling is one with really high value, such as jewelries and even small and valuable gadgets. So why do you need tamper evident security bags? Avoid Substitution You can never trust people around you these days, unless of course that you are the one making the deliveries of your products. For instance, if you own a jewelry shop and a customer bought a 10-karat diamond in order to be delivered to his girlfriend’s home the following day for the latter’s birthday, you are actually facing the risk of substitution. This would mean that yes, the product is still delivered, but the question is, is it still the same product that was originally ordered? With a security seal however, this risk can clearly be avoided. You get to pack the product on your own, put it inside a security bag that is tamper evident, and send it off. Now with the seal in place, any alterations to it may indicate that the bag has been clearly tampered with, which will be enough grounds for subsequent legal actions that you may take. Avoid Losses Anything that affects the integrity of the product can lead to a loss. In the first instance, if you don’t get to deliver tamper proof products, then the customer, upon finding out that what is delivered to him isn’t the one that is really intended for him, or has been tampered with, may take legal actions against you. And of course, anything that needs to be settled in court would entail expenses, right? The other way that you can incur losses for non-delivery of tamper proof products is opportunity cost. This means that you run the risk of losing a customer and any possible referrals from that customer, in the event that you don’t get to deliver the right product.

Now it has become really clear whys security seals are important. These are just some examples and you may actually have other reasons why you would need such. One thing’s for sure, no matter what type of use for such products you have in mind, they will always be for the benefit of your business. For More Information Tamper Proof Products Click

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Should you or should you not make use of security seals  

If you are in business that involves the preservation of the...