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The best of SelectCiti offers: SelectCiti provides free information about different places on different cities. Search for anything from restaurants to shopping mall, SelectCiti provides you the details of all places. One part of the people may have details of the shops in their locality at fingertips but will not be aware of the places outside their locality whereas the other part does not even know the details of any place. They depend on someone to reach their destination. Concentrating on all those people, SelectCiti provides details of all the places in the cities and provides details of all major cities. The user can get the details instantly with just one click on their desired place and they are also allowed to review the places. The best feature of SelectCiti is only genuine reviews are accepted and any biased or fake review will be deleted in a very short span. The user can review and suggest about the places in any format like text or photographs which will help the others to choose the right place.

SelectCiti has covered restaurants, marriage halls, party hall, shopping malls, photography studios, architectures, beauty spas, catering services, stationary shops, candy shop, wardrobes, furniture shop, service centres for mobile, service centres for camera; service centres for laptop, service centres for computers and more around the city. They have also covered major cities of India like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Trichy, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc. the user can get the information instantly in just one click. SelectCiti provides only genuine information and works hard to keep people at ease. SelectCiti also provide 2-3 sample photographs of each place to ensure people’s comfort before selecting. If unsatisfied, people can look for other place rather than getting disappointed after reaching the place. SelectCiti is constantly working hard to provide free information of all places and all cities. For More Information Visit Our Website:


M/s SELECT CITI (PROP) SUBHAPRADHA.RGS 4E, Ramaniyam Pushkar Apartments, ECR Link Road, Sholinganallur, Chennai - 600119, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91-8015007030 E-Mail:

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