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CONTENT * CV * 01 Double House (Single family house) * 02 Three interior designs (Interior design) * 03 Artistic pavilion (International architecture competition) * 04 Alicante cruise terminal (Final degree project) * 05 Hard & Soft (International landscape competition) * 06 JC & F House(Single family house) * 07 Auditorium and Culture center(International competition) * 08 Furniture design (Design and furniture competition) * 09 3D and Visualizations


surname /first name gender nationality email adress phone number address


January 2012

García Griñán, Justo male spanish +447763252152 / +34620182373 35 Lawrence Close, London, E3 2AS

Licenciate degree, Architecture * Higher Polytechnic School, University of Alicante, Spain



Architect Self-Employ * Architecture design and management, from stage A to site * Demolition and legalisation projects


Freelance Architect * DESCON Soundproofing, Alicante * AR Decorations, Alicante * Technical design and construction management * Render and photomontage


DJArquitectura, Granada * Architectural competitions development, general design and construction details * Render, photomontage and layout


OX Architecture, Alicante * Interior design and management, from stage A to stage K * Architectural competition development


Riccardo Crespi Architecture, Rome * Architectural competition development


Internship in University of Alicante * Research project * Exhibition and publication layout


Internship in Crystalzoo Studio, Alicante * Architectural competition development



1st Prize 2012 CLU Foundation - Philips Lumec * Competition: Lightitude –Lighting Urban Areas above the Polar Circle


1st Prize Festival eme3 * Category laboratory. Project: “Cartography of a conflict”


2nd Prize Local Competition Pladur * Competition: Tourism office in Oporto, Portugal



Regenerative infraestructures: Freshkills Park NYC, Land Art Generator Initiative Hardcover * “Hard&Soft”: Project selected for the competition publication


Pasajes Magazine Nº 105 * “Mapping of a conflict”


Mapping of a conflict Exhibition * Exhibition sites: Eme3 Collapse Festival. MACBA, Barcelona LABORAL, Art and Industrial creation Center, Gijón CTAV, Territorial Institute of Valencian Architects, Valencia University of Alicante, Alicante


Lightness Exhibition. Uniques structures * Exhibition in the University of Alicante


Social Housing Exhibition * Exhibition and travel to the Goethe institute in Lagos, Nigeria



Spanish: Native language English

Computer Skills

Autocad. 2D/3D Design 2D/3D

Revit Rhinoceros+Vray 3D design and Rendering

Grasshopper Parametric design

SketchUp Adobe Photoshop. Photomontage and images creation

***** ***** ***** *****


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Indesign


Cypecad Structures calculation

Arquimedes Mesurements and budget elaboration

Others Skills


Experience in model making Experience working with CNC machines Experience working with building regulations Registered architect in Spain

***** *****

   Project Location and date Budget Team Description




Double house. Design, execution and construction management. Albacete (Spain). 2013 105.000 ₏ Own project The desire of a newly retirees couple is to return to his home town to be closer to their family. This couple wants a comfortable and quiet home to live, but they also want a space where they can gather with their family and friends. The project proposes three different areas. The first of these areas is the home for the couple. It’s located on the ground floor, open to the garden, and contains everything they need for everyday life. In the second area, on the first floor, are the guest rooms. Both areas are connected in the living room and are the new building. Third area located in the existing building, contains the garage and the party room, connected with house and garden but allowing to continue with daily life.



















Floor. One way slab

Metal pillars

Load-bearing walls 1st floor

Load-bearing walls 2nd floor Roof. One way slab


Setting-out on site $        "    +    &   ! * %   

Reinforced concrete foundation


 '    "    % 

Concrete deck and metallic pillars

D.2 )%  (   # &   ! '  

     *            #   

    ! "   #! $     "     

Load-bearing wall



"    % 

Concrete one-way slab


Load-bearing wall 2nd floor D.3 ,  % !)-  "   

* % %   "    #

$     "          ! "   #!






Roof concrete one-way slab

       Project Team Location and date Budget

Leuchster House . Single house refurbishment in Alicante (Spain) Ox Architecture Alicante. April-August 2011 180.000 â‚Ź


Project Team Location and date

Albufereta House . Flat refurbishment in Alicante (Spain) Ox Architecture ( Alicante. March-June 2012


88.000 €


Chicharra House . Flat refurbishment in Alicante (Spain)

Team Location and date Budget

Ox Architecture ( Alicante. April-June 2012 120.000 €

    Project Competition Location and date Budget Team Description


Pavilion for public use in an artistic centre International competition by Archivo DiseĂąo and Domux Mexico Mexico city (Mexico). September 2012 30.000 $ DJarquitectura The new pavilion is a garden. The garden, as it is right now, is an absolutely fascinating opportunity to shape this new public space. We are interested in working with this situation, taking the project as a catalyst and a good opportunity to work with strategies, tools and components usually used by the gardener: earth, seeds, water and time. The earth is moved and piled up to house all the planned activities for the pavilion, defining a new place between trees. Defining the space with heights. Defining the space with heights: heights for standing, shelter spaces anda new height that would raise your eyes above the wall to see Barragan’s house. This concept of “no pavilionâ€? must address the transformation of this micro-landscape with arranged nature but also unexpected. Here the phenomenological approach becomes more important.

