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Justin Agustin Manongdo Architectural Portfolio 2968 Kincaid Drive Waldorf, MD 20603 E: P: 808-225-8241

This project focuses on two distinct yet inter-related concepts, definition of discrete figural spaces and their interconnection by means of a clearly defined architectural promenade. Discrete spaces and the architectural promenade will be achieved through a series of subtractive and additive operations to the site. The site is a theoretical place that faces the waterfront to the south and the city on the North.



This project seeks to examine the spatial implications of rules and procedures as design methods for exposing and exploring iterative investigations of form, space and order. This brief sketch problem will result in a field of spatial constructs that are meant to examine the relationships between intention and interpretation as generators of architectural form. Varied modeling and drawing processes were developed to expose multiple techniques of representation that aid me in re-presenting the conceptual agenda of the work in spatial terms.


Sketches of paper models into what it could be. 6

This project was to develop a speculative formal/spatial interpretation based on an analysis of the assigned precedent building, Richard Meier's Smith House. Using this anaysis the project then required the design of a primary space, a sequence of movement, and a tectonic expression of the work in a speculative framework. "Today I am called a rebel, but I have only one teacher: The Past."- Le Corbusier

Pen drawing of Richard Meier's Smith House (precedent)


Model of speculative framwork

Process Models 8


The design of a primary space using elements of the assigned precedent building, Richard Meier's Smith House resulted in the inversion of the project model and adaption to a water based structure.


This is a housing project for an urban site within the District of Columbia that incorporates the idea or concepts of eat, grow, and live. This project incorporates residential units with community gardens, a cafe, a restaurant with its own garden, and retail shops. I created a program where the residents grow their own food and can sell excess food to the surrounding community or local farmers markets. In addition, the restaurant has the ability to grow and display a menu of freshly grown produce. The overall concept of this project is to bring green spaces to the urban lifestyle.





This projects allows the incorporation of community-driven innovation and the communication of new ideas in the development of the public realm. This building contains a series of defined, yet flexible spaces that will incentivize various forms of thinking, making and communicating. The intergation of a continuous stair with amphitheater steps into this project connects share/critique spaces and creates opportunities for spontaneous discussion while allowing a visually connected from all spaces.





The study abroad analysis of Italian architecture and the layered elements that make up the facades of the Santa Maria Della Pace, Palazzo Vidoni-Caffarelli, and Palazzo Dei Conservatori.

Santa Maria Della Pace 19

Palazzo Vidoni-Caffarelli

Palazzo Dei Conservatori 20

San Andera, Rome. Watercolor 21

Palazzo Del Capitaniato, Vicenza. Watercolor

St. Ivo, Rome. Watercolor 22

Stippling Drawing, Dumarton Oaks Garden

Pen Drawing Pebble Garden, dumbarton oaks Garden

Here is a series of different drawings from Dumbarton Oaks Garden. Works done in Larc 140. 23

Process of Hand Craving

Detailed Carving Hand Carved Plaques 24


National Building Museum, Hybrid Drawing in Pen, ARCH 445v

Film Photography, Develop and Print, ARTT 353


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