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Dumpster Rental Is Now Eco-Friendly | How to Find One Today, pollution is a primary concern for every citizen. We are already experiencing devastating environmental effects caused by excessive pollution over years of neglect. There is also rising interest over the scarcity of natural resources. A growing source of pollution is the general trash that consumers throw out every single day. Of course, not everything that you want to throw out is trash. Much of the common household waste stream may be recyclable, if not even an undiscovered resource. How to Make Dumpsters Environmentally-Friendly •

Segregate – designate at least three separate trash containers for all your throwaways. One for paper, one for bottles and plastics, and one for food items. It is wise to flatten or crush items such as cartons and plastic bottles to allow for more space in your dumpster. Rinse containers such as bottles and tin cans so they do not smell bad and attract flies in your dumpster.

Recycle – once you segregate all of your items, determine the items that you can recycle. For example, you may be able to turn plastic bottles into water pitchers. •

Reuse – do you have planks of wood that you want to throw out? Think again. You may find another beautiful use for them. They may be scraps, but they can be built into something of use such as a bench for your yard.

Donate – if you cannot find any use for your throwaways or you just do not have much space in your house, why not find a new home for these items? There are charitable institutions that accept old furniture and home appliances. You might want to check them out first. •

Protect the Earth – avoid products with unrecyclable containers.

Dumpster Rental Is Now Eco-Friendly | How to Find One

Check if your waste hauler has any connections or agreements with a local recycling center. Some dumpster rental companies are accredited by local waste authorities to work with them in recycling materials. Several dumpster companies even own their own recycling center.

Find out if your trash hauler donates reusable items such as old chairs, beds, and other home appliances to charitable institutions.

Know how much of your trash hauler’s collected trash actually goes to landfills versus recycling.

Verify if your trash hauler’s staff is well-versed on recycling materials. dumpster rental companies include customer education in their program.



Do not place any of the following hazardous materials in your rental dumpster: o









Radioactive Chemicals


Infectious Materials

Renting a Dumpster can now be eco-friendly – know that when you recycle, resources are saved, and therefore, there will be less strain on the earth. Original Article Source

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