Roof detail

Foundations detail

Stands detail

     Project Context Location and date Qualification Description

!   "

Cruise terminal, the new tourist attraction Final degree project. Universidad de Alicante Alicante (Spain). January 2012 8/10 -Cruise tourism has evolved much in recent years. Cruise ships have become large floating amusement parks. These large ships carrying thousands of tourist from one city to the next. Almost every day, thousands of tourist arrive at these cities to visit their monuments, in these big ships. But these visits last only a few hours and generate problems of overcrowding and traffic jams in cities. How we can avoid this problem?

Cruise terminal, the new tourist attraction The project proposes to convert current cruise terminals in large tourist centres. Cruise terminal, besides being a control and transport infrastructure, it has to be a place where tourists can entertain themselves and know the city. Terminal combines the services of boarding and unloading with spatial recreations of the city, shows, hotel rooms‌ Terminal has to be a landmark, a new sign into landscape, through scale.


!   "


!" Project

Competition Location and date Team


Regenerative infrastructure for Fresh Kills International competition by Lagi (Land Art Generator Initiative) Fresh Kills (New York). May 2012 Rafael Guillem and Julia Cervantes


Regenerative Infrastructures: Freshkills Park NYC (ISBN 978-3-7913-5286-2)


We have opted for the idea of making the invisible part of energy visible to society. the project shall be constructed based on a pair of opposites Hard & Soft: *Hard&Soft Energy: -Hard-Energy is the infrastructure itself and its relationship with the landscape. -Soft-Energy is a dialogue between two different realities, two sides of the same coin: energy consumption and production. *Hard&Soft Landscape: -Hard-Landscape is the impact of the construction of a 100-acre energetic infrastructure. -Soft-Landscape is a proposal that interacts with the pre-existing, moulds to the shape of the land. *Hard&Soft Information: -Hard-Information is the information about the energy consumed in Manhattan, which no-one normally knows about. -Soft-Information is the visibility and integration of energy consumption data for an area of Manhattan into the physical and emotional landscape.


&.//0 &.//0







$ %  % & 

!  "    #  


06 JC&F House Project Location and date Budget Team Description

Single family house

JC&F House. Alicante (Spain). 2012 310,000 € Alvaro Campillos and Héctor Gárcia, Architects Technical drawings and production information for the construction of a single family house.


D1 Natural stone coping Gravel Thermal insulation XPS Asphalt sheet waterproofing Reinforced concrete solid slab Cement rendering Perforated brick Wall cavity Thermal insulation Hollow brick Gypsum plaster Tubular stee frame Blinds with aluminium slats

Aluminium frames

Ceramic floor Self-levelling mortar Radiant floor One-way concrete slab

Ground Floor

Suspended ceiling Aluminium frames Blinds with aluminium slats Lintel. Metallic profile L 60x60 Marble floor Stairs beams. Metallic profile C 160X40X6

PVC gutter Mud slab Form of slopes SBS Asphalt sheet Bonding mortar Ceramic flooring


Ceramic flooring Bonding mortar Form of slopes. Lightweight concrete One-way concrete slab


Compacted fill dirt Draining sheet SBS Asphalt sheet Reinforced concrete basement walls Expansion joint Concrete deck Compacted sand

Reinforced concrete foundation Mud Slab

08 Furniture design Project


Flexible chair


National competition ideas for the upholstered furniture industrial design


Nuria LLorens


February 2011


Coffe table and stairs


Steel and polyester resin furniture. Designs for Double House


Own project


June 2013






0.1 2.5


Polyester resin Steel tubular section

07 Auditorium and Culture center Project Location and date Budget Team Description

Ground Floor (0.00)

International competition

Auditorium and Culture center in Murcia Murcia (Spain). 2011 7,120,628 â‚Ź Riccardo Crespi Architect. UAME International competition development for the construction of an Auditorium and Culture center in Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia (Spain)

Third Floor (+11.30)

Second Floor (+8.00)

First Floor (+4.50)

09 3d and Images

Building in Berlin. Nuria Llorens 2011 Final project degree. Nuria Llorens 2012

House refurbishment. AR Decorations 2013

Wedding hall. AR Decorations 2013

Kitchen design. AR Decorations 2013

Rugby stadium in Russia. Ox Architecture. 2012

Aparthotel in Alicante. Ox Architecture 2012

Manufactured home. Own project 2012

God贸 House. ADD+ Architecture 2010

Country house. Ox Architecture 2011

Thank you for your time Justo García Griñán Architect e-mail: phone: +447763252152 +34620182373

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