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Different and Innovative Solution Designed Reflecting Your Lifestyle Delaine Design is your ideal opportunity to purchase blinds and curtains in high style at affordable prices to the ambience of your home, office, shop or business site. Delaine Design is a family-owned business that has focused on creating custom draperies for interior designers, residential and commercial clients since 1967. From classic, traditional, minimalist, rustic and trendy environments have blinds and curtains in our excellent collection products incorporating new fabrics for curtains for living, textures and attractive colors. We assure that each treatment is carefully constructed to meet our high standards and yours. Our aspiration is to provide you with the perfect window treatment reflecting your lifestyle. We work with you to ensure every order is made to fit your color scheme and style to add the finished look to any room. Our blinds and curtains Bogotå have been designed to integrate into any type of style and decoration. It’s easy operation and maintenance makes our products in curtains or blinds, the perfect complement to all spaces. What differentiates us from other companies in the industry is our "real" personalized service, customer relations and dedication to each project and the quality of work in general. We offer a unique, agile and light given distinguished by having perfect fold that harmonizes with the current Furniture, Shutters design trends. It is our goal to put within reach the highest quality coatings for windows, curtains and blinds that are distinguished by their functional, attractive visual style and character. We have been expanding our product lines over time, to meet the demanding needs of our customers. We are pleased and proud to deliver quality and confidence when decorating their rooms. We help you make the best choices of products and colors, and where we also take measures to contribute. We await your call!

Different and Innovative Solution Designed Reflecting Your Lifestyle