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Marketer / Graphic Designer Address + 55 Charles St W, Toronto, ON, M5S 2W9

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Profile I am a marketing and graphic design professional with over four years of experience redesigning the marketing strategies at a diverse selection of Australian organizations. I have recently immigrated to Toronto from Australia on a working visa. I graduated with a B.Comm from the University of Western Australia. My key strengths are digital marketing strategy development, social media engagement, event management and marketing collateral design. I use my expertise in social media and digital marketing to build lasting client relationships. In my previous marketing roles I achieved significant revenue increases and improved the social engagement within each businesses target market. I continue to learn about all things relating to marketing, advertising, social media and graphic design to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

Work Experience Marketing & Brand Manager (April 2013 - March 2014) Alumbra & Ms Collins (two of australia’s premier nightclub & function venues) • • • • • •

Complete project management of a team of 40 staff responsible for delivering three special events, which numbered over 7500 attendees. Revenue from the three events increased by over 45% for FY 2013 Rebranded various components of the business and modified the marketing strategy in order to target new market segments resulting in beverage revenue growing by 105% and function revenue increasing by 55% in FY 2013 Through a cross platform promotional strategy both venues social media presence increased by 27,000 people to over 47,000 people within a 12 month period Developed new branding, venue concept creation and managed the launch party for 5000 VIP’s for new function venue, Ms Collins Managed the redesign, implementation, and content creation for two new websites and CMS systems. This resulted in online traffic increasing by 200%, new user ratio increasing by over 70%, and the average session duration increasing by 115% Oversaw eDM client database increase of 230% in FY 2013

Corporate Marketing Coordinator (Nov 2010 - March 2013) ERGT Australia (australia’s largest oil & gas safety training organization) • • • •

Through a revised marketing strategy targeting new college graduates and mining industry personnel, ERGT Australia increased annual trainee attendance figures from 12,000 to over 30,000 between 2010 and 2013. As a result training revenue increased by 160% in FY 2010, 220% in FY 2011, 180% in FY 2012 and 90% in FY 2013 Managed the grand opening of new $18 million state of the art training facility attended by clients, government officials and the media. Partnered with key industry figures and government departments to set new minimum safety measures for Oil & Gas workers and worksites Coordinated all major events including conferences and online training workshops

WA Communications Support Officer (Dec 2011 - Dec 2012) The Oaktree Foundation (non-profit organization raising funds for education initiatives in south east asia - volunteer position) • •

Increased campaign reach by over 300% to reach over 120,000 people aged 18 - 25 Creation and implementation of unique strategies to reach new audiences

Education Bachelor of Commerce University of Western Australia (ranked 84th in the World University Rankings 2013) Majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship

References Simon Digby Director at Alumbra

Certificate III in Graphic Design (C833) Central Tafe of Western Australia

+61 411 105 452

Mass Communications Curtin University

Shane Addis

Majors: Journalism and Photography

Director at ERGT Australia +61 419 948 805

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Ms Collins (new


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Social Media Management


New York

Targeted Marketing


Weekly Artwork

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Company Overview 2013

Core Safety /// Applied Safety /// Incident Response /// Incident Management

Australia’s national oil & gas safety training specialist


Corporate Incident Management

Alex Fernando

General Manager Incident Management Training Centre

ERGT Australia 919 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000 Australia T: +61 8 9322 7900 | M: 0402 034 358 E:

Call 1300 ERGT AU (1300 3748 28) or email

Western Australia Corporate Incident Management Centre 919 Hay St Perth WA 6000

Western Australia The Oil & Gas Safety Training Centre 7 Compass Road Jandakot WA 6164

Victoria Industrial Emergency Training Centre Tramway Road Morwell VIC 3840

Summary: ERGT  Australia’s  online  presence  is  in  need  of  attention.  The  company  and  courses  need  to  be  easier   to  find  online  for  certain  keywords  and  to  compete  effectively  with  online  competitors.     PositionMEonline  are  a  web  marketing  company  with  10  years  experience.  They  offer  fast  turn   around  times,  access  to  specific  technologies  and  good  communication  grounds  to  continually   monitor  the  progress  of  the  site  and  search  rankings.  

• •

ERGT provides essential capability development and advisory services for all levels of Corporate Incident Management IM

• • > ERGT has 18 years of globally recognised expertise in Corporate Incident management as well as Emergency Response capability development within high reliability industries including Major Hazard Facilities and the Oil and Gas sector. > ERGT is highly regarded in its ability to develop the critical decision making capability required of high performance teams during an incident and reinforce this through experiential learning within a simulated environment.

Alternate Crisis Management Centre

> The Alternate Crisis Management Centre is a purpose built facility for use ondemand during a real crisis or can be used to enable a client’s team to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively manage a major incident.

Incident Management Training Centre 919 Hay Street Perth WA 6000 Australia

Oil & Gas Safety Training Centre 7 Compass Road Jandakot WA 6164 Australia

1300 ERGT AU

Australia’s national oil and gas safety training specialist

Western Australia Incident Management Training Centre 919 Hay St Perth WA 6000 Call (08) 9322 7900


Event Management

Website Management


company overview COURSES And SERviCES

There are  two  key  services  PositionMEonline   would  implement  to  meet  the  objectives.  

ii. Call (08) 9322 7900 or email

Switch current  CMS  system    to  a  more   effective  and  efficient  platform   Increase  online  presence   o Higher  positioning  in  Google  for   certain  key  words   o Easier  for  customers  to  find   o Increase  number  of  online  course   bookings   o Increase  social  media  reach   Keep  competitive  with  the  online  safety   training  competitors   Establish  a  long-­‐term  relationship  with  a   web-­‐marketing  provider.    

Meeting these  objectives:  


With Compliments



Website development     This  involves  switching  from  the  Sitefinity  CMS  to  the  Mysuperweb  platform.  This  will   resolve  issues  with  editing  the  website  internally.  The  Mysuperweb  platform  is  a  low-­‐risk   alternative  to  Open  Source  website  management  platforms,  such  as  Wordpress,  with   lower  maintenance  and  customization  costs.  See     The  physical  layout  of  the  website  would  not  be  altered  in  any  major  way.     Online  marketing   This  involves  developing  a  high-­‐performance  online  marketing  strategy,  the  key  focus  of   which  is  to  ensure  ERGT  Australia  is  prominently  positioned  online.  There  are  three  key   components  of  this  strategy:   • Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO)   • Social  Media   • Pay-­‐per-­‐click  Advertising  

Client Relations

e r g t .c o m .a u 1300 ERGT AU


Company Overview 2012

Australia’s national Oil & Gas safety training specialist




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