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Modern Dental Implant Techniques Oral hygiene plays a key role in the overall health of a person. Mouth is the first part of the body to face the foreign elements like food stuff, air, dirt, harmful aerosols etc. which makes highly prone to various disorders. Oral hygiene, is mainly comprised of the proper working of teeth, jaw muscles etc. Teeth are nothing but bones. Teeth provide a pleasant shape to facial structure and also most importantly a pleasant smile. Like other bones, teeth too face various problems related to other bones like fracture. Dental implants are the small joints which join the denture or teeth with the jaw bone or skull bone to act as an anchor. Implants are made up of unreactive substances like Titanium or ceramics which do not trigger any foreign body reaction. Teeth emerge directly from soft tissues, but implants use Osseo integration technique to link teeth directly to the bone which provide extra stability. The most recent and common type of technique used for implants is the bend implant dentistry. Bend implant technique uses an implant which is anchored to the jaw bone or skull bone to fix the teeth. This is a highly expertise dentistry procedure and require medical and dental specialty. It is also time consuming and long term treatment. The patient has to bear with the treatment and implant pro for long time. This technique is also relatively very expensive, but it can yield the desired result in proper time and also can make the denture very beautiful. Original Article Source:-

Modern dental implant techniques