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Creating Perfect Print-Ready Artwork Designing Nearly all steps come important while digitizing from single small to finished handwork touch. Creating most of the Vector Art designs takes lot of time, firstly creating a document the size of the finished products, always design color space when making ready art, using high-resolution images, avoiding font issues and all these consideration to be taken in mind while embroidery designing. At DigitisingMart, where most of the work is executed with the help of machines, there still are some ace craftsmen who weave beautiful and exotic designs by the sheer magic of their hands. With the advancement of technology, digitization of embroidery has come into existence. We love to work on most complicated patterns of embroidery now with the help of digitized machines can be made within a couple of minutes without any real time effort. We are proud to announce to be recognized by print wear & promotion as an award winner in the best embroidery digitizing design category 2 years in row. Embroidery serves as the perfect embellishment. It is important to choose a design that you like to maintain your interest in the work that you are doing. However, nothing matches the charm and warmth that the DigitisingMart offers.

Creating perfect print ready artwork designing